Living With and Healing Parkinson’s Disease Holistically … My Journey with Parkinson’s!

I am experiencing what the medical community calls Parkinson’s Disease. I was diagnosed in 2008 and since receiving this diagnosis, I have held firm to the belief that Parkinson’s, like all health conditions, can be lived with and eventually, overcome, with or without the use of medication. There are, in fact, documented cases of people who have completely recovered from this supposedly incurable condition.

I experienced PD for 17 years, medication free. In December 2018, I made the decision to begin taking medication [Sinemet and Zoloft] because the symptoms I was experiencing had gotten to a point where my quality of life was significantly affected. Truth be told, I worried myself into a state of severe anxiety, panic and physical impairment. A number of factors contributed to the decline in my health which I will explain in detail later on, but essentially, it amounted to too much worry, failure to follow my own protocol, a build-up of unreleased detrimental emotional energy following Bowen Therapy and doubt in my own beliefs.

Although I am still taking medication and have not yet overcome the symptoms of PD, I would like to share with you my journey in the hopes that you too will live holistically and effectively with the condition while working towards full recovery … from  Parkinson’s or any other condition you are experiencing, because the protocol I have developed has universal application.

I fully understand that the medication I am taking is only providing me with a short-term tool to manage the symptoms I experience and improve my quality of life. It is the holistic approach I have developed and practice on a daily basis that will facilitate my full recovery.

I encourage you to read this entire article, but in the event that you don’t, please know this, if you are experiencing a ‘disease,’ it can be healed. Your body’s natural tendency is to be in homeostasis [perfect balance and health], and it will do whatever it can to be in this state. It just needs help getting there. The five most important things you can do to help your body achieve homeostasis are:

  1. Eat healthy, natural, organic foods
  2. Detoxify
  3. Create happiness and calm in all aspects of your life [eliminate stress/fear]
  4. Exercise
  5. Bodywork [Chiropractic etc.]

There are many documented cases of people who have overcome life threatening illnesses doing these five things and you can too. You just need to have a good attitude and a healthy amount of discipline. You can do it! You wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t believe you could!

I would really appreciate knowing if this article has been helpful to you or if you didn’t find what you were looking for, so please leave a comment at the end. Please also check out my Journey with Parkinson’s posts for information on specific topics relating to Parkinson’s and health in general.

Also, I have posted, separately, my recovery protocol. It includes everything I am doing to recover my health!

In this article I will cover the following:

  1. My story
  2. My symptoms
  3. My healing philosophy
  4. My healing protocol/program
  5. Results to date

Before beginning my story, I would like to urge you to take Parkinson’s very seriously. I didn’t initially. Not until I started experiencing symptoms that I had no idea were connected to this condition [I thought PD just involved trembling]. Learn all you can and do all you can to slow the progression of the symptoms until your body has a chance to begin recovering. Knowledge and a positive attitude are your best weapons, so keep researching and keep smiling.

Also, please know that you do not have to take medication. I have been experiencing symptoms since 2003 and I have never taken medication. I have discovered many natural ways of dealing with the symptoms I experience and I cover this in the article I posted on my recovery protocol [see the link above].

Good luck and Godspeed on your journey!

My Story:

In 2006, the index finger of my left hand suddenly started to tremble. It happened one night while I was teaching karate…which still puzzles me because I love teaching karate! Over the next few months the trembling progressed to my hand and arm, but still only occurred at karate. Then eventually my arm and hand began trembling outside of karate as well. Two and a half years later, in October 2008, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s (PD).

When I received the diagnosis, I learned that the first symptoms actually started in 2003 when I began experiencing a loss of control in my left leg and foot while running. This condition came and went during my runs, but got progressively worse, forcing me to give up running in 2007. I then took up cycling, but it wasn’t long before I started experiencing the same thing. I still ride my bike, but only to run short errands.

Actually, my health issues (headaches, food sensitivities and brain fog) started way back in 1976 when I was in university, At the time, I was drinking excessively, eating poorly and in a state of extreme stress. It was also not long after two severe head injuries and several very emotionally traumatic experiences. I believe this combination of things messed up my brain chemistry, triggering my health issues at that time and set me on a course to develop Parkinson’s.

Over the next 17 years, the headaches, food sensitivities and brain fog got progressively worse, to the point where in 1993 I was getting three to four migraine headaches a week and could only eat brown rice, steamed chicken and fish and vegetables because I was sensitive to everything else.

This heightened sensitivity to various foods got really bad shortly after a 1990 car crash in which we were rear-ended by a vehicle doing over 80 kilometers an hour. The crash left me with an intense headache and a severe case of whiplash. Shortly after the crash I had a bad reaction to chocolate cake (I was sick for three days), after which I started reacting to just about everything!

It seems likely that physical trauma from the crash also played a role in the eventual onset of PD.

In 1993, in an effort to restore my health, I started doing massage therapy, which then led me to One Brain Therapy. The focus of OBT is healing the emotional pain at the root of an illness and over the next several years I was able to overcome the headaches and get the food sensitivities mostly under control.

Then in 2002, four years prior to the initial trembling, I realized that I had lost my sense of taste and smell (which is common with PD). This realization came to me one spring day when I was doing my annual post-winter doggy-doo clean up in the backyard. I couldn’t smell the doggy-doo. It occurred to me then that I couldn’t taste anything either, but the loss of taste and smell happened so gradually that I hadn’t noticed the change.

In the 12 months leading up to the onset of the trembling I had three significant stressful experiences. I was downsized from the company I had worked with for 23 years (although I was happy to leave), I had the most stressful year of my life coaching hockey and my marriage of 25 years ended. I mention these because I suspect they helped trigger the condition, particularly as it relates to the unhappiness I felt in the last few years of my job and marriage.

I should also mention, that in the years leading up to the onset of the symptoms I experience, I was long-distance running, training and teaching karate, playing the guitar [all of which I love] and receiving regular massage therapy treatments. In other words, doing these things [things that I love] wasn’t enough to offset the other factors that lead to my developing symptoms.

At the clinic where I was diagnosed, I was told that PD is a progressive, degenerative condition of the central nervous system that is thought to be the result of a deficiency of the neurotransmitter, dopamine, which is produced in the dopaminergic neurons in the ventral tegmental area (VTA) of the midbrain, the substantia nigra and the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus. The dopamine deficiency is thought to be the result of genetics, heavy metal toxins, dietary deficiencies and/or trauma to the body, but it seems medical science is uncertain about the exact cause.

PD typically occurs in people over the age of 60 and I was on the young side, because I was under 50 when the first symptoms started. The type I have is where trembling occurs when the muscles are inactive. I was told that there was no known cure for PD and the only way to manage the condition and minimize the trembling was through medication. I was also told that exercise and meditation had proven effective in slowing its progress.

I informed the neurologist at the clinic that I was opposed to using medications of any sort, so that wasn’t an option. On the other hand, I am a martial arts instructor and my weekly exercise routine far exceeded anything the clinic had to offer, so that was good news.

As a result of my positive experience with OBT (I believe that the root cause of all physical disease is unresolved emotional pain) I informed the neurologist that that was what I wanted to focus on. I told him that I intended to heal the condition. He reluctantly agreed to my approach and asked me to come back to the clinic every six months so he could monitor my progress.

Over the next two years I exercised, meditated and healed emotional woundings connected to the trembling, but the trembling steadily progressed to the point where in 2010, my left arm and hand were trembling constantly and my right wrist had started trembling as well. What is more, my balance went haywire and I started losing strength and control in my left arm, hand and fingers to the point where I started having difficulty playing the guitar. Clearly, something was missing.

In the spring of 2010, I was referred to a Body Stress Relief (BSR) therapist in Newmarket, Ontario. BSR, developed by two South African chiropractors, essentially uses a process of pressure points along the spine to relieve muscle tension in the back thereby allowing nerve impulses to flow more freely.

Over the next few months, through bi-weekly BSR treatments, the trembling in my arms diminished by about two-thirds, which was quite significant, and that’s basically where it has remained.

Then in 2011, I read two books that renewed my belief that I could recover my health naturally. The first was called, A Scientific Approach to Integrative Medicine, by Leonard Wisneski & Lucy Anderson, and the second was The Healing Code, by Alex Lloyd and Ben Johnson. Through these books I learned three important things.

First, I learned that all of our internal systems are interconnected. The central nervous system, endocrine system, immune system and digestive system all operate interactively and all produce the same or complimentary neurotransmitters and hormones. Therefore, if one system is in a state of disorder, the rest are affected.

Second, I learned that the body’s state of health is largely affected by the state of the immune system. If the immune system[IS] is functioning properly, the body doesn’t get sick.

Third, I learned that approximately 80% of the immune system is situated in the gastrointestinal tract in the form of Immunoglobulin A, and therefore, it is compromised by an unhealthy diet. And so, I decided that if I wanted to heal myself, I needed to purify my diet in order to heal my gut and strengthen my IS.

This information also helped me understand why emotional healing and BSR hadn’t healed the trembling. Clearly, in order for me to have become unwell in the first place, my IS had to have broken down (likely back in university when I first started developing health issues) and therefore, part of the recovery process had to involve restoring it. But this wasn’t going to happen without purifying my diet and healing my gut.

My diet was already very good, but based on what I had learned from these two books, in January of 2012 I eliminated alcohol, sugar, wheat, dairy, corn and processed foods, and added coconut oil, cloves, garlic, tumeric, cinnamon, avocado and cashews to my diet. I also found out that Vit D deficiency is thought to play a role in many diseases, including PD, so I started taking a Vit D3 supplement…8,000 IUs per day.

Within three weeks of implementing this new diet, I started to smell things…garlic, coffee (which I don’t drink), etc, and I began tasting things as well … now how awesome is that … so I knew I was on the right track?

Then in the spring, I altered my diet by reducing the amount of carbs I was eating and increasing the amount of fat. Of course, the type of fats I’m referring to are the healthy unsaturated fats and omega-3s, not saturated trans fats and omega-6s. This meant more free-run eggs, organic meat, wild fish, organic avocado, coconut & olive oil and nuts & seeds. It also meant less rice, which was where I was getting a lot of my carbs.

Energetically speaking, my sense is that fat is a more calming food, which I think is particularly important in healing neurological disorders, especially, considering the brain is mostly comprised of fat. Fat also includes cholesterol which I discovered is also essential for brain health.

I also started grounding… walking in bare feet or sitting with bare feet on the ground … having recently read about the healing potential of this very natural activity. When your bare feet are in direct contact with the ground, free electrons from the earth transfer into your body via the soles of your feet. These free electrons are incredibly powerful antioxidants. Studies have shown that free electrons from the earth can cause beneficial changes in heart rate, decrease inflammation, reduce pain, promote healthy sleep and thin the blood.

Parkinson’s, like many diseases, is inflammatory. In this case, the key inflammation to address is in the brain. This is actually quite comforting to me, because it suggests that I must have a brain … a question I was constantly asked growing up!

The idea that grounding has health benefits makes perfect sense to me because last summer, I noticed that my arms didn’t tremble when I was on, in or near water. I believe Mother Earth, being an energetic being, has tremendous healing potential and so being in direct contact with it’s basic elements must be beneficial. It’s also worth noting that in her book, Why Suffer, Ann Wigmore, founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute, recalls how her grandmother would treat patients by having them lie on the ground for hours at a time.

Grounding also lets me feel like a kid!

As an aside, I discovered a couple of years ago that my arms don’t tremble when I’m laying on my back. This was also a marvelous discovery for me, because now I can lie around without feeling guilty.

In the summer of 2012, I started taking Vit B12 and krill oil, and in the fall, I added Vit C and Royal Jelly. I also eliminated non-organic avocado and dandelions because they were making me feel ill.

Because of the worsening loss of balance I was experiencing, I didn’t ride my motorcycle in 2012 and I sold it in 2013.

In the early part of 2013, I started experiencing light-headedness and dizziness, particularly when standing up. This is caused by low blood pressure, also common characteristic of PD.

Despite my healthier diet, BSR treatments, emotional healing, grounding and exercise routine, my symptoms (particularly the loss of balance and loss of dexterity in my left hand) continued to get worse throughout 2012/13 to the point where by the summer of 2013, I could no longer type on the keyboard or fret the strings in order to play my guitar.

Then in September of 2013, I learned about Dr. Robert Morse, a naturopath from Florida and his approach to healing, particularly as it relates to the role of  the lymphatic system in the development of disease and the need to detox the lymph system and eliminate inflammation. I was also reminded of the need to alkaline the body. Dr Morse’s detox healing protocol involves primarily a fruit diet (he claims that watermelon and grapes in particular, are great detoxifiers) with certain herbs.

I tried the fruit diet for six weeks, but lost a lot of weight (I was already quite thin) and I was hungry and cold all the time. I also felt terrible which I attributed to detoxing, [but discovered later was due to the high sugar content messing me up], so I switched to a Ketogenic Diet (high fat, low carbs & protein) in order to hopefully accomplish the same thing (detoxify the body and heal the brain), but in a less radical manner … and put on some weight.

My plan was to stay on the Keto Diet until June ’14 and if I didn’t experience any results, revert back to the fruit diet.

In December ’13, I learned about a couple people [Americans Howard Shifke and Bianca Molle] who overcame PD primarily through the practice of Qigong, an exercise program intended to strengthen your ‘chi,’ (life force energy) which is essential for healing. I had dabbled in Qigong for a few years and start doing it more vigorously, although, I have to admit, I wasn’t convinced that it was the primary protocol for me, nor did I feel that I could dedicate two to three hours of Qigong practice a day like they had. Oh, if I had only known then what I know now.

The primary emotional pain I had been resolving for the previous two years, was anger. I have been loaded with anger much of my life and I believe it has a lot to do with why I developed PD (Deepak Chopra says anger is an inflammatory emotion … PD is an inflammatory condition). In January ’14, I had an insight that the anger I was feeling had to do with growing up feeling like a coward, so I focused my emotional healing efforts on this.

Delving into such intense emotions as those related to cowardice may have been an ominous foreshadowing of what was to come in 2014 because the year turned out to be an intense roller-coaster ride of emotions, symptoms, learning’s and spiritual growth.

In January, February and March I continued to do a lot of healing around various issues related to anger, believing that once I resolved all the anger I was holding onto I would begin to recover. In January, I also transitioned from the ketogenic diet [although it wasn’t a strict ketogenic diet] to more of a fruit-fat diet. I did so because I found the Keto diet to far too bland. After the switch, I continued to feel unwell [foggy, jittery, irritable and anxious], which I attributed to the effects of detoxification. [I was to learn later that it was actually the sugar in fruit that was causing me to feel this way.]

In February, I learned that being cold is really bad for my symptoms. I was downhill skiing and towards the end of the day I got very cold and could barely make my way down the hill on the last run. It was like I had no control over my body. I was trembling like crazy and had very impaired mobility. It was actually rather scary!

On a positive note, that same month, I discovered speech recognition software. At the time, I was having great difficulty typing, so this was a godsend [although I have to admit, sometimes using speech recognition software can be incredibly frustrating … sometimes I want to strangle my computer … oops, there’s that anger again]!

Despite everything I was doing [releasing anger, eating mostly organic, natural healthy foods, exercising and trying to stay positive] my symptoms continued to worsen. I was losing mobility, feeling more constriction in my throat and losing control and dexterity in my left hand. I was beginning to develop feelings of helplessness. Then on March 27, my life took a dramatic turn for the worse when I had a panic attack for the first time. I was in the middle of my daily stretching routine, having difficulty transitioning from one stretch to another, when I had the thought, “What if I become completely immobile.” That set off a wave of panic like I’ve never experienced in my life. I had to get up and go look out the window. After focusing on my breath for a few minutes the panic subsided. A week later I had another panic attack at bedtime. The following day, I felt anxious all day, although not panicky. Then on Friday April 4, I had an all day panic attack. It was the most difficult day of my life, but thanks to Mari, Facebook and Dr. Morse, the naturopathic doctor from Florida, I was able to get through it. At one point, I considered asking Mari to take me to the hospital, but then I started repeating one of my healing prayers and it helped me calm down.

Mari gave me Valerian Root [a natural calming herbal remedy] as well as a vitamin B/C supplement which helped enormously. Dr. Morse told me that adrenal fatigue is at the root of anxiety and panic, and suggested that I get an adrenal support supplement. I also took some Rescue Remedy [a Bach flower essence] which a Facebook friend reminded me about.

The next day, still feeling quite anxious, I went to a health food store and bought AOR Ortho Adapt Vegan, an adrenal support. I started to feel better after taking this supplement. Then the next day, I went to another Health Food store and bought Natural Factors Stress Relax Remedy Formula and within 15 minutes of taking it I felt much better. I also bought a Magnesium supplement to help against stress and constipation, and I continue to take it today.

A few days later, I spoke to an acquaintance who had experienced many panic attacks in her life and she explained that anxiety and panic are just fear wanting to leave the body. This was when I realized that fear is at the root of Parkinson’s. I came to this conclusion, because I realized that when you’re in a state of constant fear [a constant state of fight of flight], eventually it messes up your neurochemistry.

The day after speaking with this acquaintance, I went to see my neurologist. I made the appointment because of the panic attacks and because I was extremely concerned about the constriction in my throat. I was afraid that I was eventually going to require feeding tubes in order to eat. This was actually the primary fear that was at the root of the panic attacks I had experienced. The neurologist assured me that I would not have to use feeding tubes, which gave me enormous relief.

A few days after this, I had an insight: fear is not real. Fear is just our thoughts and if we can create fear with our thoughts, then we can uncreate it. Thankfully, I haven’t had a panic attack since, although I have had moments of anxiousness.

People ask me what it’s like to have a panic attack. For me, it felt like I was losing my mind. It is the scariest experience imaginable because when you’re in the middle of it, you feel like there is no way out. You feel helpless! Since gaining a better understanding of the role of fear and addressing my weak adrenal glands I have been feeling much better.

For the past two years I had been focusing on letting go of anger, thinking that once I got to the bottom of it, I would begin to recover. Little did I know, that it was simply meant to get me to what was really at the root of Parkinson’s, and that is fear. So letting go of fear became my new focus.

Through this experience, I also gained a new perspective on what Parkinson’s really is. I don’t think it is so much a disease, but rather a neurological condition [a neurotransmitter imbalance involving far more than just dopamine] caused by the body being in a constant state of fear, a constant state of stress.

The notion that fear is at the root of the condition I’m experiencing makes sense to me because I was raised in a culture of fear, and growing up, I lived in constant fear. I was afraid of getting into trouble. I was afraid of getting spanked. I was afraid of being beaten up. I was afraid of disappointing my father. I was afraid of being yelled at. I was afraid nobody would like me. I was afraid of being embarrassed. I was afraid of being alone. And so on. Mostly, I was afraid that people would find out how scared I was.

I continue to live in a great deal of fear even today as of this writing. I’m afraid of what people think of me. I’m afraid of being without money. I’m afraid of failure. I am afraid of not getting a good night’s sleep. I am afraid of rejection. And so on! And I can see how this puts me in a constant state of stress and how it continues to affect my neurology.

In May and June, three things happened [aside from learning about fear] that changed the way I was feeling and more importantly, my outlook towards my condition. First, I learned about John Coleman, a naturopath from Australia who completely recovered from Parkinson’s doing pretty much the same thing I was doing. Secondly, I learned about muscle memory, and thirdly, I stopped eating fruit and adopted a strict ketogenic diet.

Not only did I learn about John Coleman and his book, Stop Parkin’ and Start Livin’ [which I’ve read], I also learned about Robert Rodgers’ book, Road to Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease. Rodgers profiles a number of people, including John Coleman and Howard Shifke [who I had learned about a few months earlier] who have recovered from Parkinson’s. More importantly, Rodgers book explains the physiology behind how fear affects the body.  It does so, by causing the body to be a state of chronic stress [fight or flight], which means that it [especially the adrenal glands] is constantly producing stress hormones and neurotransmitters, such as adrenaline and cortisol, while the part of the brain that produces feel good neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, shuts down.  For me, this made perfect sense.  [this theory is corroborated by the website]

Up until this point, I believed that I could recover from Parkinson’s, but I had no proof that it was possible. Now I had proof! What is more, Rodger’s and Coleman’s approach to healing was identical to mine. This was a huge boost to my confidence.

Around the same time, I had a chance conversation with an acquaintance who told me about an interview she had seen with Michael J Fox where he spoke about muscle memory. Fox said that when he was playing hockey, he had no Parkinson’s symptoms. The hockey season was over at the time, so I decided to give baseball a try, since I used to play it as well. I grabbed my old baseball glove and a rubber ball and went across the street to a local school where I began bouncing the ball off the wall and catching it like I was shagging grounders. To my amazement, I was able to do it as if I was normal. This boosted my confidence enormously, particularly after I also learned about neural pathways [more on this later].

In May, at Mari’s urging, I stopped eating fruits and adopted a dedicated ketogenic diet [high fat, low carb]. I immediately felt better and after a little bit of experimentation, came to the conclusion that fruit [and its high sugar content] was bad for my neurological condition [although, I must admit that I don’t know why]. When I ate even a small amount of fruit, it really messed me up! Before, as I mentioned earlier, I thought I was feeling poorly because I was detoxing. So much for that theory!

Around this time, I also discovered that if I count while walking and focus my attention on each step, I don’t shuffle walk. I can’t explain how it works, but it does and it makes walking more enjoyable!

Then towards the end of June, while driving home one night after teaching karate, I noticed that I was driving better. At first I was wasn’t sure if I was just imagining it, but over the next few days, I realized that I was in fact driving better and was feeling better overall. There was a general improvement in the symptoms I was experiencing. I was very excited!

Then in July, Mari and I took a trip to Estonia [Mari is a native Estonian]. Prior to the trip, I had been feeling some apprehension about two things: whether I would be able to handle the trip [given my recent experience with panic attacks], and how painful the landings would be for my inner ears. In September of the previous year, I had driven out west with my son, then flew back to Toronto. The landing proved to be very painful on my inner ears. I’ve had bad sinuses for years and it has always affected me during landings, but I learned to overcome it by blowing my nose. Since developing Parkinson’s, I’ve not been able to blow my nose properly, so the landing on my arrival in Toronto was very painful. Hence my apprehension about the trip to Estonia, where I would have to endure four landings.

The trip turned out to be fine. I had no issues with anxiety and only the first landing was painful. The rest were manageable.

However, the day we left Estonia was a difficult one for different reasons. I woke up that morning with the worst case of acid reflux in my life and the worse case of diarrhea I’ve ever experienced. The trip home was very uncomfortable and this gastrointestinal condition lasted four days. Not pleasant! But after it was over, there was a marked improvement in my symptoms to the point where I could type almost normally and I could play the guitar again. I was amazed!

This improved state of health only lasted a few days before my symptoms started worsening again, which I attributed to returning to my regular life of stress [and fear].

I had many amazing moments on my trip to Estonia including a trip to an ashram.  At the ashram [a spiritual retreat], I had an insight that I need to let go of victimhood and I need to be more forgiving.

Prior to leaving for Estonia, I had decided to write a series of blogs when I returned home about how to recover from Parkinson’s.  Even though I hadn’t fully recovered, I felt it was the right thing to do, because I was certain that I knew what needed to be done and I didn’t want to wait.  I figured the sooner I told people the sooner they could begin to recover themselves.  The sudden improvement in my symptoms upon returning from our trip and the subsequent reversal, didn’t deter me.  I still felt like I was on the right track and wanted people to know.  If you would like to check these blogs out, go to the “How to recover from Parkinson’s” menu on this blog.

Between July and December, I continued to focus on the things I believed I needed to do in order to recover. Namely:

  • Having a good attitude
  • Reducing [and ideally, eliminating] stress
  • Letting go of emotional pain [particularly fear and anger]
  • Eating healthy foods [sticking to the ketogenic diet]
  • Exercising [walking, karate, Qigong and movement exercises]
  • Bodywork [body stress relief]
  • Strengthening the adrenal glands [with supplements]
  • Spiritual practice [living in conscious presence]

During this period, I was reading A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle [the best book ever written in my estimation] and between the book, my visits to a labyrinth and divine epiphanies, I received many insights. The first was that I didn’t need to let go of anger and fear because it is not me holding onto it. Rather, it is ego, or my egoic mind, as Tolle describes it. The second is that I don’t need to dissolve ego in order to let go of fear and anger. I just need to be aware of it and remind myself when I’m in negative thoughts or feeling anger and fear that it is just ego creating it. It’s not real. I also had an insight that anger comes from having a victim mentality, reminding me that I need to let go of victimhood, also through awareness.

In October, I moved to a quiet, lake front boathouse apartment with a labyrinth up the street. My own private ashram! It is very peaceful and I believe, meant to expedite my healing.

Then in December, two more significant things happened. First, I found out about Shawn Achor. He has written four books about happiness and has a very simple five step process to bring more happiness into your life and therefore, less stress. The five steps include, practicing gratitude, journaling positive events, exercise, meditation and committing random acts of kindness. Happiness, according to Achor, is the key to dissolving fear and his five step process is intended to rewire the brain by creating new neural pathways.

The second thing that happened, was a skype conversation with Bianca Molle, the American women who fully recovered from PD through a very intense [3 hours a day] Qigong practice. After speaking with Bianca, I now have a better understanding and fuller appreciation of the benefits of Qigong, and as a result, I have significantly increased the amount of time practicing it each day [as much as I can, basically].

Although I had many amazing insights during this period, I also experienced a continual worsening [albeit slight] of my symptoms. I wasn’t alarmed or discouraged because I’m still doing much better than I was at the time of the panic attacks and I am convinced that I’m doing the right thing and I’m on the right path. As American pastor, Joel Osteen said, God wants me to be healthy in order to fulfill my destiny!

January 2015 was a fascinating month as I experienced a combination of intense, fear-based symptoms and more learning’s and insights. The intense symptoms were connected to working through more fear and unresolved emotional issues. It was rather intense and relentless, and I have to admit it got to me from time to time. On the other hand, it was another amazing learning month, beginning with Joe Dispensa, the American neuroscientist and chiropractor whose TED Talks presentation on the creation of new neural pathways was extremely important in my understanding of how to use positive thought and positive feelings to create positive beliefs and help dissolve faulty beliefs. I was also reacquainted with spiritual catalyst Teal Swan who teaches about rethinking past experiences and looking at them objectively, considering all experiences to be a success, because they are opportunities to learn. She has many very good videos on youtube.

I also had other amazing insights, the most significant of which was that one of my primary fears is the fear of feeling, anything, because of all of the traumatic experiences I’ve had in the past. I guess I found it easier just to simply shut down and not feel anything!

My journey to recover my health hit warp speed in February.  It was another remarkable month of intense symptoms and exciting insights, with each round of symptoms and insights bringing me closer to the final breakthrough when recovery begins. It started with my quest to discover the ‘magic bullet’ for dissolving unresolved emotional pain [acceptance of all unpleasant experiences as part of the flow of life and a necessary part of spiritual growth], which then led to discovering the ‘magic bullet’ for dissolving fear [let fear be our guide to love … so there is actually nothing to dissolve], which then led to discovering the final destination and ‘magic bullet’ [enacting self love!].

March was mostly a month of experiencing symptoms related to fear and anger, quite intense at times, triggered by my dad’s health crisis [he had a heart attack followed by the beginnings of sudden onset dementia] that led to some important insights towards the end of the month, namely, that I needed to experience intense fear in my life in order for me to truly understand love, and that my parents made a sacrifice on a soul level of living their lives in fear, again, in order for me to understand love and empowerment. Clearly, it seems my journey with this neurological condition is about understanding love through experiencing fear.

In April and May, I continued to wrestle with fear. experiencing intense fear-triggered symptoms on almost a daily basis, affecting me physically and mentally. The most pronounced symptoms were loss of balance, impaired mobility, shuffle walk and raspy voice. I also continued to experience the bizarre noose-like feeling around my throat [the sign that I am in the throes of fear]. At the same time, I continued to receive important insights, mostly at the labyrinth, reaffirming my conviction that this is as much a spiritual journey for me as it is one of recovering my health. Perhaps the most important insight was that as long as I spend time in thought, I will continue to be sabotaged by ego and I will continue to find myself in negative, fear-creating thought, and the best solution is to meditate and practice living in the present moment. Another important insight had to do with discovering that detrimental beliefs [particularly the belief that I am bad and that I deserve to suffer and be punished] are sabotaging my healing efforts. I have been using my healing prayer* to dissolve this belief. Many times over the past two months I thought I was losing ground, but then I would wake up feeling better and my confidence would be restored.

* Healing prayer: Thank you spirit and higher self for severing and dissolving the synapses and neural pathways, neutralizing the energetic frequency, healing and releasing from my body and my being, all of the detrimental thoughts that need to be healed and released in order for me to overcome belief that I’m bad and that need to be punished and suffer, and I thank you for this healing and I thank you for increasing effectiveness of this healing by 100 times or more.

If you’re not familiar with the practice of living in the present moment, I highly recommend reading Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now and A New Earth. They have been a godsend for me!

June and July could best be described as a period of intense turmoil! Because of a number of things going on in my life, like preparing for and running our year-end karate tournament, I experienced significant stress, powerful fear on a daily basis and more intense symptoms. I also started experiencing significant physical and mental fatigue and more severe symptoms for a day or two after driving trips of an hour or more, I attribute this to the stress of driving while in a state of chronic fear. Walking and practicing Qigong help me feel better. On a positive note, I received great inspiration from three Joel Osteen sermons, all having to do with coming out of protracted hardship through faith and trust in God. I am also grateful for the knowledge that the severe symptoms I’m experiencing are the result of growing fear, and not the progression of “the disease.” It seems that the closer I’m getting to completely dissolving fear, the more intense it gets. It’s like the tension from stretching and stretching a rubber band just before it is released. It is fascinating to go through it! Having said that, at Mari’s urging, I have decided that I’m going to need help in getting to the root of and overcoming the fear I’m experiencing, so I’m going to pursue NLP [neuro linguistic programming] and hypnosis in order to reprogram the detrimental subconscious beliefs that are at the root of the fear. I will let you know how I make out.

August, September and October was a time of transition, where my focus switched from dissolving fear to actualizing my innate spiritual consciousness. I continued to experience intense fear, related to detrimental beliefs pretty much on a daily basis, but I realized that continuing to focus my intention on dissolving fear was akin to a dog chasing its tail…it is a never-ending endeavour. It came to me, that I would be better served and likely more successful in dissolving fear by actually stepping into it, in order to put me in charge and take the fear out of the fear [much like a sailor directing his boat in a raging storm].

I also came to the realization that calming the mind is perhaps the single most important thing that is needed for healing to take place. Also, that I need to retrain my mind because I was raised in an environment where we were taught to see only what was wrong with everything, not what was right. We were taught to be critical, especially of ourselves.

Also during this period, I experienced firsthand, on several occasions, the direct and immediate impact of stress on my symptoms.

All of these experiences served to collectively remind me of the whole purpose of why I am experiencing this neurological condition, which is to let go of fear and actualize spiritual consciousness. So I started doing more meditating [I’m still practicing qigong, but not quite as much]. I also created a list of all the things I wish I had been told as a child relating to spiritual consciousness and I started reciting the list as part of my daily routine. I also made up a list of the things I like about myself and started reciting this list as well. I also started watching a lot more comedy on youtube, especially The Rick Mercer Report and old episodes of Leave It To Beaver and Mary Tyler Moore.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that the ideal way for anyone to recover their health, regardless of the condition, is to get away from the world, go to a sanctuary, a Buddhist temple, whatever. So long as you can find solitude and a peaceful place to calm the mind.

The period from November 2015 to March 2016 was very similar to the prior three months and could best be described as like being in a wrestling match on a roller-coaster. Every day I found myself overcome with fear, characterized by tension in my wrists and hands, a noose like feeling around my throat, a raspy voice and severe loss of balance. The fear was caused by situations and thoughts triggering detrimental unconscious beliefs and they were relentless. But these daily challenges guided me to several spiritual insights, although for each step forward spiritually it seemed like I took a step backwards physically.

Much of what I was experiencing was trepidation and uncertainty due to my decision to sell my karate club, retire from teaching karate and move to Manitoulin Island. I decided to retire and move in order to create a more peaceful existence for myself, one in which I could focus on recovering my health. My biggest concern was how I was going to support myself until age 65 when I planned to begin collecting my pension. I was also dealing with my father’s deteriorating health due to dementia.

The most significant insight I experienced I would describe as realizing that I’m the ‘conscious observer’ [we all are]. By this I mean, that we are not our bodies, nor are we are thoughts, nor are we the emotions that we’re feeling. Rather, we are divine spiritual beings living in oneness with all that is. We are the conscious observers of our experience.

I also gained clarity on the essence of living in the present moment and the need to make each present moment as tranquil and joyful as possible, because the energy of the present moment influences each subsequent present moment, just like a pebble dropped into a pond creates a ripple that flows outward affecting the water as it goes.

During this time, I started reading the book, ‘the brain’s way of healing,’ by Norman Doidge. The book describes various ways in which the brain can be repatterned [healed] using various techniques. Chapter 2 profiles South African, John Pepper who has found a way to neutralize his symptoms from parkinson’s through an exercise program that mainly focuses on conscious walking.

Also during this time, blog reader, David Thompson, from London England, announced that he’d been declared symptom free. You can read about it in a guest blog David wrote.

In November, I tried L – dopa [mucana puriens] without success. In fact, it had an adverse affect on me. What made matters worse, is that I bought the product online from Worldwide Nutrition Supplements and the company triple charged me and refused to reimburse me. I am currently pursuing this matter.

I also discovered how to eliminate skin rashes and leg cramps through vitamins E and D3 and I learned some techniques for improving my balance and getting out of chairs easier.

Finally, I posted a blog outlining my ideal daily recovery protocol.

The challenges and insights I experienced during this period of time reaffirmed that this journey I am on is as much, if not more, a spiritual journey as it is an effort to recover my health. What is more, it reaffirmed my belief that it is the purging of fear that is at the root of the intensification of the symptoms I’m experiencing and not the progression of the ‘disease’ per se. Furthermore, the fear is being purged [literally forced out] because I am embracing spiritual consciousness and enacting my innate self love.

April 2016 was the most challenging month yet on this journey with a neurological condition. In addition to dealing with my father’s deteriorating health, I was also preparing to retire, sell my karate club, move to Manitoulin Island and figure out how I was going to support myself until I turn 65 and start collecting my pension. It all came to a head in the last week of the month when my father passed on, I said my goodbyes at the karate club [which included a surprise ceremony attended by over 200 people, which both overwhelmed me and blew me away], inked the deal to sell the karate club, packed up my belongings and headed north to Manitoulin [not before attending a family wake in honor of my father]. By the time we completed the 9 hour trek to my new home, I was exhausted and my symptoms were going through the roof. I started to feel better around the 12th of May and the intensity of my symptoms increased and decreased throughout the month, mostly depending on what I was thinking about [I wasn’t quite in the retirement mode yet].

The spiritual lesson for me throughout this process was about acceptance, trust and faith [acceptance of the uncertainty of the situation, trust that everything was unfolding the way it was meant to and faith that no matter how it turned out I would be okay] and while I knew this, I continually found myself thinking and worrying about everything I had to do and whether I would in fact be okay. In the end, everything did work out and I was able to head north knowing everything was just fine.

By the end of the May, I was settling in comfortably, working on projects around the house, exercising, spending time in quiet solitude, blogging and reviewing The History Teacher 2.0 [my second book which I decided to self-publish for release by the end of the year].

In June, I decided [due to Mari’s insistence] to go back on a strict ketogenic diet for the next three months to see how I feel and to see if it helps improve the symptoms I’m experiencing.

Overall, June and July were very challenging months. I was feeling a lot of fear, and consequently, more intense symptoms. The fear was triggered by two things: first, my decision to publish my second book. It seemed to trigger a lot of unconscious fears around failure, nonacceptance, inadequacy and unworthiness [it seems I believe, unconsciously, that I don’t deserve success]. Second, I was starting to feel a lot of trepidation around being by myself during the winter [dealing with the wood fire, the snow, the waterline and the isolation]. In other words, I was getting way ahead of myself. I wasn’t living in the present moment and I certainly wasn’t being spiritually conscious. This inspired me to write a couple of blogs around fear, which reminded me about the truth of fear [that it’s just a feeling created by a thought triggering  an unconscious detrimental belief].

I also started doing inner child healing [because the reality is, it’s not really the conscious adult me who is scared. Rather, it is the little boy inside me … the subconscious me]. I found these inner child healings to be very helpful and by early August, I was starting to feel better [and not so scared of being scared].

To do an inner child healing is quite straightforward. Whenever I find myself in a state of fear, I sit down, close my eyes and call forth the little boy inside of me who is feeling scared. I ask him what he is so scared of. Then I remind him that whatever it is he believes that is causing him to feel so scared, he doesn’t have to believe anymore, because it’s not true. Just like I no longer believe that Santa Claus is real, I can also choose not to believe in whatever is scaring me. I don’t have to be afraid of failure. I don’t have to be afraid of being alone. I remind myself, that I just have to do my best and trust that no matter what happens, I’ll be OK. I also remind myself that whatever challenge I’m facing there’s always, always a solution!

In August, after reading You Are the Placebo, by Joe Dispenza, and The Brain’s Way of Healing, by Norman Doidge [two excellent books for anyone experiencing a neurological condition] my focus shifted to remapping my brain by retraining my body, particularly as it relates to restoring my balance and walking normally. The objective is to restore the body’s ability to function normally. It requires disciplined focus, but I believe it is possible.

I also continued to experience and receive insights relating to fear, particularly the understanding that health challenges and death [which is something I have always been afraid of] are ‘just a part of life.’ They are no different than any other experience!

In September, I started seeing a chiropractor because of my jaw [TMJ] and my back [scoliosis]. The results have been fantastic, validating my belief that bodywork is an essential part of the healing process. My jaw is better and there is less tightness and tension in my neck and throat. I am also gaining flexibility.

I received even more insights about fear leading to a couple of blogs and an amazing insight about self love… that we don’t need to do anything to actualize self love, we just need to acknowledge what is [that we are divine spiritual beings… we are love]. The reason we feel fear and self loathing is because we’re taught it. And this leads to disease.

Self love, like spiritual consciousness and feeling good about myself, is something I have been endeavouring to understand and actualize because this is why I developed a neurological condition [PD]. It is the higher purpose of the experience. So this completes the experiential trinity and what this leads to next is to be discovered… the next part of the adventure.

Throughout Aug/Sept/Oct I continued to experience fluctuating symptoms, leaning more towards the intense side. I am not alarmed though. It’s part of the process and it’s temporary.

In November, the focal point of my symptoms shifted from my throat chakra [the seat of fear] to my heart chakra [the seat of grief]. I don’t know why, but as a result, my voice is much stronger, there is less tightness in my throat and I am no longer feeling the noose-like feeling around my throat. On the other side, I have been feeling a lot of sadness and anger and experiencing intense trembling in my hands. Although I don’t fully understand it, I’m guessing this is part of the healing process. Interestingly enough, I stumbled across a blog I posted a couple of years ago called Sadness in the Heart. I also had an important insight that part of the anger comes from my refusal to accept this journey I’m on, and more importantly, that [on a soul level], I chose this journey.

In December, my symptoms were unchanged from Novem

ber as I continued to focus on spiritual consciousness [being the conscious observer] and living as my true divine loving spiritual essence in order to dissolve fear, minimize stress and put my mind and body in a tranquil state.

Although my physical condition was unchanged, three very positive things highlighted the month. First, I published my second book, The History Teacher 2.0. I am very excited about the book because the principles I discuss [it’s a parable] are the same principles I am using to recover my health. Second, I updated my complete  recovery protocol. Third, I decided to make my weekly blog posts more inspirational in their focus. We can recover our health, while effectively managing our symptoms without medication and I want people to know this.

My symptoms remained unchanged in January, although a skin rash reappeared on my chest, throat and chin. I used a homemade cannabis cream and calendula cream to clear it up. I also heightened my focus on returning my body to homeostasis and living in acceptance of my condition.

I also rediscovered Dr Joe Dispenza, particularly as it relates to 4 things that were common among people who recovered their health and the need to change your personality in order to recover.

In February, I decided to try medical marijuana. I used it on and off from February until May. While it didn’t help ease any of the symptoms I experience, it did serve to bring up a lot of fear. I felt panicky a lot, particularly in the middle of the night, but I learned how to talk my way through it. I considered this a good thing because this was fear I need to let go of. It wasn’t pleasant, but I believe, it was a necessary part of the healing process. It also led to some insights as it relates to divine self love and dissolving fear and led me to really focus on getting my mind and body out of the fight-flight-freeze state through self-talk and focusing on my breath.

In March, the rash on my neck and chest returned, I suspect, due to the intense fear I was feeling. I am continuing to use Calendula cream and marijuana cream to treat it.

In April I decided to increase my exercise program. It’s still light exercices, but I’m doing more of everything: walking, core exercises and karate exercises. In May, the golf course opened so I’m back to playing golf once or twice a week.

In May, I learned about another parkinson’s success story… Colin Potter.

In June, I stopped doing medical marijuana because it was causing me to feel too much panic. Also in June, I went on a week long fly-in fishing trip. I experienced some back discomfort sitting in a boat all day long, but otherwise [aside from the bugs], it was a delightful trip!

From June through October, I played golf once or twice a week. Overall, it was great exercise, although my health condition greatly affects my golf skills. It was frustrating at times, but I kept reminding myself that at least I could still play the game! Also during this period, I continued to experience daily periods of intense symptoms triggered by fear-related subconscious beliefs. I could be fine one moment and the next moment, find myself in the midst of intense symptoms [likely triggered by a random negative thought]. It was a challenging and frustrating time, but I held the faith that I would eventually figure it out!

In July, thanks to a blog reader, I discovered the book, Stuck on Pause, by Janice Hadlock [from]. Hadlock’s assertion is that PD occurs when a person is stuck in a chronic state of believing their life is in danger and that they are not safe. She says that when this occurs, we actually develop a pause personality [a personality that is in a chronic state of stress]. It’s a book well worth reading.

Also in July, I did a Blog Radio interview with Robert Rodgers, author of Road to Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease. We spoke about my experience, symptoms, protocol and philosophy.

In August, thanks to a conversation with Mari, I decided to change my focus slightly, from ‘returning my body to homeostasis,’ to ‘raising my vibrational frequency.’ I did this because we are energetic beings, and for me, it’s a more positive approach!

At the beginning of September, in conjunction with my decision to focus on raising my vibrational frequency I decided to change the focus of my weekly blog posts to write about special moments, largely involving interactions with nature. My intention was to be more uplifting, more joyful, recognizing that living with the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease is very stressful. Also, I have written just about everything there is to write as it relates to what I know about this neurological condition.

Otherwise, the period from September to December was a roller coaster ride of introspection, insights, discovery and understanding. It began when I started experiencing intense anger again and I realized that I’m addicted to anger because it helps me overcome fear. Where fear is my kryptonite, anger is my Superman. So I decided the best approach was to treat it like any other addiction and completely abstain from it [prior to this, I thought the best approach was to express it and release it, but it became apparent, that this was going to be a never-ending endeavor].

Also during this period, I created a five step process for dissolving fear which initially I thought was the solution I’ve been looking for all along. Then I had a ‘duh’ moment when I realized that by focusing on dissolving fear I was unwittingly continually creating it [the opposite of what I wanted] because in order to dissolve fear you have to be in a state of love. So I decided I would be best served to place my focus on love [the opposite of fear].

The five step process that I created evolved out of an insight I had that helped me overcome my fear of death. The insight was that I have a choice… I can spend the rest of my life being afraid of death, or I can choose to celebrate life and be grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to participate in the flow of life and contribute to the expansion of love in the universe. I remind myself of this [out loud] every day!

It also occurred to me that the body [especially the Parkinson’s body] is a moment by moment reflection of our thoughts and therefore, I need to focus my thoughts on love. So as of this update, I am retraining my thoughts to focus on love, by constantly saying out loud what I love. For example, “I love watching deer!” “I love living at the lake!”

In November, Mari encouraged me to be more organized and more disciplined as it relates to my daily recovery protocol…the various physical exercises and spiritual practices I undertake each day. I have an Excel spreadsheet that I use to track my activities. So I significantly expanded my list of activities and have been very diligent in completing them. [I will be posting a separate blog about my daily recovery protocol, shortly.]

Between my focus on love and my focus on my daily protocol, I have been feeling much better and more confident and encouraged than I have felt in a long time!

During this period of time [June to December] freezing has become the most troublesome and challenging symptom I am experiencing. When you consider the fight-flight-freeze response, this is not surprising. I’m abstaining from anger [the fight response] and I can’t take flight [because the fear is in my thoughts, so I can’t run away from it], which only leaves the freeze response. I expect that when love, rather than fear, becomes my primary way of thinking and responding, I will begin to move freely and normally.

I would also say that I have experienced a little more rigidity and loss of dexterity in my hands, although I can still tie my shoes and clip my fingernails. On the plus side, my voice is much stronger and the rash on my chest and throat has cleared up. Also, I’m swallowing and sleeping just fine!

In January, February and March 2018, I continued to focus on developing self love. In January, I also started doing Bowen therapy. The therapy was developed in Australia and it is best described as pressure point massage with the intention of releasing stress and emotional memory from the muscle facia. John Coleman, a naturopathic doctor from Australia, who fully recovered from Parkinson’s, included Bowen therapy as part of his recovery protocol. It has proven to be a rather intense experience characterized by emotional release, diarrhea and intense symptoms, but I feel that it is helping.

During this time, I also read, The Root of All Healing, by Misa Hopkins. Hopkins used a natural approach [much like mine] to overcome MS and other health conditions and I really resonated with her approach.

From April until September, it was pretty much life as usual. I continued to focus on Bowen therapy as the catalyst for my recovery. I went for treatments every two weeks. Between treatments, I would feel good for a period of 3 to 5 days, then the balance of the time period, I would experience very intense symptoms and mental fog. My therapist couldn’t explain it because she has no prior experience treating someone with PD.

Also during this period, I eased off on my daily regimen, as I spent a lot of time chopping and stacking firewood, playing golf and enjoying the summer, which was spectacular!

In July, I dramatically reduced my carbohydrate intake, while increasing my fat intake to get closer to a genuine ketogenic diet. There was no noticeable change in my symptoms.

I also started riding my bike for the first time in three years. I was a little wobbly at first but doing just fine in short order. I actually find it easier to ride the bike than to walk.

In September, I took a trip to southern Ontario for my daughter’s wedding and even though it was a joyous occasion, I experienced a lot of anxiety, particularly as it relates to the flights down and back, which was peculiar for me because normally I really enjoy flying. I was also feeling a lot of anxiety about making a speech, which again was peculiar, because I was looking forward to speaking about my daughter. As a result, the symptoms I experience were significantly intensified.

In October, I decided to discontinue Bowen therapy because I seemed to be getting worse with each successive appointment. I had been anticipating some sort of breakthrough, but it never came.

In early November, I started experiencing intense anxiety and frequent moments of panic. This lasted up until the week before Christmas when I finally decided I couldn’t take it anymore, so I went to the hospital where I was prescribed with an antianxiety medication [clorazapan]. The following day, whether due to the medication or too much prolonged stress, I suddenly found myself experiencing complete immobility. As a result, I spent a week in the hospital, where I agreed to go on PD medication [levodopa-carbidopa] and a different anxiety medication [lorazapan for the short-term and sertraline-HCL for the long term]. Within a few days I started regaining mobility and by the time I left the hospital, I was feeling better than I had since before beginning Bowen therapy. When I left the hospital, I was taking 6 levodopa-carbidopa tablets per day [600 mg of levodopa and 150 mg of carbidopa]. As of this writing [February 27, 2019], I’m taking the same amount.

The medication has helped with mobility, dexterity in my hands and getting out of chairs, but it has not helped with balance, freezing or my gait. Also, I’m no longer experiencing intense anxiety and panic.

In January, I was reminded of the importance and effectiveness of chiropractic treatments. I had noticed that even though I was on medication, I was experiencing more trembling. I hadn’t been to the chiropractor in over two months and after resuming treatments in January there was a significant reduction in trembling.

In February, 2019, I also started taking CBD oil [1 mg of THC and 20 mg of CBD per ml]. As of this writing, I am taking 2 mL per day. I feel noticeably better when I take the CBD oil.

As of this writing, I am in the process of regrouping, figuring out what adjustments I need to make with my protocol. I’m doing a lot more Qigong, meditating and breathing exercises.

Unfortunately, I can no longer claim to be medication free, although I did go 17 years without it. I still believe it is possible for me to recover my health which will now require me getting off medication as well. I also believe the protocol I have developed will work, with some adjustments, like taking CBD oil.

I don’t fully understand why I had to go through this experience of intense anxiety and panic and complete loss of mobility. Perhaps it was an adverse reaction to Bowen therapy. Perhaps it was the need to experience immobility in order to realize that if it were to come to it, I could handle it [because this is one of my greatest fears], because the care I received in the hospital was fantastic! Perhaps it was because I need to experience medication as part of my journey, as much as I am adverse to it. Or perhaps it was because I needed to have a better understanding of how my thoughts are creating this experience and that the most powerful medication I have at my disposal is my mind. Either way, this is my new starting point for my recovery!

At the time of this update [Feb 27, 2019] I’m doing well and feeling very optimistic! I’m focusing intently on continuing to enact the loving, spiritually conscious being that I Am [that we all are]. I am totally focused on feeling true inner love, dissolving ego, living in the present moment, being at peace, experiencing joy and thus raising my vibrational frequency. I’m accomplishing this by continuing to practice Qigong, being happy [I say hallelujah a lot], spending time in silence, being grateful and doing what I love. Soon, I will be free of fear and anger, and on the way to recovery.

My Symptoms:

I have many of the typical symptoms of PD:

  • Trembling … mostly in my left arm & hand and right wrist. Occasional light trembling in the toes of my left foot when I’m driving and sitting at the computer
  • Clenching (atrophy)…mostly in my left hand
  • Loss of balance…standing, sitting and walking. (People must think I’m drunk all the time!)
  • Freezing …. started to become an issue in 2015 and intensified in 2016
  • Slowness of movement … generally only an issue when I’m feeling stress/fear
  • Loss of strength, mobility, dexterity and coordination in my left arm, hand and fingers (makes guitar playing and typing a challenge.)
  • Loss of control in my left leg and foot (Dystonia) … affects me when I run, cycle, roller-blade and walk long distances
  • Tightness in my throat … makes swallowing and singing a challenge
  • Softening of the voice
  • Impaired handwriting
  • Shuffle walk
  • Difficulty standing from a sitting position
  • Low blood pressure
  • Light-headed/dizziness
  • Slow urination
  • Inability to blow my nose normally
  • Drooling
  • Fatigue … I’m tired all the time
  • Sleepiness … I feel sleepy all day
  • Weight loss
  • Psoriasis on my chest & throat [comes and goes, but vitamin E helps]
  • Pain in my left shoulder
  • Tension in my neck & back
  • Anxiety … in certain situations
  • Irritability
  • Brain fog [had it for many years before diagnosis]

It is also worth noting that the trembling I experience is most pronounced when there is pressure on my spine (such as when I’m driving), when my muscles are tense (such as when I’m weight lifting), when I’m nervous or agitated and when I’m cold.

My Healing Philosophy:

I believe that healing conditions of the physical body requires the following approach in order to return the body to homeostasis:

  1. A positive outlook
  2. Happiness
  3. Healing emotional pain through forgiveness … unresolved emotional pain is at the root of all conditions
  4. Letting go of fear through acceptance, trust and faith
  5. Changing our thoughts … they have to be positive
  6. Releasing physical tension
  7. Releasing blockages in the energy body … strengthening the ‘chi’
  8. Strengthen the adrenal glands
  9. Detoxing the physical body in order to:
  • Restore balance in the immune system by healing the gut
  • Unclog the lymphatic system
  • Eliminate inflammation from the body
  • Alkaline the body

My current healing program:

My Recovery Protocol can be read in its entirety in a separate post!

  • High fat, low carb diet
  • Walk … for one hour, 5 – 6 times per week
  • Qigong … 30 minutes to an hour a day
  • Laughing, smiling & being happy throughout the day
  • Sitting in silence … frequently throughout the day
  • Grounding … every day I can for as much time as possible (when it’s warm enough outside)
  • Push ups and wall sits … 3 – 5 times a week
  • Stretches … 4 – 5 times a week for one half hour
  • Emotional healing … daily
  • Bodywork … 4 – 6 times a month
  • Living in the present moment … I practice this throughout the day (it’s really beneficial)
  • Reading spiritual books … daily

My Diet:

Trying to figure the best diet is really difficult because there are so many different ‘expert’ opinions, each supported by lots of convincing facts and studies. I’ve made three major changes to my diet and for now, I’m going with the Ketogenic Diet. Whatever diet you choose, just make sure it’s as natural and organic as possible … low sugar fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, coconut/olive oils, free-run eggs, grass fed beef/pork/chicken and wild caught fish. Also, eliminate dairy, wheat/grains, processed foods, junk food, fast foods, sugar, artificial sweeteners and trans fats like margarine.

My daily menu on the high fat [Ketogenic Diet]:

  • Breakfast … fat smoothie (1/2 – 1 avocado, 2 – 4 tbsp coconut oil, brazil nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, shredded coconut, cacao, olive oil, 1-3 raw eggs, 1/2 tspn cinnamon, 1/4 tspn baking soda, water to desired thickness).
  • Dinner…sauerkraut, steamed or lightly sauteed veggies, organic avocado, buckwheat/quinoa, small piece of meat/fish and two tbsp of coconut oil.
  • After karate meal… half fat smoothie, nuts & seeds, organic olives and or cucumber and humus.
  • Snacks…nuts & seeds, organic olives.
  • I’m still drinking a lot of spring water
  • I also have buckwheat pancakes 3 or 4 times a week

This diet keeps me feeling full and I have put on some weight.

All food is organic where possible.

Supplements (daily):

  • Vit D3 … 8,000 IU
  • Magnesium-Calcium-Zinc-Potassium
  • Vit C … 1,000 mg
  • Vit B12 … 5,000 mcg
  • Adrenal support
  • Iodine [for thyroid]
  • Royal Jelly … 1,000 mg

Diet History:

My average daily diet from January to September 2013:

  • Breakfast…protein drink (3-4 raw eggs, spinach, walnuts,banana, organic avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, cinnamon, hemp or brown rice protein powder & water) as well as 3 cooked eggs with some veggies and fish or brown rice porridge with honey and berries.
  • Dinner…organic meat, brown rice or potatoes or sweet potatoes, steamed or lightly cooked veggies and protein drink.
  • After karate meal…cucumber with hummus, or stew or soup, protein drink
  • Snacks…nuts & seeds, a mixture of sunflower butter, nuts & seeds & raw honey.

I did a lot of stews and I used a lot of basil, cloves and turmeric in them. Both spices have plenty of health benefits. Stews are easy to prepare and I can do 3 or 4 meals in advance. Because I teach in the evenings, I typically have a late breakfast and early dinner, so I eat something light when I get home from karate.

This diet is quite healthy, but I don’t believe it wasn’t doing enough to alkaline my body (due to the amount of protein and starches). If you want to try it, cut back on the eggs, meat, potatoes & rice, and eliminate the protein powder. Replace with more avocado, coconut/olive oil, nuts and seeds, especially brazil nuts and walnuts.

In September 2013, based on some learnings at that time with regards to alkalining the body, declogging the lymph system (the body’s sewer system), detoxifying the kidneys and strengthening the adrenal glands, I made some significant changes to my diet, adding more low-acidifying fruit, as well as quinoa and buckwheat, while reducing or eliminating bananas, honey, brown rice, eggs, meat and protein powder, all of which were acidifying my body more than I realized. I am also no longer cheating with the occasional beer, glass of wine or chunk of cheese. (If you want to know more about why I’m doing this, check out this blog.)

My daily diet looked like this:

  • Breakfast … fruit smoothie or fruit salad (Goji berries, 1 – 2 bananas/peach/apple/grapes). or watermelon/honey dew melon (melons are best eaten in isolation).
  • Lunch…steamed or lightly sauteed veggies, organic avocado, , two tbsp of coconut oil.
  • Dinner…quinoa and or buckwheat with honey, 1 -2 tbsp of coconut oil, walnuts, sunflower seeds
  • After karate meal…fruit or veggies or quinoa/buckwheat or cucumber with home made hummus.
  • Snacks…nuts & seeds, Gogi berries or veggies.
  • I was also drinking a lot of water with fresh squeezed lemon (lemons are great alkaliners)

This might be a good detoxing diet, but I lost a lot of weight (I was already quite thin), I was hungry and cold all the time and I felt terrible, so in May ’14, I switched back to the Ketogenic Diet diet permanently.

I anticipate the healing process to go like this:

  • Step 1: detox and alkaline the body (heal the gastrointestinal tract, strengthen the immune system, unclog the lymphatic system and eliminate inflammation
  • Step 2: diffuse and release anger and fear
  • Step 3: correct the neurotransmitter imbalance
  • Step 4: eliminate the symptoms

As I become aware of different healing strategies… whether specific to Parkinson’s or not … and health conditions that are implicated in the development of the disease, I will incorporate them into my program and report on my progress, otherwise, this is my basic program.


I am the proud and jubilant author of three books:

  1. The History Teacher 2.0
  2. The History Teacher
  3. The Christmas Choice




763 comments on “Living With and Healing Parkinson’s Disease Holistically … My Journey with Parkinson’s!

  1. Wow! I mean really truly Wow! Thank you for this great blog and in particular this post about your healing journey. I have epilepsy and have discovered many similarities to you in relation to healing neurological disorder! I am going to re-blog I am really gratefull you have shared your journey as I now feel more convinced than ever that I am on the right path. Thanks for all the diet information in particlar – I suffer a bit if I don’t eat turmarice in rice during the week! 🙂 NAMASTE! ps you have the same blog background as me – we may be on a similar frequency!

    • You’re very welcome. I am overwhelmed with your support and kindness. I really believe that diet plays a critical in healing (because it also plays a role in becoming ill). I’m thrilled that you have found my blogs to be helpful and I am grateful for your amazing support. Cheers!

      • Hi Fred. My name is Patty and I just spotted your article about Parkinsons. I too, have this disorder. And, I, like you, am planning on a complete recovery. I’d love to chat with you sometime, if possible. How do I friend you on FB? I’ve got to do my qigong now while I have a short break from the tremors but wanted to send you this quick note. Patty

      • Hi Fred, Trying figure out how to leave a post. I have been doing research on PD and found your sight. Have you gone to a chiropractor? I ask because we have my husband in therapy. He has PD symptoms and spinal issues. He has had an brain MRI which ruled out: stroke, MS, and cancer ( he is a PTc survivor). Praise the Lord. Cervical Neck MRI shows some bulging of his neck and he does have two bulging disc in his lower spine. He continues to have the PD symptoms and his neurologist has given a script but at this time we are hold off of the medication and doing vitamins, minerals and herbs. I wanted to share with two: 1. is N-Acetyl Tyrosine which helps the Dopamine in the brain and 2. NRG which is Raw Guarana. I have him on Ginko, Vitamin D3 – 5000, Vitamin C – 500mg, Zinc, New Chapter Whole Foods Muliti Vitamin. I get most of the items from Vitacost and the NRG from Herbalife. The weather does play a role in how he feels. How about you? We confess daily He is the Healed of the Lord!

      • Hi Anny. Thank you so much for all this information. I too have issues with my spine and back. I had two concussions as a teenager. I’m seeing a Body Stress Relief therapist from which I did great relief particularly from the trembling. I’m currently taking vitamin D3, B12 and magnesium, mostly I’m focusing on detoxing my body through diet because I think this is the starting point for all healing.

        Many blessings,

      • Dear All…I would like to share hear a real life experience of parkinson cure…unfortunately this experience didn’t repeat in life of one for whom I am searching net for parkinson cure…i.e. my Father..Aged 75 now.

        I came across a parkinson cure suggestion by one Dr. PAYAL..It was like this…Patient has to take Garlic pieces empty stomach in the morning…1 no. first day..2 nos second day..3 3rd day up to 21 on 21st day. Then they have to reduce to 20 on 22nd day 19 on 23rd day and so on to 1 to 42nd day. Thats all…nothing to be taken with garlic piece and there after for 30 minutes.

        One of my relative with PD, staying in UK was in India and this was suggested to her. She came back to India 6 months before and she was completely cured of PD. This is my real life experience.

        Inspired by this experience, my father also did the same. Unfortunately he has not benefited. Age difference between my father and my aunt is about 15 years ..she is around 60 now, completely ok (so far as PD is concerned).

        Although taking garlic in this way is little can surely try..because…one real life experience is there. I am a practicing chartered accountant in India..Ahmedabad. I wish this result may get repeated in life of other patients suffering from PD….I have also read that coconut oil also helps to some extent in PD…

        Sharing experiences helps a lot to others…I am still finding such details…which may benefit my father …

      • Thank you Ca Kirit. I can understand how this garlic program might work because darling strengthens the immune system.

        Thank you for sharing this with us.


      • Fred, have you ever heard of True North Health Center? They have a wealth of info about diet that if followed to the letter does amazing things, and have you heard about the amino acid therapy, Marty Hinz, Dr Alvin Stein on parkinson brake through

      • Hi Linda

        I haven’t heard of either, and thank you for sharing this information. Part of the reason why and now recovering from Parkinson’s is because of people sharing information and experiences, so I really appreciate it.

        Have you had any direct experience with the Center or the therapy. If so, how was it?


      • Fred – Can you provide an update on your results? Thanks. I’ve been doing many of the things you mention – Exercise, diet, supplements, etc., but my symptoms keep progressing relentlessly. I was diagnosed at 47 and will be 50 in a few months.

      • My apologies for not responding to you sooner Mike. It has been a very challenging time. With everything that was going on from January to April, the symptoms I was experiencing were quite intense. Certainly worse than before Christmas. In the last two weeks, now that I have retired and moved north, I’m feeling much better.

        I’m convinced, that the key is eliminating [or lease reducing] fear and stress, so if your symptoms are progressing, this is where you need to start. What is going on in your life and what kind of thoughts are you thinking?

        Please let me know if I can help you in any way!

      • Hi Fred,
        Thanks very much for sharing your personal experience and thoughts on PD. They are very insightful and so very helpful. After reading your blog I continued my research on the internet and came across the Parkinson’s Recovery Project at On the website you can download for free a book called Recovery from Parkinson’s. I would suggest that anyone interested in recovering from PD naturally (ie. without using PD meds) read this book. It is a step-by-step guide to recovery using gentle touch and a change in mindset to overcome fear. The acupuncturist/MD behind the project has had great success with this 2 pronged approach and clearly there is a lot of overlap with your own insights/experience and her approach. I strongly recommend that if you haven’t already checked out this site you should do so ASAP.

      • Hi Fred You are amazing! I do not have any specific disease but have struggled the last three years with different health issues and I too adopt many different modalities of health and healing. I am now in to energy healing and being okay with where I am and I’m working on any blocks I may not realize are impeding on my health. Have you ever read the work of Amy B Scher? She is amazing too. Reading your blog was like a snap shot of how I try to care for my health issues. I really admire you. Keep up the good work.

      • Thank you so much for your kind words Gina! In my experience, any health condition is an indication that the body is out of homeostasis, which means poor gut health, a weakened immune system, a clogged up lymphatic system, inflammation and an acidic body. This is due to a poor diet, toxicity, chronic stress and unresolved emotional pain. I believe it is possible to return the body to homeostasis and recover our health, regardless of the health condition. I also believe that this is all meant to guide us to spiritual awakening! Best wishes on your journey and please stay in touch!

    • Wow! It was really good to see this. I was diagnosed with PD in 2007 after suffering whiplash in a high impact car crash in 2006. I walked away with no serious injuries, or so I thought. 6 months after the accident I had trouble pitching poker cards in my job as a croupier. Initially told by my Dr. that may be stress related from the car accident because he believed I was too young for PD. I am currently 46 years old and never suffered any symptoms pre accident. I believe the accident set everything in motion but getting a neurologist to admit that is like getting blood from a stone. They don’t know what causes PD or how to cure it but seem adamant that a car accident is not responsible. I refused all medications believing that if it is not a cure why would I take it and risk further side effects. All my symptoms remain on my right side only. predominantly my right hand and sometimes my right leg when I am trying to control movements in my right hand. Far as I am concerned I suffer no other symptoms that usually comes with PD such as depression, loss of voice (still singing), constipation, no facial expressions, etc. When mentioning to Dr’s how after almost eight years I still have all symptoms on right side only, there response is “I’m just lucky”. Maybe they are just wrong and don’t know it all. After all they can only 100% conclusive prove that I have PD by performing an autopsy on my brain. Yeah, that’s right I have to die first before they can tell me for sure.
      Anyway thank you for your story and good luck in your journey.
      Maria Sette

      • Hi Maria. Thank you for sharing your story. There is no doubt that neurologists don’t know everything. Their vision is very myopic because all they seem to know is how to dispense medications. But there is so much more to it.

        Best wishes and please stay in touch!


      • I have always believed that heavy metals  play a huge role and, if so, I think we are on the right track in our detox approach. I also feel that leaky gut and gluten may play a role as this would allow toxins to penetrate the blood brain barrier. 6 hour bovine colostrum has a reputation to help heal leaky gut caused by gluten damage though it could take a year or more to repair the damage. I found another interesting article about ways we become exposed to toxins: 

      • Thank you Lisa. When you think about acid rain it is hard to imagine that we can eat anything that isn’t toxic and this is both scary and sad. Until government and big business decide to put health ahead of profits, we just have to eat as healthy as we can and hope for the best.

      • Also, the last article I just sent you from Dr. Wilson has a lot of information that i totally disagree with such as his recommendations of avoiding fruits and vegetarian or vegan diets though some animal proteins may be okay…I have not made up my mind on this yet 🙂  There are just so many conflicting opinions as to the best and quickest ways to heal. I DO hope that I can eventually add eggs and some fish back to my diet one day…miss those 🙂


      • I am convinced Lisa that as long as we eat natural, organic foods, it doesn’t matter if it is mostly fruit, vegetarian, fat, or the balance of these three food sources. The key is to eat foods that alkaline the body, heal the gut, eliminate inflammation and unclog the lymphatic system … although I do agree with Dr. Morse and others that eating watery fruits and vegetables are the best detoxifires!

        Cheers … Fred 🙂

      • Parkinson’s disease comes on later in life and is very similar to Alzheimers I have a list of vitamins and minerals that cure Alzheimer’s they include safe megadoses of many vitamins and minerals plus Lipomasol vitamin C.

        I talked the lady into taking these vitamins and she is doing much better. Her shakes are almost gone and complexions much better she stays awake.

        I am sure if you go to my website you will learn what you need to take

      • Maria, I believe in alternative medical help. Most doctors only know what they are told in the courses they take at universities which are subsidized by big pharma. They treat the symptoms not the causes. You have to dig deeper to learn how to heal yourself. This entails the kind of trial and error approach Fred is using, but it sounds to me that you might check out a good chiropractor that uses the Blair method of chiropractic which doesnt crack you. After an accident like you had you need a specialist and to get the kind of scan ( I forget the name) they use to see what is going on in your neck, which is why you only have problems on your right side. I am wondering what part of the country you are in. I am in California.

      • Maria, Contact PennMedicine. See a neurologist who is a behavioral specialist.They can do a brain scan (with you alive) to determine how much dopamine is in your brain. The results of this scan can let you know if you truly have Parkinsons. Located: 9th street, Philadelphia, PA.

    • Research Cinnamon…. and curcumin…
      my brother has a site – and no, I’m not trying to sell you stuff – where he sells a lot of TCM herbal ataptogens (he’s recently been told to remove any claims of healing any diseases from it 😦 ) and he’s done a lot of research on them – cinnamon is one he particularly recommends for parkinsons – personally I’m an Organic plant-based vegan – I don’t think meat is a necessary diet addition and could be detrimental. Anyhow good luck and thanks for sharing xx

      • Am hugely impressed reading your story. What a relief. I was diagnosed with PD 2 years ago and have quite significant tremors in my left arm, makes it v awkard typing and eating but does not affect my work as a Landscape gardener although less landscaping now as strength is affected but fortunately still fit and good stamina. Am 73 and do take the dopamine med, which dare I say has worked a treat for my mood and self confidence. I had a brain haemorraghe 6 years ago which was dramatic plus secondary complications which almost finished me off and whilst physical recovery was good it seemed to revive all my early childhood panics which I thought I had finally manged to release after some 3 decades of therapy group work EFT, and particularly Shadow Work. It has been hard work, hence dopamine has really suited my body/emotional system. I also respond v well to supplements and follow much of what you describe with a few others… phosphadityl serine, pregnenelone,, Holy basil, Ubiquinol, acetyl carnitine and alpha lipoic acid.Plus a v good Adrenal supplement from Advanced Bionutritionals in the States, but better than anthing I can get in UK. We have dementia in the family and am naturally concerned about my brain history and many many years of panic attacks due to intense fear of my Mum and being despatched to boarding school at 4.
        I have not faced the more serious diet issues but eat carefully and avoid sugar, wheat and obvious things like that. This year I finally resolved the night time attacks through surprise surprise a homeopath ..and 6 months on they are dare I say, very rare. I also continue with deep emotional work.
        I also notice that intensity, physically or emotionally adds to the shaking.
        Thank you so much Fred for setting up this forum.

      • Thank you for sharing your story Philip. Have you read Robert Rodgers’ book [road to recovery from parkinson’s disease]? Also, have you tried osteopathy? It might help with the tremors. Finally, had you tried qigong and or meditation? I have found both to be very helpful. Cheers! Fred

      • Fred, I read your story while researching natural cure for pk for a friend. I also read the blogs. At 61yrs old I find myself in the best health of my life. I suffered from severe ibs since childhood, and my life has been a continual quest for health. Thirty five years of every diet from raw foods to keto,every supplement I could find and the cure for me came down to two inexpensive but powerful supplements. The first is a freeze dried organic aloe vera organic aloe vera 200 to 1 concentrate which by itself did more than any and all other supplements and diets combined. Then after 2 years of continual progressive healing I tried diotamaceous earth for the silica benefits for my joints and found to my suprise that my intestinal health went from feeling fine but always concious of my intestines to not noticing them at all. I now have no more brain fog no, wild emotional swings and find processing through emotional issues a breeze in comparison to before. I do have to watch myself as I can now eat most anything and still feel fine. I am not under the illusion that these two supplements can cure cure everybody and probably wont even work for everyone with ibs. People in a state of extreme sugar sensitivity might not tolerate the aloe vera (1.5 gram per serving) as it is a complex of long chain sugars. That being said every single person that has tried it for a few months has had noticeable and sometimes extreme positive results. cost of the aloe from Swansons $19.95 per container I took two per month (1 scoop 2x per day for 2 years then backed down to once a day. A lifetime supply of food grade diotamaceous earth (50 pound bag) is way less than $1per pound. I don’t know the extent taking this regimen would would influence pk but healing or at least helping the gut sure cant hurt. I would be remiss not to mention that I have been taking high dose probiotics for many years as that was one of the few things that made a clear positive difference

      • Thank you so much for sharing this information, James! That is very kind of you! Would love to hear from anyone else who has tried these products. Cheers!

    • I heave heard that fasting can help quite a bit. Here are a couple of articles that talk about the benefits of fasting on PD. And you don’t need to totally fast. You can just eat all your meals between 10:am and 6:00pm. Here are the links to a couple of articles. In addition, on several PD message boards I have read that people’s PD symptoms improve drastically when doing this. Many of these people were able to cut their medication way down.

  2. Pingback: Neurological Rock Stars 2 – Parkinson’s Nautrally blog by Fred Phillips | epilepsy me and neurology

      • Hi Fred,
        Great article. I believe I can help you with your fight as I have some tips which will help you a lot.

        TIP 1. Practice EFT tapping everyday.
        (EFT stands for emotional freedom technique and is a form of psychological accupressure which can heal any emotional problem, phobias etc. It is incredible!)

        TIP 2. Perform a parasite cleanse.
        I had a major parasite cleanse when I was very sick and eliminated all my troubling health problems. I tried every parasite product on the market. By far the best product out there is called Food Grade Diatamaceous Earth which is basically pure silica and other minerals.

        TIP 3. Neuro Cranial Restructuring: (natural technique) performed by naturopaths, chiropractors and osteopaths

        This especially relates to you due to the following point you made above. ” It was also not long after two severe head injuries ”

        I am very interested to see how these tips work out for you


      • Hi Dave … thank you so much for this information. I practice EFT, but not every day as I have developed my own technique for diffusing emotional pain. Also, I have had some cranio-sacral treatments, but not since before I was diagnosed.

        I am very intrigued by the parasite possibility and will investigate this further.

        Please stay in touch.

      • Hi Fred,

        Just thought I should mention that cranio sacral therapy and NCR are very different treatments..

        NCR® is the only physical medicine technique that routinely expects to produce permanent, cumulative changes to the skull, spine, pelvis and nervous system. Other physical medicine techniques require their patients to return for maintenance visits so that the effects of treatment can last. This is because other techniques are not including proprioceptive testing, which allows the NCR® doctor to insure that the treatment is always improving the system’s overall performance. When the system’s stability is improved, there is no reason for the system to return to the older stability pattern. This allows treatments that are essentially permanent. No other treatment technique has these sorts of results predictably. For them, permanent results are the exceptional case, not the routine.
        How is NCR® different from craniosacral therapy?

        Craniosacral therapy descends from the osteopathic cranial manipulation techniques begun by Dr. William Sutherland, D.O. and further modified and improved by Dr. John Upledger, D.O. Therapists performing craniosacral therapy use only their hands on the patient’s head and mouth. They use pressures no greater than five grams (not quite enough pressure to squish a grape). Craniosacral therapy is designed to balance the distribution of cerebrospinal fluid.

        Also just a bit more info on why NCR benefits people with parkinsons:

        A theory on why endonasal cranial adjusting (NCR is the best type and most modern) is effective for what is considered to be a degeneration of the basal ganglia of the brainstem is that there is impaired circulation of blood and cerebrospinal fluid into this area of the brain for Parkinson’s sufferers and with this treatment circulation is increased. By changing the shape of the skull with endonasal cranial adjusting, the flow patterns and cerebrospinal fluid are improved. This changes the neurotransmitter availability in the affected part of the brain.

        Meningeal tension is also eased which can give improved function to the nervous system. The meninges are a covering around the brain and spinal cord.

        I believe NCR can have a huge impact on parkinsons and hope you try it..Keep me posted.. Cheers

      • Thanks again Dave. Based on what I just read about the neurology of PD, your explanation makes sense. The book I’m reading claims that brain injuries aren’t a factor in PD, but I don’t agree with that claim.


  3. This is a beautiful piece you’ve written! I richly applaud your efforts! My forty-eight-year-old mom was diagnosed with PD several years ago. Only recently have her symptoms truly began stifling her usual day-to-day routines.

    I urge you now to read this life-changing book entitled “12 Steps to Raw Foods” by Victoria Boutenko!!! My family learned that any food cooked over 112 degrees Fahrenheit kills that food’s enzymes, leaving it unable to heal the body or give the body energy!!! My mom switched to an all raw foods, organic lifestyle, and went on a thirty-day juice cleanse. On this juice cleanse, all of her symptoms went away! That reminds me, rent on Netflix: “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”! It’s an amazing juicing documentary that inspired my mom to juice!

    I would love to hear if your symptoms STOP upon juicing or the raw food route! I wish you the very best in your journey! Also, I would love to answer any questions you have to possibly assist you more!


    • Thank you so much for this information Lilly. I am determined to overcome this condition and I truly believe that by consuming a healthy diet and healing the emotional root cause, the body is capable of healing any condition.

      I am curious to know more about your mom’s experience … her symptoms, is she taking any meds, her diet, etc.

      Thank you again!

  4. I appreciate your effort to share your information with others. I have had all of your symptoms for 2 years and am working with an internationally known movement disorder clinic to determine an exact diagnosis. I am 66 years old but until now have bn very active..riding my own motorcycle and very physical. I am now deteriorating at an alarming rate despite exercise and stress relief and meds.

    Of interest, is I recently had a few treatments from a chiropractor, a massage therapist, and an acupuncturist. The consensus from them was my tremors, gait, balance, and neuralgia were stemming from a “leaky” gut, poor nutrition, a need for a cleansing system, and to work through a high degree of past trauma and stress.

    I am amazed how parallel our stories run….I discovered if I am in water I can stop the tremors….I have a swim/exercise pool….and when I am able to use it regularly, the tremors improve significantly. (i.e. “grounding”). If I lie on the floor I find relief. I started a juice fast but found I craved protein so hv included white meat and soy…some dairy.

    While I hv not seen improvement in tremors, I feel better in other ways and feel encouraged by the change of routine. I underscore all that you say and believe my experience substantiates your theories. I plan on reading the books you suggest and intensifying my program.

    Your blog has motivated me to continue to seek a natural means to defend my body from this assault. I am a candidate for Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, and your blog has made me seriously reconsider that risky, invasive alternative. I have had the DaT scan, and dopamine levels are normal

    Thank you you so much for sharing your experience. I am scheduled for a follow up with the movement disorder clinic, and will provide them a copy of yr blog. Rather than you having received a life challenge, Fred, I believe you have received a life mission. Your efforts to discover an alternative resolution to neurological disease and then, most importantly, have the willingness to share may serve to be your greatest accomplishment…..

    “Thank you” seems insufficient…I am very grateful for you and your efforts.

    • Thank you so much for your message and words of encouragement. We indeed have many parallels … I recently gave up my motorcycle.

      I believe I’m on the right approach, although I need to make some changes to my program because a couple of symptoms (loss of balance and loss of strength, mobility & coordination in my left arm & hand) have progressed. I plan to be more strict with my diet (zero sugar, dairy & alcohol) and more omega-3 fats (fish & coconut). As Hippocrates said,’all healing begins in the gut.’

      I urge you to avoid dairy (unless you can find raw, organic milk) because it tends to acidify the body, thus impeding healing.

      I’m also going to do more yoga..It will help with balance and tension relief.

      From the research I’ve done, long-term use of levadopa can accelerate symptoms which may explain why you are experiencing this. It’s one of the reasons I’m avoiding it and other meds.

      I am intrigued that your dopamine levels are normal. What does your doc say about this and what then is the cause of your condition?

      What clinic do you go to? I go to one in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

      Thank you again.

  5. Thank you for your suggestions….I will wean myself off dairy (no pun intended)…My symptoms are so obvious that the neuro leapfrogged over the usual protocol of testing directly to the DaT scan, assuming I hv Parkinson’s. He said initially I had a “hybrid” tremor that is not consistent with the norm, but clinically have all other symptoms.

    It is a surprise that my dopamine is normal…..I am scheduled to meet June 11 to discuss a treatment plan. I am no longer on meds at all… I was on pramipexole and the side effects were worse than tremors….so I stopped. I had tried primadone before which was worse. I, too, am aware of the long term impact of the meds…and am reluctant to take any…

    However, despite my efforts of diet, exercise, stress reduction, I am deteriorating. That is why your blog is of interest to me….while the medical profession is providing alternatives, none are without significant risk. I agree with your premise…and as long as the scientists cannot define etiology or cure, then no hypothesis can be dismissed…..including maximizing the body’s ability to return to homeostasis.

    I think Levodopa will be the suggestion to me at the next visit….and I am trying to get enough background to make a sound decision….if the rx is worth the risk.

    Advice, counsel, suggestions are welcome.

    (I am reluctant to post the name of the facility I am attending, as I would not want my perspective/experience to influence or tarnish their fine reputation. I feel I can be more candid re: my experience if I do not identify the clinic. However, I feel extremely fortunate to be treated by them and have a high degree of confidence in them.)

    I appreciate yr interest.

    • Hi Julie … it’s very interesting that your dopamine levels are normal and it makes we wonder why the docs would recommend medication, esp levadopa. Actually, I don’t know if my levels are normal or not. Like you i got a diagnosis based on my symptoms.

      In my heart, I believe that meds are not the solution (nowhere in the list of causes of any disease does it say, ‘lack of prescription drugs’), so that is why I’m on this path. Having said that however, I haven’t made the progress I had hoped for, and I think it is because I have not yet healed my gut, so I have gotten more strict about my diet and I’m going back to the clinic for an assessment.

      I hold to the belief that the cause of all disease is a combination of stress, unresolved emotional pain, poor diet, trauma to the body and exposure to toxins. I recently watched my mother succumb to ALS despite the medical profession’s best efforts and assurance she wouldn’t, Unfortunately, she put her faith in her drs and refused to address these causes. I have no intention of doing the same.

      Let’s stay in touch.


  6. Hi – Nice read on this blog. I agree with you all about healing naturally and it’s obvious to me that PD is a result of something wrong in the gut that stops your body producing enzymes which convert food to usable dopamine and even the scientists are saying this now and it may end up as the cure. I have no time to wait for them to find out why PD sufferers do not produce these enzymes, so after lots of research I have found a way to naturally boast my dopamine by taking supplements that convert to L dopa and then to dopamine. This is not the same as taking supplements/herbs containing L-Dopa which will cause the same problems as taking the prescription drugs, as you need more and more, as the body stops producing it’s own, this way I am giving my body the natural ingredients to produce it’s own. This is not a cure, but if it stops my PD symptoms until they find a cure, without causing the side effects of the prescription drugs and possibly even reversing the damage already done, then I think it’s fantastic. I first did this last year, after seeing a homeopath in London who gave me a formula that he said would produce dopamine and after being very skeptical of the homeopathic industry, after about 3 months I felt completely normal, which was amazing. Even my sense of smell and taste came back which is the most wonderful thing as it ‘s more important to enjoying life than anyone realises until it’s gone. Sadly after I was well I thought I did not need to continue taking these expensive supplements so I stopped, but within a few months I was very unwell again. I have been taking the supplements again for just a few weeks now and my stiff muscles have started to work again, my energy has gone up, my stomach/bowel problems are going away and my mood is improving each day. I still have a slight tremor but I can control it and have stopped dropping things, drooling and have so many of all the other symptoms going away. If you google natural Dopamine you will find lots of suppliers of the necessary ingredients to produce it, but the important thing is to understand how it works, as if you just supplement L TYROSINE (the main precursor) it may not work, as it needs other things to help it convert which may not being produced by our ill functioning guts. I have just found a product which I am going to try from a company called VITALOGIC called DOPAVITE, which has all the ingredients in one pill, but it is a bit expensive if taken in the doses they recommend. It’s possible I could take them in Lower doses as I think the product is for improving muscle performance for sport so I may not need to take so much. Anyway I am no expert on any of this stuff but there is loads of stuff on the net how this works so look it up and get some in and try it. It works for me but I am in the early stages of PD so maybe it is not for everyone. Also I tried a type of yoga called TRE which gets rid of past trauma which as you say Fred can also effect how your body works, as pent up trauma is likely to cause your stomach balance to be out. Hope it helps somebody. If anybody wants more info please ask but you should find out anything you need to on the net.

    Julie – Maybe give this a try before you take any prescription meds and try to return your body to natural homeostasis

    Regards Fergus

    • Thank you so much for all this terrific information Fergus. I will definitely give Dopavite a try to see how it affects me.

      The challenge to healing the body naturally is finding foods that are rich in nutrients and free of toxic chemicals. I eat a lot of brown rice and I recently found out that the rice coming in to North America from Asia is loaded with lead from acid rain. I also eat organic beef, but the cattle are eating grass that has been acid rained on. And I don’t think it’s possible to find fish anywhere in the world that is free of toxins. So it’s an up hill battle.

      Thanks again and please stay in touch.

    • Please help me I live Aguascalientes Mexico watch product homeopathy you take to Parkinson my sister have 55 years old and she died her daughter to angiosarcona and she has very very bad please help me

  7. Thank you for sharing! Have you looked into The Paleo Mom’s autoimmune protocol? She says autoimmune is all about leaky gut, as you note. She says to cut out dairy, eggs, grains, and legumes until you know if they are problematic. Also, according to the Best Bet Treatment (for MS) and Terry Wahls diet (also for MS) legumes, grains, and dairy are thought to confuse the body because they have proteins that can mimic the myelin sheath and so provoke autoimmune reactions … The lady who runs the Phoenix Helix blog who is slowly healing her Rheumatoid arthritis through diet, also says she avoided these food groups as well as nightshades. So there are a lot of success stories using diet — but they seem to go a bit farther than what you describe, at least initially.

    • Thank you so much Ariana. I really appreciate all the information you have provided. It’s fantastic to connect with like minded people with such extensive experience. Your message has been very helpful. Cheers!

  8. Thank you Fred for another great blog! I have been suffering with my condition for over 15 years and have been medicated for most of my life. In 2011 I began my own treatment that consists of high doses of Niacin, vitamin c and d and a total change in diet much like your own cutting out dairy sugar carbs and processed foods. I began martial arts and started running. I have begun to heal and suddenly I am no longer in the “fog” of modern medicine. Family and friends looked at me like I was crazy, but I feel healthy again! Thank you for your blog and being so personal about your path. It has helped me feel that I am on the right path too! Cheers my friend!

  9. Hi Fred,

    Good to hear. I should mention that cranio sacral therapy is different from NCR.

    The basic premise behind cranio sacral therapy is restoring normal cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.

    Neuro cranial restructuring actually adjusts the skull and restores the skull bones back to where it should be by adjusting the sphenoid bone with an endonasal balloon. I believe NCR will have incredible benefits for you. Logically it makes sense as proper structure dictates proper function. Trauma to the skull, which you have had, can cause pressure inside the cranial cavity impinging on the flow of neurotransmitters in the brain. By removing this restriction the brain can once again function optimally.

    Please keep me posted..


  10. Fred,
    The answer you have been seeking was provided to you in an earlier posting. Disease cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Before your body can start seeing more improvement you have to step up your game now to a more radical diet change. You MUST suffer through a DETOX program…as tough as it may be. You have to start moving the poisons out or you will never heal. The only way to create this this alkaline environment in the gut and throughout your body is by shunning ALL meat, dairy, soy, rice, processed and cooked foods…in other words…go on a RAW and totally VEGAN diet as well as raw juice fasting for quicker healing. I won’t go into deep detail here but your diet would consist of only raw fruits and vegetables, raw nut and seeds. There are many creative ways to make this diet delicious…so many raw food recipe videos on you tube that can help. Plus, in the beginning you may do well to apply food combination techniques to help with proper digestion. Good digestion is critical in gut health as well as probiotics and colon cleansing. Here is a link to doctor Morse who claims to have the answers to healing disease. He claims that fruit plays a huge role in healing neurological diseases and he specializes in neurological diseases as well. Maybe he can help. He does consults over the phone also. Here’s the link:


    • Thank you so much for this Lisa. I have been looking for an ND who understands total body health, gut health and Parkinson’s. My intention is to alkaline the body, but I don’t know how successful I’ve been. I also think you’re right about a more intense detox. My concern is weight loss because I’ve already lost a lot of weight and I’m quite thin. I eat homemade sauerkraut at every meal.

      Do you have experience with Dr Morse? If so, how was it?

      Again, thank you so much!

    • Lisa,

      It is true that all neurological diseases stem from the gut..Lack of probiotic flora in the gut is the primary reason.

      Parkinson patients have two parasites lurking in their system.1)Clostridium tetani and 2) Nocardia.

      Also presence of heavy metals like mercury and aluminum is often noticed.Regular consumption of cilantro is a must.

      Follow this principle:
      1) Detoxify your system, go for lymphatic cleanse
      2) Thereafter supplement it with right minerals and vitamins(Anderson CMD is best)

      Body heals itself.

      In addition there are certain changes one needs to make in eating habits before being miraculously cured.
      1. Eat only when you are hungry.
      2. Close your mouth while chewing food.
      3. No reading books or watching TV or talking while consuming food.
      4. Ensure food is masticated well before it is swallowed.
      5. Eat probiotic curd daily. On an empty stomach every morning eat 2 pods of garlic.
      6. Remove root canal tooth and mercury fillings if any..
      7. No drinking water or consuming liquids half an hour before and after meals.


    • WOW thank you for sharing Dr. Morse :)…very much appreciate…onward to next video! Lori

      It is true – I went raw for 2 years and I had suffered a severe neck but all my pain and symptoms left. Also the spiritual heights and awareness were off the charts, but then I could not keep up with the juicing and work. This was during the 2008 economical crash so I kept getting laid off which allowed me to heal :)…so it’s been a struggle to live a normal life and eat raw; plus take care of my Mom with Alzheimer’s. Maybe he will have some tips for me time-wise. I need more sleep than most; and I needed GALLONS of organic juice, herbs, etc. I was always missing something.

      Thanks again Lisa (and I wish I still lived in Florida because gardening, juicing, raw food restaurants and whole foods were abundant there)

      • My pleasure Lori! I have actually switched to the ketogenic diet [high fat, low carb] because I found that the high sugar fruit diet [even natural sugar] was exacerbating my symptoms. The ketogenic diet is supposedly more calming for the brain and that seems to be the case with me. A lot of people though support the high fruit diet.


  11. Yes, I do have experience with Dr. Morse and I recently started his diet and herbal plan. I have Parkinson’s plus/Multiple System Atrophy and my condition has progressed to where I am almost in a wheelchair now so I knew I had to take serious action if I stand any chance at all in healing. Actually, I know of many protocols and professional people that can assist in helping to heal…some vary in their opinions slightly but the basics are the same…the magic key first is to DETOX. If you can afford it the Hippocrates Health Institute is fantastic to go to for getting you on the right track to healing. They are based out of West Palm Beach, Florida and they offer scholarships and payment plans. They specialize on green juices for healing. Dr. Morse on the other hand recommends more fruit juices and some greens. Both plans have a history of working so I decided to go the cheaper route for now and try Dr. Morse first. It is too soon to tell how it will work for me but for now it feels right and I feel great. I know I will have to eventually go through some unpleasant detox symptoms in order to get to the other side but I am open and ready to take it for the long haul. Here is a link to amazing healing stories from misc. people who chose the raw food path and some are featuring dr. Morse. I also have a direct contact of a gentleman that used his plan to heal and he praises him. I can send you his phone # if you write me directly. This man is now a health coach and is awesome. my ALSO, here is the link i promised:

    • Thank you again, Lisa. I have been watching Dr Morris’ videos and he makes a lot of sense. He really speaks my language, both medically and spiritually.

      One of the reasons I started this blog was the hope that people would share information and I really appreciate you doing so. Clearly my detox and alkalining strategy is well off the mark.

      I will send you an email.

      Have an awesome day!

    • Hi Lisa … thank you again for all the information you have given me. I really appreciate it. I have a number of questions for you and would like to speak with the fellow you mentioned. Here is my email ( Would you be so kind as to send me an email so we can connect.


  12. Meant to add…don’t fear the weight loss as it can actually be a GOOD thing in reaching healing potential. Sometimes we have to do this in order to release poisons from our cells…It would only be temporary until your body becomes healthier…then later your body will naturally normalize your weight on its own. Dr. morse can explain in more detail but if that is a major concern for you I am guessing Dr. Morse would recommend maybe more fruits or avocado, nuts and seeds. Also, fermented foods that you are doing sound good for gut health. I love sauerkraut 🙂


  13. Here is another great natural doctor “Dr. Schulze” who has claimed success with neurological diseases as well as others. I have tried some of his products and they are some of the best out there. I would recommend watching his videos on his site as well to get a feel of what he’s about.
    Here’s the link:

    Lisa 🙂

  14. Hi Fred,

    What an inspirational approach to your disease!

    Have you heard of the Dance for PD® program? It is a dance program for those with Parkison’s developed by the Brooklyn Parkinson Group and the Mark Morris Dance Group. I recently wrote a blog post about it here: and you can find out more about the program here:

    It has 100 communities in 9 countries, so there may be a class near you. It would be an excellent addition to your already active lifestyle.

    All the best,

  15. Hi Fred

    I loved reading about your journey. What lead me to your page was a friend of mine who I recently discovered has early stages of parkinson’s and had been managing it naturally. Recent stress in his job has brought back more noticeable hand trembling.

    We are on our own journey – my daughter has Rett syndrome. It is also a neurological condition linked with genetics, of which I believe the extent of her symptoms is contributed heavily to by brain inflammation.

    Our journey has taken us on a similar path to you. I’d like to share some things with you that we have recently learned, that you might also find beneficial:
    * the concept of Nutrigenomics – it is a more recent advancement in bio science. My daughter has had a DNA sequence done on DNA that relate to the way in which the body can manage its own inflammation levels, toxin levels including carcinogens and also the extent to which it can methylate its cells. Unsurprisingly, her DNA in these areas are not functioning the way they should. Supportive of the DNA issue regarding inflammation is her bloods showed very high inflammation levels in the body. We are currently on a regime of organic, whole food supplements that have been recommended by our DNA doctor that will influence the expression of the DNA (not change the underlying gene) such that her functioning to reduce inflammation can improve. We are already in just a few weeks, seeing beautiful improvements in symptoms. This is all part of a government funded study on symptoms that have been related to autism in Australia. This study is also going to be extended soon to include the new McGAF natural treatment currently being trialled in Europe. This treatment aims to assist in the healing of the immune system.

    * specifically related to the inflammation topic – based on the recent scientific learnings around cholestoral in the body – the body creates its own cholesterol and uses it to reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to damage or infection and whilst it’s doing it’s job, the body increases cholesterol to then remove the inflammation. The body requires animal protein to do this function properly. So we have a double edged sword. Animal proteins amongst other things are acid forming in the body and hence increase inflammation. However, you need the animal proteins and fats for the body to work properly to reduce inflammation. I’d recommend taking some concepts from the Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates regarding the appropriate intake of acid forming foods overall in comparison to alkaline forming foods. The suggestion here is 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acid forming – and also to ensure appropriate combinations of food to ensure the most effective digestion of foods – because poor digestion and build up of undigested foods leads to possible infections and an inflammatory response. Based on my personal experience to date, and the experience of people following this protocol, my body’s pH level has maintained at around 7, which is close to the recommended level for a health immune system.

    * specifically related to intake of Vitamin D – one of the key findings so far in the study we are involved in, and also in a recent study over in Europe, it is evident that the VItamin D ‘receptors’ in one’s body must be functioning correctly in order for the body to actually take in and utilise any Vitamin D supplement we take, or Vitamin D rich foods, or Vitamin D from the sun. My daugther’s DNA sequence shows her Vitamin D receptors are not functioning correctly. Such that if I was to continue giving her a Vitamin D supplement without correcting the DNA expression, the supplement would just be excreted without being utilised by the body. Nutrigenomics has identiifed I believe pure, organic broccoli sprout powder in a specific dose alters the expression of the Vitamin D receptor such that over time, the body can work to utilise the Vitamin D – which as you’ve researched, is critical to healing your body from disease.

    I hope this helps you in your quest. It certainly has helped us to no end. Whilst we were getting some good improvements based on the wholesome, home-cooked, organic, alkalising ++ diet, the improvements we have seen since introducing nutrigenomics, are astounding to say in the least. And the other people involved in the study are also reporting similar results. This is a very very exciting advancement in the understanding of the body and in the way we can treat ailments in the future.

    Best regards

  16. Hi again

    I just read over some of the previous comments on gut healing above. May I suggest reading up on the Gut and Pyschology Syndrome (GAPS) protocol by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride if you haven’t already. It has a stepped guide to gut healing which is proven to work. It recommends simliar elimination methods described above by Lisa for example, however home-made broths from meats are critical to the healing process. I explained above how important animal proteins are for the body to reduce inflammation – the meats themselves though can be hard to digest leading to an inflammatory response, hence why the healing process involves only the broth from the meat. Fermented foods are also critical to this process. The key to healing is to focus on foods that are easily digestable.

    The only complaint I have on the GAPS guide is that it does not explain properly the acid/alkaline balance – I found this better explained in the Body Ecology Diet (BED) protocol I referred to above. Once I understood this better, I could see that the GAPS guide had applied it – but just hadn’t explained it properly. And this has led to many users of GAPS not following it correctly and eating too much animal protein. Stick to the 80/20 rule of alkaline/acid forming recommended by BED when applying GAPS.


    • Thank you for letting me know about GAPS. I am transitioning to a Ketogenic diet (high fat, moderate protein & low carb) with broths and fermented foods, although I’ve been a lot of homemade sauerkraut (the best fermented food) for two years. The trick as you say is to get enough protein to heal, without over acidifying the body.


      • Sounds awesome, well done! GAPS is very much aligned with the Ketogenic type diet. I think there are a few differences between the two based on what others tell me but I haven’t done the research personally.


  17. My goodness, sorry, I also missed another point – where it is referred to in earlier blogs that a completely raw diet is necessary for healing. Some vegetables are very hard to digest in their true raw form. For example, spinach, kale, broccoli. It is best to very lightly steam or saute (e.g. in coconut oil) these vegetables first before consuming, to take the edge off. This even extends to green smoothies – i.e. its not recommended to place raw kale in a green smoothie with this concept in mind – even though all the raw vegan sites recommend this.

    It is true that it is best to go mostly raw – because untouched foods in their natural state contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. But when we are healing – we need to focus on foods that are easily digestable. Because when we don’t, the foods become stuck in our systems and cause irritation to e.g. an existing leaky gut or other issue, leading to further inflammation. We can include foods that are hard to digest in the healing diet by preparing them in a certain way to make them easily digestable. This concept is covered in both BED and GAPS.

    Last comment, promise…;)

    • No worries Belinda. Information is like toilet paper …. you can never have too much!

      I am steaming my veggies and I’m eating a lot of coconut oil (6 – 8 tbsp a day) which reduces the need for animal fat and helps alkaline the body.

      Thank you again for your interest and all the information you have provided. It is enormously appreciated. Please stay in touch.


  18. Hi Fred

    Not sure I got back that far within the posts, but yes, I agree wholeheartedly.
    Best of luck with the research. We’ll be going head on into this study soon and hopefully trialling McGAF before the end of the year is out. Will let you know if I learn anything new from this.


  19. Hi Fred,
    Have you tried the one minute cure involving food grade hydrogen peroxide? Basically a protocol designed to flood the body full of oxygen since disease can only survive in anaerobic environment. An amazing treatment.

  20. Hi Fred,

    Thank you for sharing your story & for the inspiration it provides.

    My soon-to-be 83 year old father has Parkinson’s Disease & has been having serious trouble in recent months.

    I appreciate you giving hope to so many people you’ll never meet, simply by sharing your experiences. May the Lord bless you with strength & peace & healing, my friend.

  21. Hi Fred, I haven’t time to read everything here but I want to mention three things. 1) Thank you so much for this blog and your time with it and I so hope you are feeling very well! 2) I healed myself from CFS/ME with a change of diet and a stretch programme and wrote a book about my journey with research on why what worked worked and feel it is a useful resource for everyone: 3) Did you list what your symptoms were at the start of your diagnosis and has that list: a) remained the same, b) got longer, c) got shorter?
    With all the very best of blessings on your health.

    • Thank you so much Marianne. I’d love to read about your journey, so thank you for the link! Before developing PD, I was also experiencing CFS and it’s very encouraging to hear that you overcame it.

      I haven’t listed a detailed chronology of symptoms yet, but will do so.

      The list of symptoms has gotten longer over time and some, like the loss of dexterity in my left hand, have gotten worse … but I’m not discouraged!

      Best wishes to you and I look forward to reading your book!


  22. Hello Fred,
    As I was reading your amazing story, I thought, it’s only going to end with you selling or promoting a miracle pill or book….but I was shocked…it was not. May you be rewarded with better health for sharing with your fellow human being what you have learned along the way and doing regarding PD. My only question to you is, should person who has had the Deep Brain Stimulation surgery undertake a health program as yours…..meaning, can they drop a lot of the meds. for a more natural alternative? Hoping you could shed some light on this for me.
    May Peace be with you,

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Dorothea! I think it would be quite alright for you to adopt my protocol. It will only compliment and enhance DBS and the meds you are taking. I have never taken meds, but I know people who have and who stopped taking them because of the side effects. Whether you stop taking your meds or not is up to you and your neurologist, but I hope you are able to get off them if that’s what you want!

      In my experience, in order to ‘heal’ any disease, we must first detox our bodies. This involves, at the very minimum, a healthy diet. light exercise. sweating and colon cleansing, so if you can do these things, that would be awesome!

      Again, I believe strongly that the protocol I am using has been very beneficial and will eventually help me overcome PD so give it a try!

      A question for you, what has been been your experience with DBS?


  23. It is my brother who has PD. The DBS has helped with his trembling, for the most part. But he is still very anxious, irritable, constipated(or sensation there of) and can’t sleep. He takes Carpodopa and Levadopa and Tresadone. ( So what is the real benefit of DBS? )… But I think sometimes he is his own worst enemy…or is it the PD taking over. He refuses many options, very stubborn,…in wanting to try something new, he is very fearful at times and emotional. Oh, he also has difficultly speaking. Which is interesting, because he was speaking fine after DBS surgery, until a sudden change in a relationship he had with a lady friend. Perhaps as you say, the connection with the unresolved emotional pain..?? He won’t talk about things. He is 67 and living with my 90 year old mother …who takes care for him. Which is very trying on her, as you can imagine. I do not live near them and only recently moved back to the states. I want to help my brother improve his quality of life….what are my resources to perhaps help motivate him in trying these other options in your protocol.
    Thank you for responding so quickly.
    May you be rewarded for all you are doing.
    May peace be with you.

    • Sounds like a very difficult situation Dorothea. I’m surprised to hear your brother is still on meds because the DBS procedure is usually done on those for whom the drugs are no longer working.

      It could be that PD is at the root of your brother’s apathy, but it could also be the meds. Either way, it’s pretty much up to him to want to heal himself. All you can do is be supportive and encouraging. Encourage him to read my blog or Michael J Fox’s book, Lucky Man. That might help him find purpose. At the very least, hopefully you can encourage him to eat healthy foods!

      I hope this helps!

      Please stay in touch,

    • Dear Dorothea, Your brother’s constipation may be alleviated by drinking 1-2 tsps. raw apple cider vinegar (ACV) + 1-2 tsps. raw honey in 8 oz. water 3 X/day. This drink eliminated my brother’s constipation with PD. Both ACV and honey have alkaline effect on the body, and they provide minerals and enzymes also that help with digestion. Another supplement my brother takes that I think would help your brother a lot is a magnesium supplement. He uses Natural Calm with honey. Adding 1 tsp. ACV to it I believe helps with absorbency of the mag. So your brother can combine his ACV dose with the mag. supplement. The mag. helps wonderfully with irritability, and generally makes a person easier to get along with (not that my brother had these symptoms, but my husband does if he doesn’t take Natural Calm, and he does not have PD 🙂 People with PD are said to be deficient in magnesium. Apparently eating meat requires more magnesium in the diet. Both coconut oil and diatomaceous earth are said to aid in mag. uptake.

      Following are two links with important information, not necessarily about magnesium:
      The reference here to Parkinson’s is exciting:

      This link is highly encouraging, too, though I have to add disclaimer about use of coffee. My research shows that caffeine causes excretion of magnesium from the body:

      The Budwig diet and protocol as given here:
      has reversed MS. As PD, like MS, involves nerve transmission, I think strict adherence to the Budwig diet, with its use of “electron rich” flax oil, holds great promise for PD. This diet and protocol reduces inflammation.

      There are many sites on the internet about mag. deficiency. This is one:

      This article is long but informative and gives an idea about the widespread mag deficiency, including for PD. As a vegetarian I must advise to please disregard the nonveg. ideas :

      All best wishes to your brother and to you, Fred, and to all,

      • Been in N.C. visiting family for 2 months but going back to Va. soon and will touch bases and catch up on our condition and progress 🙂


      • You were reading my mind Lisa! I was going to send you an email today. Freaky! I hope you are doing well and look forward to hearing from you. Quite the winter down in your parts 🙂

  24. Hi I am working with someone who has Parkinsons and often look up information about something that may help, which is how I found your site and left a comment a few days ago which you kindly responded to.
    Did you know that bananas contain dopamine especially in the bruise of a banana? Magnesium is thought to be in shorter supply in those with Parkinsons, so this may help. The brain’s food is DHA from animal/fish fat including eggs and glucose from vegetables and fruits.
    This site sounds interesting:
    And I put this man in touch with my client: Dr Andrew Carmichael, who has developed his PIP mix that has helped one or two people. What he did for my client was help him to speak to his GPs and Consultants so that my client’s medication was reduced (slowly) and it was this medication that was making him worse – reprinole. His madopar is also being reduced and he is using patches of only 4mgs of rotigotin.
    Udo Erasmus of Omega 3 oils fame and who has written books on the subject quotes in his Book Fats that Heal and Fats that kill (he has been shown to be in correct about animal fats but even so his book is interesting when you bear that in mind) that all degenerative diseases can be cured in 2 years (Universities suggest 7 years) with a change in diet, exercise and a harmonious lifestyle.
    I do not mean to plug the book I have written but I was bowled over by the research and articles I found to support the case and so want everyone to know that we all need to be eating more animal meat and fats and this information that supports this is cited in the book I have written. Before finding the information to back what I had done to help myself to wellness from CFS/ME – I discovered that it was good food, good movement and good thinking that combined helped – no surprise really!
    I now boil bones for 10 to 24 hours to make stock, broth and soups and this helps to improve the gut and ward of colds and viruses.
    We all need to get back to good basic food that we all evolved from.

    • Hi Marianne. Thank you for sharing this information. While there isn’t consensus on which specific diet works best. at least there is consensus that it must be natural. It must be a diet that, aside from providing nutrients, heals the gut, alkalines the body, gets the lymph system moving and eliminates inflammation. It would be great if the allopathic medical community would get on board.

      No worries about plugging your book. If it has helpful information, I’m okay with it.

      Given your experience, I urge you to check out Dr Robert Morse and his fruitarian detox diet approach to see what you think. He has a lot of fans.

      Thanks again for the information you’ve shared. I really appreciate it.


  25. Check out His patients have seen total remission from parkinson in 5 days.

    Also add probiotics in your diet.

    • Thank you for all this information Stephen. I heard about anulom vilom pranayama years ago, but not as it relates to PD. Also, I think there is truth to Noel Batten’s assertion that back & neck tension and spinal misalignment are involved. My health issues became more severe after a 1990 automobile collision in which I experienced severe whiplash. That’s why I have benefited from Body Stress Relief.


  26. This is a fascinating blog, thanks. I am recently diagnosed with parkinsons , tried one lot of meds , levadopa, really upset me in one day . Waiting to see parkinsons nurse but I am not keen on being drugged up. I am 63, normally very active , still walk/ hobble with stick and husband, also walk up and down in swimming pool. Shuffle along when walking. Diet very interesting , I have had ibs and lactose intolerance a few years, and no smell. Homeopath is interesting too. Will study this blog again later.
    Thanks brenda I believe in natural cures and vitamins , already take calcium and vit d and magnesium also trying coenzyme q10 and folic acid , f acid tested on mice !

    • Thank you Brenda. It sounds like you are doing the right things. Diet is a critical part of the healing process. Look into Body Stress Relief and Qigong or Tai chi. They have been very beneficial.

      Best wishes,

    • Thank you Henry. I agree with you … all disease is curable … but to claim that it can be done in 30 days is very bold, especially when it involves flying to Vietnam, traveling to Dalat and spending 30 days or more in a hotel. Your protocol looks very good, but do you have testimonials from real people?


  27. fred, how much spend people already just to keep that illness under control? i can tell you, people are dying not from diseases, but from ignorance,luck of discipline believes and stupidity. if i do have problem like that, i will travel enywhere!! i will send you other information, send me please your email.

  28. You are on the right path! have you thought of doing a 30 day water fast to give your body time to completely heal? I think you’d have a total breakthrough…

  29. this is an information for those, who will decide to come to vietnam for treatment. as you know, parkinson disease is caused by inflammation of red nucleus&substantia nigra extrapyramidal system, which its not possible to cure with any diet. we do have a special herbal mix and a special remedial system, which cure the iflammation and restore a normal body function. 1.fasting-you will not eat 9 days, to clean your body from toxins. 2.autotherapy-explain in dalat. 3.juice therapy-you will drink a vegetable juice which is going to supply your body with all minerals and vitamins, at the time, of fasting. 4. phytotheray- you will drink a special herbal tea.5. you will have a remedial massage with spec. herbal tincture.6. hydrotherapy- spa with herbal anti-inflammatory liquid. 7.auriculotherapy- a brain stimulation by auric.machine-no needles. we dont send any testimony to anybody or guarantee, its up to you how you decide. you have nothing to loose, only to gain.

  30. Thank you for your article. I have many similar symptoms and have embraced similar eating habits although not as strict as you. I feel the difference the day after i cheat! I am female, 49, symptoms for 2 years, PD doesn’t run in my family, all toxicity tests coming back negative. So neurologists are reluctantly labeling it PD.
    I’m determined to reverse my PD naturally, also.
    Have you had a Dat scan?

    • Thank you Cindy. I urge you to take it very seriously (esp. with diet) because I didn’t at first and wish I had.

      When you say ‘Dat,’ do you mean, MRI, because I’ve had an MRI (it showed no abnormalities).

      Your determination is awesome 🙂


  31. Interesting article. You mentioned keeping your body on the alkaline side. I think raw, organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar is effective for that. I think it is marvelous stuff. I hope you get better.

  32. Thank you for writing such a detailed encounter with PD and the healing regimen you are following.May God be with you in all your endeavors.

    Jaya Singh

  33. The Vitamin D you’re taking will actually cause high calcium levels in the blood and may cause stroke or heart pain.
    The only Vitamin D that is safe is from the sun-careful with burns and cod liver oil. Some companies are using mushrooms.
    Blood tests are not accurate because the body stores D in tissue.

  34. Thank you so much for your article. I’ve been researching Parkinson’s for a friend. I found an article on the Regenerative Nutrition website I wanted to double check other sources, of course, to see how their protocol lined up with others. That’s when I found your story. The things you are having luck with are the same as what they say. They have some additional things that may benefit you as well. I think it would be worth your time to check it out.

    You can also find lots of information on Vit D from Dr Mercola’s webstie, Since you are taking the D3 supplement, it is important to also take Vit K2 as well. This will keep the D from calcifying in the arteries. The sun is the best, but you have to know when to be in the sun to get the benefits without the bad stuff (time of day/year, length of exposure). Dr Mercola covers all this in his articles.

    I think, clearly, most- if not all- of our illness begins in the gut. Are you taking a probiotic? If not, you might want to consider a probiotic from a company called Custom Probiotics. You will have to order online. They are very expensive, but I believe they are the best on the market. They’ve been tested by an independent lab as well. I take them and finally convinced my mom to try them. She’s had ulcerative colitis for 20 years and had been taking prescription meds. She started the probiotic and after a month (or so) was able to completely get off the meds. It’s been almost a year and she is doing amazing. She feels good and looks good. I also got her on the Vit D3 and K2 combo. We added a B complex as well.

    I really hope you continue to do well. I hope that I’ve helped in some way. Good luck to you!


    • Thank you for sharing this information Julie. I really appreciate it.

      I have actually spent a lot of time on Mercola’s web site. He has a lot of good information. I have to be very careful about spending too much time in the sun because I’ve had skin cancer. I’m OK now. 🙂

      I don’t take probiotics. Instead, I eat homemade sauerkraut. It has made a huge improvement in my digestion.


  35. Wow…ur story is amazing. I truly believe God put all things on this earth to heal us naturally. To make long story short …in 2006-2007 I had severe symptoms of ms…I got on my knees and prayed for guidance and changed my diet and exercise and in a yr symptoms went away. Now when I food shop I literally let my body guide me to foods I am knows what vitamins etc u need. GODSPEED in your recovery! I PRAY FOR HEALING AND THEN ALSO BELIEVE THAT IM HEALED..IT WORKS:)

    • That’s awesome Nina! Thank you so much for your very positive message. So glad to hear that you overcame a MS! Very inspiring! I would love to know more about your diet strategy, if you would like to share your story.


  36. Hi Fred,

    I want to share two resources that strike me as very profound healing modalities, that are resonant with your approach. One I am very, very familiar with as I did the practitioner training, which is the modality called Somatic Experiencing (website: I believe this healing modality is a vital component in support for emotional healing, as it heals trauma at the neurological level, I could go on, but won’t, all the material is available on the website. The second is the book Nutrient Power, a book which addresses brain biochemistry related to nutrients, particularly zinc; copper ratios, amino acid imbalances. It does not address Parkinson’s directly (I’m sure you are familiar with books specifically about nutrition and Parkinson’s), but it has some information I have not seen before related to nutrition and brain chemistry. I am in the U.S.A. I have been looking at strategies for a friend of mine recently diagnosed with PD and, so, came upon your website.

    I loved reading your blog; very inspiring. Best to you.

    • Hi Niyah,

      Thank you so much for this information. Somatic Experiencing and Nutrient Power are aligned with my belief that detoxification, nutrition and resolving trauma from past experiences are the core to healing. I’m going to get a copy of Nutrient Power as the reviews on it are quite positive.

      Thank you again and best wishes on your journey!

      • From : Selinas (Sri Lanka)

        Hi brother 28th Friday, March, 2014.

        I Just read your interesting not es, and appricate it very much.
        I suffering from the said sickeness (Parkinsons etc.,). And I am going to start right now with the experince verious of your commentators had.

        Thank you, & God bless you, Long live brother.
        Love and B/rgds.,


  37. Was looking up info cause someone I know just told me that they have parkinsons. First thing I said was about the coconut oil. Have you done the oil pulling with the coconut oil? And how about a good b complex? Have you have your thyroid tested? And T3 and T4 reverse? You may want to look into some books by dr lee on the thyroid as you keep talking about how cold you are???

    • Thank you for sharing this information Vanessa. I’m familiar with coconut oil pulling and I take a B complex. Thank you for letting me know about Dr. Lee. At present, I’m focused on detoxing my entire body, including the thyroid gland, so any information is helpful.


  38. Dear Fred,

    I came across your article and found it quite inspirational.
    My granddad is struggling with PD, and I can’t stress enough how I feel his pain. He is a retired naval captain and as I remember he was always quote strong, gathered up and active. Even in his 65 when he was coming to my school everyone were thinking he is my real father. I guess he has good genes and stayed young for much more longer than his peers from Military Naval School. In his 72 he still was chopping wood away at our summer cottage as I would if not better. 🙂
    Now he is 82, and about 5 years ago PD has started to progress. Now I can’t watch at him how this ailment screwed him. He can’t talk, and his hands tremble quite strong. And all that makes him quite angry 😦 He is taking some medicaments that believed to slow PD progression. but not sure that makes him happy. He seems like getting to that point when he will just give up and wait his end. But I’d like to help him and give back what he gave me when I was young. He was my second farther if not first sometime. So I owe him quite alot.

    Be cause he can’t talk properly I’ve got an idea to start talk to him through emails. In hope to cheer him up. But not sure I have to struggle him so much to do that. I am afraid to stress him more. But on another hand I believe such challenges should help him to stay more active perhaps?.
    I am sorry if I am being too direct but how is it easy for you to write these articles? What’s your opinion should I try to make his life a little bit more brain stressful(in a good way)? 🙂

    I also have some crazy idea to bring him back to sea and try to find some boat, to let him feel his captain’s duty! 🙂 I think he misses that much

    I will research and learn more your article and try to see how I can help my granddad. And hopefully I will able to extend and make more happier and less miserable his last years.

    Thanks for sharing your way. And I wish you good luck with healing of you ailment!


    • Hi Alex. Thank you so much for your message and kind words. I’m very sorry to hear about your grandfather and I understand how painful it is for you. I urge you to continue to support your grandfather because he needs it. I think taking him to the ocean would be a wonderful thing to do.

      I use speech recognition software to write these blogs because I’m finding typing very difficult these days. Blogging helps me enormously both in terms of keeping a positive frame of mind and figuring out how to heal myself. I believe very strongly that the body will heal itself given the right conditions because the body always wants to be in a state of homeostasis and it will do whatever it can to reach that state. But we need to help it with a good diet and positive thoughts.

      I would urge you and your grandfather to check out the Eckert Tolle. He teaches about living in the present moment at how to stay positive. I find him very encouraging and very comforting. He has lots of videos on youtube.

      Best wishes on your journey,

  39. Hello Fred, tonight I will sleep much better, thanks to you…
    I am an “old” person, not feeling old…Born in Poland 5 years before IIWW , 46 years in Australia. I have Age Related Macular Degeneration and PD. The same symptoms as yours, married 25y, my ex wanted freedom, which he found in London, Ontario…
    This has nothing to do with PD, but is very much like your story…
    You are going to help me, to live longer and happy. Thanks.
    Regards form Melbourne Irena

    • Thank you Irena. I’m thrilled that you found this article helpful. I recently found out about a naturopathic in Australia who has recovered from Parkinson’s. His story is very encouraging.

      Also, in addition to detoxification, strengthening the adrenal glands and kidneys is extremely important. If you’re not already doing so, I would highly recommend taking supplements to strengthen both the adrenals and kidneys.

      I hope this is been helpful. You might also won a check out Dr. Robert Morse. I think his treatment protocol is very sound.


  40. You need magnesium (magnesium chloride) magnesium oil- transdermal and oral with potassium gluconate.
    Also iodine and sodium bicarbonate.
    If you are serious about managing your ph for curing disease check out Dr Sircus protocols.
    Magnesium will change your life!
    God bless,

  41. Hi,
    I’m Dr Daniel (from Iran)
    My mom is also affected with this terrifying disorder.
    I’m a researcher and have collected a lot of evidences about the disease and its progression within the last four years.
    I have found that the routine treatment (I would say temporal relief) which included dopa-containing medics is nothing but expediting his/her brain deterioration and finally death .
    You know Parkinson’s disease is not confined to dopaminergic cells, just exhibits itself by this portion of the brain.
    If you are going to provide external dopa, you should also provide other supplements which are suppressed by this extra dopa in the body such as 5-HDT.
    I’m working on a protocol and will publish the results soon.
    I have evidences that turtles have a sort of defending mechanism against neurodegenerative diseases such as PD.
    I had a plan for a clinical investigation, but you know I did not found the essential material in my country (turtle’s CSF sample). If anybody has access to this material he can test it in animals first (PD models, I mean) or drop a line at
    Wish you all a disease-free, happy life.

    • Hi Daniel. Thank you for your message. I’m sorry to hear about your mom. I agree with your assessment of the allopathic medical approach, which is why my strategy to recover from parkinson’s is to do it naturally. Good luck in your research and please let me know about anything you find. Cheers… Fred

  42. There are so many ‘remedies’ for illness ‘out there’. They have a common thread, which correlates with the 3 aspects of health taught in Universities; which I inadvertently discovered in my own research to my own poor health condition.

    One aspect – Nutrition is fundamental. But what is Nutrition or ‘Good Food’?

    An Osteopath practicing in the Caribbean reckons it is the absence of toxins and that ridding the body of toxins will not only lead to good health but in his experience and almost by ‘accident’ has rid the body of cancer too, including those suffering from terminal cancer. He makes no claims for curing cancer.

    What is Good Food? It is food without chemicals and additives, old-fashioned broths made from bones and connective tissue of animals, fermented grains, home-grown food and vegetables, home made foods from scratch and no sugar. Every 7 years the body renews every cell in the body. With the right fuel for the body, cells may be/could be/possibly be/ in theory could be restored to their right working order.

    Stress will cause the body to use up nutrients which would need replacing.

    Poor posture and working conditions would put the body in wrong alignment so that its organs and muscles cannot function in the way they should.

    Therefore Good Health is probably a question of Good food (nutrition), Good exercise (movement and stretching to re-align) and Good thinking (calming leading to less stress).

    Which comes first? Probably stress causing poor nutrition causing poor posture.

    • Hi Marianne,

      I agree completely with everything you said. I think it’s all about detoxing the body [mostly through diet], letting go of fear and emotional pain, minimizing stress and correcting damage to the body. Living in the present moment is critical, as is disassociating with our pain body and egoic minds, and connecting with Spirit through kindness, gratitude and love.


  43. Have you used Howard Shifke’s approach ‘Healing Parkinson’s drug free’ it is an eclectic method which he says cured him

    • Thank you Trish. Howard Shike’s approach of healing the mind, body and spirit is very similar to mine, including using Qigong as a healing tool. I like his program and I’m going to get a copy of his handbook.


  44. Thanks Fred, but what is the process to ‘cure’? Where does one start? I think one starts with avoiding the toxins from chemicals, additives and intolerance. One may have to take medication for a particular condition, but in avoiding all the other toxins the need for the medication may be less (a GP or Health Practitioner must be consulted before reducing medication).
    However to my utmost surprise (at the time) it was a particular calcium, magnesium and zinc supplement that was pivotal to my improving health. I have since discovered through a course of learning that calcium is excreted by the kidneys when we do not breathe properly or hyperventilate.
    The other very interesting thing with calcium and magnesium is that anxieties build and stress is not coped with very well in the absence of these minerals.

    So the connection you speak of using kindness, gratitude and love may be encouraged in the individual when their mineral deficiencies or the electrolytes are restored.
    These can be restored by drinking a good quality water, eating more fresh green vegetables, bone broths, sea salt and a calcium, magnesium and zinc supplement.

    I can help with the hyperventilation or breathing pattern disorder and advice.

    • Thank you Marianne. I welcome your help and advice. I’m interested to know more about your breathing exercises. And thank you for reminding me about calcium, magnesium and zinc. I’m taking a magnesium supplement, but I will add calcium and zinc.


  45. I found your article today doing research on natural ways to help with PD. My dad was diagnosed a couple days ago after going under anesthesia for back surgery (which lasted over 6 hours). We believe this triggered the Pd to come in full force. My dad had slight hand tremors like you had explained for several years prior. He is 79 but didn’t look or act a day over 60. It is encouraging to know that you have found some help with healing by doing things naturally. Gives me hope for my dad. I just want the last 15-20 years of his life to be good. Please keep us updated on anything else that you do. Good luck to you and all those experiencing this.

    • I am sorry to hear about your dad Safa. I hope he’s doing well. Thank you for visiting my blog and I’m glad you found the information helpful.

      Best wishes to you and your father,
      Fred 🙂

  46. Mr Phillips,
    Working as an an alternative health therapist / herbalist and medical intuitive for 25+ years as well as diagnosed with Parkinson 5 years ago, I found your site ( by the grace of God) and wanted to share with you some updated, non toxic, non medical super supportive suggestions that you have not noted on your site, for your consideration to improve your condition. Since they cover all that you have along with some that you haven’t and are very extensive, I wanted to ask if we could talk by phone. My email is I would send you my number at that time.
    In closing, I want to thank you for you dedication in helping others find a better way
    in taking self-responsibility in their quest to take back what was God given.
    Future Foods
    Bruce Martin

  47. Hi fred,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story… my sister has been suffering from severe parkinson symptoms to the point she is unable to walk sometimes …. she is only 38 very sweet and beautiful and I also do think stress had caused the desease….knowing there is no cure from doctors she also refuses to take medications and we r just trying healing the disease naturally… dont know though if she should or should not take any parkinson medication to improve her symptoms while she follows a healthy diet ??
    Thanks again and God bless you all.

    • Hi Laila,

      Thank you for your message. I’m very sorry to hear about your sister. I hope she is doing well. The decision to overcome Parkinson’s naturally has not been easy, but I believe it is the right decision for me. There is a lot of pressure to go on medication, but I don’t believe it is the solution for dealing with day to day symptoms.

      Aside from detoxing my body through diet and supplements, letting go of fear and anger has become a big part of my healing program. I think it is also important to surround oneself with love and laughter, as well as have an optimistic view of the future. You have to believe that you can heal yourself.

      John Coleman, a naturopathic doctor from Australia and Howard Shifke, an American, both claim to have overcome Parkinson’s using natural methods similar to what I’m doing. I urge you to check them out.

      Please let me know if I can help out in any way and please wish your sister my best.

      • Hi fred ,
        Thank you so much for your response…. I sure will check these videos out and search more … Also heard about meditteranien diet and its benefits to help parkinson especially figs and olives… we are actually mediterraniens but live in America and statestics show less parkinson cases back home…. lets keep hope… God bless you fred .

      • My diet is somewhat similar to the Mediterranean diet [lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, olive oil and coconut oil, with a small amount of meat and raw eggs]. My diet completely excludes cereals and grains, dairy, sugar, processed foods and alcohol.

        Good luck on your search and best wishes on your journey Laila!


  48. Hi fred,
    Thank you very much for all the info concerning your diet… And God We are so excited to start this very healthy diet … Also planning to start qigon exercices … just looking if someone can help my sister here in illinois because unfortunatly very few people know about this therapy…
    Have a great day fred and Thanks again for everything…

  49. Thought this might be of interest:
    Peter Hinde
    also intro on youtube by dr john whitman-ray (founder)

    Body Electronics – What it is and what it is not

    Body Electronics is concerned with uncovering the truth which lies hidden within us all. The mechanics of this process is called transmutation as it takes some of what is present within our psyche, something that is not true that is obscured by our reactivity and resistance and acts upon it using specific principles leading to it being changed to a form containing perspective and thus choice. This process is one of lovingly and willingly enduring all things. It is a choice to enter any such process, no matter what the discipline, or to remain in reactivity and untruth.
    In Body Electronics there is an attempt to welcome mental, emotional and physical pain that is already in our being, as there is much to learn from it. The processes entered into require discipline to stay with the pain and search for ways to intensify it by working with the inner process that is naturally attempting to unfold. Most commonly the pain transforms into a strong burning sensation which eventually releases as reactivity and resistance dissipate.
    The uncovering of truth to which Body Electronics adheres, is a process of realization and can never come directly from an accumulation or analysis of facts or theories, although these may on occasion lead us to the process of realization. The truth to anything is an integrated experience not confined to just feelings, or just thoughts, or just sensory input. The process leading to realization is a stripping away to what is already there in essence, not an accumulation, or an attempt to get to the truth by increasing the knowledge and understanding of outer things.
    Body Electronics aims to help someone to follow the process of life, which otherwise might be called Divine Will, however arduous this may be. It does not aim to please the reactive self. As such it does not aim to keep someone in a comfort zone, increase physical health, eradicate physical disease, attain enlightenment or ascension, or even increase consciousness to such an end.
    Although Body Electronics recognizes the ability to create from thought and desire, it also recognizes the potential to create against Divine Will and thus be merely keeping someone in their comfort zone whilst adding to the complexity of their suppressions. Thus if somebody wants to create anything they must be willing to face the potential lessons that come to them if it is a mistake. In Body Electronics we would normally let the creative force in our lives act to produce something new simply because we have got out of the way. In other words, it is our reactivity and polarised beliefs that are stopping what we really desire from our centre from manifesting.
    The attitude within Body Electronics is to assume that we have created (or at least co-created) everything in our lives and that we are the ones who can take the responsibility to change it. Thus the common assumption that we are victims of what happens to us is seen as a delusion based on reactivity and resistance.
    In Body Electronics we are attempting to take responsibility for our projections onto others or the world in general. Projection is the first step towards obscuring the truth in any situation. Projection is the first step in the creation of a duality and an outward facing attention. It is a denial that we contain a certain behaviour and an attempt at locating that behaviour outside of ourselves. It is the step that ensures that the focus of awareness is externalised rather than kept on the creative inner essence.
    In Body Electronics there are no “positive beliefs” to replace “negative beliefs.” We are not trying to make someone feel better, we are trying only to uncover the truth. The truth is neither a positive or negative belief, it is a realization. Where some disciplines might try to overlay “negative” beliefs with “positive” ones, we would see this as adding yet another lie to the situation. This is a process of increasing the obscuration of the truth, not decreasing it as in the process of transmutation. As such we are not trying to increase someone’s self-confidence, self-worth, or get them to overcome fear and do what their reactive self would want. In short, there is no agenda to do anything other than take responsibility for our inner pain and come to the experience of the truth about it.
    In Body Electronics we attempt to not suppress our emotional or sensory experience of any situation, however painful it may be. We attempt to lovingly and willingly endure what happens to us. We also recognize that there is a limit to an individual’s ability to lovingly accept an experience and where suppression to a certain level may be the correct course of action.
    In Body Electronics we are in the process of transmuting compulsive or stimulus-response behaviour to a more conscious place where there is choice. Stimulus-response behaviour places us in the instinctual realm, and we do not equate instincts with consciousness, or indeed intuition.
    In Body Electronics we do not see consciousness as any ability to manipulate external energy, sense external energies, communicate with discarnate beings, heal others, reach altered states, or walk on fire. These are more in the realm of occult abilities and, although certain abilitites may strengthen with increasing consciousness, they do not define that increasing consciousness and often form traps and distractions on the way to it.
    Body Electronics does not uphold detachment and desirelessness as virtues, though they may be upheld in many other disciplines or religeous communities. The process of transmutation and the ensuing realizations lead us to a state of increased ability to feel and a state where the desires are gradually purified out of the compulsive instinctual, or reactive, realm, to the desires to live according to Higher Principles which have been unveiled to us through the process of realization. We must be careful of the false virtue of premature transcendence.
    In Body Electronics we aim to gradually reduce addictive behaviour. Addictions are seen as coming from the desire to not face, and be responsibile for, painful emotions or sensations or memories that are constantly pushing at us from within. Since the aim of Body Electronics is to gradually uncover the truth at a pace we can cope with, an unwillingness to attempt to reduce addictive behaviour is incompatible with Body Electronics. Such addictions are not limited to drugs, tobacco, alcohol and so on, but can also be to foods, people, animals, objects, places, situations, materiality and money or certain behaviours, naive beliefs or concepts. Ironically there could also be an addiction to the attempt to increase consciousness. Again we also recognize that there is a limit to an individual’s ability to lovingly accept painful inner experience and where a level of suppression or addiction may be the correct course of action for the time being.
    In Body Electronics we are not trying to behave in any preconceived way of what might be thought of as spiritually or psychologically upstanding. We are merely trying to choose the correct reponse in any situation, or continue the process of transmutation until we come to that position of choice. We are not trying to save people from the hurt that might be exposed in them from our behaviour. As such the path of non-resistance does not mean bending to the will of the reactive self of others, it means bending as best as we can to the Divine Will which can only be accessed from within us, which is for the highest good of all concerned. There is no growth in consciousness for anyone without exposure to their inner pain.

    Ps.I don’t have parkinsons-but I do have other genetic health issues and with finances permitting will pursue this route.I am unemployed right now and stuck
    with lower cost avenues of healing which are only sticking plaster approaches.
    This system is the real deal and I strongly urge you to get the books
    How we heal by Doug Morrison
    body electronics by Thomas C. Chavez

    I came onto your web page as I am a tai chi chuan practitioner and one of my
    mentors Dan Docherty of practical Tai chi chuan currenlty suffers from
    parkinson’s and i feel he doesn’t have the information he needs to heal as
    he is very ‘proof ‘ orientated.He is using meds.
    But you seem open minded and willing to investigate.

    I hope this is of some help.

    mike henderson (47yrs old)

    • Thank you for all this information Mike. I agree that Iri dology is a great way to diagnose a person. And thank you for telling me about Body Electronics. It looks quite interesting and I’m gonna spend some time checking out.

      Cheers for now,

      • Hi fred ,
        Thanks again for all your help, my sister started her diet and she’s very excited to start her exercices as well…will keep you informed of all the changes in her body … Also thanks All of you for the very interesting info !!!

      • That’s great Laila. I wish your sister well on her journey.

        I also recently discovered that fruit [because of the sugar] and cold foods tend to exacerbate my symptoms, so I’m going to stay off fruit for the time being and eat more soups and stews [with ingredients that help alkaline the body] and drink more warm drinks. Coconut oil and olive oil will continue to be an important part of my diet. I hope this helps!

        Cheers for now,

  50. Hi fred,
    Thanks again for the info about avoiding fruits because of the sugar level …Wanted to share with you some news about fava beans they seem to be very helpful for parkinsons patients !! We also included them in her diet now…
    Have a great day fred.
    Laila .

  51. Dear Fred: I’ve been studying parkinson’s because I have tardive dyskinesia which the doctor told me was similar to PD. I’ve been having some success with melatonin, C, B6, B3, D3 but I don’t take them in specific doses at specific times. One day I’ll take a couple of melatonin’s 2MGS and a B6 and another day I’ll take b6 and B3, and another some C and melatonin. As needed when I start having symptoms, it seems to be working. Instead of saying there is no cure, they should say they know of no cure. I’m trying to find an answer, it is no good to give up hope.

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  53. Fred,
    Thank you for posting your experience of healing PD. I haven’t read it all, however I am aligned with the gist of your approach and the blog entries of other responders. I’ve been searching for such a wholistic, natural support for my own journey.
    My PD was diagnosed in Oct. , 2007. First years I declined medication, but did not do enough alternatively. Maybe a good start was not to begin medicating…
    I’ve recently begun early morning walks in nearby forest park. Will soon begin chlorella in green smoothies and am starting to take blue green algae, Also, New Chapters’ Zyflamend & Wholemega (Omega 3’s) + Ovega (DHA & EPA).
    I also do intermittent water fasting, one day/week. Trying to keep away from sugar, grain products.
    I am a great admirer of Ann Wigmore’s living foods lifestyle, though not full practioner.
    I want to phase off the medication, but lack the professional support system.
    Your experience + responders has given me a tremendous amount of hope, for which I thank you.

    Do you know anyone in the NYC area I could link up with as a continue my healing journey?


  54. Dear Fred,My mom is 80 yrs old & was diagnosed for Parkinsons in 2008.She was initially prescribed Syndopa plus nd pacitane.Her legs would become stiff and her toes would become so stiff nd it would be very painful.Her medicines were frequently increased and slowly she was feeling tightness in her chest as the effect of syndopa plus wears off.Then she started having severe constipation.Recently she had problems with her sodium levels and was in the ICU for almost 15 days and her body had become very rigid and she was unable to even swallow her medicines.Slowly she has started walking which in itself was termed a miracle(Doctors said that she would be bedbound) and now she is mobile and is taking care of her routine.But the period between March and May were very tough as she was having seizure like episodes which would last for almost an hour.She is now on Pramitrem 25, Ropark , Syndopa plus, Amantidine,Entacapone (All for parkinsons) and eptoine for seizure.She takes pegemove for Constipation. I have tried to make her do meditation and pranayama but she is unable to do them even for a few minutes.She started being very scared of everything & was also losing her memory.She would keep on walking for almost 8 hours and would become very tired.
    On april 19 th we had admitted her at a Hospice were they are taking very good care of her.After about 20 days she started settling down there very well and her health started improving and now she is able to recognise people without confusion.She says that she is not scared anymore and seems to be peaceful.
    I feel her absence a lot but she is showing great improvement after going there and they are very professional as well as affectionate.A reiki master from Pune(India) had sent her an amulet to be worn around her neck and that has also helped her with her fears.
    I also do Sahaja Yoga (Meditation technique taught by Mataji Nirmala Devi) which helps in Self realisation and chakra cleanisng.This helped me overcome my depression which had affected me after my Mom’s illness during this period.I strongly believe that my Mom is showing a lot of improvement after the collective prayers by the sahaja group.I saw your blog and wanted to share my experience with you.

    • Hi Pushpa … Thank you so much for sharing your mother’s story. I’m very sorry to hear about her experience, but glad she is doing better now that she’s in a hospice. Your mother is a good example of the downside of modern medicine and the over use of medications. I hope you are able to help her with alternative treatments particularly as it relates to helping her let go of the fear that is at the root of PD. I would really urge you to read Road to Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease by Robert Rodgers. It is an excellent book with plenty of insight on how to overcome PD. It is available on Amazon .Com.

      The key things that have helped me begin to recover from Parkinson’s are 1) being on a very strict ketogenic diet, 2) learning about the role fear plays in the development of PD and letting go of fear, 3) focusing on bringing more love into my life, 4) believing I can heal myself and having an optimistic view of the future, 5) exercise, and 6) body work … to correct damage to the body and release stress and trapped emotional trauma.

      Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

      Good luck,

  55. Hi Fred, One thing I have recently discovered is that we should be taking vitamin K2 along with D3. D3 brings calcium into the body, but it may be laid down in the blood vessels and joints if we don’t have enough K2 (and most people are deficient). K2 tells the calcium where to go – into the bones!

    • Thank you Tom. This is both interesting and perplexing. While there is agreement that weakened adrenals are part of the problem, according to Robert Rodgers in his book, Road to Recovery from PD, the root problem is chronic stress resulting in the constant and excess production and presence of the stress hormones adrenalin, cortisol, testosterone and aldosterone which eventually causes the brain to stop producing dopamine, melotonin, serotonin, etc. So the solution is to take an adrenal support [rich in Vit C, ashwaganda, rhiodola and licorice] and eliminate stress through laughter, exercise, meditation, etc in order to stimulate the production of the ‘feel good’ hormones and neurotransmitters. I must admit, this latter approach has worked for me. Fred

      • Interesting. I think the micro-dosage use of cortisol might be an interesting approach. It overlaps fully with Fred’s theory. Stress and fear exhaust the kidneys (according to Chinese medicine / Taoist view) and also the adrenal gland. So, supplementing cortisol is like fighting the symptoms by rebalancing the cortisol in the body, but without fighting the real cause, which is (or might be) the excessive stress and fear, which will continue to cause damage to the body.

        Another interesting observation is that mercury (which played a big role in my chronic inflammation of my intestines) upsets the hormonal balances in the body (especially the thyroid which as iodine receptors which get occupied by mercury) and also causes the immune system to react excessively strong, which can be counteracted by suppressing the immune system a bit, again, using cortisol. Again, cortisol is not the solution, but it suppresses the symptoms. For me, getting rid of the mercury through chelation, and reliving my suppressed emotions, resulted in a true cure.

        Alas, some people have suppressed their emotion for such a long time, that it’s virtually impossible for them to confront them. I would strongly advise to go for the emotional & detox protocol, as described in the article by Fred, but if that’s not an option, then the cortisol micro-dosing might be an interesting option. If it really relieves symptoms by 65% then the positives probably outweigh the negatives. A combination might of course also be an option (some cortisol micro-dosing combined with emotional release and detox protocol), as long as you understand that the cortisol is fighting the symptoms (but perhaps also slowing the ongoing damage) and Fred’s protocol is fighting the true cause.

  56. I am curious do you find that combo in a herbal supplement you take; or do you take them all separately? (rich in Vit C, ashwaganda, rhiodola and licorice)

  57. Thank you typically I choose because I know he comes highly recommended so just thought I would share in case you have interest. I can feel the energy from his products and not like a high but solid energy. I did buy your AOR Ortho-Adapt Vegan and again thank you. Oh I highly recommend the Longevity Tea he sells – excellent along with many of the best sellers and he also has a new product called Tonic Alchemy which you can mix in the a.m. I may try it. He really goes for organic super tonics, herbs and superfoods but might not have the pharmaceutical or “doctor” rating you are seeking…he does show how many mgs. of items and is very clear about content and purity.

  58. Hi Fred,
    I am in the middle of my diploma in Reflexology, and we are working on an assignment on the nervous system which brought me to your blog (cant get my head around that word blog) ….anyway
    I just wanted to say you are a very inspiring wise man for such young years haha. Your life has thown you a real curve ball and you have chosen to deal with it and live with it not let it rule you.
    Reflexology is an amazing theropy if I lived closer I would ask if I could work on you but New Zealand isnt exactly around the corner 🙂
    Your grounding is doing the exact same thing that reflexology does. Only difference is you are lying down and the energy from the earth goes through the theropist to you and you. The various organs, nerves and glands in your body are connected with certain reflex areas on the bottoms of your feet and through massaging these reflex areas in certain simple ways known as reflexology they activate natual and prompt relief. This works like a telephone line taking the signal from your feet to the associated area.
    My husband is a Karate Man so I apreciate how your continuing teaching your classes is also pretty cool – they are lucky to have so much wisdom in the dojo.
    Anyway have the best day – take care and keep that ballance of Mind Body and Soul going.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and for explaining reflexology. I believe grounding is great therapy and now I have a better understanding of how it works, so thank you for that and have a blessed day!

      PS Love the synchronicities

  59. ​​Hello everybody i am so happy to share this testimony on how Dr ISAAC was able to heal me from HIV Disease, well i was detected positive on 23th may 2013, and ever since i have been looking for a way to treat and cure this disease from me, but all ways i try there was no solution, few weeks ago i saw a testimony of some people on how Dr ISAAC was able to cure them from HIV disease, still on i heard about it on media when a young lady also gave her testimony about this same Dr, well left with no hope i message Dr ISAAC telling him all my problem, he told me what we where going to do, that he was going to send me a portion which i am going to take, and after which i took this herb portion he sent to me, he told me to go back to the hospital for check up and after i have done that i should come and tell him the good news result, at first when i saw the message i was so shock and still did not believed i will be cured, well friend to make my story short i am HIV negative now after many time of sorrow, i am Negative, and my sickness are gone, i thank God for leading me to this man, he can be of help to you on any problem..

    • Thank you very much for sharing your story Lutricia and congratulations on your healing. I believe very much and the power of herbs.

      Best wishes on your continued healing,

  60. 7th Aug., 2014
    Hi. Fred , Thanks for the Great services, of yours that yore’ performaing for the Parkinsons affected, God, almighty bless you (Really have blessed you, fred)
    I want to very one more point, if dont’ mind?.
    Please tell whether the following’s, could be consumed (Raw orHalf boiled) this is an extraction of a book that I send as part of the service youre’ redering:
    a)Raw Spinach
    b)Raw Egg

  61. Hi,
    You are doing great. Very informative. I have a similar approach but I am following John Coleman, the Naturopath from Australia. If you haven’t already, check him out.
    My tremors are driving me nuts. Going to start vit E and trying a variety of essential oils.
    We will reverse this thing!

    • Thank you Cindy,

      I am familiar with John Coleman and I’ve read his book.
      I can empathize with your frustration with trembling. The thing that is given me the most relief from trembling is Body Stress Relief. It is a therapy that was developed in South Africa. If it is not offered in your area, you could try osteopathy.

      Other things that have helped minimize the trembling I experience include, laying on my back, light exercise, Qigong, eliminating sugars [including fruit], sitting in water [like lake water] and staying warm.

      Also, you might want to try medical marijuana. It apparently helps immensely. I tried it once and it helped me.

      I hope this helps.

      Best wishes,

  62. Hello Fred,

    I am from India and my age is 25. I am a web designer. I am suffer from this disease. My condition is almost same like your condition. Now my left hand finger is continuously shaking. Even my whole body is shaking when someone hold my body and when i shake hand with someone. I have read your article and i think it is very beneficial for me. I will sure try these things surely. Thanks for your SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT for people like us. This will really helpful for all..

    Cheers…without beer… 🙂

  63. Hi Fred,
    Dr. Paneri in India who says he healed 56 patients from Parkinsons,and it would take 2 years at least, has a similar diet to yours but advises no beans either, green nor dry, except for fava beans. a user from Neurotalk posted the diet here:
    See thread about Dr. Paneri here:
    I am trying this diet since last month. Reading your post encourages me to stay on it.

    • Thank you for this Raida. My diet is very similar, although I would recommend avoiding dairy. Not only is dairy constipating, it also clogs up the lymphatic system and contributes to inflammation, especially if it is pasteurized and originates from a factory farm.

      Best wishes,

  64. Good information.
    I am 77 and my right hand very slightly trembles.I think i have PD. There is slight itching sensation on my forehead. I have not tried any medicine so far.
    would somebody guide me how to cure my problem in a naturnal way.
    suresh maheshwari

    • Thank you for your message Suresh! The trembling you are experiencing is a clear sign that your body is not in homeostasis, however the medical community might want to diagnose it [they many want to call it Parkinson’s or they may want call it essential tremors]. The three things that are most likely to cause our body to be out of homeostasis are poor diet, stress and fear, and these are the three things that need to be addressed.

      Returning the body to homeostasis begins with detoxification and the best detox diet for me has been the high fat, low carb diet [lots of coconut oil, fish oil, flax seed oil, olive oil, avocados and nuts and seeds, as well as eggs and moderate amounts of meat and fish and green vegetables]. I completely avoid sugar, wheat, dairy, junk foods, fast foods and processed foods. I’ve also found that fruit tends to worsen my symptoms, so I avoid fruits.

      It is also important to eliminate stress as much as possible. Constant chronic stress causes an overabundance of stress hormones, like adrenaline in cortisol, which in turn shuts down the part of the brain that produces dopamine and serotonin, the calming hormones.

      It is also important to begin eliminating fear [I truly believe that Parkinson’s is nothing but fear]. Make a list of all the things that are causing you to feel fear right now. Then make a list of all the fears you had growing up. This will help bring to the surface the unconscious fears that are really at the new root of Parkinson’s. With each fear that comes up, remind yourself that they are not real, they’re just thoughts, and then let them go. It is okay to ask for help to let them go. You can ask God or your guardian angels, etc.

      I would also suggest you read all the blogs I’ve posted in the ‘My recovery from parkinson’s’ section. These blogs explain what I’ve done to begin the recovery process. I would also urge you to read Robert Rodgers book, ‘road to recovery from parkinson’s disease’ and John Coleman’s book, ‘stop parkin’ and start livin’. Both books are available on Amazon.

      There’s no need for you to take medication. If you detox your body, eliminate stress and let go of fear, your body will return to homeostasis and you will recover.

      I hope this helps! Best wishes!

  65. Hi thank you so much for sharing your story. My mum has been diagnosed with PD today and it scares me that the Dr has just written her a script to take some pills! It’s refreshing to hear your story and makes so much sence emotional healing can make massive changes in all conditions.

    If you have any advice or other books/articals to read I would love to know more.

    Thanks again


    • Hi Jess,

      I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s condition and I hope she is doing well. Please assure her that she doesn’t need to take medication and that Parkinson’s is more than curable. Through diet, detoxification, emotional healing, understanding the role of fear and body work, it is definitely possible to recover from PD. I can say this from experience, because I’ve started to recover. Please read the blogs I posted in the ‘my recovery from parkinson’s’ section. Also, read the books by Robert Rodgers [road to recovery from parkinson’s disease] and John Coleman [stop parkin’ and start livin’]. Both books are available on Amazon. John Coleman is a naturopath from Australia who made a full recovery from PD and Robert Rodgers profiles a number of people who have made similar recoveries.
      I would also highly recommend reading The Power of Now and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. Both books and been instrumental in the beginnings of my recovery because they’ve helped me understand what life is all about and how to achieve inner peace.

      I hope this has been helpful and please stay in touch.

      Many blessings to you and your mom,

  66. Hi Fred-i came across your site while researching info on people who have tried to heal themselves naturally of Parkinson’s. I currently assist a woman with PD. I was saddened when I asked her yesterday if anybody ever gets better from PD. She looked me straight in the eye & said no. All you can do is try to mitigate the symptoms. She has heavily bought into the western medical system.
    I was also tremendously impressed & moved by your story & your tremendous tenacity in pursuing greater health. While I don’t have PD, I have suffered from chronic health issues (especially chronic pain) for a large part of my life but am now healthy & pain free.
    I highly highly recommend you check out ayurveda for relief of your systems. My chronic l pain resulted from an early childhood trauma which damaged-or at least-, oversensitized my nervous system. I have a degree in holistic health &, like you, have studied many forms of healing. But I have found that nothing, I mean nothing, is as ableto address health issues related to the nervous system as well as a diet close to your body type (as per ayurveda) and the use of oils. Google “abyhanga” (whole body oil self massage) and oil pulling. Best wishes & thanks for sharing! L

    • Hi Alex … Thank you for your message and the information about abyhanga. I’m thrilled to hear that you overcame your health issues. Each person who recovers their health, regardless of what it is, is an inspiration to everyone else. Please assure the woman you’re working with that it is possible to recover from PD. Urge her to read the books by Robert Rodgers [road to recovery from parkinson’s disease] and John Coleman [stop parkin’ and start livin’]. Both books profile people who have recovered from PD.

      Have an awesome day!

  67. Hello, my father-in-law is a very stubborn man, and while he hasn’t officially been diagnosed with PD, he has developed shaking in his left hand that has been pretty bad, and often times, he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it. He is on several medications and we have tried talking him into going the natural route and getting off of them, but as I said, he is stubborn. My husband says his dad is the kind of person that if a doctor says to take it, he’ll take it, but he doesn’t drink water when they tell him to, just tea. His theory is that he mixes said tea with water, so he’s getting the water. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to help him. When I looked up natural PD remedies, your blog came up, but I think he needs something rather direct instead of reading through separate blog posts. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    • Hi Sharon. Thank you for your message. Your father in law sounds much like my father! Stubborn indeed! Please urge him to read the books by Robert Rodgers [road to recovery from parkinson’s disease] and John Coleman [stop parkin’ and start livin’]. Both books are about people who have recovered from Parkinson’s. You can also read the blogs I posted under the section ‘my recovery from parkinson’s.’

      Your father in law may not have parkinson’s. He may have essential tremors, which is what Katharine Hepburn had. Either way, the road to recovery is the same: a healthy diet, eliminating stress, exercise, body work and a good attitude. It can be done.

      Best wishes on your journey,

  68. Hi Fred, loved reading your story – it’s such an inspiration to many. Just wondering how the progress/ diet is going any updates since Jan? Wishing you all the best and sending positive energy vibes your way.


    • Thank you so much Kat! I’ve been meaning to update this article because a great deal has happened since January. I’ve written about it in many separate blogs but here are the highlights. In March I started having panic attacks which really messed me up, but helped me learn about the role of fear in the development of Parkinson’s. I also learned about the role of adrenal fatigue and the importance of strengthening the adrenal glands. I also learned about muscle memory how you can use muscle memory to remind your body how to function properly.

      As for diet, after much trial and testing I concluded that the ketogenic diet [high fat, low carb] works best for me. I’m off sugar and fruit completely because they really mess me up. Since switching to a strict ketogenic diet I’ve been feeling much better and have noticed an improvement in the symptoms I experience.

      I hope this helps!

  69. Dear Fred
    My mom is 80 yrs old and is suffering from parkinsons from 2008.
    Recently she had a lot of complications as her electrolyte levels fell down and she was in ICU for almost 15 days.Her body had gone rigid and she could not communicate.This happened in February 2014.She recovered and slowly started walking but started having seizures and became scizophrenic.There was no other alternative and the I was unable to manage her at home & hence had her admitted into a Hospice at Chennai, India.I am a part of a group who meditate… we practise Sahaja Yoga.Collective meditations for her helped.

    Recently Pranic healing through distant mode has shown miraculous effect on her.Please try to see more on Pranic Healing on the net.It is very effective if you can find a good healer.Please do try it out.My mom is showing remarkable improvement.

    Gud wishes


  70. Gosh Fred sorry about the panic attacks. I always follow your trail here as I have a friend across the street with Parkinson’s and I suffer with something similar due to a C2 Fracture and C3-C7 herniations from a car accident which has changed my life after putting me out of work 5 years. I don’t know how you resolved the panic attacks but I have noticed many people with Parkinson’s reversing their symptoms with the QiGong that was taught in China at the hospital where they reversed like 90% of the diseases. It is called Zhineng Qigong and there are a few teachers now through-out the world. I found a center in Petaluma which teaches locally and online. It is called the and Mington Gu is the teacher who is just full of “life” and learned under Dr. Pang in China before they shut the hospital down. I suffer with muscle spasms; lack of mental clarify; and extreme exhaustion and after completing just 3 of the online courses I was 85% better…wondering if it would help the panic attacks? Emotionally it is changing me and physically it is healing me. You will see many testimonies on the site and/or You Tube if you type the name of the center of those who have reversed Parkinsons. It is profound! I have signed up for a one year teacher training and maybe will go forward with the 2 years therapist training. I am also trained in Pranic Healing through Advanced Stages into Arhatic Yoga which I highly respect and saw profound results in my life for this practice too but discovered even MORE with the QiGong. I have only been doing 30 minutes a day and get results immediately. If I don’t keep it up my symptoms come back so I think I am hooked. If you can’t find the info let me know and I will send you links :). It truly may eliminate panic attacks 🙂 …peace and blessings to you. Lori

    • Thank you so much for all this information Lori. I do practice a little bit of qigong and this will be helpful for me to incorporate more into my daily practice. I think the key is to reduce and ideally eliminate stress by calming the mind and qigong is a great way to accomplish this.

      The panic attacks only lasted a couple of weeks. I was able to overcome them by doing two things. First, I found out that anxiety is connected to weak adrenal glands, so I started taking an adrenal support [Natural Factors stress relax serenity formula]. Second, I figured out that panic attacks come from fear and that fear is not real. It is created by our thoughts, so I use self talk whenever I feel fear rising up to dissolve it.

      I’m so sorry to hear about your back. I see a Body Stress Relief practitioner who helps me enormously by helping to reduce my symptoms, especially trembling. BSR was developed in South Africa and primarily focuses on relieving tension along the spine. I think it is a great therapy!

      Blessings on your day!

  71. Thank you and I will see if I can find a Body Stress Relief Practitioner here as chiropractors do not cut it for me here. I had one of the best “activator” doctors in the world in CA that helped me recup but nothing close here.

    Here is a link for you that is free and you can practice with him 🙂

    Thank you again,

  72. No problem – here is also one of the students that no longer has Parkinson’s symptoms. What a journey we all have 🙂 ! Again plenty out there for free on you tube from parkinson students if you search on Mington Gu and Chi Center 🙂

    Peace 🙂

    • Thank you again for all this information Lori. I really appreciate it! I agree with what Bianca Molle says, that any type of movement is really important. Many blessings … Fred

  73. Mr. Phillips…how r u now? Have u beat the pd? What r u doing now to heal yourself? Are u on meds yet?
    My dad is 82 and in the spring got diagnosed w pd. I am only 60 and and i think i am experiencing a few signs of it. My dads mom had it my dad has it…im praying that i dont have it.
    Ipray u r beating it!!

    • Hi Kathy! I haven’t yet recovered, but I’m doing quite well … much better than I was earlier this year, especially now that I know it is possible to recover! I do not take meds. Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he is well.

      These days, I am focusing on exercise/movement [walking and practicing Qigong], diet/detoxing (high fat, low carb], strengthening my adrenal glands (supplements] and eliminating stress [spending time in silence],

      I hope this has been helpful!

    • Thank you for this Phoenix! It sounds like you have your hands full! If you haven’t already done so, check out Robert Rodgers book [road to recovery from parkinson’s disease]. His philosophy and approach is very similar to mine.

      Blessings on your day!

  74. Thank you for laying it down the truth with all cards face up and congratulations. I am a 96 years old homeopaths with over 70 years of experience and still practice, mostly taking cancer cases.

    Seven years ago, We had just pulled down our house and were rebuilding When I lost my 90 years old wife, I lost my speech and function of extremities by which I mean severe trembling. I was diagnosed with parkinson and speech Parkinson with no cure because of my age.

    I realized, it was not Parkinson but truma, yet could not treat my own self. Also the stress due to house construction another issue was adding to any recovery.

    I managed to complete the house, donate it along with most of my million s and set out to remove thorns from my path of roses of monetary riches.

    After 2 years, I began to shoe improvement and now totaly function normally healing the sick.

    Because of my age and patient load,i do not get time to pen much and this is firat time I am doing so,because I am inspired b y your write up an d honesty.

    Let me say openly, I am a scientist and science is too far away from discovering the truth. Check our Ron Harri – Homeopath.

  75. Thank you very much for sharing your story and research! My mother in law has Parkinsons. I let my wife read your article and she was amazed how many parallels there are with my own healing story. I myself was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease (chronic inflammation of the intestines) at age 19. After 2 rounds of prednisone and my conditioning worsening again, I asked my doctor if it could be related to food. He said no, and he told me there was no cure. I couldn’t accept that and started my own research.

    I first used a diet, comparable to yours (no grains, no sugars, all natural) which didn’t cure me, but made the inflammation disappear within 2 weeks and improved my health and weight a lot. I used it for 5 years. It’s called the SCDiet. Next I started a course of ‘Healing Tao’ or ‘Universal Tao’ and there I discovered that emotions were the root cause of my disease. Also that emotions and the organs are related. In my case a lot of suppressed grief had a lot of influence on my intestines. I practiced special Chi Kungs and meditations and they helped a lot.

    Soon after, I discovered I had mercury poisoning. Using the frequent dosing protocol from the book at I cured my Crohns disease within 6 months. I also used a lot of iodine supplements because mercury occupies the iodine receptors in both the small intestine lining and the thyroid, blocking its proper functioning (digesting carbohydrates in the intestines). I combined the chelation protocol with daily Healing Tao exercises (more than an hour daily) and it worked miracles. Amazing amounts of emotions were released. It was quite overwhelming. My brain fogs, hypoglycemia and a lot of other small health problems also disappeared by that time.

    Since then I adopted a low-stress lifestyle, with plenty of free time to rest, meditate and allow old emotions to surface. I’m 36 years old now and in great health, living a happy life, cured from an incurable, chronic disease.

    Here is some feedback which you might find interesting:
    * I also believe that suppressed emotions are the prime source of virtually all health problems, but I also learned that without toxins, be it heavy metals or chemicals or pesticides, the problem won’t manifest itself physically as a disease (besides feeling emotionally numb, and physically stiff and having low flexibility). There are people that are emotionally numb (feel/allow virtually no emotions), are very stiff physically, but who still grow very old without disease. I think that suppressing emotions, suppresses the chi flow in one’s body (and specific organs; anger/liver, fear/kidneys, irritation/heart+small intestines, grief/large intestines+lungs, worry/spleen). The deficiency of chi in the corresponding cells in one’s body cause the cells to loose their power to keep themselves clean. Toxins that circulate in your body (because you inhaled or ate them, or that got injected through a vaccine) will end up in these cells. Once enough toxins are accumulated in the organs with the poor chi-flow, the body can’t hold its homeostasis and the disease will start to manifest itself. I’ve described this in an article I wrote: .
    * I learned that, by removing the toxins (through chelating with lipoic acid in my case), the cells will become more healthy and the chi will start to flow more easily as a result. This will then result in the release of emotions. I believe it works in two ways: Allowing emotions to surface will help the body get rid of accumulated toxins and also: removing the toxins will help surface the related emotions.
    * A lot of the Parkinsons symptoms might be mercury related. In the book at noamalgam the author explains that some people are diagnosed with Parkinsons while it was “just” chronic mercury poisoning. Some people cured their Parkinsons by using the protocol used in his book.
    * I don’t know if you have any silver fillings. If so, I would recommend removing those, because they continuously release mercury which is a very potent neurological toxin.
    * Your diet has several elements (for example garlic) which release and bind mercury, but it’s not a perfect way to transport the mercury out of your body (it gets redistributed to other parts of your body; potentially more critical parts like brains or nervous system). I used lipoic acid, with a frequent dose protocol (every 3 hours, day and night) and this works as a perfect transport system to really get the mercury out (and not moving it from one place to another). Details on .

    Keep up the good work! I hope more and more people will discover that emotions and health are very strongly related and that a lot of incurable diseases are in fact curable.

    Ed (Spain)

    • Hi Ed,

      Thank you very much for sharing your story and for all the information you have provided. This is both helpful and encouraging. I’m so happy that you have recovered and are doing well!

      Have an awesome day!

  76. Hello Fred,
    Thank-you for sharing your story. Your commitment to healing naturally is inspiring and life giving. It is a tremendous gift. Taking no ” medical medicine” is taking responsibility for our situation. You are doing the work… I am on my own path of healing.
    – learning how to self love, increasing the amount of time of the activities I enjoy, and eating a raw food diet consisting of greens ( started off with mixed greens to now exclusively kale- adding greens to my diet profoundly changed my health) also for me no sugar except moderate amount of fruit, good fats ( flax oil based dressing) I sprinkle ground raw sunflower seeds on top. I eat no animal products, I found I needed protein but too much was hard on my body. Also intermittent fasting also helped me tremendously. My body needs rest to heal, I started off eating and fasting alternately – one day eat , then one day fast , then one day eat one day fast…….now fast sometimes a whole day to somedays just one meal a day . Food today is pushed down on on us , like its fun to eat junk, …..and that we have to eat three meals a day… ( we may not need to , I don’t …..listening to our body is loving our body…….its more fun feeling a healthy body and mind.

    All diseases are curable , to heal we need to change to see change.

    Thank you again for sharing your story

    • I also fast regularly, by just listening to my body (I think it’s primarily my liver that “asks” me not to eat). Most fasts are relatively small (like eating only one meal during a day; a 24 hour fast).

      It’s important to listen to your body. If your liver isn’t up to the job (keeping your blood sugars up, etc) then it’s better not to fast. Or to keep them as short as you can handle. Fasting is very powerful and can release a lot of toxins (and emotions), which the liver and kidneys have to clean up. Make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by these toxins. Stay within your limits, easy does it 🙂 .

  77. Hello Fred again,

    This just came to me , I wonder if you would benefit from taking a break from karate and replacing with yoga and meditation. I am a lifelong ballet dancer , yoga and body work lover. I respect discipline body work but I found that martial arts felt angry to me , I wonder if your anger is what attracted you to karate, what if you stopped for 5 months to a year………. just for a duration of time to see what happens ,,,,then maybe you could return to karate in a different way, or maybe you would let go of it?

    • That’s an interesting suggestion and I don’t know if it would help or not, but at the present time it’s not feasible because it’s how I make my living. What is more, I’m teaching the kids about feeling good about themselves and I wouldn’t want to stop doing that even for a few months. I love teaching martial arts!


    • I took Ballet 20 years and it’s the last thing that brought me in tune with myself. It ruined my feet and hips and taught me to ignore any kind of awareness or balance in life other than ballet itself. I love yoga and mediation but you need to realize every person has their own purpose and it’s not yours. Just because someone else does martial arts doesn’t mean it’s angry or that person carries anger. You can carry anger in any holistic art. Judgement of others for that reason brings more harm to you and definitely no healing for them. It’s a good thing we can be in all walks of life and have the Universe bless us in what we do well :)….Fred is doing what he does well and in fact he is exceeding all expectations for someone diagnosed with Parkinson’s :). Blessings!

      • Thank you for this Lori. I understand where O is coming from, but I love training and teaching martial arts, and I believe it has been a good outlet for me to release anger.


    • Based on my experiences, I think any sports is good for you if it helps you relax and get more in touch with your body. A problem with (semi-)professional sports is that you’re often “asked” to overstress your body, causing the kidneys to “cramp” and the adrenals to overwork. Keeping the kidneys relaxed is one of the most important parts in healing yourself, according to Taoist knowledge. If you hold your hands over your kidneys, and you inhale into your belly, you will feel your kidneys “breath” along if they are relaxed. If not, they will feel tense and hard.

      Also the “I must win”-attitude isn’t very healthy. It’s better to use sports as a fun thing to do and stay within your bodies limits. Then it’s something very positive.

      I also think that anything that brings you back to the hunter/gatherer, natural (wo)man that we all are, is a good thing. So, running a marathon is something we would only do if we were chased by another tribe or lions (fight & flight: adrenaline helps you go beyond your limits). Fear does have a natural function. The same goes for anger: it’s often perceived as something negative, as a “negative” emotion, while in fact, the emotion in itself isn’t negative at all.

      You need anger to protect yourself and your family. If you can’t feel angry when someone tries to hurt you or your loved ones, that’s unnatural. Also, being able to protect yourself, being strong, being able to set boundaries which people respect, also has a lot do with the natural ability to be angry. According to Taoists and Chinese medicine, the emotion anger resides in the liver. A healthy liver is paramount for good health.

      I think, martial arts, when practised in a natural way, can be very healing, especially to the liver. It can also help to feel and release suppressed anger from events long ago.

      I do think some people start martial arts training because they are afraid and lack self confidence. But even then, I think the training makes them stronger and healthier, but it’s still a good idea to look at the fear and use techniques to heal and release that fear.

      Anger can of course also be used in a negative way: If once suppressed anger is released upon a person that had nothing to do with the original anger, this is damaging to that person and to yourself. And, alas, that happens a lot in life; It’s so much easier to release anger on someone else, than to sit and relax and feel the anger and meditate on the original situation where the anger was suppressed in the first place. You’ll often notice that anger and grief go hand in hand: in the past, especially in childhood, you’re often not able to express your anger, especially if adults are involved: Someone hurts you, you feel grief which you mostly suppress and you also suppress the anger. Later, when you’re an adult, and you’re healing yourself emotionally, the two emotions often go hand in hand. When you release one of them, the other will come soon. Fear can also be involved (being afraid to stand your ground, or afraid to set and enforce boundaries).

      • I agree with you Ed. For me, being in the martial arts has been a journey of love and my most meaningful accomplishment [my children aside] was achieving my black belt. Hockey on the other hand, is a sport I played with destructive anger for over 40 years, even though I thought I loved the game. Clearly, in reflection, my behavior said otherwise.

  78. Oh, I forgot.. Another thing you could look into, is electrostress: electromagnetic radiation can have a big influence on your health, especially when heavy metals (like mercury) play a part. For example, it can open the blood-brain-barrier, allowing toxins to enter the brain. My very strong sensitivity for electromagnetic radiation (wireless phones, mobile phones, wifi networks) virtually disappeared after the chelation process. Before that I would get severe brain fogs, concentration problems, sleep problems, heart arrhythmia and food intolerances.
    I discovered it when I was on vacation in a rural house in France where there wasn’t even any mobile phone signal. I slept like a baby and all symptoms disappeared over night. They came back the same day I slept in my 3rd floor apartment, which was close to a mobile phone antenna.After moving to another house and turning off all wireless phones and networks, all was fine, but the sensitivity remained until I finished the chelation.

  79. Fred,

    Thanks so much for writing this. My grandparents both suffered through Parkinson’s near the end of their lives, and a good friend is now going through it. I will forward your story to him with the hope that it will help him see some light at the end of the tunnel.

    One thing I’d like to point out is the suspect nature of most olive oils, even “organic” ones. It’s known that almost any kind of oil can be labeled “olive oil” as long as it has a smidgen of real olive oil in it, so for example it may be 90% canola (very bad, even “organic”), and only 10% olive oil. Raymond Francis has done some excellent research into this, and with the importance of consuming only the most beneficial fats for you condition, I think it’s worth a read:

    Best of luck to you, and keep us posted!

    • Thank you for sharing this Vince. I’m sorry to hear about your grandparents and your friend. I hope your friend is doing well. Thank you for sharing this information on olive oil. I actually stopped taking olive oil recently, in part, for the very reasons you have explained.

      Have an awesome day!

  80. Incredible article, thank you for being candid. 1st appointment with neurologist tomorrow, will follow up with neuropathic dr later this week to begin total body testing and detox. With you on brain, body and spiritual. Just today spirit came to me and told me to let go, i asked of what, spirit said everything, i am thankful for this-feels good. BE GREAT, PEACE

  81. Searching, always searching, for a way to help my brother. I appreciated your writings. May I ask you a few questions? We were recently told AGAIN by a neurologist there is no test to diagnose PD. If the meds work- you have it. However, the normally prescribed meds for PD would make ANYONE feel better. Do you agree? What was your line of work? Do you feel as though you were exposed to chemicals, pesticides, etc.? Have you ever had your hair tested? We are about to have that done. I can see by your writings you have searched. My brother was diagnosed at age 45, now 58.

    • Thank you for your message Jacqueline. I hope your brother is doing well. I rarely see my neurologist and when I do, we never talk about medication because he knows I will never do medication. I think it is important to remember that doctors are trained to diagnose and treat disease. They’re not trained to teach good health. To my knowledge, I was never a overly exposed to pesticides are other chemicals. I did at one time have a mouth full of mercury fillings in my teeth, plus I drank a lot of pop with aspartame in it and I ate at lot of foods with MSG. I suspect these were contributing factors.

      I would urge your brother to read the books by Robert Rodgers, John Coleman, and Bianca Molle. They are all about recovering from parkinson’s naturally. Below is a link to a blog I wrote with more information about them. They are all available on Amazon.

      I have not had my hair tested, but I do drink Bentonite Clay every day. It is a great detoxifier.

      Please give your brother my best wishes and let me know if you have any other questions!


  82. Fred
    Terrific blog. I was diagnosed 8 years ago with PD, avoided medication until this summer when it affected my walking and balance. I supplement 2 sinemet a day with a vegetable extract from Dr. John Grinstein. I have also found that the Chinese herb, Gou Teng, really cuts down on tremors.
    –Steve Alten
    NY Times best-selling author

  83. This was awsome. Good advise for any problem. God is simple. And so is his healings. You have turned this pd to a positive message on how we all should live. You have given your body what it asks for and I know you will walk out a free man. The gift you have received and shared is total love to yourself and to many

      • Hi Fred again,

        I am very surprised no one mention the Bob Beck protocol?

        I would do some research into his devices, I use most of his Sota products and they have kept me out of hospital on occasions.

        I am still on the fence about collodial silver, I have no doubt this agent work very very well at internal pathogens but not sure the effect it has on the brain and gut flora, so all other products bob beck uses I recommend but for the silver you would need to make a decision.

        All the best,

  84. Hi mate, hope you’re well, healthy and happy when you get to read this. I’m David Thompson and I live in north London England. I’m 54 and a bit and was given the label (which I refuse to wear of PD 5 years ago. from the very start, I did not allow pd to be a part of me in any of my thoughts or conversations but rather, acknowledged it only as an experience I was having which one day, I would learn how not to have and then it would go. I won’t go into the symptoms I’ve experienced because, well, there’s no need suffice to say, I shared quite a few of yours. but don’t now. I take just 2 mg of ropinirole now a day and my diet as boring as I know it is, is as follows: start the day with 1 fresh squeezed lemon into hot water (just found out today, the lemon skin also good for those with pd) then, few hours later I make a shake with distilled water, 1 sometimes 2 small steamed supermarket beetroots, 1 banana, whey powder, 1 egg, cooking oil containing 6 omega oils, turmeric powder, black pepper, honey, for dinner ever day I boil up and eat: organic pasta, (it makes my legs feel stronger) almonds, frozen spinach, white fish, 1 egg, any beans or pulses, 1 vegetable stock cube. I also drink between 3 and 5 cups of green tea a day as well as filtered water. supplements I take: a multi vitamin /mineral tablet twice a day for the over 50’s, 6 Kelp tablets, 2000mg vit c, a complete vitamin b complex tablet twice a day and lately, I’ve also started taking 500mg twice a day of pure moringa bought online from Troo health care. I still tremble a little but only when stressed but as long as I pack in the dopamine producing nutrients with my diet every day most days I barely tremble if at all. I’ve been detoxing through every aspect of my diet for the past 5 years and finally I think I’m starting to turn a corner. my advice to you my friend is this, before you do anything treat your pd as the separate experience that it truly is. it is not you and it is not a part of you. YOU ARE A SPIRITUAL BEING having a human experience and not a human being having a spiritual experience!!!
    Peace be with you brother. Loving kindness David

    • Thank you so much for your message David! I very much agree with your spiritual approach! The body is simply the vessel the soul has chosen for this journey and the condition [parkinson’s… which is really just a neurotransmitter imbalance] is just an experience on the journey, intended for personal and spiritual growth. It is part of the flow of life!

      I’m curious about one thing though. Why are you taking ropinirole? What is it doing for you and are you experiencing any side effects?


  85. Hi mate, I appreciate your response. with reference to my last email to you, it’s not that I don’t want share the details of my PD experience, it’s just that I feel more good can be achieved by sharing positive outcomes ie solutions through trial and error / experience than can be achieved through swapping old war stories so to speak. right an answer to your question. when I first saw my neurologist 5 years ago, he put me on ropinirole 3mg a day as I remember (that’s 3 tablets) but as my symptoms started to gain momentum through my gp (general practitioner – doctor to you and me) that was increased to 9mg a day. but given the fact, that I was already almost instantly falling asleep after just 2mg and they were not stopping my trembling I thought why am I taking this chemical shit and almost simultaneously, I had (and I kid you not) a spiritual inspiration to ween myself off the 3mg I was already taking and so that’s what I did over the next few weeks and as strange as it might sound, my trembling all but stopped. except when I was stressed as is the case still. And I would also add, that was before I learned how to almost eliminate my tremors through diet which has been a process of trial and error from then to now but, I feel I’m turning a corner finally. other ropinirole side effects. again, I kid you not, I gambled some £3 – 4,000 on the internet playing roulette, I gained weight and I wanted sex like a rabit (unfulfilled desire I might add). I regard myself as being spiritually aware, and one thing I feel to be true is that when we eat the flesh of a dead animal (including fish) we are actually taken into our own body at a cellular level that creatures last moments of ‘STRESS’ filled life as it was filled with terror knowing it was being slaughtered. (there’s no humane way to take the life of another no matter what they tell you) and as you know, the very last thing you need to experience with your experience of pd is, STRESS. I feel, that these things we have put into our body’s ie stress from other creatures and, chemical, from our other foods are primarily stored in our body fat which is why, I believe it absolutely essential to stop eating all meat, and chicken and fish also if you can manage it. (I’ve just started eating white fish again after nearly 5 years of not) back to my hospital neurologist, in the past 5 years I think I’ve been seen 3 times and the last appointment he cancelled but then told my gp (doctor) he had seen me. At the end of the day, I stand by my previous message, we are not human beings having a spiritual experience therefore, none of this is truly real, just a series of separate experiences we are choosing to have whilst we are here. I’ve also in the past couple of weeks started doing Qi Gong. I follow a Buddhist teacher on YOU TUBE I came across. I do 1 hour three or four times a week. if you’re interested in the you tube details i’ll give them to you next time we speak. it’s certainly helping me, my hands are now starting to tingle when I practice whilst following the you tube video and I can put both my feet flat to the floor without the constant shaking leg tremors. I’ve also got other research which I’ve experienced and which I shall experience if you’re interested but I don’t want to bombard you just in case, you’re not.
    OK, time to go so for now but I look forward to further contact with you.
    Warm regards
    David (North London England

    • Thank you for this David. I’m practicing Chi gong everyday and I think I know the video you are speaking about [Ajahn Suthep teaching Chi gong]. I really like doing lift Chi up, pour chi down. Check out the video with Mingtong Gu.

      Blessings on your day,

  86. David
    So kind of you to share. The Chinese herb, Gou Teng, has really helped my shaking. I’ve also been eating 3 to 4 raw organic eggsat night before bed – been 2 months and I’m feeling better. I eat them at night to separate them from Sinemet, which I take twice a day.
    –Steve (Florida)

  87. Hi Steve. Question, why are you eating protein before sleep? Forgive the pun, but I don’t mean to teach you how to suck eggs -(well ok, it’s not that funny) but what I’ve found really, really helpful to me is to only eat a diet of things known to produce dopamine. the only problem with that is the fact that my daily diet is boring but I know I have a choice. either have a boring diet or don’t, and pay the price. I’ve have a hospital appointment in 4 days to finally see my neurologist and when I do, I’m going to ask him to prescribe me with an MOA -b inhibitor. generic names are; rasagiline / azhect or, selegiline /eldephryl / zelapar these are supposed to help poorly performing mitochondria.

    May I ask, what benefits you are getting from Gou Teng? the reason I ask is that I’ve been between jobs for 14 months now and from a financial perspective (as well as mind set mental) I really do need to get back into work. the only problem is, the stress of the interview makes me tremor as you can imagine and I really do need to get on top of that situation if I’m to have a chance of improving my financial situation.

    Before I sign off for now Steve, I want to say thank you for both your response and, the info; it’s much appreciated.

  88. A friend who had pd told me about the eggs, said it has helped him walk better. The dopamine in the food – if we could process it then we wouldn’t have pd. Digestion begins in the gut, ours isn’t happening. The gou teng, taken as a tea, seems to take the edge off tremors, though stress still wins out. It’s inexpensive, which helps.

    I’ve been on azilect for 8 years.


  89. Hi again Steve. since I read your last email a couple of hours ago, I’ve been scouring the internet looking for a uk supplier of Gou Teng. very difficult task so far but I’m sure i’ll find someone. as for eggs helping one walk better, I had a problem with just that same thing, my legs felt incredibly weak, quite often I would have difficulty coordinating my breathing with each step I took, my legs would feel like lead. but the worst I had was when I started to run in the park, I’d ran literally 5, maybe 6 strides and both my legs gave way, and I quite literally fell face down using my chin as a landing mat which had me really worried at the time I can tell you. then, after doing shit loads of online research I explored the path of dopamine producing foods amongst which is pasta and so I started to experiment. I promise you Steve, literally within 2 -3 days, not only did my legs feel stronger than they have in years but so did my whole body and believe me or not, I also discovered that the more I packed in,the longer the effects lasted including less tremors. I accept your point about processing dopamine, but may I suggest you try flooding your body with dopamine producing foods especially the pasta for a few days and see if / what difference you notice. let me put it this way, it can’t hurt – right. worst case scenario there’s no difference but on the other hand, well, try it and see. I find it best to eat a good size meal of pasta, almonds, frozen spinach, 1 egg, a piece of white fish and a vegetable stock cube all boiled together between 6 & 8 pm but I also know that any other time is also good. I know when I’ve left it too long between dopamine refuels, because my tremors wake up and tell me David you should have eaten by now. I’m sure, there’s quite a long list of dopamine producing foods but those that I use every day are; boiled beetroot (super market) bananas. almonds, pasta. I used also add natural peanuts to my evening dinner for added protein but they made me pack weight on which was not really what I had in mind as I already weigh in at 16.5 stone (I’ve dropped from 17) How as the azilect helped?i understand it inhibits the dopamine being burned off too quickly by the mitochondria which is what I’m looking for myself. I would say, once I’ve fuelled up on dopamine, I’m norm and on normally good for a few hours and in the mornings on waking, I can go until around 10 or so before needing to dopamine fuel up. I don’t know whether you read my first posting to fred, but if you didn’t I mentioned supplements I’m using and also a you tube Qi Gong video. those details are here; YOU TUBE: Ajahn Suthep teaching Qi Gong (full length). Mate I’ve fallen in the bath before now and landed so hard on the base of my spine that I broke the entire top off a stainless steel tap, I’ve tried several different strategies to try and form new neuron paths in my brain including learning to juggle (badly) teaching myself to clean my teeth and shave left handed, I meditate (not enough though) and I now do the you tube Qi Gong 3 / 4 times a week. believe me brother I know what I difficult journey I have experienced and yet my journey has not been as difficult as some others. I’m going to keep repeating my mantra which is. treat this as a separate experience, just an experience. it is not you, it is not even a part of you. it’s just an experience that on some level you are choosing to have and one day, you’ll truly decide not to have it and it shall leave.

    Good luck to you my brother

  90. David:

    Gou Teng is Cat’s Claw and according to this link Peru provides the most medicinal one while Australia has done studies for 25 years. Depends on the type you want but this is a reputable company and they get it from Peru. You would assimilate a tincture better than tablets.

    Also you might want to read this – good points on Cat’s Claw.

    AND…..Fred again Qi Gong and why? Because it increases the CHI or life force in the body and cleans out the unwanted items along with bringing balance :). I wonder if David is practicing Zhineng Qigong from Dr. Pang and the Medicine’less Hospital in China :). I shall have to check it out!!

    David – advice on the pasta – can you get sprouted Pasta? It is so much better for you – better life force – clean and not old like the stores usually provide.

    Love the conversation 🙂

    • Hi Lori. I am currently practicing a combination of various Qigong exercises including Zhineng. I’m certainly no expert in Qigong, but I have been experiencing considerable benefits already, including more energy, more strength, a better appetite and I feel great when I’m practicing [very minimal symptoms].

      Love the conversation as well!

  91. Hi Steve. just letting you know, that I’ve now ordered Gou Teng from a UK supplier at ratio of 5:1 price was just over £18.00 for 100gms. if anyone want those contact details just ask. Steve I want to thank you for giving me the heads up on the Gou Teng. DT North London England

  92. Hi Fred, me again. I’ve just been reading through some of your previous postings and the ones that really do resonate with me are those where you have talked about stress and fear. As I said from a previous post, I am 54 and a bit and have lived pretty much most if not all my life in a constant state of underlying fear. I was brought up by parents who never had enough money not through greed, but they genuinely barely had enough money which lead to lots of arguments between them. arguments which me and my brothers and sisters were constantly exposed to from a very young age. then, literally from the age of 7 through 3 different schools until I was 15 I experienced both bullying and the fear of being bullied almost on a daily basis. moving on, I’ve had a string of disastrous relationship break ups. the first, resulted in me not seeing my daughter for most of her life (she’s now 32) and the 2nd, was the break up of my 18 year marriage from a woman that I truly loved and still love to the very core of my being even after what is now 12 years of not speaking with each other. the break up of my marriage meant I had very little contact with my next two children because of difficulties caused by my ex in laws. and now, I live with a woman in her house by her rules and it is a living hell. the day after I was diagnosed with pd, she said she didn’t want to be with someone she’d have to push in a wheel chair. I constantly am told to get out. and so, you probably thinking ‘why don’t you just leave then -problem solved – simple. unfortunately, it’s not that simple. I’ve been between jobs now for the past 14 months and the stress caused by job interviews makes me shake as you guys would know from your own experiences. I have no money in the bank and here in England, it’s almost impossible to find anywhere to rent if you don’t have a job so I kind of feel a bit like a fly caught in a spiders web. really fearful and stressed. I also am holding a lot of anger within me caused by what I feel has been my exceptionally tough life and I don’t know how to get free from that anger which I know that, added to my fear and stress throughout my life has undoubtedly been the trigger for my pd experience. I don’t want to come across as a poor me, poor me but if any of you out there have any life affirming suggestions, I am willing and open to receive them. thank you. David, north London England.

    • Wow! You have chosen a very difficult and courageous journey David. It would seem to have a lot to do with overcoming the belief [fear] of helplessness [having to listen to your parents argue, being bullied, not being able to speak to your children, being forced to live with an abusive woman … not to mention having to deal with the symptoms of a neurological condition]. I suspect the anger you have been experiencing has to do with the feelings of helplessness. This is one of my challenges.

      This really is about empowerment! When we live in consciousness [enlightenment] and when we feel good about ourselves, we genuinely feel lovable, worthy, good enough and empowered. And this is our challenge. To overcome our false beliefs [fears] in order to feel lovable, worthy, good enough and empowered. Remember, on a soul level, you chose all of these experiences and the people who would help you through them, so you just have to understand on human level what you already know to be true on a soul level … that you are in charge [and always have been].

      There are a couple of things you can do: first, repeat the following mantra every day. “Jesus felt empowered. So I can feel empowered. God wants me to feel empowered. So I will feel empowered!” This will create a neural pathway in your brain that will help you dissolve your current beliefs.

      Second, repeat the following prayer: ” thank you God I am for helping me to find a new job and a new place to live.”

      Third, practice forgiveness! And especially forgive all those who you need to forgive right now, including your parents, the bully, your ex wives and the woman you’re living with presently. Remember, they all acted the way they did because they didn’t feel good about themselves and they weren’t living consciously [they’re also doing what you ask them to do on a soul level].

      Fourth, read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. This is an awesome book and has helped me enormously!

      Fifth, check out Teal Swan on youtube. She is incredibly insightful and has some excellent videos, including one on how to dissolve false beliefs.

      I hope this helps!

      Blessings brother,

  93. Fred, I feel that when help is urgently needed, and wanted, to respond to that help being given by saying ‘thank you’ seems somehow, well, inadequate. And yet, in the absence of being able to offer more at this time, I do say to you from the heart ‘THANK YOU’. The loving kindness you have shown, and given me is a blessing and a gift that I do truly appreciate. And yes, I feel you have hit the nail on the head. Throughout my life and even to this present moment on a physical, and emotional level I have and do feel not just helpless, but also disempowered. and again, I feel you’ve hit the nail on the head with regards to the stored anger within me being linked to that. I have just read through the early part of your post where you discuss detoxifying and I am in total agreement with you. I’ve been detoxing for pretty much the past coming on 5 years since I was diagnosed as having a pd experience, and it’s only recently that I can say I feel as though I’m starting to turn a corner.

    Quite apart from a stress and fear filled life to this moment, in my younger days I also used to weight train and my daily diet was totally out of wack. each day, I would eat between 15 and 25 eggs a day, tinned tuna, chicken, and other meat, milk and 99 (yes,) 99 different vitamin and mineral tablets not to mention, egg and milk protein powder shakes. I was as strong as a bull and never got ill not even a cold (still don’t as a matter of fact) still have all my own teeth except one, and only have one filling. And the only thing I have to deal with is this bloody pd experience which I know, one day I shall decide not to do any longer and then it shall go.

    Whatever you’re doing when you get to read this, I send loving kindness and blessings to both you and all others travelling on this experiential path of pd. to all of you, whoever you may be, NEVER give up, NEVER stop believing and above all. NEVER, EVER allow your experience of pd to become a part of you. IT IS just an experience we have chosen to have for whatever reason we have chosen it which means, at some stage we can and might choose to have a different experience instead.
    Loving kindness to you all wherever you are in this world.
    David (North London England)

    • You are an extraordinarily brave man David and you will recover! Of that I have no doubt! Thank you so much again for sharing your story! There is so much to be learned from your experience!

      Have an extraordinarily blessed day!

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  95. Hi Fred, and all you fellow journey men and women out there.
    I’ve got some really good news which I hope, shall be a positive uplifting message to all of you looking for your own way back home from your PD experience.

    Yesterday, I had a hospital appointment with my neurologist the first appointment since 2012. it was a different specialist to the one I saw last time and he took a real interest in me both as a person and, as someone having a PD experience.

    He asked me lots of questions about my experience both past and present and about my intake of Ropinirole which I told him was down to just 1 sometimes 2 mg per week instead of the prescribed 9mg per day. he asked me how I managed the symptoms without the meds and I told him it was a combination of diet, recently added Qi Gong exercise but also the attitude that PD was and is just a separate experience I am having as opposed to it being a part of me.

    He carried out a few consulting room tests ie response to visual stimuli and, a falling backwards test and, a walking up and down test during which he observed me. I must admit, due to the stress I did start to tremble a bit.

    Anyway, after some 40 minutes or so he told me that the Ropinirole probably hadn’t really had much effect on me on that he wanted me to stop taking it and that I should continue to use my diet and other disciplines to control my experience.

    He also said, that from what he could see there had been no change since I was first diagnosed 5 years ago (which means, no progression) and he wants me to have another DAT scan.

    And finally, and here’s the GREAT news, he’s down graded my medication to just one beta blocker a day to try and control my stress levels.

    HOW’S THAT !!! YEH !!! I ALWAYS knew, and NEVER stopped believing it was and is, a separate experience that I am having that one day, I would learn how not to have.

    I know, that it’s a little premature to be flag waving but heck, I can’t tell you how uplifting yesterday was, and today is.

    Seriously, there have been dark days since the pd label was given to me 5 years ago. Days full of sadness and fear. Sadness at losing who I knew myself physically to be and, fear of the unknown and who would physically become but you know what guys there’s an old saying; it’s ALWAYS darkest before the Dawn.

    So please, for yourself, and all those who care about you NEVER stop believing, NEVER stop trusting in your higher self’ desire to be healthy and happy and above all, NEVER EVER let anyone make you believe that you cannot recover. When they try, and believe me they shall, don’t argue with them just find another space to be where you don’t have to listen to them.

    Of course, I know I still have a way to travel yet on my own journey back but if there’s anything I can share with you for your own journey please feel free to ask and it shall always be my absolute pleasure and happiness to share with you.

    Thank you my brothers and sisters.
    Loving kindness
    David North London England

  96. Thank you for your article! My experience has quite a lot in common with yours, surprisingly so. You have rejuvenated me in my efforts with PD.

  97. I would request Mr DAvid to go through the web site of where several affirmations are given.One is to let go of anger and forgive those who have hurt us.It has helped my mom and me.Please do try it out.Prana violet healing is done free of Cost.
    Hope you find this helpful.

  98. Thank you C Pushpa. I appreciate your love and interest and I shall definitely check out the website you have given me. whatever you’re doing when you get to read this response, I wish you Loving Kindness. Have a great day and smile as much as you can but laughing is better.

  99. Thank you for this Juliet! I have to admit that I’m always very skeptical of supposedly miracle cures because in my experience it’s not that simple. Having said that, I will gladly check out Dr Mutuma.

    Have an awesome day!

  100. Juliet – I am very curious – what is the first name as there are many Dr. Mutuma’s and an email address does not suffice. Also your same story above to the word is posted on many websites related to HIV, Cancer, Abuse, etc. Never a mention of the first name so anyone with a sound mind could research the person. Also there is no test for Alzheimer’s. Even a brain scan will not reveal Alzheimer’s. I know this – my mother has it. Only real test is a brain biopsy which they do not do mainly because of the extreme high risk. Your story is very questionable without a first name for this Dr. Mutuma so please provide it and thank you.

  101. Hi guys ‘n’ girls. I’m just touching base with you today looking for a little info: if anyone can help. I watched through some of the You Tube videos posted here with regards to the fruitarian way of life. I’m really quite interested in doing this but I’m also aware, that if I don’t eat my dopamine producing foods which is mainly Pasta based on a daily basis then my tremors tend to kick in. have any of you tried for any prolonged period of time living on a fruitarian diet which I would assume, also includes nuts. If you have, what were your experiences of tremor whilst you were doing it, and if you did stop doing it, why? Also, what if any were your other physical / non physical experiences.

    Thanks in advance.
    Have a GREAT day whatever you are doing.
    David North London England
    P.S, before I go, just want to give you a heads up on something which I feel is genuinely helping me which is; drinking a cup of pure squeezed lemon juice including the grated peel all diluted together in hot water every day. Also, 3 teaspoons of cider vinegar in hot water 3 times a day. both the lemon juice and the cider vinegar should be drunk whilst still warm. finally, I also drink between 3 and 5 cups of green tea a day.

    • Hi David. The fruitarian diet really messed me up, physically and especially mentally. I would exercise extreme caution. I would also recommend the high fat ketogenic diet.

      Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar are great alkaliners.


      • Hi Fred, thanks for responding. i’ll have to go over your previous post’s to find out what a ketogenic diet is? if it involves eating meat or chicken, then I can’t do it. When you say the fruitarian diet messed you up, would you mind letting me know how so that I am forewarned should I decide to explore the fruitarian diet.
        Have a great day mate

  102. Hi Fred your story has really touched my dad has early symptoms of PD and there is barely any information or support system for people living with PD in africa nor is there access to what would be considered the best drugs. either way im inspired to read your story il share some of this tips with my dad.thank you.

  103. Hi Fred, long time no speak, i hope you’re well and happy, and becoming healthier by the day. ok so what’s my news since i last spoke with you? well, as you’ll recall, i was taken off PD meds, and put on 1 beta blocker a day, and told to just continue with my PD go away diet as it seemed to be working. I’ve since received another letter from my neurologist in which he says he doesn’t think i have PD but rather, he thinks i might have benign essential tremor. i’ve now been taken off the beta blockers because they were affecting my breathing and finally, i’ve got to go for another DAT scan on the 26th of this month but given my improving condition, i kinda feel that’ll be ok too. and finally, finally, something i came across on you tube to help flush the mucus out of the stomach is; warm water with fresh squeezed lemon juice and sea salt . you drink quarter to half a litre and you add enough sea salt to take you to the edge of vomiting. i know it sounds crazy right but, i’ve done this twice now and believe me, it really does work. Loving kindness to you buddy David. north london england

    • Hi David. It’s nice to hear from you. That sounds like great news, although whether it is parkinson’s or benign essential tremor, the natural treatment protocol is likely still the same, with the goal of returning the body to homeostasis so as to correct the neurotransmitter imbalance. When you say that the stomach flush is working, how does it affect you? Cheers! Fred

  104. Hi Fred, in answer to your question; how does the stomach flush affect you. Well, literally within I would say one and a half to two hours maximum, my bowls opened and it was like that for the next few hours. the idea is that it starts to remove the toxins and negative bacteria that’s been living in the mucus of the bowls that has been building up for years from eating all the wrong kind of things. and it also starts to remove that mucus. Also, drinking the fresh squeezed lemon juice and hot water every day helps kill off the negative bacteria and toxins in the bowel. and finally, (yes there’s more) regular warm water enemas also help remove the mucus. so there you have it my friend. i was very interested to read from some of the postings on your site when i first looked in, that PD starts in the stomach from a lack of essential nutrient absorption, i have never heard that anywhere else. As always Fred, i send loving kindness to both you and, all your readers and contributors. David, north london, england

  105. Hi Fred, hope you’re well. just read your email regarding the warm salt water stomach flush. I stress, it is very important that you also mix in to that mix a good sized freshly squeezed lemon. and again also important you need to drink this mixture with enough natural sea salt to make it quite difficult to drink, and you need to drink between a quarter and a half litre of the mix. and finally, do not go far from your toilet for the next three – four hours after drinking. Nice speaking with you again chum. I send you loving kindness. david, north london england

  106. While I admire your spirit for experimentation. The comment about getting rid of “negative bacteria” didn’t make sense to me. Wouldn’t you also get rid of “positive” bacteria, if we can make such distinctions.

    • Hi Liz how are you today, well healthy and very happy i hope. Sorry for the delay in responding but I’ve only just realised that you were probably responding to my posting with regards to the Warm salt water and freshly squeezed lemon juice stomach flush. ok, i take on board your comment about getting rid of the negative bacteria and it’s very difficult for me to respond without sounding as though i’m trying to teach you how to suck eggs, but without intended insult here goes. if you have ever eaten any animal based products including milk, eggs, butter, etc, etc your bowels would have formed an appropriate mucus lining to help deal with that. as far as i know, the biology involved in the digestion of animal based products is different to that of a vegetarian or fruitarian diet. And once again, there is also the matter of toxins consumed in animal based products. As you know, these toxins are no aid to recovering health and once again, as far as i am aware, these toxic bacteria find refuge in the mucus that lines all the relevant parts of the human body not just bowels. so, the salt water and lemon juice flush will undoubtedly begin the flushing process although, it would need more than just 1 application. Sorry for any confusion from my part with the original posting, but turning from an animal product based diet to vegetarian or fruitarian diet is only part of the healing process, the other part is to get rid of the previous damage done also. which is where the benefit of ordinary warm water enemas comes in and again, i know from personal experience, that really does get the mucus away after several applications.

  107. Hi. Thank you for sharing your journey. I am also on my own healing journey trying to heal my emotional wounds and get rid of a phobia that has ruined my life for the past 15 years. My sole goal is to find that magic bullet as you were saying.i have a few suggestions they might help you. 1) Kinergetics kinesiology is an amazing modality to cure physical and emotional symptoms . I have tried it and released so much through it. Research it.Kinesiology in general is great but kinergetics to me is the most powerful form of kinesiology 2) this truly made my phobia 30% better and believe me nothing up until 2 months ago did. Akashic record healing. I am highly spiritual so I understood why my soul took me on that path. I used a lady in the USA and I felt fantastic. Emotionally I have released so much but also my phobia is 30% better. I tried another passion after her and it didn’t do as well so I believe her gift is unique. What I realized through out my healing journey over the past 15 years is that my intentions are the most important thing. I was looking at things with a narrow view point. You need to see the bigger picture. Email me if this resonates and I will explain more. I am happy to share the name of the lady who did my akashic record healing too. I also do Falun gong which is a form of qi gong. I am familiar with dr morse and have watched quite a few of his videos. The great lymphatic system. You can beat this disease. According to astrology this is the year to beat all of the long term diseases that have been plaguing us. I am slowly getting better so will you. Don’t give up. Tina

    • Thank you for your message Tina. I’m glad to hear you’re doing better. I have some training in Touch for Health, so I understand the concept of kinergetics. I discovered youtube video with a woman giving a testimonial on kinergetics.

      I would like to know more about your experience with the akashic that’s records, so I will e-mail you. Cheers! Fred

  108. Hi Fred,

    My mom has been suffering with PD for 5 years now, she is currently 67 years old and is so medicated. I am about to take her off all these medications and try your approach. I believe if I don’t I may not have my mom around for much longer.

  109. Get on a 14 week botanical herbal protocol with an all fruit Berry and melon diet
    Don’t worry about the sugar
    If you don’t do this nothing will change
    Stop messing around with protein and grains and high fats
    Get on the fruit
    Get back to Dr Morse and stop following others they are lost Don’t become a feather blowing in the wind!
    Get back with the truth!
    Dr Robert Morse is your only TRUTH

    • Thank you for your message GW. I tried the all fruit diet and it did not work for me at all. In fact, it made me very unwell. If it works for you, great! Stick with it! I have done much better on a high fat diet, which is highly recommended for people with neurological conditions. Cheers! Fred

  110. Hi everyone, I hope you are all exceptionally well and happy. Ordinarily, I would have also included healthy but I guess the reason any of us is using either this or any other site is because truly, we don’t believe we are healthy and that I feel is the root of our collective problem just the same as it is with any other illness, or, condition. ‘We are what we believe our self to be and the physical self just falls into line to fulfill and mirror that thought.

    I don’t truly believe that anyone of you out there thinks that the experience you are having actually starts in the physical body but if you do, well i suggest without arrogance, that you start a process of introflexion. Go back through your life and start looking for key moments that have had a negative emotional impact in your life because I suggest, that is where you are likely to find the root cause of the physical experience you are having right now and until you find it, recognise it, and resolve it, it is in all likeliness liable to remain toxic in your emotional energy field causing you energy blockages that shall continue to impact in your physical energy field in one form or another.

    OK, so if we can agree that all physical problems start in the higher levels with energy blockages either in the emotional or, mental energy fields and only then manifest themselves in the physical level once the blockage is established I would further suggest, that the physical manifestation now requires a trigger from within our physical environmental world in order to become active and this is where dietary factors now come into play.

    From my own living, breathing physical experience, I ‘know’ that the symptoms of PD can be controlled and almost diminished via dietary control and, regular practice of Qi Gong but unless we unravel the emotional / mental knot in our higher energy field(s) we shall never truly be free of our PD or any other physical experience that we would rather not be having. And these knots may have their beginnings so far back in your life that you cannot even consciously remember them so be be prepared to go deep and look hard.

    Finally, I would like us all to consider that no negative experience is truly negative. We are presenting our self with it to bring to our attention that we have either an emotional or, mental issue that has yet to be resolved and learned from in order to remove the blockage so that the energy may flow through our energy fields unrestricted.

    I send all of you out there, Loving Kindness as you continue your journey. David Thompson, East Barnet, London, England

    • Thank you for this David. Your message is extremely well articulated! I would add one point. The ultimate purpose of all forms of suffering and unpleasant experiences is to guide us back to our true spiritual essence and the truth that we are pure beings of love living in Oneness with Spirit! Cheers! Fred

      • Thanks Fred, I completely agree. We are the one Spirit having the perception of many different experiences simultaneously and in every different form both etheric and physical. I AM ‘THAT’ I AM and I AM ALSO ‘THIS’

  111. Wonderful words and if anyone wants to practice a free Qigong which has reversed Parkinson’s symptoms – it is Zhineng Qigong started by Dr. Pang in China who owned the medicineless’ hospital and reversed/documented 98% of disease. One of his students and now a Master is Mington Gu who owns Wisdom Healing Qigong with online courses; free courses on You Tube and a Center in CA. Many stories of Parkinson’s reversal of symptoms if you search those words above 🙂

  112. Thanks Fred
    I find that the Qi gong that I do – LCUPCD guided by Mingtong Gu helps me more than anything. Some time back I was very committed and did Qg 3 hours a day. Since I didn’t recover I began to take medication – a fairly low dose. Now I do a more relaxed schedule, but feel the energy (I assume that’s what I feel) which is very nurturing and pleasant.

    May your journey be healing and enlightening.

  113. Dear Fred,

    Please try Sahaj Yoga…technique of self realisation and meditation ….It will be very helpful and you may even be fully cured… It is practised all over the world and there is a centre everywhere…It is totally free and you may look up in the web for a centre nearby.Wish u the best.

  114. You, my friend, are very inspiring! Reading this just opens up my mind. I’m not one for natural remedies, or this way of thinking, but I must say…I have ulcerative colitis, and I would love to try some of this. At the very least, letting go of fear/anger by knowing my ego is at fault.

    Thank you, and God bless all your hard work!

    • Thank you Bryan! I’m so glad you found this article helpful! There’s no doubt in my mind that we can heal our health conditions naturally. Wishing you an awesome day! Fred

  115. Hi Fred,
    Amazing! I have been on almost identical journey with similar conculsions. On my website , I have been collecting info ( and planning to write my story. It is so cool that we have been on similar paths. would enjoy connecting…

  116. Hello Fred, as you have found out, neurodegenerative diseases are the last frontier for medicine. Allopathy has nothing for you. Even your PD diagnosis can be wrong. You should not be guessing as to what is really causing your problem. Any and all of the suspects can be tested for and measured. True PD symptoms exists in a brain that has had 70% of it’s substantia nigra destroyed. In all cases you are clearly dealing with various degrees of toxicity, deficiencies and a decrease in cellular energy. Leaky gut and an impaired blood brain barrier have all been implicated in PD and that needs to be ascertained for integrity. Don’t guess, test. Check for heavy metals, your teeth and focal infections, industrial toxins, gut issues, bile stagnation and impaired detoxification. I could not tell from your writings if all these areas have been covered or if they are based on assumptions. Dr. David Jubb has written papers on exactly this subject. Just Google him and the subject. Qui Gong is good for everything but it will not grow that part of your brain back, nor will The Healing Code which I am very familiar with. It can’t hurt but it is not the solution. IV glutathione has shown promise and I have seen that first hand. You certainly will not foster detoxification with bacon and eggs!

    • Thank you for this Arnie. There are many different opinions on what is at the root of parkinson’s. For me at the moment, overcoming fear is my primary challenge and hence, it is my focus …. along with diet, exercise and the many other things that I’m doing. Cheers! Fred

  117. Hi there I’ve I read through a lot of this great post, but not all and I never came across anyone talking about COFFEE ENEMA detoxing. Brewing coffee and sticking a tube up the Backside to draw toxins out of the liver. Dr Gerson always used this in his aid to curing Cancer patients. Thanks Fred and all the others for the valuable and helpful info God Bless you.

  118. Dr Paneri from India cures Parkinsons and other brain desease , 4th generation ayurveda doctor, in less than 4 years you will be cure

  119. Hi Fred – I was just wondering if you were fully tested for heavy metals (i.e. not just blood test but urine challenge test) I ask because I have been having various symptoms and my integrative MD ran a battery of tests that regular docs don’t order and found I have dangerous levels of lead and mercury. I think that should be baseline for everyone now – won’t be able to heal if loaded with metals – just a thought! Great posting and very encouraging!

  120. Amazing!
    So many similarities to my own experience of PD or whatever the hell it is.

    I was living in Calgary in 2004 when my symptoms appeared rather abruptly.

    Your fears are almost identical to mine, I have not experienced a panic attack but, I become anxious easily and often. I agree with your diet theory, my food intolerance took 2 years to realize. I would ‘throw up’ healthy food for no apparent reason. A Chinese Doctor helped me with this discovery whilst I was working in Dubai 4 years ago.

    I try not to get angry, it is pointless mostly.

    No alcohol.

    Avoid high protein foods, eggs are difficult to tolerate.

    No fast food.

    Reduce caffeine intake.


    Be kind to others.

    Interestingly, I was un-diagnosed last year in Singapore.

    Thank you,

    • Thank you Paul! It’s a challenging journey, but it is possible to recover! I really believe it! Thank you for sharing your story and best wishes. Please stay in touch.


  121. I’m sorry for your condition. I have recently been diagnosed at age 30. However, after reading your article, I don’t see the recovery. The disease is progressing as your doctor said it would. At what point did you “recover”?

  122. Fred,
    I think about fear. I still hope to recover from PD, but even if I don’t I must look at the role of fear in my life. I can’t just want to be rid of it. I see it is in the very fabric of my life and my reactions to life in most forms or situations. So I’m thinking about whether I can accept and allow it and maybe who knows, let it go. We’ll see. I resonate with what you have said. I think it plays an integral though mysterious part in my Parkinson’s.

    • Hi Liz. No doubt about it, overcoming fear has been my number one challenge both in dealing with my day to day symptoms and fully recovering. I wish you well in your journey. It is a challenging one!


  123. Hi FRED,
    i was looking for some natural remedies for Parkinsons and came across your blog,
    i must congratulate you for your fight against this and your effort to help through your experiences by blogging.
    it is a remarkable effort from your side because most of us would be so busy fighting with our condition that these thoughts of documenting our experiences would never occur to us.
    i wish you best of luck in your endevour…

    one more thing in our indian system of medicine i.e. the Ayurveda ,
    Turmeric is said to be very beneficial in degenerative diseases and tissue repairing.
    similarly walnut is said to work wonders for brain functions.
    have you tried these… if yes then please share your experience ….

    i was looking for remedies for my uncle who is 65 yrs old and was recently diagnosed with PD.
    He has a history of hypertension and heart disease and was diagnosed with Diabetes around 7-8 months back, now since 3-4 months, he became silent(earlier he used to have opinion about everything), now he rarely speaks, became lethargic,weak,lost weight, lost apetite.

    when consulted with doctor he was diagnosed with PD.

    Your blog would be of immense help for me…

    thanks FRED .. 🙂

  124. Fred,

    Pretty impressive article! I was scouring the Internet for MS water cures. I wasn’t actually diagnosed with MS, but I have a bunch of MS-like symptoms. The doctors I’ve seen haven’t been able to tell me what I have. I’m on day 18 of my water fast. I’m going to continue for the rest of this month.

    I don’t take any medication, and I stopped going to traditional doctors. It wasn’t an encouraging experience. All the alternative things I’ve been trying, I’ve discovered through the Internet. Your article was thoughtfully written and informative. I know you’ll get to where you want to go.


  125. Hi Fred

    My dad met with an accident 3 years back and suffered a head injury. He recovered from it after 3 years last Feb he had an epileptic seizure …now he also has trembling in his right hand. Dr said it’s PD just started. Fred I am totally depressed and feeling helpless . I have gone through your entire blog …I am sure the diet part we can control but he won’t be able to do rigorous exercises as he has previous history of bypass surgery and his age is 76 years. Qigong is impressing and looks promising but training is not available Where we live. Please tell me from where to start and how to go about I am feeling lost And don’t know from where to start …Please advice …need your help. Can yoga and breathing exercises help??

  126. Awesomely inspiring. I have recently recovered from a number of illnesses which i have dealt with for over 20 years in the last 6 months. I used the Body Code by Dr Bradley Nelson and also Three Dimensional Therapy. The Body Code using energetic healing to heal the body and emotions and T3 heals the core faulty beliefs that we learn in childhood.

    • Thank you Traci. And thank you for this information. I’ve been focusing on dissolving detrimental beliefs as well. What has been your experience with T3?


  127. Hi I need some advice if I may ask,ten years ago i was in a near fatal car accident ,I was in a coma for five weeks and after some internal injuries,and a thraec, I came out of it. I did though break the upper part of my right arm and hand no feeling in my arm and hand.. As a massage therapist I did not give up i did my own therapy and have regained about 80% of use of it. Now about 6 months ago i started feeling my hand shake so I went to the neurologist that had treated me for my nerve damage and without asking me my history told me I had PD. He put me on Sinemet (two months ago)I would like to get off of simenet but was told that I cant stop suddenly. I know that I dont have PD and that mabe it came from my injury.I have no other symptoms. How do I wean myself of this drug. I take three tablets a day. please help me, i want to stop this drug. thank you, I will try detoxing and eating better and will try Qigong.

    thank you for all your info and for all the comments ,they really help and make me feel better.

  128. Hi Fred ,
    My name is Hareesh and it was quite interesting to read your blog. I have a father who is 75 years old .His movements are very slow, not able to sign cheques,hold plates in hand and eat , cannot go to washroom alone,left leg getting stiff,normal routine job like button your shirts he is not able to do it alone. It started 3-4 yrs back and is getting worse . He had varicose vein problem in his left leg which he used to take medication until recently we come to know it is something else , He has suffered a stroke 10 years back .On recent visit to neuro the doc said hs has symptoms of parkinson . please guide me how to move forward .

    • Thank you for your message Hareesh! I am sorry to hear about your father’s condition, and I hope he is doing well. The best you can do is to encourage him to eat healthy foods [all natural], exercise joyfully [like going for a walk every day], practice Qigong [see below] and practice happiness. Also, please read Robert Rogers book [road to recovery from parkinson’s disease]. You will find it very helpful. Recovering from a neurological condition [like parkinson’s] requires returning the body to homeostasis. This means, healing the gut, restoring the immune system, unclogging the lymphatic system, eliminating inflammation and alkalining the body. To accomplish this, requires eating healthy foods, daily exercise, detoxification, eliminating stress and developing a spiritual practice. I hope this helps. Blessings to you and your father! Cheers! Fred

      • Hi Fred,
        Thanks and definitely will look into your advise .Just to keep you posted My father had a flight to travel at 6am today .He got up on time and got ready and suddenly he noticed his legs are not moving .He has to cancel his flight as he cant move. My parents are staying alone in India and both the children are working outside .Everyday I fear what is going wrong with my father .I visited him six months back and till that he can still walk independently though his movements were slow . Now he has started developing fear that he might fall as a result he has stopped walking .My mom is staying alone with my father please advise so that the same can be passed on to my parents .

      • I’m so sorry to hear that Hareesh! I have the same challenge in that sometimes I find it difficult to move my legs. There are some exercises that I do that help enormously with both my legs and my hands.

        1. Knee raises [alternating legs, I raise my knees up as fast as I can]
        2. Karate kicks [I do various kicking exercises, like front ball kicks and roundhouse kicks]
        3. Exploding hands [I stand with my arms at my side. Then I throw my arms up in the air as fast as I can while opening my hands and spreading my fingers]

        I also find doing jumping jacks, sprinting and skipping very helpful.

        Hopefully you can encourage your father to try these exercises as I’m sure they will help.

        Best wishes!

      • Fear, I believe, is both the cause of parkinson’s and what makes it progress. It also causes the symptoms to intensify. So in order to recover, we must overcome fear. I’ve written a number of blogs about the things I do to overcome fear and I would urge you to check them out. They might be helpful to your father. I wish you well! Fred

      • Dear Fred

        My father has been diagnosed with a) Stroke with poly-sensory neuropathy and 2) Parkinson, below are the medicine he is taking for the last six months –

        Pan 40,Clopivas ( AP 75 ) ,Atorvastatin 20mg,Cardivas ( 3.125 mg) ,Syndopa CR, Syndopa plus,Parkiditin 10mg,Parkin,Urimax 0.4mg Irovel (150),Pregastar 75 …

        The issue is the moment he takes all these medicines he feels his head too be very heavy and find himself very tired ,as a result he skips one or two medicines in a day

        In his recent visit to the doctor he has been prescribed to take Stugeron 25mg as he told he finds heaviness in his head .

        In my recent telecom to my father he complained of having dizziness.

        Please advise what medicine he should avoid since his age is 75 and I assume everybody cannot sustain such heavy doses of medicine .

        His meals are as follows ,please note he is an Indian –

        Early Morning – Tea with Milk

        Breakfast 10am – Chappati with vegetable curry

        12pm – Fruit Jiuce

        Lunch 2pm – Rice with Dal and vegetable sometimes Rice with Fish and vegatble

        4pm – Teak with Milk and Biscuits

        6pm – Oats

        Dinner 9pm – Chappati with vegetable or sometimes non veg

        Initially he used to walk alone outside house .Now as he thinks his head is spinning he avoids going out .

        He does normal exercise in morning in house and also walks only in house .

        Please advise –

        1) What medicine he can avoid as I personally think he is taking too much medicines

        2) is his diet Ok or changes have to me made

        3) Is routine daily life ok since he is not going out alone now .

      • Thank you for your message Hareesh! I’m very sorry to hear about your father’s condition.

        I’m sorry, but I cannot offer you advice about his medications. I do not take medication and I know nothing about the medications your father is taking. Having said that, it seems that the medications he is taking is very excessive. I would urge you to take him to another neurologist for a second opinion.

        His diet seems very high in carbohydrates and grains. I would urge him to add more fats to his diet, such as coconut oil, fish oils, avocados and nuts and seeds. I would also urge him to eliminate milk unless the milk he is drinking is organic, non pasteurized and non homogenized. See below for a link to my blog about my high fat diet.

        I would urge your father to exercise as much as possible, especially outside. See below for a link to a recent blog I posted about my ideal daily protocol.

        I hope this has been helpful and please wish your father well for me.

        Many blessings on your day!

  129. Hi Fred:

    Thank you so much for responding to my letter,I will take your advice and contact Bianca. i am wishing you well and will continue to read your blog.
    Again sincerely thank you

  130. Hi, this is a PD addicted (or victim, depending on the point of view).
    I read your history (and I read many other ) and I wish to give you my opinion on the return from Estonia Episode (2 o 3 days of wellness after the long diarrhea).
    It may be that you have a gut virus or parasite (some names not all of the gut are: helicobacter pylori, epstein barr, chlamydia trachomatis, chlamydia pneumoniae, bordetella, Lyme) that causes an a-symptomatic infection and with the continuous internal fight continuously produces neuro-toxins that intoxicate your brain.
    With the strong diarrhea, may be caused by another virus that your gut identified as toxic and eliminated (with all the rest) or, the opposite, the body reaction to the short period of life in a healthier place, where he found the capability to react, you have been able to experiment a few days of low neuro-toxicity and your brain worked better. Then, with the return to the usual environment and the re-proliferation of the virus/bacteria (that was strongly reduced by the diarrhea but no definitively eliminated), the wellness ended.
    If this make sense for you, you could do a search for potential virus/bacteria my cause this. Otherwise this never ending loop will continue and all the other elements of your therapy may be not enough.
    Hope this may help you.

    Best regards,
    (and keep doing your fight … as me)

    • Thank you for this Carlo. This is a very interesting theory. I will definitely investigate gastrointestinal viruses/parasites and try and figure out if this is part of what is going on. Many blessings! Fred

  131. Hi Fred,
    Your story is truly inspiring. My father has been diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy a rare disease closely related to Parkinsons with very similar symptoms. His balance is getting worse day by day. Facing difficulty in walking, speech and writing. We are in a state of utmost fear and agony. Please share your views on Accupunture therapy. Will this improve Parkinsons symptoms in any way and how long will the effects last?

  132. Brilliant! Thank you so much. I have Cervical Dystonia which is a cousin to PD and is centered in the same area of the brain. I have been doing a lot of the same things you have been and I believe my body can heal itself. Some of things I have tried that have been helpful like 20 grams of inositol a day, was recommended by someone with PD. Thanks for all the books and resources you listed. Among CD patients/blogs/boards etc almost 98 percent of them do not believe their is a cure or that their body can heal. Today while meditating I thought maybe I could find some PD people that believed as I do and voila here you are! I am currently doing a 30 to 40 day fast as a way of allowing my body to divert all it’s energy to healing. I will let you know how it goes. Again Thanks!!!

  133. Hi,
    if you have time give also a look to this interview

    and the included link to a page with a video of a conference held on the vitamin B1 and PD (it starts in Italian but then the most is in English – 26 min)

    – I’ve read that high doses of a vit. B1 (or any other vit. B) may causes deficiencies of the others so suggestion is to integrate always all of them.
    – vit B6 accelerates the metabolism of levodopa mainly outside the brain therefore increase of PD symptoms are likely to occur if is under L-dopa therapy.
    – B6 effect can be neutralized by taking l-dopa with carbidopa (ratio is 1:1 because molecular weight of B6 with carbidopa is very similar)
    – carbidopa is suspected to be toxic in chronic administration and cause vit B deficiencies (especially B6 and B12)

    – in the late 1941 (yes, 74 years ago) high doses of vit. B’s where experimented with good results with PD patients, before the l-dopa was found to be so effective with the symptoms

    in the hope it may help

    • Thank you so much for this Carlo! I was taking a B complex, but switched to B12. I’m going to switch back to B complex and increase the dosage to see how it affects me. Cheers! Fred

  134. The most calming thing that you can ever do is not to use artificial light. It affects the dopamine system. You can lower light exposure if you cannot totally cut it. Raw liver has ten times more B vitamins (good for the nervous system) than any other food. It is even better raw, because it digests easier. Also, if Parkinsons is inflammatory disease, fever should slow it down. Use anti-inflammatory drugs if it is absolutely necessary.

    • Thank you for sharing this information, although I would suggest using a natural alternative to eliminate inflammation, like laughter, gigong and meditation. Cheers! Fred

  135. Hello, Fred;
    I just stumbled upon your blog while searching for alternative PD treatments… great work and service to other PD patients! Thank you for what you are doing.

    I was diagnosed with PD in 2009 and have been using only natural treatment options. My mom and her two sisters, two of their cousins, one of my cousins, and my brother and I all have or had PD. Mom died in 2009 after a terrible bout of dyskinesia triggered by the Sinemet– her heart gave out. All the other family members on Sinemet have awful dyskinesia. Needless to say, I’d rather put up with a little tremor and stiffness than go through what they go through.

    A few years ago, after hearing Bianca and Howard speak, I began QiGong exercises. After about 2 months I had regained my sense of smell, my posture improved, and my voice became loud again! After 15 months of daily practice I stopped b/c there was no more improvement. Have since concentrated on spiritual practices instead, and will soon begin the QiGong again. Perhaps I was not ready for complete healing back then.

    Healing awaits; I am sure of it! In the mean time I notice a tremor when my blood sugar gets low or if I have too much caffeine (I try to drink a little black tea every day but have to be very careful as to the amount.) My left hand is very stiff, to the point that I had to give up playing the harp and writing in my journal. My skeleton is uneven, with one hip higher than the other and one shoulder higher than the other. Must wear loose clothing now b/c dressing is difficult.

    Your info on diet is very interesting to me, and I plan to go back and read it again more carefully. I gave up meat and dairy when I began the QiGong b/c digesting them uses up a lot of Qi… have stayed off of them ever since. I would like to find a detox method that is not overly expensive or traumatic, so I can keep it up. What is your most important diet recommendation?


    • Thank you so much for sharing this Anne. I must admit, my initial reaction when I read your story was holy s**t! Eight family members diagnosed with PD! I’m so sorry to hear about your mom! Such a tragedy!

      And thank you for validating my decision not to take medication. I too have no desire to deal with dyskinesia or any other side effect.

      We have so much in common: loss of mobility in the left hand, scoliosis in the back, loose clothing and reaction to caffeine.

      I urge you to resume qigong. I find it very beneficial, although I must admit, it is not my number one priority. The key issue for me is finding a way to overcome fear, which I believe is at the root of parkinson’s and all neurological conditions. Having eight family members diagnosed with PD is an indication that there is a bloodline fear issue. I would urge you to look into NLP [neuro linguistic programming] as a way to get to the root of it.

      I believe the single most important consideration as relates to diet is coconut oil and fish oil. I do not have direct proof, but I believe they are essential for restoring brain health. Also, avoid sugar.

      I hope this is helpful!

  136. OK, Fred, I made an appointment for a free consult in 2 weeks with a place that does NLP. In the mean time I am thinking about fear (and anger, too!) in myself and my family. I have a fear of making people angry… a good place to start my self-healing, maybe? Do you have any links to books about NLP you recommend? I’d like to start on this on my own.

    Thanks for all the suggestions! Anne

    • That’s terrific Anne! NLP is mostly about reframing detrimental beliefs that are sabotaging you. You could check out books by Tony Robbins. I read Unlimited Power. It was quite good. Cheers! Fred

  137. Hi Fred,
    I have symptoms of Pd from last six months which comes and goes, my neurologist says that i have panic attacks and anxiety disorder. But after reading your story it looks exactly the same as mine, Can you help me that if i go for a MRI, would it be able to tell about PD so soon, becoz what i know is early diagnosis is very difficult even with an MRI. I dont know if any one here knows about Dr. Paneri in Gujrat India. He seems to have a kind of Ayurvedic cure for PD. People have been cured by him not everyone but a lot.

    • Hi Vikram. First, if you are experiencing panic attacks and anxiety, it indicates adrenal fatigue, so I would recommend an adrenal supplement and magnesium.

      As I understand it, an MRI can’t detect PD. This has to be done by clinical diagnosis, and you’re ready, accurate early diagnosis can be tricky. But here’s the thing, regardless of the diagnosis, your body is trying to tell you that something is out of order and you need to return your body to homeostasis through a healthy diet, detoxification, joyful exercise and minimization of stress [meditation, laughter, Qigong and elimination of fear]. I suppose miracle cures are possible, but I have never seen one.

      Best wishes on your journey!

      • Dear Fred,

        Thank you for sharing your experince with PD. I just turned 49 years old and have been experiencing Parkinson symptoms for 2 years now. It started with a frozen left shoulder that I thought was an orthopedic issue. I went to an orthopedist who prescirbed physical therapy, which improved my range of motion by 85%. Shortly thereafter I developed a tremor in my left foot and then a few months later a tremor in my left hand. I was officially diagnosed with PD 1 year ago. I’ve been taking a slew of supplements, exercising regularly,etc. I left my stressful job and went to work part time for a friend of mine, so I’m much happier. However my symptoms make it difficult to concentrate on my work. I’m also discouraged that despite all the things I am doing my symptoms seems to be progessing.

        I seen a lot of information about those claiming to have cured their PD, but I wonder if they are not just opportunists looking to capitalize on our misfortune. You mention Howard Shifke, who charges $35 for a meager pamphlet.

        If I found the cure for PD I would gladly share it with everyone free of charge. I admire your spirit and conviction in beating this disease, but I also question whether or not you are being realistic – please don’t take offense

      • Thank you for your message Mike! I understand your reservations. There’s no doubt in my mind that it is possible for me to recover my health. If the body can heal a cut or a broken bone, then it is capable of healing anything. It is a matter of returning the body to homeostasis! This is accomplished by healing that gut, restoring the immune system, unclogging the lymphatic system, eliminating inflammation and alkalining the body. This is in turn accomplished by eliminating all forms of stress [physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, dietary, chemical], Which means a healthy, natural, organic diet, detoxification, exercise, meditation, laughter, Qigong and emotional healing. It also means overcoming fear, which I believe, based on my experience, is at the root of this neurological condition. I would urge you to read ‘Road to recovery from parkinson’s disease’ by Robert Rodgers and I would also urge you to check out Bianca Molle’s web site. Bianca it has recovered from parkinson’s and she is not an opportunist. I’ve spoken to her and I believe she is genuine.

        I urge you to take up Qigong and if there is fear in your life, do what is necessary to overcome it.

        I hope this is been helpful!

      • Hello my brother, long time no speak. How are you progressing on your journey of experience of PD reversal? I know I don’t need to offer you reassurance, because I feel you have the true focus and belief to give yourself all that is needed to recover and so instead, I shall just say that my thoughts are with all those who face difficulties. With regards to detoxing the gut, and also eliminating inflammation as two different subjects, from personal experience as well as many, many hours of internet research reading I can confirm that if not a daily helping then, a regular helping of Sauerkraut helps detox the gut. With regards to eliminating inflammation, in the early stages of the recovery process, and again from personal experience over the counter anti inflammatory medication helps whilst simultaneously taking on a daily basis Turmeric preferably in powder form mixed either in food or, into milk and then drunk. The effectiveness of the Turmeric benefit can be improved by mixing it with black pepper. Do not scrimp on the Turmeric or the Black Pepper. which reminds me, I haven’t used any myself for a week or so, so I shall rectify that today.

        Finally, I would like to offer the following as insite:

        To ever may read this post, please STOP fighting whatever experience you are having as by fighting with it you are in fact giving it your energy which will ultimately make it stronger. I am not saying that you should either submit to it or, live in denial either but rather, simply observe it as an experience you are on some level choosing to have even though, you are not consciously aware it is your choice.

        It is truly of the utmost importance that you do not accept that you have this condition (whatever the condition may be) as to do so, is, to make it a part of you. Instead, learn to view the condition as just an experience. An experience which is separate from you and one which you are having by choice which one day you shall choose not to have and then you shall simply put it to one side and have a different experience instead.

        I know that the way I present this makes it sound simple but it’s actually not that difficult. You just have to deprogram yourself from thinking, feeling, and accepting that you are a victim who is subject to a health condition that you cannot break free from because again from my own personal experience, I tell you that you can be the victor and not the victim but it all starts with YOU !!

        You have not arrived here by accident, everything you have ever experienced has brought you to this moment. Every unresolved emotional distress, every suppressed, unresolved anger, every polluted thing you have eaten, every man made chemical you’ve washed your body and hair with.

        All these things do have a cumulative effect on the physical body and so now, you need to start with a sense of urgency the process of cleaning up your body on all levels: Physical, emotional, and mental.

        It has taken you years to get to this moment so please, do not expect any overnight success. It’s a process, a journey which starts with the very first step and then continues with every step that follows. You shall meet your dark moments of doubt, but meet them, don’t run away from them and NEVER lose faith in the light that is ultimately waiting for you. This IS only an experience. Nothing more, and nothing less.

        I send you all Loving Kindness

        If you come to understand that you are a Spiritual being having a human experience you shall also hopefully come to the

  138. Thank you for sharing your story. I am also a believer in the body healing itself through diet exercise and supplements. My cousin who is also my best friend has recently been diagnosed with PD. I am going to direct him to your web page as I am hoping he will use the natural approach to healing rather than the medical drug approach which treats the symptom of a disease rather than finding and fixing the cause. Most MDs seem to think dis-eased people have a prescription drug deficiency. Again, thank you for your insight
    and keep doing what you are doing. I will remember you in my prayers.

  139. Hi Fred and all other interested readers.
    As Fred and other’s out there are already aware, after being diagnosed with PD some 5 years ago and having been told at that time that I’d probably had it for at least 10 years prior to that diagnosis I have, for this past 5 years been focused upon the task of both stopping the progress of the condition and, reversing the damage done by the condition through strict detoxing, and, strict diet to the point, where in January of this year I had the PD diagnosis down – graded to benign essential tremor along with the prescribed daily reduction of medication to what is now, 1mg of ripinerol.

    So why am i writing to you guys again?

    Because, i think i may have discovered through on going research things which shall be of immense help to ALL of you out there who are also on this journey.

    Allow me to share something with you which is a really powerful confession and which I also feel is in some way connectected with the start of my own journey into PD.

    I am currently 55 years of age and sexually healthy. for most of my life and certainly going back to at least the age of 6 / 7, i believe i have been sexually aware of girls not i might add as to the finer details.

    As I grew into my mid teens and beyond, i developed what i can only describe as a debilitating sex drive this culminating in later years on one occasion in the need to satisfy the relentless drive 10 times, in just 1 day.

    As time progressed, i became aware that when i was reaching the climactic moment of satisfaction my right foot would start to tremble uncontrollably and that i feel sure was the trigger which started my journey.

    As yet more time passed, this trembling right foot progressed its way to my left had, and right hand and also my left foot to the point, where even to stand for just a few moments would have me shaking.

    I knew, or at least felt sure that the need to satisfy my sex drive so constantly was somehow related to the onset of this condition and if i was to reverse this, i also needed to master my sex drive and redirect the energy.

    Which brings me to today.

    I have been researching the benefits of celibacy as a way forwards and am also in the early stages of practicing the same and today, whilst researching i came across the following information which I most strongly urge all who read my post to read it for yourself as there is i believe keys within it for your own recovery even if, you are not ravaged by a high sex drive.

    The article is by; Dr R.W Bernard and is entitled: Science discovers the physiological value of continence.

    In particular, read: part 3: Chemistry of semen and brain. This deals with Lecithin and, Cholestern on the Central Nervous System.

    Although, my tremors are a great deal less then they once were, like you i continue to be a journeyman in search of my own 100% recovery and whatever i discover on that journey rest assured, i shall share it with you and whoever wants to listen.

    I send you all Loving Kindness

    • Thank you for this David! It is an interesting theory. If I may. In my experience, an overactive sex drive is rooted in the belief that we are unlovable. I learned this after reading the book, The Five Love Languages. Seeking validation and love through sex is common particularly among people whose primary love language is physical touch. That certainly was the case for me.

      I haven’t yet read the article you mentioned, but what is interesting, is that an orgasm triggers the release of dopamine which should be a good thing! Very interesting indeed!

      Cheers for now!

      • Interesting –
        Before reading this article, I’d already decided I was going to have to temper my sexual appetite (which my wife will be more than happy about !)

        My father, 76 , has parkinsons . I’ve got him onto coconut oil 6 months ago, and my mum and sisters say they can only put his improvement down to the oil as none of his meds were changed, and everything goes back to square one when he comes off. Two months ago at age 50 I started to get small uncontrolled twitches every 5 minutes in different parts of the body. It used to be just a night, now its all through the day as well. I havn’t had tests yet, so it could be anything, and I havn’t told anyone including my wife . Whatever it is , it’s nothing to fear, just a new adversary that I has to be respected and sized up (which i’m doing now) before a highly disrespectful kick is delivered up its ass. I might physically have to go down hill before we get to that result, but thats just the nature of combat.

        I already eat well (no refined carbs or sugars), Spiritually I’ve had massive breakthoughs in the last two years, with replacement of ego with Love, or, to give a bit more detail, a Direct ,constant and spiritually intimate relationship with Love. As you have indicated in your blog, ego never stops in its efforts to stop your development. It took a long while, with day in, day out battles to arrive here from depression and hospital visits 25 years ago., I can’t actually see how I can have a deeper sense of well being, even with this new challenge, (which will now have to be man-handled into a deeper learning opportunity)

        Stay aggressive !


      • Thank you for sharing this Rob. I hope you and your dad are well. I actually view this neurological condition I’m experiencing as more of a guide, leading me to understanding its purpose, my purpose and the purpose of life [which I believe is to become spiritually conscious]. Blessings on your journey! Cheers! Fred

  140. I am inclined to agree with you Fred and for my part, it is true that I have until recent years associated love with sexual contact and, physical touch and without these I would be left feeling unloved, and uncared for.

    As you shall have noticed from my last post, I said I felt sure the hyper sex drive was the trigger to my shaking. Note however, i did not say the cause. The hyper sex drive I believe was most definitely connected to my emotions of feeling very insecure as a child which then continued not just through my adult relationships with women, but also in my employment throughout the years as well. Stir into that mix also a good helping of suppressed anger again starting from my childhood and continuing throughout a large part of my adulthood as well and there you have it, a ready made candidate for P.D or any other ravaging condition of the human system.

    I like you, feel that anger and fear are quite likely the cornerstones of P.D and a poor diet of the wrong things then acts as a physical trigger to open the flood gates of our damaged emotions to manifest physically causing untold damage.

    In closing this post, all i can really say to others is don’t expect any change to happen unless you understand your part played in the condition you now have as by understanding where the root cause of the damage is (not blame), you can then start to unravel it and start your healing process which needs to happen in your mind, in your emotions and yes, in your body also.

    As always Fred, I send you loving kindness

  141. Have you ever thought about the biblical warnings regarding disease and pestilence < parasites carried via pests.
    Might work on placing pets outside with
    a nice small shed as their new room.
    Call very professional exterminator to spray inside your quarters. Three regular treatments repeating at six months." First "of spring is the big time to eliminate pests. You probably like most folks have a impectibly clean home . Still yet something is sttacking your system . Usually no see em's and other's depend on our pets and our own bodies for nutrients and water… a nasty thirst which bugs naturally carry.
    I hope you are able to try this, an angle
    or approach often neglected by naturalists . Pests have been warring with man since the beginning of time. We just shove this bit of life off into an area of no thought. The Lord sd " My children die from lack of knowledge. "
    You have done so well by sharing your
    experience and gained knowledge with
    others. God Bless.

    • Thank you for this Tan. It is an interesting notion. My focus is on dissolving the fear and detrimental beliefs that are at the root of the neurological condition I’m experiencing. Blessings on your journey! Fred

  142. Please, Please, Please read the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf.
    Your diet should be gluten free and grain free. I promise you will be well again.
    I , like you, have been so sick for years. Autoimmune disease, celiac disease,
    high blood pressure, arrhythmias, joint pain. Really not knowing if I could make
    it one more day. Gluten free and grain free has changed my life.
    Please read Robb Wolf ‘s book. I know this will change your life. You deserve
    to well again. You have so much to offer the world.
    Don’t give up!!!!!

      • Hi,,, i found your blog helpful for me….as my mother is suffering from PD….but the diet here are all American….can u suggest some i dian diet of equal calorific value…Thanks.

      • Hi Kumar. I am on a high fat, low carbohydrate diet. I eat mostly coconut oil, fish oil, avocados, nuts and seeds, fresh vegetables and organic meats and fish. I hope this helps! Cheers! Fred

  143. Hi Fred, first off i want to thank you for your blog…it’s been very inspirational and always good for a boost of positivity 🙂 You’ve mentioned that BSR therapy has been very helpful. Does it mainly help your tremors or does it help other symptoms as well? Do you suffer from rigidity or bradykinesia? If so, do you think BSR helps as well?


    • Hi Marty. Thank you for your message! BSR helped immensely in reducing tremors, but I can’t say that it helped with other symptoms. Yes, I do experience rigidity and Bradykinesia. The most challenging symptoms for me are loss of balance, rigidity, freezing, slowness of movement and shuffle walking.

      BSR definitely helps, and although I haven’t tried it yet I believe osteopathy would be very beneficial as well. Cheers! Fred

      • Thanks for the info Fred. The osteopathy looks interesting. Have you found anything that helps your other symptoms? I myself, suffer from slowness and rigidity.

      • My pleasure Marty! I find that speed exercises [shadowboxing, karate kicks, etc.] and doing big, fast, aggressive movements to be very helpful. I also do a lot of knee raises, pushups, jumping jacks and what I call, exploding hands [I stand with my arms at my sides, fists clenched, then throw my arms up in the air and shoot my fingers out, as if they are exploding].

  144. My uncle is suffering from Parkinson’s decease since one and half year. His age is 75 years. Can it be curable at this age ?

    • Hi! It is definitely possible for your uncle to recover his health. If the body can recover from a broken bone or a cut, then I believe it is capable of recovering from anything.

      Your uncle needs to return his body to homeostasis. This means healing the gut, strengthening the immune system, unclogging the lymphatic system, eliminating inflammation and alkalining the body. This is accomplished through a healthy, natural, organic diet, detoxification, exercise and eliminating stress, fear and unconscious detrimental beliefs. It can be done!


  145. Fred – I have followed you for quite some time because I have a neck injury (several) with the last which put me out of work 4 years. Anyway I have always dealt with symptoms holistically; recovered from neck injury; went back to work but still suffered random numb symptoms until later I found out C2 had been fractured and was told it was a miracle I was walking or not dead. Well thanks to Universe here 🙂

    Now it’s been almost 15 years since the accident; and the numb feeling in left toe went to left hip like a muscle spasm then right hip; then left shoulder literally over night and at times right up into neck on left side; always to the point I cannot lift my arm over my head. I have many of the symptoms of MS and Parkinson’s but won’t get diagnosed just to completely lack of faith with medical yet I struggle too figuring it out :):). Now it is travelling over to right arm…tight muscle spasm feeling; and every morning I can hardly walk but as I get through the day everything seems to break up until around 3 or 4 pm when the body is done needing at least 10-12 hours of sleep. There is the typical always feel tired feeling.

    I’ve always been vegetarian; went vegan; then raw in 2005-2008; still missing something so incorporated coconut oil; fish; fish oil; only organic grains; juiced; for some reason needed eggs but still off kelter and I am definitely not getting better. 62 now and taking care of my Mom who is 84 with Alzheimer’s last 3 years wiped me out so I retired way too early; quit job; and tried to figure out what to eat, take, etc. Already doing the magenesium, B’s, Vitamin D, herbal neuronal supplementation, CoQ10, Zhineng QiGong; Meditation, and too many to list! The reason I cover all this is 2 years ago I was told “forget coconut oil — too high in saturated fats” and “you should not be eating eggs” due to saturated fats. I doubled up on fish oil, but again this is not working.

    I see you follow close to Wahl diet and she uses red meat (which I cannot digest since young – feels like cement in me); and she uses coconut oil, but does not address the saturated fat that I can find. She says no dairy which I agree and haven’t touched in years but I do eggs still. Also followed Dr George Jelinek who reversed his MS using OILS and FISH but no eggs and no coconut due to saturated fat. SO CONFUSING!

    Hence my question – how did you get around all the talk about the high saturated fat in coconut oil? and eggs? which I noticed you did raw and cooked for awhile but apparently not now?

    I need to get better since my Mom relies on me, but struggling with the details of my diet. Also only doing many vegies with sprouted quinoa, organic brown rice probably 3 x a week; 2 slices of organic brown seed bread a week that I have not cut out of diet yet. Always no sugar and alcohol might be at the most 2 glasses (wine or beer) funny enough if I am working outside in the sun here in desert trying to take care of yard it helps! haha

    Advice appreciated and thank you

    P.S. Thinking of trying a functional medicine doctor which I heard works with many to reverse disease holistically so that I know if cholesterol is high due to oil, etc. Is there any type of MD you recommend? I know people using these doctors to help them as they choose their own holistic methods to reverse cancer even. If you look on Facebook there is a remarkable @KidAgainstChemo who did just that when he had only a few months to live…that was a year ago now.

    Just love holistic healing 🙂

  146. And this is primarily your diet now from above? because I know in the past fruit was hard for your system and it seems to be less seeds and nuts now? No fish? and is there red meat still like the keto with Wahl’s?

    Breakfast … fruit smoothie or fruit salad (Goji berries, 1 – 2 bananas/peach/apple/grapes). or watermelon/honey dew melon (melons are best eaten in isolation).
    Lunch…steamed or lightly sauteed veggies, organic avocado, , two tbsp of coconut oil.
    Dinner…quinoa and or buckwheat with honey, 1 -2 tbsp of coconut oil, walnuts, sunflower seeds
    After karate meal…fruit or veggies or quinoa/buckwheat or cucumber with home made hummus.
    Snacks…nuts & seeds, Gogi berries or veggies.
    I was also drinking a lot of water with fresh squeezed lemon (lemons are great alkaliners)

      • Ok thank you for your response and sorry my question/story was so long. I am still looking for my solution; and getting my pH right with all organic vegie juicing even for 2 years (and no dairy, grain or meat) and all raw did not work for me. I felt FANTASTIC but numbness and muscle spasm stayed there. I cannot do too much fruit due to sugar. Now I am all organic vegie and fish but getting worse even with fish oils; and as of yesterday incorporating coconut oil again (4 tbsp). I truly might need the nutrition of red meat like WAHLs, but I cannot digest it. Conundrum! Time for QiGong!

        Thank you again for taking the time – appreciate it

      • Yes I like D.O’s (had one in Florida) but my AZ medical coverage doesn’t include one unfortunately so will need to plan $ that visit. My CA holistic doctor retired otherwise I would fly/drive to see her!

        You are right…yes…self love 🙂 …thank you!

  147. Hello Fredphillips, I wrote to you about six months ago about my symptoms,and I took your advice on my self healing. I started eating organic foods ,taking all the vitamins that you recommended plus L-theanine which i know has helped me and i must say the my sense of smell and taste have returned and my shaking has subsided a lot. Thank you so much for your help and for your blog it has encouraged me to have hope.

  148. Thank you for sharing your journey of healing. I believe you will heal your self fully. I do not have Parkinsons but I relate to many issues you are working to heal. The other day an insight came to me about Parkinsons that I want to share with you in case it helps. I thought about how people who have this disease resist on every level the uncontrollable tremors. I began to wonder if the nervous system is reacting in this way as a kind of somatic unwinding. This made me wonder what might get assisted in the healing process if a person moves with the tremors allowing the movements to be energetically releasing. In other wards purposely doing these shaking movements and extending them, allowing them to take you on a movement journey of healing the neurological system in some way.Perhaps this will help in some way.
    Many blessings to you

  149. Hello Fred.
    I am amazed at how well informed people are. I haven’t as yet been able to read all of your article and the replies but thought I would add that I found Acidophilus has been a great help with the gut healing side of things. … and what you have highlighted to me is that yes, fear is a great dictator in my life and I must work towards banishing it. In the meantime, thank you for all for the sharing.

  150. Thanks for sharing. Important l think to move away from Parkinsons drugs which l liken to throwing away our inborn compass.l had a dx for PD 3 years ago and stopped taking meds 4 months ago. I detox with IV vit C and EDTA for copper, mercury and arsenic. I practice qigong and know Bianca Molle who put me onto Zhineng Qigong as a healing form. I like your angle on fear and could add anger to the cocktail.

    • Thank you for sharing Rick. I agree with you about anger. Until I started experiencing panic attacks, I thought anger was at the root of my condition. Anger and fear are very closely connected it seems. Many blessings! Fred

  151. Hi Fred and all, long time no speak, I hope everyone reading this is well and happy. before anyone becomes angry at what you’ve just read, remember it’s ALL an attitude of mind. Well, I had what is now my last appointment at Barnet General Hospital two weeks ago and it’s OFFICIAL. but I’ll come to that in just a moment. Barnet, is in North London England. OK, here’s a recap approx five and a half years ago, I was referred by my GP to a Consultant Neurologist at Barnet General Hospital because, I had developed a noticeable tremor in my left hand and right foot and I was also losing my balance and having panic attacks I also had absolutely no sense of smell. The neurologist sent me for a D.A.T scan and also an MRI results were both conclusive, I was showing all the signs of Parkinson;s. From the very moment of receiving this diagnoses I just knew I NEVER had Parkinson’s but understood it was just an experience I was having (the experience was named Parkinson’s) and that someday, I would learn how not to have it and it would then stop. From that very first day I started a serious heavy duty detox and I have been doing that every day since. My symptoms got worse and i was losing my balance every day but also, i was also finding it progressively more difficult to walk although some days were better than others. I tried acupuncture treatment, massage, even a floatation tank and still I got worse. But still I detoxed and still I maintained my mental focus. I was also not taking any medication either. Over a long period of time I just knew I would recover and yet, i was still having my dark moments including now, stress, anxiety and depression. then 2 years ago to make things even more difficult i also lost my job and at the time of writing this i am 55 years of age and still unemployed but hey, it can always be worse.

    Then in January of this year I was asked by a different consultant neurologist to have a new DAT scan and MRI which I did and again both confirmed all indications that i had Parkinson’s only now, which had appeared to stabilise. I was still trembling only now though, when I was stressed and anxious or watching dramatic scenes on t.v. I was still losing balance only not as frequently and, i was still at times finding it a little difficult to walk. but still I’m detoxing every day and I am still maintaining my mental focus on this all being just an experience that on some level i am choosing to have and that there would come a time when i would choose not to have it and it would stop.

    And so now.

    I had my LAST neurology appointment at Barnet General Hospital two weeks ago and they have officially told me that I DO NOT have Parkinson’s and that my tremors such as they are (which is at least 95% less than they were) is likely linked to stress and anxiety. so convinced are they that i now do not have Parkinson’s that they’ve now officially signed me off their register and have now referred me back to my Gp to seek a strategy using psychiatry to unravel my remaining symptoms.

    My message to you ALL is now as it has ALWAYS been. NO matter what physical condition you are experiencing, NO MATTER how serious or even how life threatening it may appear to be. You must understand, and believe to the very core of your being that it is ONLY AN EXPERIENCE YOU ARE HAVING AND IT IS NOTHING MORE THAN THAT. sure, you shall go through your dark moments I know I did, but you must NEVER, EVER LET GO OF YOUR TRUTH and I promise you, with that truth coupled with you cleaning up your body, and i mean truly cleaning up your body you CAN recover and you CAN make it back home. it shall be a tough relentless journey but at the end of the day, it’s just an experience.

    My name is David Thompson, and you can reach me on: I can assure you I am not selling anything but if you feel you have what it takes to recover and you’re prepared to make the journey, I shall happily share with you in full detail how I made my own journey back. I’ve still got a few more steps left to travel but if you could see me now compared to who I was five and a half years ago i think you would be surprised. So do not allow anyone to tell you it cannot be done, because it can

    Fred and all, as always I share loving kindness with you

      • What an inspiring story, David ! Thank you so much…

        I’m at the beginning of the journey (MRI and DatScan positive). No medication yet. Could you be more specific about the detox you are practicing ?

      • @Fred : No feedback from David yet. Maybe I should have wrote him on his personal mail he was kind enough to make public.

      • Yes Richard, e-mail David directly.

        My primary strategy for detoxing is eating natural, organic foods as much as possible. I also did a couple of colon cleanses two years ago. I also did a liver and kidney cleanse and took bentonite clay for a few months.

        I hope this helps,