Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #89 … Book review: Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery!

shifkeI recently read Howard Shifke’s, Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery. Shifke, as you may know, is an American lawyer who fully recovered from Parkinson’s in 2010 after being diagnosed in 2009.

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Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #88 … Bowen Therapy – Update!

faciaI am now in my third month of Bowen therapy and as I reported in a recent post, it has been an interesting experience.

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Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #87 … My body is talking to me!

tranquilityI am reading, Focusing, written by Eugene Gendlin. It’s about understanding a health condition by understanding how the body is feeling. When I asked my body how it is feeling, I got an immediate response … weary!

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Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #86 … Book review: The Root of All Healing!

hopkinsI just finished reading The Root of All Healing by Misa Hopkins and it is an excellent read for anyone experiencing a chronic health condition. The book could be particularly helpful for those who have no experience with natural health practices.

Ms. Hopkins, an American, overcame MS using the strategies she discusses in the book, so she has credibility. Her attitude and approach is very much in alignment with mine, so I found it very reassuring.

Her recovery protocol includes meditation, spending time in nature, creative expression, laughter, singing, acceptance, asking questions, belief in our inner power and self-compassion. In fact, she says true healing begins with self-compassion.

Her number one recommendation for people experiencing Parkinson’s is spending time in nature. She says the natural energies in nature balance our circadian rhythms which in turn, balances neurotransmitter and hormone production in our bodies.

Like me, Hopkins believes our health conditions have purpose. They are our life work, she says.

You won’t go wrong reading this book! It is available on Amazon.

Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #85 … Car travel intensifies symptoms!

highwayA few years ago [I don’t recall exactly when], I noticed that driving intensified my symptoms. Not long after that, I noticed that my symptoms got worse even when I was a passenger in the car.

Last week, I took a rather long driving trip to visit family and friends, including my mentally handicapped brother who is in declining health. Every day involved a significant amount of time in the car, including nine hours on day one and six hours on the last day.

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Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #84 … Ask questions!

compassionSeek and ye shall find!

I am reading, The Root of All Healing, by Misa Hopkins, an American metaphysical healer who overcame MS. It’s an excellent book [on which I will do a full review when I’m finished reading], very much aligned with my own approach to healing.

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Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #82 … My daily recovery protocol!

This past November, Mari urged me to get more dedicated to my daily recovery protocol. It’s a regimine I created three years ago before I retired from teaching martial arts and moved to Manitoulin Island. At the time, it consisted of 15 physical activities that were intended to support my recovery protocol; activities such as walking, doing push-ups and practising Qigong. I created an Excel spreadsheet to track my progress each day, putting a check mark beside each activity I completed.

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Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #81 … A midwinter sauna!

snow angelIf you’ve been following my blog for a while you will probably know that last summer, we had a sauna installed down at our lakefront! Our intention was to use it year-round and yesterday afternoon, we had the pleasure of an invigorating midwinter sauna! While the temperature outside was a frosty -12°C, inside we enjoyed a sweat-generating 45°C [120°F]! It was hot and it was awesome! We would sit inside for 10 to 12 minutes, then dash outside, wash ourselves with snow, and scramble back inside to enjoy more heat. It was rejuvenating! It was refreshing! I suspect it was healing! And it was joyous! A fantastic way to spend a frigid February afternoon!

Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #80 … It’s been a busy winter!

shoveling snowIt has been a busy winter! Between shoveling snow [an average of three out of every four days so far], tending to the firewood and wood stove, republishing my first book and completing my daily recovery program activities, my days have been full! Unfortunately, this has left me little time for blogging. And I love blogging and sharing my recovery experience!

It’s a dilemma!

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Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #79 … An amusing moment!

partridgeYesterday, when I was leaving the butcher shop, I spotted a partridge in a field next door trying to get through a wire fence. The butcher shop is out in the country so it wasn’t exactly an unusual situation! The hapless grouse was patiently walking up and down the fence, periodically walking into it, looking for an opening! This would’ve been a beautiful opportunity for animal voiceovers! Unfortunately, there wasn’t a big enough gap in the fencing for him to fit through. I was going to walk over and suggest that he fly over it but I didn’t want to insult his intelligence. So I sat there for a few moments amused at his predicament. Then, convinced he would eventually figure it out, I smiled and drove off! Nature, the natural healer!