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the history teacherIn the winter of 2006, I woke up one morning with an idea for a book in my head. I don’t know where the idea came from because I wasn’t an author at the time and I hadn’t been thinking about writing a book. It was going to be a story about a high school teacher who, in the midst of his own spiritual awakening, encounters a group of students who want to know more about the true meaning of life than what they’re being taught in school. I called the book, The History Teacher, because I have said many times, if I had to do it all over again, I would’ve been a high school history teacher. Shortly after I started writing this book, I started developing the first recognizable signs of Parkinson’s disease. My high school history teacher had Parkinson’s disease.

The History Teacher is a parable about spiritual transformation. It weaves personal and archetypal experiences into a compelling story intended to awaken us to spiritual consciousness and the emotional woundings that are at the root of our suffering, so that we can begin to heal. It is about the awareness necessary to transform our lives and save our planet.

Author’s message: Why would you want to buy this book? Because it has the potential to change your life, just like the experiences I write about changed mine! The History Teacher is the culmination of many years of healing and spiritual awakening. I called it The History Teacher because I have said many times that if I had to do it all over again I would have been a high school history teacher. I love history and I love teaching. It is the first in a series of three books. I hope you learn some of the truths of our existence from reading this book. I hope I provide you with some guidance for your own personal journey…Fred.

Book summary:When the new teacher arrives, a classroom of students is drawn to the endless comparisons made apparent between history and their present interests. Their renewed enthusiasm to learn is just the start of a collective passion for the world awaiting them outside the walls of the school. This story is an informative and entertaining trip through both time and the depths of the human spirit.”

Printed copies are available on the FriesenPress website as well as Amazon. ebook versions are available on the publisher’s web site as well as Amazon and iTunes.


the-history-teacher-2-0The History Teacher 2.0

Imagine if you could walking down any street, anywhere in the world, anytime of day or night, and not have to worry about being robbed, raped, beaten up or murdered! Imagine if you could always leave your front door unlocked, if there was no bullying in our schools or cancer in our society. That’s what this book is all about; making the world a better place by helping people feel good about themselves!

In this sequel to The History Teacher, John Stevens takes on a more complex assignment, directing a group of exceptionally troubled and challenging students. His plan is to help them overcome their demons by teaching them how to feel good about themselves. In so doing, he must overcome many obstacles and unknown forces that could subvert his idealistic intentions. The History Teacher 2.0 is a captivating story of acceptance, trust and faith in oneself and the flow of life. It will leave you cheering for the underdog and wanting to create a more loving and compassionate society!

Printed copies are available on the FriesenPress website as well as Amazon. ebook versions are available on the publisher’s web site as well as Amazon and iTunes.


choiceThe Christmas Choice is a story about two brothers who ambush Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and the aftermath of their unkind act. After realizing what they have done, the boys take immediate action to rectify matters. It is a heartwarming story of forgiveness, gratitude and redemption that will entertain and delight children of all ages!

Printed copies are available on the FriesenPress website as well as Amazon. ebook versions are available on the publisher’s web site as well as Amazon and iTunes.



14 comments on “Fred’s Books

  1. It is very commendable that you would become a history teacher in your next life.

    The writings of the late Howard Zinn are very important as they dispell the myths and falsehoods of a lot of American history.

    In some ways, one could make the connection that Howard Zinn is to history what Carl Sagan is to cosmology. For a start, Zinn and Sagan have staunch admirers and detractors; both were educators and public figures; both had criticized, debunked, popularized, protested and been arrested in their respective activities and fields (history and science respectively). Zinn and Sagan both happen to be Jewish.

    SoundEagle has a suggestion for you: On The History Teacher facebook page, it would be very helpful to your reader if you could copy and paste the text of this post to the “About” section of the Facebook page so that people can see what the book is about.

  2. Hi Fred! I really enjoyed reading your book and I will be reading it again and again for sure. There are lessons in it that I believe in but need to work on and hope that by re reading and reflecting on it, I will be able to incorporate the methods that you have provided for my own healing journey. Your book has made me realize that I have a lot of fear issues!

    • That’s awesome to hear JP! Thank you so much for your feedback! That is how I was hoping the book would help people, just like a reading A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle, has helped me. Wishing you many blessings on your day!

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