Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Stories of Inspiration #4 … Sergio hugs a tree!

willowOne warm, sunny mid-June day Sergio decided to go for a walk in the forest. He had been to this particular forest many times and felt quite comfortable there. He didn’t consider it special, but he very much enjoyed spending time amongst nature. It was a short drive from his house, just outside of town, a forest frequented by hikers and avid outdoors people.

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Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Inspirational Journeying!

sergioOkay, it’s time for me to get in the game! Lot’s of people all over the world are reaching out in whatever way they can to help others during this time of coronavirus crisis. I would like to contribute by offering something I love to do … write stories. I was already planning to do this for people living with the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, but why not offer to a wider audience.

So, here goes!

The other night, I watched a movie called, Sergio. It was about Brazilian UN diplomat, Sergio Vieira de Mello, who was killed during a suicide bomb attack on the Canal hotel in Baghdad, Iraq in 2003. The movie was intense, dramatic and engaging. I really got into it!

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Our Opportunity for Change!

michael mooreI started writing this blog last week but I was hesitant to post it because I thought people might think I’m just blowing more of the ‘boy-who-cried-wolf’ smoke out my hind end. Then I watched Michael Moore’s interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and I realized I had nothing to fear. We both have the same concerns and are both expressing the same message! So here it is!

Let me begin by saying that it’s so wonderful to see so many people pulling together, being creative and compassionate, while reaching out to entertain and assist others during this time of crisis. Social media sites are being swamped with inspirational videos and acts of kindness!

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Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – A Journey of Love #47 … Overcome PD by Eliminating Worry and Minimizing Fear!

lionIn my last post, I discussed how to be at peace with the past. An equally important issue to resolve for those intent on recovering their health is minimizing fear, which is to say, minimizing worry and stress.

I was initially planning to post this blog for the benefit of those of us experiencing the symptoms of Parkinson’s, but in this time of worry and concern in relation to the coronavirus, it seems appropriate for a wider audience.

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Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – A Journey of Love #46 … Finding Peace with the Past!

meditationOne of my biggest challenges in overcoming the symptoms of Parkinson’s has been coming to peace with my past.

I learned how to forgive others through the understanding of three things. First, that people mistreat others because they don’t feel good about themselves. Second, that they mistreat others because they’re not spiritually conscious. And third, that people are doing the best they can with what they’ve learned in their lives. If people are taught hatred and harsh punishment, for example, this is what they give back to the world. When you understand these three things, forgiveness is not actually necessary. It happens by default.

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Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – A Journey of Love #35 … Joyful contentment is the key to Recovery!

contentmentFor those of us experiencing the symptoms of PD, joyful contentment is the key, above all else, to returning the body to homeostasis and restoring good health.

Chronic worry, as I have written extensively, is the primary factor in the development and progression of the symptoms of PD, and so, conversely, joyful contentment is at the heart of recovery.

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Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – A Journey of Love #33 … Worry, a clever joke or divine guidance?

happy-new-yearSomewhere out there resides a very clever intelligence! Why do I say this? Because it seems this mysterious diabolical being has crafted an experience whereby a person stuck in a chronic state of worry, partly due to their nature and partly due to their life experience, could [would] develop a neurological condition in which worry [anxiety] is not only the most troublesome symptom, but that it also contributes to the development and progression of many other debilitating symptoms, aka, Parkinson’s.

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Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – A Journey of Love #31 … What I learned from my crisis!

victoryIt was a year ago that I found myself hospitalized, scared, deep in a prolonged state of panic and unable to move my legs. Seven days after being admitted, I walked out of the hospital, went home and shoveled snow! What led to this dramatic change, was quite simply, medication! There was also a change in outlook, but it came later!

After several consultations with a doctor at the hospital, I agreed to give levodopa and sertraline a try [this after seventeen years of being medication free]! It worked!

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Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – A Journey of Love #21 … The quality of our thoughts!

happinessThe quality of our experience is largely determined by the quality of our thoughts! This is particularly true for anyone experiencing the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Generally speaking, if we have positive thoughts, we will have positive experiences.

But where do our thoughts come from? Where do they originate and what determines their quality?

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Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – A Journey of Love #20 … I can play golf again!

golfAnd the hits just keep on coming!

I have recently discovered that I can swim again and sing again! And now I’ve discovered that I can play golf again, although I say this somewhat tongue-in-cheek because I have been able to play golf all along, just not very well.

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