Recovering from Parkinson’s Disease: Step 12 – Grounding, Colon Cleanse and Qigong

tai chiIn this series on ‘Recovering from Parkinson’s Disease‘ I’ve written about the protocols that I attribute to the beginnings of my recovery and I’m convinced that you too can recover from Parkinson’s following these protocols.  You may have to modify them a bit based on your condition and situation, but I’m confident that they will help you.

So far, I’ve covered the following topics:

  • Attitude
  • Detoxification
  • Diet and supplements
  • Releasing anger and fear
  • Releasing unresolved emotional pain
  • Releasing unconscious beliefs and hidden fears
  • Exercise and muscle memory
  • Releasing sadness in the heart
  • Bodywork
  • Spirituality
  • Prayer, mantras and affirmations

I strongly believe that each of these protocols has played a significant role in the beginnings of my recovery and my experience is mirrored by others who have recovered from Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions using similar protocols. There are three other things that I believe have contributed to my progress. They include, grounding, colon cleansing and Qigong.

Gounding involves laying on the ground or sitting on the ground in bare feet with the balls of your feet resting on the ground. The purpose of this exercise is to allow healing energy [electrolytes] from the earth to be absorbed into your body. These electrolytes help to alkaline the body and rid it of inflammation, both of which are essential for returning the body to homeostasis. It may also help strengthen your organs and glands.

Grounding also has a secondary benefit.  When I am lying on the ground or sitting with my feet on the ground the symptoms I experience are diminished.  There is less trembling and tension in my arms.  This is an awesome feeling, so I do it whenever I can!

Colon cleanse is an important part of the detoxification process.  I did two colon cleanse last fall and there was a marked improvement in my bowel movements.  Given that constipation is a symptom of Parkinson’s anything that improves bowel movement is worth doing, and I highly recommend it.

Qigong, I believe has also contributed to my recovery.  I wrote about this ancient Chinese system of movements designed to enhance our health and well being in an earlier blog.  I can’t say that it has contributed to my recovery in a specific way, other than to say when I’m practicing the movements, my symptoms subside: my balance is good, there is no trembling and there’s no tension in my arms.  I do believe that it is helping to strengthen my Chi, as it is intended to, and thus, reducing stress and helping to alkaline my body, eliminate inflammation and get my lymph fluids flowing, all essential for healing.

Give Qigong, grounding and colon cleansing a try.  Add them to your protocol.  They cannot harm you and at the very least, they will help give you relief from symptoms.


7 comments on “Recovering from Parkinson’s Disease: Step 12 – Grounding, Colon Cleanse and Qigong

  1. Hi Fred!

    So good to read your blogs, they are so informative and educational. I try to pass your ideas and suggestions along whenever I can. I often think “what would Fred do in this situation?” I have a few questions for you today…..

    Do you detox by drinking water? As in several litres as your goal at a time? If so how often and do you add lemon to the water?

    Have you tried fermented beverages? I make a “ginger bug” starter and add it to coconut water, coconut milk, spring water and sometimes fruit such as cherries, grapes, blueberries etc. It takes a couple of days to ferment sitting on the counter. We have it at our evening meal. It is full of beneficial probiotics and it is simple to make using 3 easy to find ingredients. I also ferment vegetables using the ginger to start the ferment.

    I have replaced most of the grass in my yard with clover. It is wonderful to walk in, so soft and sweet. It helps all the senses and the bees keep you on your toes!

    So happy to hear that you are fighting Parkinson’s and not letting it rule your life.

    Cheers Fred!

    • Hi Anita,

      I’m so thrilled that you find these blogs helpful. That has been my goal since I started writing them.

      I drink a lot of water over the course of the day, but I don’t measure it. I typically only drink lemon water in the morning. Lemons are great alkaliners, as I’m sure you know.

      The only fermented food I’m eating right now is homemade sauerkraut. I try to eat it two or three times a day. It is awesome!

      Your clover lawn sounds awesome as well and I can relate to the bees. I got stung on the bottom of my foot a couple of weekends ago.

      Thanks again for your support. I really appreciate it!

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