Fred Phillips – facebook page

A website created by Christian Hagaseth [pwp] which focuses on the use of mindfulness hypnosis as a way of reprogramming the brain in order to induce healing.

6 comments on “Links

  1. I am interested in the natural approach of PD. I am on medications which do no heal you but mask the problem. I do try to eat healthy but there is room for improvement. It appears that you never took medicine for PD? I really would like to get off the Parkinson medication. Been taking medication for 6 years.
    Any suggestions on this that matter would be appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Joan Wooldridge

  2. For 6 yrs I have not taken medication. Rebuilding a healthy body has been my path but I still haven’t overcome some bad habits. I believe hypoglycemia is often an early flag for many people with Parkinson’s.

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