My first book is now republished!

the history teacherI am excited to announce the rerelease of my first book, The History Teacher! I first published it in 2010 and decided to give it a makeover after the release of my second book, The History Teacher 2.0, which I published through a new self-assisted publisher, FriesenPress. Quite frankly, I wanted to clean it up a bit. It was my first effort, and grammatically, it needed some work. So it’s the same story, but a much smoother read! If you would like to check out the storyline, go to the Fred’s Books page.

All three of the books I’ve written [The History Teacher, The History Teacher 2.0 and The Christmas Choice], are available on FriesenPress and Amazon.

Thank you so much for your support and for taking the time to read my books! Please know that I appreciate it enormously!

I am presently writing the third instalment of The History Teacher trilogy and hope to have it published by the end of this year. After that, I plan to begin writing, The Kid!

What is the ideal human diet?

fruits and vegI’m confused! (Now some people would say, “Tell me something I don’t already know!”) Ouch! That hurts!

But seriously … I’m confused!

About what you ask?

Well, this! What exactly is the ideal human diet .. the diet that optimizes health? And more importantly for me (and a couple of billion others), what is the ideal diet to return a sick body to good health?

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The Five Essentials of Health and Happiness

If we were aware of five things, I think it would change our experience. These five things could bring us lifelong happiness and good health. I call these the 5 Essentials and they are:

  1. To have an awareness of the truths of our existence…the truths of who we really are and why we’re really here on the planet…that we are actually divine spiritual beings having a human ‘experience.’ What is more, we live in oneness with all that is and that there is a purpose to our existence and that purpose is to simply experience, without judgment, everything there is to experience…pleasant and unpleasant.
  2. To know that the most important thing for each of us each day of our lives, is how we feel about ourselves…that we feel lovable, worthy, good enough and empowered. That we know in our hearts that we are a good person, no better, no worse than any other being.
  3. To heal our emotional pain and to know that this is an essential aspect of the human experience. This means talking about what upsets us, forgiving those we need to forgive and saying ‘I’m sorry’ to those we need to apologize to.
  4. To eat and drink healthy…in order to attain optimum health we need to eat foods that strengthen our immune systems and alkaline our bodies.
  5. Live in the present moment … when you live in the present moment, you cannot be tortured by incessant negative thoughts. You cannot be haunted by the past or frightened by the future.

I believe in my heart that understanding and incorporating these 5 Essentials into our daily lives will bring us peace of mind, joyful living and love. They will bring us happiness and good health.

Wishing you an awesomely abundant day!

Energize Yourself By Living In The Present Moment!

meditationPut your hand up if you feel tired all the time. Just a sec. Hmmmm … one, two, three … wow, that’s a lot of hands!

Now, put up your hand if your mind is going a mile-a-minute, 24 hours a day. Whoa, baby! Same number of hands!



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The Benefits of Letting Go Of Emotional Pain

emotionsUnresolved emotional pain is a killer. Literally. When we fail to let go of it, we eventually get sick. Consider cancer for example. It’s a disease that eats away at us physically when what is eating away at us emotionally (guilt, shame, bitterness, anger) becomes too much to bare.

Cancer isn’t the only one. Louise Hay wrote a terrific book about the subject. In You Can Heal Your Life she lists the emotional root cause of all disease. It’s a book that needs to be in every doctor’s office.

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There is a cure for cancer!

overcoming fearThat’s right! You read it correctly! There is a cure for cancer! It is called … prevention!

We don’t need to devote an entire industry to finding a ‘cure.’ We don’t need to raise billions of dollars for research (although the drug companies would have you believe we do).

That’s because cancer is caused by poor, nutrient-deficient, toxic diets, exposure to pollution, unresolved emotional pain, toxic self-images, unhealthy lifestyles and fear … none of which can be cured with pills, chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

Someone once told me the number one cause of cancer is the fear of getting cancer. Fear and all the causes listed above acidify the body and weaken the immune system, leaving the body susceptible to disease.

Yes indeed, the cure for cancer is prevention! If we want to eliminate it, we need to clean up our air and water, eat healthy foods, get active, release our emotional pain and create a society that feels good about itself. We need to get happy!

Then we’ll be free of cancer and all other disease.

Have an awesomely healthy day!

My Fascinating Healing Journey!

dirt pathIn 1993, I went to see Jan Archer, a massage therapist in Alliston Ontario Canada. At the time, all my joints were a mess from martial arts training and long distance running. It was like every injury I’d ever had growing up playing hockey and baseball came back on me. I was also experiencing 3 to 4 migraine headaches a week and had severe food sensitivities that restricted me to eating steamed chicken and fish, vegetables and brown rice … conditions that seemed to develop after a serious car accident in 1990.

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Coming to Terms With Our Past.

burdenComing to terms with our past is one of our greatest challenges. Until we do, we will invariably have a lot of unhappiness and more unpleasant experiences.

We’ve all had things happen to us that have caused us pain and we’ve done things to others that have caused them pain. When we do not resolve these experiences in the moment, we hold on to this pain and it becomes an enormous burden that affects our present living. We spend too much time in anger, bitterness and resentment, affecting our relationships, our finances and our health.

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How to Prevent Cancer through diet and a healthy lifestyle!

There is no doubt that cancer could be eliminated, but we would need to eliminate pollution and become a more loving, compassionate society in order to accomplish this. Cynics might argue that we will never get rid of cancer, not as long as there is so much money to be made from it. There might be some truth to this, particularly as long as we continue to focus on the effect rather than the cause.

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