Our Special Children

The following is a short parable intended as an introduction to understanding ‘Our Special Children.’

Abrion descended into the physical realm on a special mission; to bring change. He arrived with great love in his heart. Mother Earth, Abrion was told, was in grave danger. She was feeling very distressed and she was suffocating. What is more, many of the institutions that had been created by mankind were no longer serving in the way they were intended. In fact, he was told, they were taking mankind in the opposite direction from which they were supposed to evolve.

Because he had a special mission, Abrion came with special gifts. He came with immense wisdom and intuition and he came with great sensitivity and an innate sense of freedom. But upon entering the physical world, Abrion encountered a very hostile environment. There was enormous chaos and fear. Life on Earth had deteriorated far more than he had imagined. Conflict abounded and people were obsessed with money, power and fame. There was complete disregard for the value of all forms of life. Exploitation, betrayal, greed, torture and persecution were rampant. Family life had become very stressed. Because of their own sense of powerlessness, people everywhere were attempting to dominate one another and they were attempting to dominate nature. They had completely forgotten who they were and why they were on Earth.

What is more, foods and water were full of toxins and the air was contaminated with pollution and electromagnetic radiation. People were working endless hours in an attempt to ‘get ahead,’ but paradoxically; their quality of life had completely deteriorated.

Abrion was overcome by what he encountered. Because of his sensitivity, he was deeply affected by the widespread fear that permeated mankind and so his fight or flight response was triggered. But he was a gentle soul and was incapable of fighting. And there was no place to run. And so, because of his immense intelligence, he found a place to hide; inside his mind. Here, he felt safe.

But the people misunderstood his intentions and his behaviour. People saw this ‘hiding’ as a disorder. They couldn’t understand Abrion’s inability to ‘pay attention’ or ‘behave’ or ‘sit still.’ They didn’t see that he was here to bring change. And so, the people labeled him. They called him disabled. And drug companies created special drugs in order to medicate him and control him. The ‘normal’ kids didn’t want to play with him.

But then, some people in the physical world recognized his amazing intelligence and wondered how could this be? What is going on they wanted to know. They saw Abrion’s special gifts. They understood his mission and they began to speak. They said Abrion was okay. He had just found a different way to cope. But many people refused to believe.

And as the battle rages on, one side knowing the truth, while the other, awash in misunderstanding and fear, fights to hold onto the old ways and the old beliefs, Abrion hides in his mind, withdrawn from the world, awaiting resolution. He is very sad and he cries a lot. He sits and he spins, and he looks out the window. They tell him to do things and he gets anxious. They tell him to sit still, but he would rather run. They tell him to do math questions, but he would rather draw. And they tell him to listen, but he would rather play. They try to control him, but he can’t be controlled. It is not in his nature. It is simply not possible. Like an eagle soaring in the sky, he must be free.

But Abrion will not give up. He is determined, courageous and enthusiastic about his mission. And he is gentle, patient and wise. He trusts that all will see the truth. He trusts that all will find their capacity for love and acceptance and compassion. As others like Abrion arrive in greater numbers, he knows that all of mankind will soon understand his nature and why he is here. And all will be well.

Many parents are at their wits end trying to understand what is going on with their children. They wonder why they can’t pay attention, why they can’t sit still and why they can’t behave. They wonder why they want to play video games for hours on end and they experience anxiety and depression. The also wonder why their children have been diagnosed with challenges like ADHD, Autism and Asperger’s. There is a great deal of frustration, guilt and shame amongst parents over their children’s challenges and behaviors. Fathers in particular, are having a difficult time understanding their sons, especially why they are so sensitive and why they cry so easily.

To begin, we need to understand that nobody has done anything wrong. This is not about good or bad parents, or good or bad parenting, or bad children. This is about understanding. It’s about change. And it’s about human evolution. The purpose of this article is to shed some light on the nature of these challenges, what it all means and what you can do to assist your children through these challenging times.

In the past 20 years, there has been an explosion in the rates of challenges like Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Tourette’s Syndrome and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Parents and schools are dealing with hordes of children who are different and who are having a difficult time coping. To understand the nature of these challenges, we must begin with an understanding of Indigo and Crystal children.

Indigo and Crystal children are thought to be highly evolved souls. Indigo children, initially identified by Nancy Ann Tappe, began arriving on the planet around 1975. Tappe noticed something different about many of the kids that were being born at that time and she noted that their auras, the energy field that surrounds the human body, were indigo blue in color. She also noticed that these children had special characteristics, including high intelligence, hypersensitivity, empathy and intuition. They are often clairvoyant, able to see spirits and have a strong sense of purpose.

Doreen Virtue, the leading authority on Crystal children, suggests that they started arriving around 1995. She claims that Crystal children exhibit many of the characteristics of Indigo children, but on a more intense level. The main difference between Crystal and Indigo children is that Crystal children are gentler. Crystal children are also incredibly telekinetic, and because they can communicate telekinetically, they may have delayed speech, and they may have difficulty being around non-crystal people.

Both Indigo and Crystal children resist any attempts at control and they instinctively know what is genuine. Because they are highly sensitive, they are prone to anxiety. They are also prone to depression and sleep disorders such as insomnia, nightmares, and night terrors.

What is more, they think differently. Most people are linear thinkers: this fact leads to this fact which leads to this fact. Indigo and Crystal Children tend to be creative, non-linear thinkers. There minds are more tangential thought oriented, bouncing all over the place. This makes it a challenge for them at school, as much of the education system is based on a model of linear thinking.

A perplexing aspect of Indigo and especially Crystal children is that they are very likely to experience depression and anxiety and be diagnosed with challenges like ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Asperger’s, Autism, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Oppositional Defiance Disorder,. Contrary to the medical community’s definition of these challenges as disorders or disabilities, however, they are actually the ability of a very intelligent mind to escape conditions that it finds uninteresting, unimportant or fearful. As Al Pacino said in the movie, And Justice for All, when told by the judge he was out of order, ‘no, you’re out of order.’ In other words, we’ve got it all wrong. These kids aren’t suffering from a disability. Rather, as Meg Blackburn Losey describes in her book, The Children of Now, they have simply found a different way of dealing with life by escaping to an altered reality or another dimension. Gabor Mate, a Canadian doctor and leading authority on depression, addiction and mental ‘challenges’ says that the brains of children exposed to prolonged periods of high stress learn to protect themselves by ‘tuning out.’ Children who have found a way to ‘escape’ by using their non-linear thinking minds to put their minds elsewhere are diagnosed as having ADD and children who have learned to ‘hide’ by withdrawing completely are diagnosed as autistic. Although it may appear to us that they are disabled, they are anything but.

The notion that kids are escaping or hiding in their own minds makes sense when you understand basic human nature. In the beginning of our evolution, humans were both predator and prey. Because we were prey, we had to learn to escape or hide. Mothers and fathers taught their children to hide from lions, tigers and other predators. So our natural instinct when faced with any type of danger is to run or hide. In today’s world, there is nowhere to physically escape from the dangers these children perceive, and because they are more highly evolved and can do things the rest of us simply cannot, they have learned to use their minds to escape to other dimensions we cannot perceive. There are a number of reasons why they have chosen to do this:

1. There is a tremendous amount of turmoil and chaos on the planet. The way we treat nature, the planet and one another is horrific. We have child soldiers, we mutilate the genitals of teenage girls, there is war and genocide, we kill in the name of God, we torture in the name of freedom, we betray and persecute, we bully one another, we abandon our children, we have governments run amok, we pollute our air and water, we factory farm, there is wholesale slaughter of animals for specific body parts, we work endless hours and we are obsessed with money, power and fame. The list goes on.
2. Our planet Earth is in dire condition due to pollution, the enormous production of garbage and continued overdevelopment, and these kids can feel her distressed energy.
3. There is enormous fear in our society. We fear cancer. We fear disease. We fear natural disasters. We fear plane crashes. We fear something bad happening to our children. We fear failure.
4. There is significant family stress due to relationship issues, financial worries, parents working long hours, the constant fear of job loss and unplanned pregnancies.
5. Our air, water and foods are full of toxins and chemicals.
6. We consume enormous amounts of unnatural foods.
7. We are being bombarded with electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) from computers, cell phones, blackberries, electrical appliances and gaming devices.
8. We over expose our children to vaccinations, antibiotics and medications.

Because Indigo and Crystal children are so sensitive, they are very vulnerable to all of these conditions which create an incredible amount of negative energy, and they are simply unable to cope with the overwhelming fear and turmoil they encounter. They are deeply affected by other people’s feelings, and so, going out into the world becomes too much for them to handle.

Indigo and Crystal children’s extreme sensitivity affects them in other ways. They are deeply affected by shifts in energy cycles created by full moons, changes in the earth’s rotation, weather patterns, and even special holidays. They are also prone to food and environmental sensitivities. Their bodies are more likely to reject foods that have been exposed to chemical pesticides and fertilizers and antibiotics and to foods that are processed.

Another aspect of this phenomenon is the high percentage of boys who have developed these challenges relative to girls. This appears to be due to an awakening of the need to address the masculine-feminine energy imbalance that exists on the planet. We live in a masculine dominant, highly competitive, dog-eat-dog world that emphasizes the survival of the fittest, only celebrates success and winning and idolizes power, wealth and fame. This imbalance is at the root of the horrific way in which we treat one another and the planet, and it needs to be corrected. We must become more nurturing, loving, accepting and compassionate.

But why are these children so different and what is the purpose of this Indigo-Crystal phenomenon? On a universal level, it seems that there are three reasons. The primary reason they are here is to guide us into the next phase of human evolution where we learn who we really are and why we’re really here on Earth. This involves an understanding of the universal truths, which are discussed in greater detail in the article titled, Universal Truths. They are also here to help bring change to the systems and institutions that are no longer serving mankind, including government, corporations, organized religion, the education system, marriage, the judicial, penal and health care systems, and many more. These institutions will be completely restructured as mankind evolves. This too is discussed in greater detail in the article titled, Institutional Transformation. And finally, they are here to help save planet Earth, which is in dire condition They are also here to help save planet Earth, which is in dire condition due to overdevelopment, the destruction of the ozone layer, excess pollution and excess creation of garbage.

On an individual level, they are also here to help each of us learn about ourselves. Parents with children facing special challenges can find out if they are truly patient, compassionate, understanding, accepting, loving and forgiving. They can also discover how they handle the emotional pain of seeing their child judged, misunderstood and rejected. And they can see how they handle their fears of inadequacy and powerlessness in the face of their child’s behaviour. Siblings of these children will experience embarrassment and feelings of favoritism and rejection. Teachers also get to discover if the are patient, compassionate, understanding, accepting and empathetic. As a society we get to learn if we are accepting and loving of anyone who is different from us.

In essence, what our special children are telling us is ‘for generations and generations, we have been talking the talk, but we haven’t been walking the walk. We have destroying the earth and each other by trying to control each other and by forcing each other, especially our children, to be something they’re not, and it’s time to stop.’ They are saying, ‘we can’t be controlled, we can’t be made to do what we don’t want to do, and we can’t be forced to be something we’re not. It’s not in our nature. If you try to force us to do it, you’re really going to mess us up, and we’re going to become anxious and very sad, and then we’re going to develop these challenges that your medical professionals are going to call ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism. And if you really want to be with us after that, you’re going to have to come into our world.’

So what can we do to enable our children to cope? We must begin by seeing them differently. We must see them for who the really are and we must honor their gentle, loving nature. We must stop treating our children’s challenges as disorders. We need to educate ourselves about the nature of our children and we must understand their gifts and their purpose. To enable our children to cope, we need to be loving, supportive, accepting, compassionate and forgiving.

We need to stop using the terms autism, asperger’s, ADHD and so on. to describe our children. These terms were created in order to diagnose children with disorders, and just like the word, retarded, they create a negative stigma. Our kids are special. They are highly evolved souls, and they are here on a special mission and we need to describe them and treat them as such.

We need to understand that nobody has done anything wrong. Everything is happening as it is meant to be. Feelings of guilt will not bring resolutions. They will only hold us back. We need to forgive ourselves and we need to understand our need to heal our wounds and let go of our emotional pain.

We need to become community minded and world minded. We need to look at the bigger picture rather than being consumed by our own needs. We need to learn about the universal truths of human existence, and we need to live our lives according to them.

We need to look for natural ways in which to help our children cope with restlessness, anxiety and depression, including the use of homeopathic remedies and Bach Flower Essences. Rescue Remedy is a particularly powerful flower essence. We need to purify our diets and consume as much organic foods and pure water as possible. We need to reduce the levels of harmful EMFs in our homes and schools. There are many products on the market, including Tachyon, that neutralize EMFs.

If your child is showing signs of hyperactivity, aggressive behaviour, inability to focus, insomnia, ear infections, frequent colds, bed wetting, eczema, asthma, headaches, stomach aches, or other chronic conditions, they need to be assessed for food and environmental allergies/sensitivities.

We need to change our lifestyles. We need to slow down, take up meditation and yoga, exercise regularly and spend more time in nature.

We need to act quickly, but we need to take a long term approach. We cannot fix overnight what took years to be ruined. We need to be patient and we need to understand that what is happening is part of a process.
There is great hope and inspiration in the story of Raun Kaufman. In his book, Son-Rise, The Miracle Continues, Neil Barry Kaufman tells the true story of his son Raun’s journey from a severely autistic state to becoming the Director of the Option Institute, a center the Kaufman’s created based on their success with Raun. Diagnosed as functionally retarded and destined to be institutionalized, the Kaufman’s recognized their son’s potential and developed their own home-based program in which they went into Raun’s world and eventually brought him out of his autistic state. Based on their success, the Kaufman’s created the Institute to help families from around the world work with children who have been diagnosed with autism, asperger’s, ADHD and other challenges. Raun, now in his 30’s, is the Director of the Institute.

Our children are here to teach us about understanding, tolerance, compassion, acceptance and unconditional love. They are here to lead us to a world of peace, love and happiness. I encourage you to learn as much as you can about Indigo and Crystal children, as well as Autism, Asperger’s, ADD and other challenges, so that you can help yourself and your child to better cope.

Recommended Reading:
Beyond ADD … Thom Hartman
Son-Rise, The Miracle Continues … Barry Neil Kaufman
Crystal Children … Doreen Virture
Scattered Minds … Dr. Gabor Mate
The Asperger Parent … Jeffrey Cohen
The Children of the Now … Meg Blackburn Losey
Empowering Your Indigo Child … Wayne Dosick and Ellen Kaufman Dosick

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