My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 131 … Qigong 2

qigong1As I am sure you are aware by now, I’m a huge advocate of Qigong, especially since speaking with Bianca Molle, who fully recovered from her neurotransmitter imbalance [Parkinson’s].  I had been dabbling in Qigong before speaking with Bianca and now I’m doing it with a vengeance, every day.  In the last few days I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my energy level [I can do lots more pushups] and the pain in my left shoulder is not as intense.  I’m very encouraged by what I’ve experienced so far and I’m going to keep it up!

A year ago, I posted a blog on Qigong and in it, I included links to some excellent youtube videos.  Below are some links to more youtube videos with excellent Qigong demonstrations.  I encourage you to incorporate them into your daily exercise and recovery program.

Here is a simple intro video demonstrating some basic techniques.

This is an awesome presentation and demonstration by Mingtong Gu, who is Bianca Molle’s instructor and mentor at The Chi Centre. This is a long video, but well worth watching as it provides a detailed explanation of chi and Qigong.

Lift chi up pour chi down as demonstrated by Mingtong Gu is the routine Bianca most credits with her recovery and I urge you to do at least once or twice everyday.

A Lee Holden Ted talk presentation and demonstration with some highly effective techniques presented with a little bit of humor!

An awesome 7 minute Lee Holden routine.

Another awesome Lee Holden routine.

Bianca also credits sound healing as playing a major role in her recovery and this video includes several effective sound healing techniques.  I try to practice this every day.

This is my favorite Qigong exercise.  I practice it several times every day, especially if I’m feeling stressed.  I included a link to it in the blog I posted last year.

A great 1-hour routine! This was an important part of David Thompson’s recovery protocol.

I would suggest, as I said earlier, that you practice lift chi up, pour chi down at least once or twice a day and add as many other exercises as you have time for. I would also recommend that you practice at least one hour a day. More is better and I urge you to make the time. It doesn’t have to be done all at once. You can break it up. The important thing is to start doing it.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions and please let us know how you are making out with your practice.

Have an awesomely energetic day!


9 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 131 … Qigong 2

  1. Hi Fred!
    First off: a very happy new year. I wanna thank you for your encouraging blog posts. This one about qigong has my special interest. As you know, Howard Shifke has his Recepy that is based upon several qigong routines, especially suited for quiting liver wind. I asked my chinese TCM dr. (who treats me with acupuncture and herbs)about special exercises for this condition. According to him, anything is good, as long as you practice dilligently. There are many systems that can not all be practiced, so you should probably pick and do what feels best for you. These Howard did worked for him ( and apparently for a few others), and what Bianca did worked for her. Im betting that in asia many thousands of sufferers from PD do all kind of qigong. Im gonna look at what you do. I do besides the exercises from Howard, baduanjin (ymaa version), and Kwan Ying standing qigong. Google them on youtube you might like them.
    Fred, my friend, thanks again, when ill do my exercises tonight ill be thinking of you.

  2. I just discovered your blog and I find it incredibly uplifting! I am also dealing with Parkinson’s naturally, without medication. I find the most benefit from exercise, diet and meditation. Are you familiar with Dr Joe Dispenza? Look him up, it’s fascinating! It’s difficult to explain but it reinforces the concept of the power of positive thinking. Your thoughts control your destiny and health!!!! Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Denise. Thank you so much for your message. And thank you so much for telling me about Joe Dispenza. The timing couldn’t have been better! I watched one of his Tedtalk videos and it helped me resolve an issue I’ve been dealing with. So thank you! The power of thought is indeed an integral part of the healing process!

      Have an awesome day!

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