My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 242 … David Thompson – Parkinson’s recovery success story…Update!

letting goAs a follow-up to my post of Dec ’15, I am thrilled to report that David Thompson continues to do well. He was kind enough to provide us with this update. Enjoy!

Hello to all of you, my sister’s and brothers. It has been quite some time since I last looked in on Fred, and to you my brother I hope you are well, and becoming fitter, stronger, and healthier by the moment.

My reason for this look in is simply to increase the beam of positive light I have to bring to you as you journey through your ‘experience’ (and nothing more than that) with P.D. I continue to consolidate the progress made of my own experiential journey (in plain English, I AM continuing to get stronger whilst the last remaining remnants of my PD experience continue to diminish). And my new good news that I really want to share with you all is this: After being out of work for two and a half years, and unable to get another job due to not being able to sit through the stress of a job interview without shaking uncontrollably I AM now once more back in full-time employment (7 weeks in and counting) and I actually sat through a three person panel (including the CEO of the company) interview to get the job. No shaking, just mild trembling for the first 20 minutes or so of what turned out to be a nearly 2 hour interview process.

Do I feel good? No, I feel GREAT ! I have positively reclaimed back yet another piece of my life’s jigsaw which was lost, and becoming more, and more difficult to find.

And so my message to ALL of you my fellow travelers who are wanting not to have this experience (or any other debilitating experience) labelled PD, there really is a way back home for you from your dark, life altering experience. And when you find it, you need to hang on to it with ALL your strength because that way back IS your belief that you can recover from your long journey of experience.

For those of you who feel it is now time to stop reading other peoples stories of hope and start writing your own story which means, doing EVERYTHING it takes I am happy to share with you my own recovery process. A process which has largely been given to me through intuition, and inner knowing as well as trial, and error. I don’t want anything for sharing this with you, it is completely ‘FREE’. All I ask is that you do not expect any short cuts or a ‘quick-fix’ remedy. For all those interested, if you email me at: I shall email back to you my entire process including another recently included, intuitively guided addition to that process.

I would just add, I am NOT interested in debating, or considering any alternatives to my process since it is working for me. In fact, I not interested in having any conversations about my process at all. Obviously, for anyone who does intend to follow my process to the letter, I AM always interested to hear of your recovery journey as it unfolds.

As ALWAYS, I share loving kindness with you all.
David Thompson

Barnet, North London, England


24 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 242 … David Thompson – Parkinson’s recovery success story…Update!

  1. Hi Fred, Sent David an email and just hope he checks his spam email, incase, any of our emails go there. I wrote him to get his protocol. So if you can check on that, that would be great. Have not heard from him as yet, so thought I should check on the spam.

  2. Hi Fred!
    Great news!
    I have get so much input from you and your blog.
    I have try to mail David to see if he could give me his protocol.
    Fred, can you mail me his protocol also?

    Blessings to All!
    Mårthen, Sweden

  3. Fred, I recently began following your site and I am really inspired to make the most of this challenge.
    I would like to receive David’s protocol as well . I would really appreciate it.

  4. Hello Fred,
    I’m one of your readers of your inspiring forum. I’m following your progress in defeating PD. I also read about David’s phenomenal recovery. I sent him a request for his method but I haven’t heard from him. Would you kindly email me his protocol?
    Thank you so much.

  5. Hi Fred, I read your forum with great interest and hope. My husband has had a diagnosis of Parkinson’s since 2012. Please could you email me a copy of David’s protocol.

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