Feeling Good About Yourself

The most important thing for each of us in our daily lives is that we feel good about ourselves: we feel lovable, worthy, adequate and empowered…in charge of our lives.

What causes us to not feel good about ourselves mostly stems from growing up feeling unloved, unwanted, unaccepted and unappreciated or when we have experiences that cause us to feel shame and guilt. Quite often, this results from having dysfunctional or non-existent relationships with one or both of our parents.

Taking responsibility for our lives is one of the first things we need to do in order to change the way we feel about ourselves. We need to know that we are in charge and that every experience we’ve had, both joyful and painful, have happened for a reason. They are meant to teach us something…mostly about ourselves…or guide us in a certain direction. There are also many things each of us can do on a daily basis to ensure that we are doing our part to feel good about ourselves:

1. Know who you really are – we are pure beings of light
2. Heal your emotional pain – seek the help of a trusted therapist
3. Be genuine – be yourself
4. Stand up for yourself – speak your truth
5. Live with gratitude
6. Forgive yourself and others
7. Do the things you love to do
8. Always treat others well – be kind
9. Be honest – never lie, steal or cheat
10. Be positive and encouraging – never criticize yourself
11. Treat your body like a temple
12. Learn to look past other’s behavior to see the emotional pain that is causing the behavior. Know that everyone is doing the best they can with what they’ve learned and experienced.
13. Understand that mistakes and failures are really just opportunities to learn — we call them mistakes and failures because of our need to judge
14. Stop judging — live the Buddha way

16 comments on “Feeling Good About Yourself

  1. I love it Fred. I also read your article about autoimmune disorders and their root cause. I am currently suffering from one and you are absolutely right about that. I wish you a lot of success with integrating/healing your Parkinson and sending much love.

  2. I am a little late on this but the timing is perfect. My friend’s husband, who has Parkinson’s, is going through a hard time. He is depressed, angry, etc. As I read this article I know it is something that will be helpful. I haven’t seen any new posts for awhile so hoping all is well with you. 3.20.2018 Happy Spring

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