Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #20 … How to eliminate constipation!

magnesiumPerhaps the most unpleasant aspect of my neurological experience has been constipation. Three years ago, it wasn’t an issue, but then it suddenly crept up on me. Until I got it under control, I had some difficult days… or should I say, difficult movements!

Thanks to Mari I’ve learned how to manage this aspect of my condition, mostly with magnesium. My daily regimen is as follows:


  • Magnesium oxide 500 mg
  • Magnesium Malate 150 mg


  • Magnesium oxide 500 mg
  • Magnesium Malate 150 mg


  • Magnesium citrate 150-300 mg

Since adopting this regimen last November, I have not experienced any constipation whatsoever. It has made life considerably more pleasant!

The other things I do to help minimize constipation include eating sauerkraut every day, drinking plenty of water, eliminating dairy and exercising daily.

Praise the universe for magnesium!


13 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #20 … How to eliminate constipation!

  1. I agree with Jimmy that instead of chemicals, if you can manage with dier, it is safer. Moreover chemicals have side effects where as liquified veggies have none

  2. I am going now for 9 years, and I am very regular. My stools are always looking healthy (yes and I am a poop peeper) I swear by my bowl of oatmeal, topped with banana or some other fruit shavings.I loved oatmeal since a kid and when my kids say ‘aag how boring!”I just give them a nice recipe like banana and cinnamon topping or apple and honey and at least they will try it.I am trying so hard to rub this habit of on to them lol.

  3. Thank you Fred . Magnesium , vegetables and hydration are way to go . As you know , I am experimenting with FMT ( five infusions ) and crapsules ( for a month ). I don’t have any positive results yet ( after seven days ) . Second PD patient in the study apparently got out of the bed and made a breakfast before taking medication ( he/she was not able to do that previously).
    That leads me to the question- did anyone try RIFAXIMIN ( antibiotic ) ?


    Fred , would you be kind to tell me about your experience with vitamin D3. ? If I remember D3 helped you to walk easier? What happened at the end ? Are you still using it ?

    • Mag Malate is energizing, therefore, good to take during the day. Mag citrate is calming. Good to take before bed. Mag oxide, I have found, is the best for preventing constipation.

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