A corporation took advantage of my father!

cell phoneA corporation did indeed take advantage of my father! A few months ago, he went to a local retail outlet looking for a cell phone. He explained that all he wanted was a very simple phone that would enable him to make phone calls and send text messages. He came home with a high end smart phone and a two year, $90.00 a month plan, including a $20.00 a month data plan. He was grossly oversold and because the phone is so complicated to him, he has never used it.

In contemplating the title of this blog, I thought about taking a more militant, Malcolm X approach with the following: Bell Canada ripped off my father! But then I decided on the softer, Martin Luther King Jr approach. The reason for this less militant headline is that my intention is not to vilify Bell Canada, rather, it is to bring attention to the need for conscious awareness. Buddhists call it enlightenment!

I like to believe that if we were a more conscious society [if we were aware of the true nature of God and our divine spiritual essence and if we understood our oneness with all that is] we simply wouldn’t take advantage of one another, particularly not the more vulnerable.

Take the word, corporation, and substitute the name of any company you wish. They are all more than capable of, if not guilty of producing hazardous products and taking advantage of people in the name of corporate profits [aka greed]. Biotech companies, drug companies, banks, oil companies, you name it, they are all glowing examples of unconsciousness.

Dad and I called Bell’s 1-800 customer service line and were told that because the grace period had expired, all they could offer was an early opt-out with a cancellation fee. My father canceled his contract and plans to contact Global TV who has an ombudsman type service that will investigate and rectify such matters.

Perhaps one day we will live a conscious society that doesn’t take advantage of one another and doesn’t require ombudsman’s. My fingers are crossed!

Have an awesomely conscious day


10 comments on “A corporation took advantage of my father!

  1. Sorry about the phone ordeal with your dad. On his first phone bill it showed all the charges and maybe if he had called them at that time he could have gotten out of that contract and gotten what he really wanted in a phone. The elderly are so vulnerable and its too bad someone didnt go with him to oversee this transaction. ITs a very different world we live in than what they lived in.

  2. Fred, this happened to my granny over bell in us when phones were still on the wall.
    we just watched her purchases after that—— your dad is probably trusting from the days when this wasn’t so common. Sorry to hear it.
    We have so much good to be grateful too.
    have an awesome day

  3. Same thing happens in Australia with a telecom whose motto is “We’re here to help”. Go back to them, they just say “Sorry about that” but don’t offer to rectify the situation.

  4. Hi Fred. What an ordeal for your father. To think that this “trusted” name is no longer the Ma Bell as we once knew it! How times are changing.

    I had a similar issue with Bell Canada. I now have a very inexpensive Magic Jack on my rarely used land line. It gives you free unlimited long distance calls to Canada and the USA, no time restrictions! I switched my cell phone to Kudo. They have a pay per use plan to suit your needs. I bought the old fashioned flip style phone that even my 83 year old Mom can use. I found the best service for Kudo at the Peterborough Mall. They are extremely patient and explain how things work!

    There is always something in this fast paced world. Hope you are both doing much better!


    • Thank you Anita. I think my father is going to stick with his land line for now. I’m going to switch to Koodo though. They have far better rates than Rogers. Cheers! Fred

  5. Please tell me you’ve put this on Twitter.. it’s a public venue and make sure you tag the company so that everyone (i.e. the world) can see what they’ve done. I have found it a very effective and a very quite way to get a response. (I have never written a rude comment, just exposed the truth). Companies are terrified of any sort of negative press that could go viral. My friend’s elderly father was sold a high end truck with years of payments due.. seniors are so easily taken advantage of by employees who work on a commission basis.. and greed.

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