My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 172 … Jordan Spieth, A Lesson in Expression!

Jordan SpiethIf you haven’t already heard of Jordan Spieth, you soon will. He is the latest young athletic phenom to make his mark in the intensely competitive world of professional sports. Spieth, an American,  is a golfer on the PGA tour.

He made his pro debut two years ago and at the tender age of 19, won a tournament, the first teenager to do so in 83 years. This year he has risen to #2 in the world rankings after winning four tournaments, including The Masters and the US Open.

He is a wonderfully gifted athlete with poise, maturity and golf skills beyond his years. He is also fearless and resilient. He attacks the golf course as if he has nothing to lose and when he makes a mistake, as he did on the second last hole at the US Open, he bounces right back.

But what really caught my eye with this extraordinary young man is his expressiveness. He is constantly chattering to himself and his caddy, Michael Greller. “How did that happen?” “Did you see that?” “I can’t believe that!” By expressing himself, he is letting go. Releasing frustration, anger, fear and tension, allowing his body to relax and operate freely.

I have learned myself that when I express, whether talking to myself or someone else, I feel better. It helps me dissolve fear and frustration and it helps keep me in the present moment.

When you’re experiencing a debilitating neurological condition [aka parkinson’s], there’s a tendency to dwell on things [progressing symptoms, progressing challenges], just like golfers dwell on poor shots. This just creates stress, and stress works against healing. Expressing how we feel allows us to let go and move on. It frees us to focus on healing.

Whether by yourself or with a good listening friend, express yourself. Talk about how you are feeling [not from the position of feeling like a victim]. Talk about your fears and frustrations. Ask questions. Encourage yourself. Cheer yourself on. It works really well, at least it certainly does for me. I feel much better when I express.

One other thing about Jordan Spieth. He seems very friendly and very likable, and this too is a commendable attribute. For 21 years of age, he is a role model for all ages. Very remarkable indeed.

Have an awesomely expressive day!

4 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 172 … Jordan Spieth, A Lesson in Expression!

  1. Yes! I agree. We don’t talk enough and all those negative and worrying thoughts just stay and circle around and around in our mind. Talking is like airing your mind.

  2. I really enjoyed watching Jordan Spieth at the US Open, he is truly amazing. He was clear in thought and action. Totally fresh in the moment. I also agree about expressing how you feel, I feel soooo much better when I do, actually happy. Being able to express yourself fully is happiness. Thank you for bringing that to light.


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