There is a cure for cancer!

overcoming fearThat’s right! You read it correctly! There is a cure for cancer! It is called … prevention!

We don’t need to devote an entire industry to finding a ‘cure.’ We don’t need to raise billions of dollars for research (although the drug companies would have you believe we do).

That’s because cancer is caused by poor, nutrient-deficient, toxic diets, exposure to pollution, unresolved emotional pain, toxic self-images, unhealthy lifestyles and fear … none of which can be cured with pills, chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

Someone once told me the number one cause of cancer is the fear of getting cancer. Fear and all the causes listed above acidify the body and weaken the immune system, leaving the body susceptible to disease.

Yes indeed, the cure for cancer is prevention! If we want to eliminate it, we need to clean up our air and water, eat healthy foods, get active, release our emotional pain and create a society that feels good about itself. We need to get happy!

Then we’ll be free of cancer and all other disease.

Have an awesomely healthy day!