Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #73 … The paradox of shoveling snow!

love2In my last post, I wrote about how much I enjoy shoveling snow. I really like exercising in the fresh air! As much as I enjoy it though, it has really been messing me up, leaving me experiencing more intense symptoms! The same is true for playing golf, writing and other activities I undertake.

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My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 1 … I Can Smell Again!

Six years ago, in 2006, the index finger of my left suddenly started to tremble. It happened one night while I was teaching karate…which still puzzles me to this day because I love teaching karate! Over the next few months the trembling progressed to my hand and arm, but still only occurred at karate. Then eventually my arm and hand began trembling outside of karate as well.

Two and a half years later, I was diagnosed with Parkinsons (PD), a progressive, degenerative condition of the central nervous system that is thought to be the result of a deficiency of the neurotransmitter, dopamine, which is produced in the brain.  PD typically occurs in people over the age of 50.  The type I have is where trembling occurs when the muscles are inactive. The dopamine deficiency is thought to be the result of genetics, heavy metal toxins, dietary deficiencies and/or trauma to the body, but it seems medical science is uncertain about the exact cause.

Actually, my health issues (headaches, food sensitivities and brain fog) started way back when I was in university at a time when I was drinking excessively, eating poorly and in a state of extreme stress. It was also not long after two severe head injuries and several very traumatic experiences.

In any event, ten years ago, in 2002, four years prior to the initial trembling, I realized that I had lost my sense of taste and smell. This realization came to me one spring day when I was doing my annual post-winter doggy-doo clean up in the back yard. I couldn’t smell the doggy-doo. It occurred to me then that I couldn’t taste things either, but the loss of taste and smell had happened so gradually that I hadn’t noticed the change.

At the clinic where I was diagnosed, I was told that the only way to treat the condition and minimize the trembling was through medication. I was also told that exercise and meditation had proven effective in slowing its progress.

I informed the specialist at the clinic that I am opposed to using medications of any sort, so that wasn’t an option. On the other hand, I am a martial arts instructor and my weekly exercise routine far exceeded anything the clinic had to offer, so that was good news.

I believe that the root cause of all physical disease is unresolved emotional pain…I learned this years ago…and I informed the specialist that that is what I wanted to focus on. I told him that I intended to heal the condition. He reluctantly agreed to my approach, but asked me to come back to the clinic every six months so he could monitor my progress.

So, over the next two years I exercised, meditated and healed emotional woundings connected to the trembling. But the trembling steadily progressed to the point where two years ago, my left arm and hand were trembling constantly and my right wrist had started trembling as well. Clearly, something was missing.

At that time, I was referred to a Body Stress Relief (BSR) therapist in Newmarket, Ontario. BSR, developed by two South African chiropractors, essentially uses a process of pressure points along the spine to relieve muscle tension in the back thereby allowing nerve impulses to flow more freely.

Over the next few months, through bi-weekly BSR treatments, the trembling in my arms diminished by about two-thirds, which was quite significant, and that’s basically where it has stayed over the next year and a half.

Then last fall I read two books that renewed my belief that I could overcome PD naturally. The first was called, A Scientific Approach to Integrative Medicine, by Leonard Wisneski & Lucy Anderson, and the second was The Healing Codes, by Alex Lloyd and Ben Johnson. Through these books I learned three important points.

First, I learned that all of our internal systems are interconnected. The central nervous system, endocrine system, immune system and digestive system all operate interactively and all produce the same or complimentary neurotransmitters and hormones. Therefore, if one system is in a state of disease, the rest are affected.

Second, I learned that the body’s state of health is entirely controlled by the immune system. If the immune system is functioning properly, the body doesn’t get sick.

Third, I learned that approximately 80% of the immune is situated in the gastrointestinal tract, and therefore, it is compromised by an unhealthy diet. And so, I decided that if I want to heal myself, I needed to purify my diet.

This information also helped me understand why emotional healing and BSR hadn’t healed the trembling. Clearly, in order for me to have become unwell in the first place, my immune system had to have broken down…likely back in university when I first started developing health issues…and therefore, part of the recovery process had to involve restoring the immune system. But this wasn’t going to happen without purifying my diet.

My diet was already very good, but based on what I had learned from these two books, I completely eliminated alcohol, sugar, wheat, dairy, corn and processed foods. I also added coconut oil, cloves, garlic, tumeric, cinnamon, beets, avocado and cashews to my diet. I also found out that Vit D deficiency is thought to play a role in many diseases, including PD, so I started taking a Vit D3 supplement…8,000 mg per day.

Within three weeks of implementing this new diet, I started to smell things…garlic, coffee (which I don’t drink), etc, and I began tasting things as well. Now how awesome is that?

And so, while I continue to experience trembling, I believe I’m on the right track and I plan to post periodic blogs to report on my progress. I figure it’s going to take nine months to a year for the trembling to be affected, but who knows. If you want to read my full story, click here.

If anyone is aware of anything else people have had success with in overcoming PD naturally, I’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime, have an awesomely calm day!

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