My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 129 … 2014, A Helluva Year!

2015Between the onset of panic attacks, a new understanding of the role of fear, the sudden, temporary remission of symptoms and an unexpected ashram visit [among many other experiences], 2014 was a heck of a year! And if I had to characterize it with one word, that word would be, learning! I thought I had learned a lot in the years previous, but this year I learned so much it blew my mind [almost literally]!

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Recovering from Parkinson’s Disease: What I’ve Learned from My Experience

labyrinthNo discussion about the steps I’ve taken in order to begin recovering from Parkinson’s would be complete without a review of what I’ve learned during the process. In a blog I wrote a few months ago, I listed seven valuable¬†things I had learned up to that point that have been instrumental in the beginning of my recovery. The list has grown since then.

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Recovering from Parkinson’s Disease: Step 13 – Getting Relief from Symptoms

peaceThe primary goal of anyone experiencing Parkinson’s is getting relief from the symptoms. Be it the trembling, tension, clenching, loss of balance, anxiety, constipation or any other symptom, we want relief, however temporary it may be! It’s why people take medication … not to slow or cure the disease, to get relief from the symptoms.

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Recovering from Parkinson’s Disease: Step 7 – Exercise and Muscle Memory

bouncing ballThe day I received my diagnosis in October of 2008, the neurologist recommended meditation and exercise as the best way to help manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s. When I told him about the amount of exercise I would typically get in a week, he admitted that what I was doing was far more than his clinic could offer me.

Exercise is critically important in healing any health condition. It is essential for a healthy body, mind and spirit! Personally, I love being active and I believe exercise has played an important role in the beginnings of my recovery! The question is what exercise is best? Continue reading