My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 57 … It would be easy to ask, ‘why me?’

heavenIt would be easy for me to ask, ‘why me?’ Why did I develop Parkinson’s? Given everything that I’ve already endured in my life and all the awesome stuff that I was embarking on around the time I was diagnosed, it might seem a tad unfair.

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My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 50 … Helplessness!

helplessnessThere is no worse feeling than the feeling of helplessness. Like being carried by the rapids, towards the head of the falls, it truly is a horrific awful feeling!

Experiencing Parkinson’s can sometimes leave you feeling very helpless. When you struggle with simple day to day tasks and as you watch certain symptoms progress, feelings of helplessness can overcome you.

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What Happened to Our Manners?

leave it to beaverQuestion 1: Since when did ‘You’re welcome,’ become ‘No problem.’ … because I sure hope the change you just gave me for the $800 item I purchased, wasn’t a problem!

Question 2: When did it become acceptable for a perfect stranger (usually a guy) to address another guy as, ‘buddy.’ … “Hey buddy, how ya doin’?”

Question 3: Who told young people (quite often restaurant servers) that when greeting older couples, address them as, ‘guys!’ … “Hi guys, what can I getcha?”

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