Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – A Journey of Love #16 … Worry!

tranquilityWorry! In my experience, it is the most challenging issue we face in living with, managing and overcoming the symptoms of PD … and many other conditions, I suspect!

Apathy and depression are also conditions faced by many and it’s quite possible, if not probable, that worry plays a role here, as well.

Whether you call it worry, stress, anxiety or fear, it is the primary contributor to the development and progression of this neurological condition.

It was mostly worry that led to the crisis I experienced this past December which resulted in my complete [and temporary] immobility and having to go on medication! It was a lifetime of worry, stress, anxiety and fear that led me to developing this condition in the first place. Yes there were other factors, like excessive alcohol consumption, head injuries, poor diet, toxicity and emotional trauma, but it was chronic worry that was the primary contributor.

Why some people are prone to worry while others aren’t, and why chronic worry manifests different health conditions in different people, is a mystery that may never be solved.

Anyway you slice it, it’s important to address it and the first step in doing so, is being aware of it. I didn’t realize until after things went south in December, just how much I was worrying. Nor did I have an appreciation of how much worry I was experiencing in the years leading up to the manifestation of the first symptoms. I was mired in both an unhappy job and an unhappy marriage and both were consuming my thoughts.

Once a though-pattern of worry is recognized, I have different ways of altering my thoughts in order to bring myself out of the state of worry:

  • I bring myself into the present moment by focusing on my breath, my surroundings and/or what I’m doing.
  • I will throw my arms up in the air and yell hallelujah!
  • I will recite any one of a number of prayers/mantras. [See below]
  • I will hum a tune or sing a song.
  • I will practice counting to ten in different languages. [I can count to ten in twelve different languages]
  • I will practice Estonian [I am learning to speak Estonian]
  • I will recite my values [for instance, I value family, friendship, community, simplicity, curiosity, kindness, compassion, etc.]
  • I will recite the things I am excited about. For instance, I am excited about sending love out to the universe. I am excited about developing an awesome meditation practice. I’m excited about developing an awesome qigong practice. I am excited about playing the guitar again. I am excited about swimming again. I am excited about writing books. I’m excited about learning Estonian.
  • I will practice loving compassion. For instance, I will pick a person or group of people and recite the following: May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you live in peace, love, joy, abundance and bliss. May you live in acceptance, trust and faith. May you live in the present moment. May you live in oneness with the universal-energetic-intelligence [God]. May you live in harmony with the flow-of-life. May you be content.!

Here are two prayers I recite every day:

23rd Psalm [spiritual version]:

The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. Spirit makes me lay down in green pastures and leads me beside still waters. Spirit guides me down a path of spiritual awakening for my highest good. Spirit helps me to feel good about myself. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of impermanence, I shall fear no darkness, for thou art with me. Your love and compassion, they comfort me. You help me to understand, accept and let go of my past, and in so doing, you help me to forgive. You also help me to live in the present moment. My life is filled with abundance. Surely peace, love, joy, abundance and bliss, will be with me all the rest of my days. And I will dwell in spiritual consciousness and enthusiasm forever!

Expansion of divine love:

The universal-energetic-intelligence wishes to expand itself. It wishes to expand divine love in the universe through experience. Through my experience and the experience of every other entity in the universe. We are the vessels for the expression and expansion of divine love. And the best thing I can do to contribute to this expansion of love is to fully surrender to the will and wisdom of the universal-energetic-intelligence, acknowledge my true essence, which is divine love, live in love by being kind, compassionate, generous, forgiving and grateful, and live in the present moment. And I can do all this because I live in spiritual consciousness and I choose to celebrate life. I’m so grateful for the opportunity I have been given to participate in the flow-of-life and contribute to the expansion of divine love!

Wishing you a tranquil day!

4 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – A Journey of Love #16 … Worry!

  1. I love your approach to this “disease“. We think alike and use a lot of the same resources. I also had a setback recently which made me try levodopa. I was only taking a pill and a half a day and having dyskinesia.
    Thanks for all the encouragement and reminders. I have been meaning to make a checklist for myself also just to make sure I’m really doing what I’m thinking and intending. I also believe that Parkinsons can be fear induced as mine was.
    Our bodies are amazing and are made to heal. This recent setback has forced me to find the healers in a more aggressive way and remove more of the stressful influences. It’s a journey or discovery. Thank you for all of the great input and writing.

    • Thank you so much Judy! It is both comforting and reassuring to connect with like-minded and like-experienced souls! It confirms that I/we are on the right path! You practice meditation and qigong as part of your healing regimen? What is the core of your regimen?

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