Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – A Journey of Love #4 … I Love Chiropractic!

activatorA few weeks ago I noticed that even though I was now taking PD medication, I was experiencing worse trembling. Then I went for a chiropractic treatment … the first one since October … and I noticed an immediate improvement. The next day I went for another treatment and experienced further improvement. It reminded me of the importance of bodywork for minimizing certain symptoms, particularly trembling!

Last year, I switched my bodywork focus from chiropractic to Bowen therapy. I did so because John Coleman, who fully recovered from PD, included Bowen as part of his protocol. I was still doing chiropractic, but fewer treatments per month.

I stopped doing Bowen in October because it wasn’t helping reduce my symptoms. Also,  in part because I was experiencing severe anxiety, I didn’t go for chiropractic treatments in November and December. When I resumed chiropractic in January, I was reminded how helpful it is in minimizing trembling.

In 2011, I started seeing a Body Stress Relief therapist and within six months, the trembling I was experiencing at the time was reduced by about 75%. When I moved to Manitoulin Island in 2016, I switched from BSR to chiropractic because there is no BSR therapist on the island.

Chiropractic treatments help me in three ways:

  • Reduces trembling
  • Helps with swallowing by relieving tension in the neck
  • Helps relieve the tension in my jaw associated with TMJ

If you’re going to see a chiropractor, I would suggest finding one who uses an Activator. An Activator is like a miniature jackhammer and is used to relieve tension in the back muscles. The chiropractor I see primarily uses an Activator and only does a small amount of manual adjustments.

In my experience, bodywork is essential for minimizing certain PD symptoms, particularly trembling. It relieves tension in the muscles, losens up the joints and helps heal old injuries. I urge you to consider it as part of your protocol!

I love chiropractic!


38 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – A Journey of Love #4 … I Love Chiropractic!

  1. I have been seeing a chiropractor twice monthly, for several years now, definitely worhthe money. Mine keeps me mostly pain free.

    • Thanks for this Jimmy! I’m no expert on focused ultrasound but from what I know there are two forms of the surgery: one which focuses primarily on the tremor associated with Parkinson’s or essential tremor, and a second version like the one in Switzerland that focuses on a broader range of Parkinson’s symptoms. If you look at the video that Lena sent it shows a woman whose stride walking was much better after the surgery in addition to her tremor being eliminated.

      In the US there is a clinical trial going on for the surgery that focuses just on the tremor. If I were going to do this surgery, I want to aim for eliminating or improving as many PD symptoms as possible. It’s not clear to me from the video that the version being done in Spain is as comprehensive as the version in Switzerland, or if it’s just targeted at eliminating tremor.

      If I remember the data correctly, the surgeon in Switzerland claims he has done 288 procedures like this. The average rate of improvement for patients was 67%. And 50% of the people who did the surgery no longer have to take PD meds. That’s a pretty good track record. I wonder how the place in Spain compares?

  2. Activator in the hands of an excellent chiropractor truly changed my life with a C-2 Fracture. Glad you have one near you as it stimulates the body itself to bring balance everywhere unlike so many manual adjustments. Awakening electrical impulses, reconnecting vital pathways……brought life for me.

    I have been meaning to share with you and tell you about the herb called Polygonum. It is also called Fo-Ti and He Shou Wu. PrimalHerb has a good write up but there are many stating it is beneficial in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, hair loss, hardening of the arteries, and neurodegenerative diseases specifically Parkinson’s. Several favorable medical studies regarding Parkinson’s and one in 2014 that PrimalHerb mentions.

    There are also warnings for excessive use but it really stands out and will even be covered in April 2018 in the Eastern Medicine Production being done by Truth About Cancer.

    Best to you in your ongoing continual victories and truths that you share! I have been following you for years! You share so many truths for everyone to take freely. Healing to you 🙂

      • I’m in the same situation, it’s too early to know but after about 10 days on 25mg bid I feel confident it’s helping with sleep, stress, anxiety and some motor symptoms. I can tell when it’s wearing off ( 6-8 hours) and I’m going to add in a mid day dose. I picked a “full spectrum” high potency cbd oil from http://www.LazarusNaturals.com they have the best prices of all the companies I looked at and they have an assistance program that can save you another 60% if you are disabled, a veteran or low income. I’m not an affiliate. I don’t make any money from them. I am grateful for the quality of their products and their commitment to help those most in need. Cbd oil can get expensive, and it’s very confusing and overwhelming to source. I wanted to share a low cost, high quality product with a good company behind it to you and your followers. I hope it helps us all.

      • Steve – I’m the same Jeff who posted earlier, just mistyped my name the first time around. Thanks for the link to your CBD oil supplier. Looks like a great company. I haven’t been scientifically dosing the oils I’ve been trying. I should be. I’m seriously considering ordering from the same company and trying a similar dose to what you’ve been experimenting with. I’ve had PD symptoms for years and have avoided taking meds until very recently (2 two weeks ago) when the symptoms (primarily mobility, i.e. gait and balance) became so bothersome I felt compelled to give them a try. I’m on a low dose of Sinemet and have had good results thus far, but would vastly prefer CBD oils if I could get similar improvements.

    • Steve – I’ve been using CBD oils but it hasn’t had a dramatic effect on my PD symptoms. The link you provided contains some great information especially around dosage variability among people with PD symptoms. I’ve been using a high-quality organic CBD oil that is high in CBD content and low in THC content (18:1 ratio). I’ve only been taking a few drops in the morning and a few drops at night. It does help me sleep and/or relax but I don’t notice much of an impact on tremors, balance, or gait issues. How much CBD oil have you been taking daily and what ratio of CBD/THC is present in your remedy?

  3. Jimmy, do you know the cost of this treatment, compared to the Swiss clinic. ? I find it incredible that there seems to be only two hospitals offering this treatment in the whole of Europe. Imagine going all that way and then beiing turned down after the assessment by the medical team. That would ‘rip your rompers’.

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpNPEyaEDZQ Hi Fred, have you seen this interview of Colin Potter by PT Sarah King? He’s successfully reduced some PD symptoms–although anxiety is never mentioned. Also, have you looked into your hormone balance? My Mother(PwP) had severe panic attacks, was given lorazapm–also tried much in the way of feeling the fear, meditating, GABA, theonine–nothing worked except lorazapam–which didn’t prevent it from coming on–just abated–until she started taking a low dose of megastrol acetate for appetite stimulation. One month later the panic attacks stopped & never came back. Megastrol acetate is a variation of synthetic progesterone! Nice side effect. Didn’t help her appetite so she stopped. Which leads to topic of problems with carbidopa-levodopa–off times will eventually appear and then Drs increase dose & side effects appear. Mom lost 30 lbs, her appetite, gained dyskinsea, nausea & still had off times. She had gone from 600mg to 1000mg, and then higher. She was this way for 4 years (weighed 94 lbs). She decreased her dose very slowly in 2018 and has regained some appetite and the 30lb, lost the dyskinsia. She’s just beginning to eat some vegetables again (decrease in tastes as well as appetite is a side effect of CL). Off times though are very painful. Good luck Fred. I found your website Nov 2018 & studied your own protocol. Thanks for all your time & effort in continually sharing your own story. Regards, Heidi S

    • Thank you for sharing your mom’s story! Yes, I am familiar with Colin Potter. Has your mom tried transitioning from levodopa-carbidopa to CBD oil. I am in the process of doing that now. It is too early to know the results. I’m also going to use CBD oil to transition off the anxiety medication [clorazapan] after I am off the PD meds.

      • She tried CBD salve, 500mg in one oz–no help for dystonia (muscle pain during off) the strongest I’ve found. Also tried a milder CBD salve with some THC, for the store said a little THC makes the CBD work better, but it didn’t help. A few years ago she tried Rick Simpson Oil, before Oregon laws required labeling of CBD & THC contents. One batch worked, the next two made her too high, so swore off of it. She now takes 4 drops CBD liquid at bedtime for it’s antihistamine quality–no obvious benefit otherwise. I have heard studies of rats show CBD to be neuroregenerative–no studies on humans.

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