Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – A Journey of Love #1 …Thank You!

sunlightI have so much for which to be thankful! I have an amazing partner, three wonderful children, five fantastic brothers and their families, plus a long list of very kind and generous friends!

I am blessed in so many ways!

I live on a picturesque lake on a beautiful island, chocked-full of wildlife, in one of the best countries on the planet! Sure there is snow to shovel and flies to swat, but they are part of the magic!

I have also had the good fortune of connecting with so many amazing people all over the world through this blog … people whose faces I have never seen and whom I will likely never meet in person, but whose support and friendship have made this journey so very remarkable!

Thank you so much for your response, well wishes and support for my last post! It has been a challenging time made all the more bearable by this wonderful online community!

My most recent experience with the symptoms of PD has led me to conclude that the road to recovery begins and ends with love … love of ourselves, love for each other, love for our experiences and love of life … and I am thankful to say that there is so much love in this world, so many wonderful people and I am so very grateful to be able to share this journey with you!

Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!


10 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – A Journey of Love #1 …Thank You!

  1. Thank you Fred for the reminder for us all to appreciate and focus on what we are blessed with especially in the hard times. It is so easy to loss sight of that. I have been going through convulsions every time I take Sinemet and it has made my world very small and scary right now. I have so many things I am blessed with though – great family, friends, a warm place to live with beautiful gardens and the ability to go to Switzerland and hopefully finally get off Sinemet and put these convulsions behind me. Wishing you easier times ahead also!

  2. Love it is, yes, the most important thing in life! It helps, it transforms, it feels so good receiving and giving! Sending you love for a your journey to recovery!

  3. Thank you for sharing your journey and the extensive information. It was quite helpful. my father has Parkinson’s and I urged him to take this route, however he has not. You helped inspire me to become a Health Coach in hopes of educating and helping others! Would you mind if I referred to you or quoted you on my site?

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