Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #115 … My Journey has Taken a Abrupt Turn!

love2It has been two months since my last post on my journey experiencing the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Since that post, my journey has taken an abrupt turn!

When I was diagnosed with PD in 2008, I made the decision at that time to deal with it naturally. The neurologist who diagnosed me explained that the only way to treat PD was with medication. I said, no thank you. I felt confident that I could overcome the condition by healing the emotional root cause … the same way I had overcome food sensitivities and migraine headaches.

I admittedly knew very little about Parkinson’s at the time. I thought it only involved trembling. I knew about Michael J Fox and Muhammad Ali but I was convinced that what they were experiencing wasn’t going to happen to me. Little did I know!

Skip forward a few years to last January when I added Bowen therapy to my protocol. I did so because John Coleman, the Australian naturopath who fully recovered from Parkinson’s, included this therapy as part of his protocol. After nine months of no progress [In fact I was getting worse], I stopped the Bowen treatments at the end of October. Then in early November, I started experiencing ongoing intense anxiety and panic, further intensifying my symptoms.

After six weeks of living with anxiety and panic on a daily basis, I went to the hospital where I was prescribed with an anxiety medication [Clorazepam] which gave me immediate relief. The next day however, whether triggered by the medication or something else, I found myself back at the hospital experiencing almost complete loss of mobility.

I spent a week in the hospital, where, after three long conversations with a doctor, I agreed to go on a Parkinson’s medication [levodopa], as well as, a different anxiety medication [Lorazepam for the short-term and Sertraline HCL for the long term].

They started me off on three levodopa tablets per day and by the time I left the hospital, I was up to 6 tablets [two tablets three times per day].

After three days in the hospital I started regaining mobility, including walking with a walker, and by the time I got out of of the hospital there was a significant improvement in all the symptoms I was experiencing when compared with what I was experiencing prior to the onset of the anxiety and panic. Admittedly, the medication has made a big difference.

Why all this happened, why I started experiencing anxiety, leading to loss of mobility, I suspect had a lot to do with fear and my thoughts. As my symptoms worsened I spent more time dwelling on and worrying about it, further intensifying the symptoms, leading to more worry. I was caught on a mouse wheel … the proverbial snowball rolling downhill.

I have done a lot of research since getting home from the hospital and it has given me a better understanding and appreciation for how the quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our physical, mental and emotional health and the quality of our life. Eckhart Tolle says, if you are experiencing anxiety, you must first examine your thoughts. I know my thoughts were working against me. The mere fact that I ended up immobile in the hospital is proof of that.

So now I’m in the process of regrouping, determining where I go from here. I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to overcome anxiety because I believe overcoming anxiety and recovering from the symptoms of Parkinson’s are closely related.

For the time being, I am doing my daily regimen and I’m really focusing on meditation, breathing exercises and Qigong. I’m also taking cannibis CBD oil and finding it very helpful.

I discovered a really informative Buddhist monk, Gelong Thubten, who specializes in teaching meditation. He has a very simple and interesting perspective on meditation and a terrific technique for meditating. He also has a bunch of videos on YouTube and there is one video in particular that I really like! Meditation has many benefits including taking your mind off the things that are troubling you, neutralizing stress and raising your vibrational frequency.

I also discovered a video by Mel Robbins who describes a terrific technique for desolving anxiety. Now when I find myself feeling anxious because I’m dwelling on the symptoms I’m experiencing or worrying that they’re going to get worse I use her technique. I count from five back to one, then I say, “I am so excited about developing an awesome meditation practice!”

I discovered yet another video from projectlifemastery.com describing how a change in your body language/posture, changing your focus and using empowering language helps us overcome anxiety and fear.

This experience has not shaken my belief that I will eventually recover my health. I still believe in my heart that it is possible and I also believe that each obstacle I encounter, each challenge I face, is meant to teach me something and is meant to expand and strengthen me spiritually. In that regard, one of the things this experience has forced me to do, is examine my primary motivation for recovering my health. If you had asked me before, I likely would’ve said it was because I wanted to know how to recover my health in order to help others. But the truth is, upon closer inspection, my primary motivation was rooted in fear … the fear of not being unable to look after myself. Now I have experienced that and discovered that I was okay. I learned there are lots of very kind and compassionate people ready to take care of others [the nurses at the hospital were awesome!].

In my experience, overcoming fear begins with love, trust and enthusiasm! Where there is love, trust and enthusiasm, fear cannot exist! Thoughts rooted in love, trust and enthusiasm are far more powerful and affective than any medication! According to Gelong Thubten, a daily meditation practice and living in the present moment throughout the day is an effective way to cultivate the healthy thoughts that help us achieve a state of love, trust and enthusiasm. I’m sure, Bianca Molle, who fully recovered from the symptoms of Parkinson’s through a three hour a day Qigong practice would say the same thing about Qigong.

So I’m going to be doing a lot of meditating, Qigong, exercising, spending time in nature and focusing on spirituality.

Wishing you good health and many blessings!


31 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #115 … My Journey has Taken a Abrupt Turn!

  1. Hi Fred, I do think that carefully accepting medication and looking for root causes of Parkinson’s, particularly meditation, is the way to go.

  2. Sorry to hear of your struggles Fred, you have certainly done everything possible to recover without medication, so I applaud you and wish you well with the next chapter of life with meds.

  3. Fred, I believe too that you can overcome the obstacles and get better health. You are a strong man and you have learnt so much on your journey. Keep learning and keep meditating. Enjoy your meditation ( great you tube meditation by the monk.) Wishing you much success with it. Hugs xxx

  4. I too am sorry to hear of your struggles Fred but as you point out the true spiritual quest is not characterized by 100% ease in total glee. It’s not all sunshine. As with all worthwhile things in life there is some struggle along the way to achieving them. The road to recovery is unique for each of us and we make the best decisions we can in every moment. I wish you the best along your path.

    Since you’re still focused on recovery, you might want to reach out to Lena as I recall her saying that the naturopath she works with, Laurie Micheley, who works exclusively with Parkinson’s patients, has said that some of her patients who have used levodopa in the course of their treatment have eventually recovered. I don’t know any of the backstory or details. I just remember Lena mentioning the idea in one of our discussions on your blog.

    I’m not using Parkinson medications at the moment but I am considering trying them mainly to improve my mobility and therefore options in my life. I hope you continue to respond well to your meds and meditations.


  5. So very glad that you have discovered Buddhist meditation techniques Fred. They have changed major symptoms of anxiety in my own life. I hope that you will too find the lightness and joy and moment by moment pleasure in the small things that I have discovered through meditation.

  6. Fred,as you and I know,it is one day at a time.I hope your journey continues to be educational.I will look up the meditation videos you suggested as lately I have been having a hard time getting to sleep.

  7. Fred, I am glad you are not giving up on recovery Fred! Medication is sometimes needed – I had a good year run that Sinemet was very helpful. As you saw on facebook I am now going to Switzerland for FUS. I would never have considered brain surgery but it is where I have been pushed with my bad reactions to medication. We don’t always have control of our situation. For me it is a big lesson in that I don’t have control and in accepting help. You might be interested on Dr. Jeanmonod’s thoughts on PD and the procedure he developed https://sonimodul.ch/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/SomeUnclassicalConsiderationsOnPD.pdf
    Another piece of the large puzzle. I talked to a guy in Seattle (my city) who is 100% symptom free after having this procedure. And here is the before and after of another woman (this is two days after surgery ) https://www.facebook.com/summercopeland92/videos/10155807347485432/?q=summer%20copeland&epa=SEARCH_BOX

    • Wow Lena! This is exciting news. I wish you the best in Switzerland. I’ll be reading up on this surgical technique and look forward to hearing about your positive outcome. It’s powerful news to learn of any technique that appears to get rid of PD.

  8. Hi fred.
    You are in the right track.
    I am coaching parkinson people to her Better.
    I help people to her rid of old traumas. And it helps. So Better thoughts is a good sat to go.
    Eventuallly See my posts.

  9. I am so moved by this, the heart and soul of it. I totally believe our bodies can be healed through what you share of your journey. My husband was deemed terminal after two lung surgeries. They gave him five years to live at age 55. We got sixteen years. I believe self-love is an undergirding that branches out in our lives. We used holistic health and was lucky to have a medical doctor who was open and worked with him. I once told his doctor that there isn’t anything that goes into this mans body that I don’t research. He also researched what we were doing naturally and gave his approval. What I am saying is I love what you share of your journey/ I do believe in being proactive. Much of what you deal with on a daily basis speaks to us whether we have Parkinson’s or not. Our fears and anxieties that are crippling in many ways. I know the spiritual aspect is so important. I watched my husband move into peace beyond understanding. Your journey brings light and life to many and I am thankful.

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