Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #113 …The quality of our thoughts… I move with ease!

loonIn a recent conversation, Mari and I agreed that the state of our bodies is largely a reflection of the quality of our thoughts. Yes, nutrition plays a role, as does chemical toxicity, exercise, stretching, relaxation and correcting physical trauma, but more than anything else, it’s our thoughts that determine whether our bodies are going to be in a stressed [fight or flight] state or a relaxed state, and thus, in good health or not.

There are a lot of theories floating around about the cause and solution relating to the symptoms of Parkinson’s: vitamin B1 deficiency, Mercury toxicity, inflammation, the death of dopamine producing cells. Yes, they may be a factor, but rarely do you hear anyone talking about the role of fear and our thoughts in the development of this health condition. The one exception is Robert Rodgers in his book, The Road to Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease.

My belief is that I developed the symptoms of PD because of a lifetime of living in chronic stress and fear due to the beliefs I developed from the thoughts I was thinking and the things I was told.

In March of 2014, I experienced a panic attack for the first time in my life. It was in the afternoon and I was doing stretches. I was having difficulty transitioning from one stretch to another when I had the thought, what if I completely lose the ability to move.

On the one hand, I wish I had never had that thought, but on the other hand, I’m glad I did because it showed me the root cause of this condition … FEAR… and fear caused by but one thing, our thoughts [up until that point, I thought anger was the root cause]!

Even as I write this post, I am in an intense state of fear [feeling panicky], and have been all day. In fact, I’ve been in this state on and off for the past few weeks. It started when I woke up in the middle of the night about three weeks ago feeling panicky.

When I’m in this state, I do a few things:

  • Most importantly, I remind myself that the reason I’m in this state is because I’ve had a thought triggered by an unconscious belief that I created at a time in my life when I was spiritually unconscious and didn’t feel good about myself. I also remind myself that what I am experiencing is just a feeling, created by a thought, and nothing more. This helps to take the fear out of the experience. I don’t spend time trying to figure out what the thought was that triggered the fear. Most of the time they are so fleeting I don’t even notice them.
  • I also repeat my divine love mantra … Thank you spirit, higher self and spirit healers for immersing me in divine love. Thank you for the light that shines on me filling me up with divine goodness and compassion, forgiveness and gratitude, understanding and abundance, patience and trust, acceptance and faith, and physical, mental and emotional tranquility. Thank you for hovering over me and immersing me in divine light. And thank you for helping me to dissolve and purge all the detrimental beliefs that are at the root of the fear I’m feeling. And thank you for the light that shines on me filling me with happiness, kindness, courage, confidence and self love. And thank you for bringing me an awesome day! For I am the light, the light is within me, the light moves throughout me, the light surrounds me, the light protects me, I am the light!
  • I also exercise, practise Qigong, meditate, practice living in the present moment, watch funny and inspiring videos on YouTube [especially Rick Mercer], spend time outside and spend time in nature!
  • I also take Valerian Root, Natural Factors Stress Relax Serenity Formula and Bach Flower Essence Rescue Remedy. [I don’t take medication]
  • I smile and yell hallelujah a lot!

For me, the two most unpleasant aspects of this Parkinson’s experience are constipation and the panicky feelings. For constipation, I take magnesium, and it works. It keeps me regular. For the panicky feelings, I do all of the above and I remind myself that the fear I’m experiencing and this Parkinson’s experience as a whole are meant to guide me to spiritual consciousness, divine love and a life without fear.

In getting back to the conversation with Mari that I spoke about at the beginning, I decided to retrain my body. I do this by saying, now I move with ease, or now I walk with ease, or now I stand up with ease, or now I lift my glass with ease, or now I stand steady. I do this constantly, every time I move! And it really helps! Because my body has been trained to live in fear, to be in a state of fight or flight, and therefore, to be impaired in its movements.

It seems to me, that this is all part of the process, all part of what I need to do to return my body to homeostasis and recover my health!



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  1. Hi Fred, sorry for being first to respond but I just can’t shut up .
    Your and your partners thoughts completely resonate with me .
    Small example – 2-3 years ago I was reading about PD and how they cannot swallow properly. I’ve panicked, my concentration completely focused on chewing and guess what , I was choking. Later on I discovered your blog and your comment how doctor told you not to worry about that , you will not choke. Guess what , my choking disappeared ( after few weeks). Similar cases were when I wasn’t able to initiate movements etc – I am playing basketball every day and e everyone knows I which state I was last year. Nothing doesn’t help me as being in a positive and happy mood . Medication apparently working only when I am in that happy and positive mood otherwise it can stop any time . Number of times I went for a basketball and had to stop after a few minutes due to negative thoughts in my head .
    Everyone agrees about that theory – Dr Farias, Howard Shifke , David Thompson , Roger etc .
    Even medical community would agree but they would call that CATATONIC SCHYZOFRENIA. You can check that on a you tube but it’s not for the faint hearted. There is a mental and physical aspect of that disease- some symptoms are very similar/ identical. Google suggested that for me to look at by using search algorithm based on my previous searches . We can laugh but mathematics is mathematics. My symptoms are almost identical to yours .
    The question is what to do about thoughts ? Is it enough to repeat same mantra which over the years didn’t produce any results ? Sorry, I don’t mean to offend you in any way because I am using my mantra that occasionally help me .
    What is the best way to deal with subconscious mind ? One way is a repeating positive thoughts and the other way is to visit good hypnotist. Would you agree with me ? Yes, you can also.visit psychiatrist if you don’t mind more medication. Maybe religious pastor or something similar.
    What are you going to do ?
    I am on my phone already.

    Thank you for posting this . You have touched the foundation of PD ( in my opinion ). Who ever doesn’t believe in the power of hypnosis he or she should visit hypnotist show or even see it on YouTube. It is easy to self hypnotize in the moments of relaxation or opposite, in the moments of high agitation or stress .Dentists perform some surgery in the state of hypnosis.

    • What am I going to do? That’s a good question Bratzo! Even as I write this I am feeling quite messed up because it seems I triggered an unconscious belief which has put me in a state of fear, intensifying the symptoms I experience. But this is my ultimate challenge, and that is to figure out how to dissolve these unconscious beliefs so that they no longer affect me in any way. I had an epiphany last night which is, the way to dissolve the fear is through enthusiasm. I’m in the process of trying to understand this.

      PS I have an uncle who is a dentist who uses hypnosis in his practice 🙂

      • I don’t know why you are telling me who did you spent your night with but yes, some women can mess you up badly. However, she sounds fun and positive. Little bit more mess in our messed up brains won’t make any difference but there is a possibility of positive surprise. Just don’t over think it . Enjoy the messing around. It’s not your job to find the meaning of life . Your job is only to be happy. God will take care of everything else. It’s like a roller coaster ride , you don’t think about details , you enjoy the ride . Otherwise you just wasted your money. You went on that ride because you wanted to be scared and excited otherwise you would go on Marry go around which is quite boring. Enthusiasm brings creation and life .

        I am soooo deep this morning. I should take more of this pink tablets.

        For you Fred , try B1 . Number 2 improves dramatically and after 2-3 weeks balance. I am happy that it wasn’t testosterone but small amount of iodine helps .Just don’t overdo it as I did. However, don’t expect miracle with balance until you correct your foot.

        I was contacting hypnotist yesterday and he was nice but scared to work with PD due to luck of experience with PD. I chose him because he is close to basketball court. I had to persuade him that he can do it ( lol ). Finally be agreed and the rest we will find out .

        Fred , I love the picture of that duck with a little one on top. Did you take it?

        Blessings to everyone

        PS: It looks like that solution to PD will be in doing a good shit every day . That would be a joke.

      • My hypnotist chickened out . Scared of PD.
        Anyway, who needs insecure hypnotist?
        My second trouble is to find experienced
        Bowen therapist in Sydney. You wouldn’t believe me , since it’s discovered in Australia.


    • 500 is probably too little but there is nothing to lose to take it slowly.
      It’s important that we are trying and experimenting.

  2. Hi Fred – don’t forget that Janice Walton-Hadlock also believes the root cause of Parkinson’s is fear. And her professional remedy for recovery that she describes in her book is almost constant meditation and prayer to get rid of fear and replace it with love. I find it to be a tough assignment. I think I’ve got a similar kind of corrupt subconscious programming as you Fred. The subconscious is so tough to get at and change.

    I agree with you that at least for me fear is the root cause of my PD symptoms. It’s the toxin I’ve been carrying around with me since I’ve been aware of my own thinking, and probably before that as a fetus and baby. I may have inherited fear from my grandparents who experienced a great deal of it in Europe before they immigrated to the US. Experiments in labs have shown that rats when traumatized pass along their fear-based behavior to their “grandchildren” via their DNA. That tendency can also be modified epigenetically with our consciousness but again it’s not easy.

    Like you too I’ve been feeling particularly anxious for the last three or four weeks. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that happened to us at the same time, but it’s more like a Jungian synchronicity and that we’re both waking up at the same time, or at least roughly on a similar timetable. Or maybe it has something to do with the change of seasons? Less daylight?

    I love your mantra for getting rid of fear. So many words! How do you remember them all? It’s kinda like Bob Dylan singing one of his songs with 15 verses. I admire your capacity for remembering so many words of a mantra or prayer. Maybe that goes with your ability to sleep well. Your prayers are so meaningful and voluminous they carry you off to slumber. Dylan said he used to memorize long poems as a young man to train his mind. Good idea! You can’t run a marathon without training for one. Hey, that’s one possible slogan we can use to describe the healing process for PD symptoms!

    The symptoms of PD that bother me the most are sleep disturbance and mobility issues. I continue to exercise and walk but I’m so much more limited than I was before. For instance I used to run barefoot for 6 miles a couple times a week along a beautiful relatively unpopulated sandy beach. Now I walk 3 miles along a relatively level path through the redwoods every other day, but it’s tough going, especially getting started. It feels like as much or more work than running 6 miles in soft sand used to feel to me. It’s very tough for me to play guitar like I used to because of limited use of my right hand. Such deep learning is required on this healing adventure! Also patience, tenacity, compassion, acceptance, clear thinking, openness to change and challenge, and more!

    I deal with my sleep issues using natural remedies but it’s a process just like unwinding my fear. So far both of these endeavors have been lifelong processes. I’m with you Fred on the healing path chanting “I move with ease!” and …


    • Jeff, start B1 HCL and you will definitely get more strength and with more strength you will get more confidence and you will forget about fear .
      Benefits are real.
      Read what Jimmy is sending.


      • Thanks, Bratzo! Can you recommend a specific brand of thiamine hcl I can get on the Internet? I’ve been taking 250 mg of benfotiamine each day for a while. It’s a fat soluable form of thiamine. I haven’t noticed any results. My doc had recommended I take it.

      • Hi Jeff, I am planning to take SOLGAR B1 HCL . I think that any brand is ok if you trust them . Until now I was using injections of b1HCL .
        Benfotiamin is a fat soluble b1 and it suppose to be good. I was using it earlier but didn’t notice any change .
        HCL means hydrochloric ( hydrogen plus Chloe or Chlorine ) This is my high school education and forgive me if I make a mistake . HCl is a acid which you have in your stomach. B1 suppose to help stomach acid to metabolize proteins . Proteins are made of amino acids and they separate in yo your stomach. If they don’t then you don’t get tyrosine or you get less of it .
        When I was talking b1, testosterone , iodine , magnesium malate and Maca Root, I had great improvement then I stoped b1 and testosterone, thinking that iodine helped me and improvements diminished . Now I am asking myself if improvements were caused by b1 or testosterone or synergistically? I will find out . Improvements were great, firstly with toilet , then initiation of movement then balance ( within a fee weeks). It is almost like if body gets used to anything I try . Now I am just using b1 injections until my tablets arrive and if I don’t see results then with heavy heart I will use testosterone ( I don’t like it ).

    • Thanks, Jimmy! This guy (author featured in your link) recommends benfotiamine, a fat-soluble form of B1. Says it’s 6 times more available than other forms. Do you know what form/brand Constantini recommends?

  3. My first day taking B1, didn’t need or want my usual afternoon nap, my right leg behaved more normally during my walk. So far so good.

  4. He recommended 2g in the morning for me ( 4x 500mg tablets), or 2 half ampoules per week ( 50mg plus 50mg ) if injected . That is probably according to my weight 85kg and stage of PD.

    I was using way too much ( 100mg plus 100mg ).

  5. It is about time I shared with you a form of qigong I have been doing for a few years….Yuan Gong.When I practice regularly fear dissolves.

    • Jimmy for Nobel Prize for research!!!

      Read David Thompson’s protocol- high level of B vitamins plus vitamins and minerals. MSM , turmeric and enema for glutathione. Plus detox.

    • After second injection of b1 my plumbing is in order again ( 3 times ).
      Didn’t received the tablets yet . Feeling enthusiastic ( as usually) and proclaimed no medication day ( 50/200 x 4 plus other rubbish).

    • Just don’t do what I did . After second injection I decided to stop Sinemet and today after third injection I completely lost energy . It was hard to initiate movements ( as before ) etc. then with last brain cell left I’ve remembered to take Sinemet and somehow recovered but feeling very tired . I think that my dose will have to go down. Start low and slowly. Makes me think if recently when I wasn’t able to initiate movement was due to b1 injections ( overdose).

      I don’t know how you guys are surviving without medication. My energy just get drained out . The problem that I have now is that I don’t know if loss of energy was due to overdose of b1 or due to not taking medication. I think it’s due to the second one .
      Yes, that was a smart decision.

      Bless and good luck

    • Thanks for this Jimmy! This FAQ is very informative. Thiamine can be delivered in different forms. The form of thiamine that Dr. C appears to recommend is thiamine HCL. Do you know if the Solgar thiamine on Amazon is thiamine HCL? The label on the Solgar doesn’t say if it is or not.

  6. I’ve started on 1000mg per day and the results have been a steady supply of extra energy, I noticed when I woke this morning, I didnt feel so tight and tense, Ive also been able to sleep on my side again, something I havent been able to do for a long time. Rising from a sitting position is definitely easier . I think its all about getting the dose right, I am planning to increase my dose to 1500mg a day, after 2 weeks. Suddenly stopping Sinamet is not a good idea, it should be reduced in small increments.

    • Glad you’re continuing to do well, Rebecca. I wish you continued improvement. I also agree with you about suddenly stopping Sinemet.

  7. Thank you guys . I am feeling much better this morning. There are a few explanations for what happened yesterday and I wouldn’t discourage anyone to ahead with B1. It could be my diabetes ( border line), it could be cold turkey stopping of Sinemet for 3days or it could be too much of B1 . God knows but I’ll be good for now and listen to Dr C because he deserves the trust. His actions are highly honorable. Being Army doctor, being specialist , treated over 2500 people with PD, not charging for advice, further researching PD and as they say in OZ ” pissing against the wind ” ( attitude that I admire )- who can ask for more !?

    Interesting point – B1 HCL gets hydrolised into another thiamine TPP and that increases testosterone and some other enzymes in ” senile rats ” .
    Someone mentioned Taurin before – also increases testosterone.
    David T – told me that he noticed large difference in energy after using testosterone
    We were previously discussing hormons and influence on PD ( balance, strength etc ).
    My personal experience ( but I cannot confirm because I was doing a few thing at the time B1, testosterone, DHEA, iodine – change was dramatic within a 3 weeks).
    Just keep it in mind .
    Once when I establish right dose of B1 , my next experiment will be with testosterone.

    Many Blessings

    • Glad you’re feeling better Bratzo. I bet you crashed because of the rapid Sinemet withdrawal. Gotta go slow when getting away from Sinemet, at least according to what I’ve read from people who have done it.

      I just wrote Dr. C about a recommended dose of thiamine HCL for me. Based on his track record of results with his patients, I’m eager to give it a try. I like too that he’s not motivated by greed which is the case with so much of the medical establishment in the USA, the only nation in the developed world without nationalized healthcare for all.

      Peace, blessings and perfect health to you!

      • Yes Jeff, I find it incomprehensible that a civilised country like the USA have not got a fair and equitable health system, as in the rest of the developed world.

      • Gandhi was once asked what he thought of Western civilization. “I think they should try it sometime.” He also said society should be judged based upon how it treats its least fortunate citizens. The US doesn’t do very well on that test either.

      • Makes you think if something is in a food that makes people placid and obedient.
        From country where buildings are collapsing due to solidarity, you can expect anything.
        God help you

    • I am trying everything Jimmy. Until now nothing really made a big difference but you never know. They give me some hope and keep my spirit up.
      I always wanted another brain lol.

  8. I know this is true about thoughts. I recently found out I have the strings of rosacea. So I’ve been paying attention to diet and stress and thoughts and rest and supplements. This healing our minds and bodies is a intimate thing. I have been doing the healing thought thing for a while… and inner healing. Talking and listening with my body and physical symptoms seems to help. It’s a but counterintuitive sometimes. I find much hope in all of us healing ourselves that I haven’t found in the mental health and medical systems. I appreciate your sharing and holding space for others.

  9. I love your thoughts and the Mantra. I watched my mother die when I was four and by the time I was nine I started having panic attacks. They crippled my life. I do not have Parkinson’s but I wanted to respond. After almost fifty years and health issues, something changed. ME. I came home from work. My husband, who was totally disabled from COPD, and I were visiting and all of sudden I felt the panic attack coming on. I started to resist. I laid down on the couch feeling so frustrated and fearful. I said, God if you want me, you got me. I am tired of fighting this battle. I let go of control and my breath came. God Bless you and all that you do for others.

  10. Be patient (often difficult). What has taken years or decades to get sick, can not improve or heal in a short time. A food, an infusion or a physical exercise may not have immediate benefit, but may prevent many disorders and improve the progression of the disease.

    • Another one of your brilliant findings.
      Yes, they new it even before 1987 and earlier but vitamins are not making money.
      I think I will have to go for a smaller dose . Feeling worsening- shaky, stuck , balance problem.

      God bless

      • God help us all Bratzo!! I did get in touch with Dr. Costantini. I emailed him and he got back to me within 10 minutes! Unheard of with a doctor in America. I’m not even paying Doc C for his advice. A good man. He suggested I start with 2 grams of thiamine, 1 g with breakfast and 1 g at lunch. So that’s the regimen I’m starting today. I considered starting with a lower dose but I figure after having treated thousands of his patients with this protocol his estimate of the optimal starting dose is way better than mine.

    • This patent covers the use of a specific form of thiamine that is fat-soluble, I think like benfotiamine. Costantini as we know recommends thiamine HCL.

  11. Jeff , one interesting detail for you . Usually while I am waiting for medication to kick on ( 2-3hours) if I twist my twisted foot in opposite direction ( with my other foot ) and hold it for a few minutes , soon after my foot gets more energy and I am ready to go . When I start walking after that I can hear clicking noise in foot joints almost like if everything getting adjusted.


    • That’s interesting about your foot, Bratzo. Maybe you’re doing some sort of chiropractic adjustment by yourself. That’s my best guess but I don’t know a lot about these things. Janice Walton-Hadlock made a connection between unresolved ankle injuries and PD symptoms but I didn’t understand her reasoning very well either. She explained the connection in terms of channels and flow of Chi that was beyond me. She also believes that the vast majority of people with unresolved ankle injuries connected to PD symptoms also need to get beyond the emotional/fear component at the root of the condition in order to heal. That’s where I’m at, brother! At the root cause… Transforming it into healing energy with every tool I can embrace.

      A rain shower of blessings to you and all who read this.

      • Hi Jeff. Yesterday I’ve changed from injection into tablets (SOLGAR) and I am feeling much better. Dr C knows his job.
        Constipation problem is back on the list – it’s never boring with this disease .
        Somehow I have a feeling that we are going into the right direction .


      • Great, Bratzo! Glad you’re feeling better. I’m ingesting the Solgar tablets too after asking Dr. C and getting his approval. I have a feeling were going in the right direction too. He has a good track record after working with 2500 people with PD symptoms so I trust his instinct and knowledge gained and experience. I watch a number of his patients before and after videos yesterday that were reassuring.

        I read somewhere recently that 60% of people with PD symptoms suffer constipation. I guess I’m part of the lucky 40%. Not a problem for me, though I have an impressive range of other challenges.

  12. Ì believe we are finally on the right track and getting somewhere, I’m still taking 1000mg each morning and I feel that its somehow taking the edge of the symptoms, I feel more self confidence overall. Appreciating the camaraderie, help and support on this site, we’re in this together guys. Bless you all.

  13. Think of Parkinson as a poor ficus that has been neglected for years without enough water and light in the doctors’ waiting room. Now you’re going to take care of it. Be sure to give plenty of water (thiamine) and light (love) every day. This ficus is suffering, everything hurts. First your roots need to get well. Later small green shoots will appear and maybe All recover, but with care and time will no longer suffer.

    • Haha, that is exactly how I feel when I am in a doctor’s waiting room , like an old twisted ficus . No green bone in my body. Anything green that I take care end up drying out and dead . My backyard would remind you of Chihuahuas Desert and you would feel like at home lol.
      No chance for recovery of my ficus unless God’s intervention.

    • Hi Jimmy – how quickly do you plan on increasing your dose of thiamine? I remember you said you’re starting with 500 mg. Will you do that for a week and then bump it up to 1000 mg? I started yesterday with 2000 mg, 1000 with breakfast and 1000 at lunch. But it was too much. I felt pretty good but I couldn’t go to sleep at night. My sleep cycle is tender. So I dropped down to 500 mg today and plan to do that for a while, maybe a week.

      My problem might’ve been the thiamine interacting with other supplements I’m taking, particularly other B vitamins aimed at detox. So I’m cutting back on those.

      I also thought about getting 100 mg thiamine capsules so I can increase the dose slowly. My body is pretty sensitive, with a high metabolism, light sleeper, etc.

      Rebecca – do you take your thousand milligrams in the morning, or do you split it into two doses of 500 mg each?


    • Jimmy – today I started 1000 mg a day. I emailed Dr.C and he also suggested this dose for me. Now you, Rebecca, and I are taking the same dose. I notice more energy. I also take acetyl carnetine. May we all keep healing!

    • Jimmy – I get an energy boost from acetyl carnetine, but it doesn’t make a huge difference for me. I had a doctor suggest to me taking six capsules per day, but when I did I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t feel like getting out of bed and moving around, my body just felt warm like it was burning a lot of calories. So I now take two capsules in the morning.

      I have a high metabolism, and am thin and athletic. I’m even thinner since I’ve had PD symptoms. I don’t really feel like I need more of the kind of energy acetyl carnetine gives me. At least not now. What I need is to be freed from the rigidity, muscle tightness, and balance issues associated with PD symptoms. I think that thiamine is more helpful with my movement though it’s a bit early to tell for sure. I just started taking 1000 mg per day a few days ago.

  15. Four more days of B1 . Haven’t noticed any difference ( 2g).
    If I have to say how I feel, I would say slightly worse balance in the morning ( could be fear of getting worse). We will see.


  16. Thiamine is not like L-dopa which works fast to provide dopamine and then runs out in a few hours. Thiamine is a molecule that is involved in the normal biochemistry certain cells (not only dopamine producing cells) and according to publications by Dr C helps to stimulate and revive cells damaged by chronic defficiency of thiamine, maybe for years. This is a process that takes time (maybe months) even when there is a new and ample supply of thiamine in the brain. I guess it’s not easy to get thiamine into the brain (especially by ingestion) which is why the oral dose is high. The intramuscular dose is only 100 mg twice a week, so 4 g is 70 times the injected dose. Nearly all of this oral dose gets lost, metabolised or rejected by our bodies ( I haven’t yet looked into this) and is surely variable for each person.

    Only when the damaged cells become healthy again can they start producing dopamine, but this extra dopamine is naturally produced and is right where it is needed. My reasoning is that the actual dose of thiamine is less critical than the duration of the treatment so long as some of it gets to the brain and starts to revive cells. According to Dr C’s publications, the less damaged cells will start to get healthy before the severely damaged ones and these may be in a certain part of the brain and related to a certain symptom.

    • Let’s hope that his theory is correct. Easy way out.
      How other theories from Howard, Bianca, Janice , David Thompson and others fit in? They didn’t use supplements ( David did ).

      I just know that nothing makes me feel good as when my mental attitude is correct.
      ” I walk with ease “- there is something in it .

      When I walk and negative thoughts start creeping in , the way out for me is a conversation with God and thanking him for all beautiful things around me .
      I can do that in a nature but not in a shopping centre- God is not there .

      • Jimmy – good research and discussion about thiamine and Dr. C’s thinking. It was helpful for me to read your comment. Gave me a more informed perspective.

        Bratzo – good question about reconciling Dr. C’s thinking with the healing strategies of Bianca, Howard, Janice, etc. My feeling is Parkinson’s is not very well understood and there are lots of different pathways into experiencing the symptoms. As you and I and others on this blog have discussed, I think fear is one of the root causes if not the root cause. When we experience fear for a long period of time lots of negative things could happen in our body. One of them might be a thiamine deficiency in the brain, and if so, then taking thiamine might provide a way out, at least part of the way.

        Scientists and doctors may not know the specific thing that went wrong in our bodies that causes PD, but our bodies know. Our bodies inherently know what we need to be in a state of homeostasis, as Fred might describe it, or state of perfect health. If we get rid of the fear, I mean really get rid of it as Janice suggests, or is implied by Bianca’s cure, the body will heal itself. It will correct whatever physiological defect took place, restoring itself to a healthy balance without necessarily using supplements. But if supplements provide a window to healing I don’t see any harm in doing them, at least giving them a try. If a thiamine deficiency in the brain is indeed at the root of any of our PD symptoms, then thiamine supplementation will work for us. If some other straw broke the camels back so to speak and led to PD in our system, we need to remedy that deficiency. Maybe for some that means addressing low testosterone levels for instance.

        But in order to totally heal I feel we need to address the core issue of fear like Janice suggests then whatever physical problem or deficiency exists will take care of itself. At least that’s what I think is going on.

        Like you my thinking has a lot to do with how I feel. I often talk with God using an array of constantly evolving prayers. I like Fred’s “I move with ease”. One of my latest is “God wash away my fear with the vitality of living.” I repeat that over and over and my fear dissolves at least for a while.

        I wish you and all who read this perfect health!

  17. WHAT ABOOUT COLLIIN POTTER JOE COLLEMAN AND DR TERRY WAHLS THEY DID IT …WE must allow time for things to happen. In all our cases we had Parkinsons years before all the symptoms showed up. The reversal will also be true. Have faith ………….HOW ARE YYOU TODAY?

  18. Yes Jimmy, I don’t have much patience.
    How is today? Balance is slightly better than yesterday but still stiff in a back and arms / shoulders. I am only comparing when I am off medication because when I am on , I am almost completely right . By the way, I am enjoying more to be off medication because I am more in touch with my body, don’t have that fear that I will stop walking any moment or that I am treading through the water while walking . The worst part of being on medication is when it suddenly stop working- if is like if someone presses hydraulic brakes . So unnatural. I am trying to be on one tablet a day ( 50/200) instead o f four. That doesn’t mean that I don’t need them. I do but I can manage without them.
    I think that my shaking is due to the muscle stiffness in a shoulder area and between shoulder blades which pushing my body to bend forward which causing even more stiffness , balance problem and that causing weakness. Looking down in a phone or I pad or laptop makes it worse. It helps to sit up straight and look slightly up. Occasionally I have to lay down but I try to do that for a short time only . If it’s too long, it’s not beneficial. Always thinking about doing short chores around the house . Gives you feeling of satisfaction and produces dopamine.
    I will stay on b1 but as soon as optimum dose is established I will again experiment with testosterone because when I was on it for a three weeks my number 2 improved , soon after my balance and pain between shoulder blades disappeared. At the time I was using iodine and I thought it was due to that but I am not sure . I think it helped only . It is well documented that testosterone helps some PD but no one experiment with that or mentioning it and I don’t know why ?!
    It is also well documented that many PD are suffering from loss of libido but no one count that as an important point. Testosterone is not only a hormone but also a neurotransmitter with largest concentration in balls ( in man and some woman) and than heart and brain.
    We were discussing that issue long time ago.
    My crazy theory is that Viagra or Cialis could help due to improvements in peripheral circulation and if they don’t it’s fun to experiment ( if you have a partner). Maybe that’s the reason why Pfizer stoped researching PD ?!

    Many Blessings

  19. Jimmy, Bratzo & Jimmy, you 3 boys have been busy promulgating your hypothesis, good theories and ideas.
    I havent got much to add, I dont seem to have the fear problem which bothers you all.
    I cant think of anything to be fearful about really.
    I am happy because I can now drain a cup without liquid going down my windpipe, so nice to not be wary of choking.
    Its a beautiful sunny day here in New Zealand., soon it will be ‘wild swimming’ time in the river, I’m really looking forward to that.
    Blessings one and all.

    • Rebecca- Your attitude about fear is exemplary. I feel better just reading it! It appears fear isn’t what underlies your PD symptoms. I’m convinced PD finds a variety of pathways in. May each of us find our pathway out!

    • Count me out of that fear department. For some unknown reason fear was gone once when I started to smile while being in that fear state and made a decision that I will not end up my life being fearful.
      Hopefully won’t come back but if it does I’ll laugh again.

      • Hard part for me is actually generating a smile in a fearful moment (for instance when losing balance, experiencing difficulty walking, keeping food on a spoon, etc) To heal I learn to love it all enough to smile and laugh along with the challenges. I’m falling in love with healing!

      • Fear is resistance to natural self.
        ( you work that out)
        Beshar – Alien from another planet. They should know if they know how to come to earth .

    • I just found this information from some other blog and it’s funny because hydralazine ( good guy ) is vasodilatator, similar to Viagra or Cialis ( and I was just talking about that few hours ago ).
      Getting closer and closer .

      • Jimmy – I’m not taking Mucuna. Tried it but didn’t work for me. I am taking 250-500 mg of NAD+ per day. Makes a difference for me, more energy/endurance.

      • Jeff, please get rid off fear. Next time when you are in that state , stand straight and talk to God . Tell him ” I am nothing to you , destroy me if you wish . I don’t care any more . Shake me forever if you wish . If that is you love, do it .”
        You will soon noticed that shaking is a message that your subconscious mind and your spirit are trying to tell you . Use that situation and ask your spirit to be open and give that straight to you . That you don’t understand that shaking business and it’s stupid to do i t that way.
        This is jus t the idea. You use your own words and thoughts .
        Many Blessings

      • Bratzo – Thanks for your latest suggested protocol for alleviating fear, but I prefer your earlier suggestion to smile or laugh whenever feeling the onset of fear. Creates a more positive new neural pathway in my brain.

  20. Year after diagnoses I was in a bad shape energetically and psychological and b1 and b3 helped me but then it stoped.
    That was confusing. Occasionally I think that something is helping and after a few weeks stops. Something is missing but B vitamins are crucial ( in my opinion ).

  21. After prescribed period on B1 my balance and initiation of movements are worse ( I was on 2 g per day ). It’s much harder to get dressed and also taking longer to activate my PD medication ( 3 to 4 hours instead of the one hour or one and a half hour ).

    While everyone is thinking why b1 is helping , I am questioning myself why overdose would produce worsening. It would be interesting to know .
    Many Blessings


  23. Where is everyone ? Shovelling snow, wrapping presents, caught up in traffic ? Its been ages since anyones commented. Happy Holidays to all..

    • Hi Rebecca! It doesn’t snow in Northern California where I live, but it has been raining quite a bit. I’m still doing my vitamin B1 everyday as part of my healing protocol. No big changes for me yet. I was in touch with Dr. C and he estimated it would take 40 to 50 days to determine the level of impact for me. At least I think that’s what he said. He’s writing in Italian and the translation is a little rough.

      I’m still admiring how you don’t feel any fear. Wish I had your wiring! I’m repairing mine! Enjoy your summer. Dip into those wild rivers and send some of the healing my way.

  24. Hii Rebecca hi guys I am taking my vitamin B1 every day .. I am still 1g daily …. There are no big changes for me yet. I was also in contact with Dr. C and he estimated that it would take 10 to 20 more days to see if there are changes and increase the dose.
    Jeff, i .don’t feel any fear.. I was not educated through fear …… my parents were very loving with me.

    • Glad you don’t feel fear, Jimmy. Fred and I feel fear is a major underlying cause of our neurological dysfunction. Maybe since you and Rebecca feel no fear, you took another route to PD. in any case, we’re all finding our way to perfect health.

  25. Hi Guys, I wrote a long message yesterday which disappeared when I went to send it, my internet went down, it was infuriating. Well it looks like Fred is the only one who will be shovelling snow, the rest of us live in warmer climates . (I think)
    I experience Fear and Anxiety when flying anywhere, its the stress, the waiting around amongst strangers, and the leaving my comfort zone, it gets me every time. I wonder if others have the same problem.
    Still on my B1 and hoping for more improvement, although I have a back injury which is compounding my discomfort just at the moment.
    Come back BRATZO WHERE ARE YOU ? You’ve just disappeared, hope you’re ok.

  26. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Frohe Weinachten to everyone, wishing you all fun and happiness with those you love and a steady and sustained recovery from pd.next year. Much love to all my fellow warriors…

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