Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #110 … Accepting symptoms and Bowen update!

temporarySome days I am challenged to accept the symptoms I experience and today is one of those days! I am presently in the middle of a Bowen purging and consequently I am experiencing extremely intense symptoms, especially as it relates to loss of balance, freezing and shuffle walking. Bowen purging seems to bring up a lot of anger which underneath feels like helplessness and shame. Today I’m feeling a lot of anger.

I went outside to get some fresh air and exercise. I have been topping up our driveway with limestone and I thought some shoveling and wheelbarrowing would help me feel better. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect. I kept losing my balance, losing control of the wheelbarrow and stumbling around. At one point, I lost my balance and stumbled into a tree. This triggered enormous anger which was not necessarily expressed in a constructive way.

Eckhart Tolle says that one of the keys to happiness and eliminating stress is acceptance of the present circumstances, which is to say, acceptance of the present moment. It seems that I still have some challenges to overcome on this aspect of human experience. I know what to do, I just need to take a deep breath and do it!

As it relates to Bowen therapy, I have been corresponding with John Coleman, the Australian naturopathic doctor who fully recovered from Parkinson’s. Part of John’s protocol, included Bowen therapy. His experience with Bowen was quite different from mine in that he didn’t experience a 10 to 12 day period of intense symptoms, lucid dreams, waking up in the middle of the night and intense mental fog. He offered a few suggestions including drinking more water because it is important to hydrate the facia during Bowen therapy. He also offered to speak directly to my Bowen therapist.

I think the reason I’m waking up in the middle of the night and experiencing lucid dreams, which seem to be problem-solving dreams, is because these dreams are my way of processing and dissolving all the unresolved emotional pain I have been holding on to.

It continues to be a fascinating journey, filled with mystery and significant challenges. I continue to hold the belief that one day I will wake up and the symptoms will be gone. In the meantime, I will do my best practice acceptance.


31 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #110 … Accepting symptoms and Bowen update!

  1. Admiring your tenacity Fred, never giving up. I made enquireies here about Bowen Therapy, but it is SO expensive, $115 for initial consultation and $80 for subsequent visits. My chirpractor is only $33.

  2. Acceptance, anticipation, and surrender – each within specific contexts… are my three favorite words. I admire your awareness and how you choose to address both challenges and successes!

  3. Hi Fred – thanks for sharing your recent experience with practicing acceptance of your symptoms. I experience a similar dynamic. As you and I have discussed before, fear is a root cause of the symptoms. It’s almost as though our bodies learned to crave fear as a result of corrupted programming that occurred in our past. Sometimes fear feels good (almost like a teddy bear) to me because it’s been such a constant companion even in childhood.

    In limited doses, fear can be constructive but as an addiction it becomes destructive. The symptoms feel like they taunt me sometimes with an attitude of “so, you want some fear do you? I’ll give you something to fear!” That I experience balance issues or gait difficulties or limited movement in my right hand, sparked or exacerbated by fear and at the same time provoking more fear. Fear of falling, feeling self-conscious in front of others, unsatisfactory performance of some task, etc. And this dynamic sends me spiraling deeper into fear and the self-destructive cycle continues. Practicing acceptance is the way to break the cycle. Letting fear go! I’m with you on the journey! Companions in healing!!

    It’s great you’re in contact with John Coleman. Perhaps that’s a bit of help you need in having your Bowen therapy become successful in helping you cleanse yourself of the symptoms. I too am working with an osteopath and bodyworker focused on reworking my fascia. Ahhhh . . . this body and the amazing things it holds unseen beneath the surface!!

    May the Great Spirit be with you!!

    • Thank you Jeff! You have articulated this beautifully! You describe exactly what I experience! This week, my journey with Bowen therapy went to a new level when I started waking up in the middle of the night, unable to get back to sleep, shaking uncontrollably and feeling enormous fear. It has led to more insights and the need for me to turn around and walk back into the fear in order to dissolve it. It’s about letting go of the past! I’m still in the middle of it and it makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable but I’m not backing away from it. At some point, I’m going to get through this. As Homer Simpson would say, ‘stupid fear!’

    In case of recent onset of the disease in patients whose weight is comprise between 50 to 65 kg (110 – 145 lbs), we begin the therapy with two grams of thiamine per day, before and after lunch. In case the patient weighs more, the dose can be three grams per day, always divided into two administrations. Oral thiamine should not be taken with juices or any sour beverage, water only. The equivalent Intramuscular administration of thiamine would be:

    For 2 grams/day orally à 1 x 100mg injectable solution per week;

    For 3 grams/day orally à 2 x 75mg injectable solution per week;

    For 4 grams/day orally à 2 x 100 mg injectable solution per week.

    In order to obtain the same effects of the intramuscular dose, the oral dosage should be around 140 times higher. For instance, 100 mg injected once a week have the same therapeutic effect that 2 grams per day x 7 days (total 14,000 mg, thus 140 times 100 mg) have if administrated orally.

    Before starting the therapy with thiamine it is necessary that the patient records him/herself. In the video the facial mimic, the speaking, the walking, and possibly a pull test should all be performed and recorded. These items should be repeated periodically to notice changes in the performances

    • Jimmy , if you were reading my posts you would see that I was injecting myself with B1 for three months. Only positive result that I’ve got was less constipation .
      You will never know what your body needs if you don’t try . Reason for Your PD could be different from mine.
      It definitely looks like that some people had great benefits.

  5. My Dr followed the protocol of that Dr in Italy, so imagine he would have given me the right dosage.I might take another look at it.

    • Yes , I heard that before- eat carrots
      We definitely missing nutrients. Maybe something is stilling it ( bacteria/ virus). We can only guess but I have covered that corner too – every day 4-5 carrots. Just in case 😃

  6. Fred. I’ve been reading your site for several years now since my own diagnosis. Isn’t it time you just accepted that you’re not going to lose this disease irrespective of trying positive thinking and all the other protocols? I sort of admire your spirit but am bemused as well at your lack of progress and constant belief in failed new age nonsense. Give in to it and eat some doughnuts!

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