Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #108 … PD medication and dementia

NO DRUGSI recently returned from a trip to southern Ontario where I attended my daughter’s wedding and spent time visiting friends. As much as I enjoyed the trip [which I will blog about shortly] it was very stressful and set me back a bit. I am happy to be back home enjoying tranquility here on Manitoulin Island … if a windy day can be considered tranquil!

During the trip, I had a conversation with a woman who told me her mother is experiencing PD. She is also experiencing dementia. She developed sudden-onset dementia after experiencing hallucinations, a side-effect of the PD medication she was taking. The medical community isn’t formally acknowledging the connection but the family is. And it is impossible to ignore!

Hallucinations, often referred to as PD psychosis, are the result of extremely high levels of dopamine in the brain from PD medications.

Hallucinations are a common side-effect of PD medications and the development of dementia is common with people experiencing PD, but it is the first time I have heard of someone developing sudden-onset dementia after experiencing PD medication-triggered hallucinations. Not that I needed it, but this is ample justification for my decision to recover my health naturally [I do not take any medication].

If you are considering taking medication or if you would like to get off medication, I urge you to check out this website.

The road to recovery from the symptoms of PD include, the belief that recovery is possible, a healthy diet, detoxification, daily exercise, spending time in nature, bodywork, eliminating stress and fear, lots of laughter, meditation, spiritual practice and dissolving long-held emotional pain through forgiveness and letting go of the past. This approach has no side-effects!


79 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #108 … PD medication and dementia

  1. Hey, it is good to see your post. I totally believe in what you are doing for PD. What you write is good news for everyone suffering from illnesses or just wanting to be proactive. It is positive and uplifting. I am concerned about my friend’s husband who has Parkinson’s. He had open heart surgery almost two weeks ago. He is doing well from that. I am concerned about the meds he will be given. Betty, his wife, said he was doing well and had a bit of the shuffle walk when they got him up. He plans to go back to work. He has a mill for logging. He is eighty-three years old and amazing. I share your blog with them and as I said before they are more interested in the holistic approach. I became Reiki certified back when my husband was sick. So believe in working with energy. There is a good book to read by Kristine Marie Corr called Reiki: A Complete Guide to Real Reiki. The marriage of different holistic modalities is so positive as you share.

  2. Hi Fred! Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding. I wish her much love, happiness and perfect health.

    I’ve often wondered about some of things often listed as potential long-term impacts of Parkinson’s, like dementia. Because so many people with PD symptoms take pharmaceutical drugs, how can you separate the impacts of PD from the effects of the drugs? My brother-in-law’s father suffered from PD, took lots of meds, and was haunted by severe hallucinations in the last years of his life.

    Janice Walton-Hadlock highlights research that shows PD is associated with a dopamine deficiency in specific parts of the brain, but not all parts. One study she cites revealed people with PD actually have excessive dopamine in the part of the brain governing fear and worry. This resonates with me and much of what you’ve written as well as others on this blog. I’m convinced at least for me fear has a lot to do with the origin of my symptoms, and getting rid of fear or overriding it with an overpowering love is a big part of healing.

    Will check out the website you referred to above about dopamine excess . . .

    • Thank you so much Jeff! It was a beautiful wedding! I am in complete agreement with everything you said and I am on the same path to dissolve fear through love! I have been stuck for a while now and have yet to figure out why. Part of the adventure I suppose!

      • Fred, I too am consistently challenged along the path of dissolving fear with love. I suppose if fear weren’t so deeply rooted in us, we may not have developed Parkinson’s in the first place. The process of getting rid of it has certainly been an adventure for me! Like you I have setbacks along the way.

        I’ve taken a variety of psychological pathways to help the process along but they have not completely freed me of fear. Not yet. I used to think I could just convert fear to love. Every time I felt afraid I simply tried to shift the energy to love. Couldn’t quite follow through to completion.. Also tried at times when I felt fear, to repeat the mantra to myself “I’m excited, I’m excited, I’m excited” over and over again, after having learned the body’s physiological response to excitement is very similar to that of fear. Sometimes that works for me, converting my fear to excitement, at least partially. Worked somewhat for me before my last hike in the redwoods, since I often feel fear before I get started because of my clumsiness for the first half-mile or so. Instead of fearing that awkwardness I let myself feel excitement for the hike that followed for 2 1/2 more miles which always feels better than the startup segment. And the redwoods are beautiful, always! So there is good reason for excitement.

        Lately I’ve tried saying to myself “my love is greater than my fear, my love is greater than my fear, etc.” That seems to help too. And if I keep up that practice, perhaps the fear will eventually be dissuaded from arising in me, knowing my love is there always in greater proportion. We’ll see!!

      • I am confounded right now Jeff. I am stuck and I don’t know why. There is no reason for me to be in this “Parkinson’s” state. My life is filled with love, peace, joy, friendship and happiness. I live spiritually and I am surrounded by wonderful, caring people. Having said that, on my recent trip to southern Ontario, I was in a constant state of stress and anxiety and I couldn’t shake it. I was surrounded by family and friends and I was well taken care of. Yet, my body was in a constant state of tension. Whatever it is that is causing me to stay stuck in this state is not revealing itself. Perhaps I have more to learn or perhaps it is just a matter of being patient. Signed … Perplexed!

      • I hear you, Fred. Although my life is different than yours, the circumstances I live under are comparably supportive and like you I experience what appears to be unwarranted anxiety. I’m perplexed by it as well though I keep trying different approaches to alleviate it. It must be coming from something that developed in my preconscious years and now resides in my subconscious, or some physical characteristic of my body I haven’t yet discovered or been able to undo. PD symptoms create waves of self-consciousness and anxiety that compound my pre-existing tension. Perhaps therein lies the lesson: let it all go! Turn fear into focus, and focus on spirit, laughter, tenacity, love, and the infinite healing power of God. Being perplexed is okay Fred! Life is perplexing! You are healing!

      • Well said Jeff! I share your belief that the anxiety is rooted in unconscious detrimental beliefs. Dissolving them is truly a challenge when you don’t know [consciously] what they are.

        This neurological condition is truly fascinating, isn’t it, in that it is created by being in a chronic state of fight or flight, and once initiated, creates a constant fight or flight response to various thoughts and life experiences, some of them seemingly quite harmless.

      • Yeah, same for me! I was very uptight about a family visit yesterday, didn’t sleep well the night before, then had a heartfelt wonderful time when it happened. I’ve experienced a similar pattern with many other harmless events. The physical unsteadiness seems to translate into psychological unsteadiness. Or is it the other way around?

        No matter! We can undo this pattern! Healing can happen in every moment!

      • Jeff , instead of thinking about fear and love try this :
        ” Come on , give it to me . Is that all that you have ?”

        That helped me unbelievably. Second thing – don’t take my Third Thing Secret lightly. It is working for me but go slowly. Don’t overdo it .

      • Good idea, Bratzo. I know some people have had breakthroughs using that approach, but different prayers work for different people depending on your innate tendencies. I’ve never been a “bring it on” kind of guy . . . But maybe I should start now! What do you think?

      • When you do “bring it on “ you notice that fear is always the same . There is nothing more to it and then you just accept that you will shake for some period of time and it will go away.
        Like now, I am shaking like mad because I had two large coffees in a row. No fear , just stupid body / brain reaction.

  3. Fred , Congratulations on your daughters wedding. It is a good sign .

    Don’t worry about hallucinations. People paying big money to have them . Don’t listen negative stories. if you are thinking about that , you will cause it . You are healing. That is the most important thing . You are not that lady . Who knows what else she was taking . Stop thinking negative. You still doing that . Enjoy the place where you live . It sounds like paradise on earth .
    There are million negative things around us . Just train yourself to cut them off . That is not your life story .
    Soon you are going to be a grandfather ( unless you already are ?) Think about that . Enjoy !!!


  4. I’ve stopped using testosterone and D3 , B1 vitamin few weeks ago and my indigestion , balance and movement initiation are not problems any longer and getting better. Testosterone made me mad with rage , horny and improved muscle strength, D3 did nothing , B1 injection helped with indigestion at the beginning but nothing else . There are three more things left . One is magnesium malate – I am taking that because is recommended by body builders for muscle strength but also because I red that malic acid or / and citric acid are used in experiments with animals to clear aluminium from the body / brain ( possible cause of ALS and PD ) . Second are some Chinese probiotics (2) that I am using since my trip to China ( I don’t think they did much / maybe ).
    The third thing that I think is most likely is / actually there is a fourt thing too and that is Howard’s qigong. But the third thing . Somehow I think that the third thing is the main one …….. to be continued. It is late in Australia 😴

  5. One more thing . My diet didn’t change, I eat everything but cutting out meat. and milk . How much better I am – well , on the way to baseball got myself involved into road rage with two younger guys . First we exchanged usual Australian courtesy finger signs and then we had usual contest of looking into each other’s eyes without blinking . They lost ,they didn’t know that I have PD and I can keep my eyes open forever .
    The point is – I didn’t shake at all and it was ready . Very funny . Yes . I was on medication but still…… medication would usually stop working when adrenaline is there .
    Which reminds me . There is actually one more thing – fifth thing .
    It is getting complicated. See you tomorrow. Not very proud of that road rage .


    • Dear Claudette, you saved my life . All night I was tossing and turning unable to sleep ( actually I was trying to toss and turn but because I have PD it was more like wrestling). Be careful of Rebecca. She is red haired which. If you see how she looks you would understand. She is a real cougar woman and she is after young guys like me in their prime years. When she heard that I was using testosterone that was it , she couldn’t stop chasing me . Having a young person as myself on testosterone and who vibrates at the same time , what else woman wants?
      Lucky , you saved me Claudette. .
      To thank you I will share with you and Jimmy the secret of ” The Third Thing”

      The Third Thing is….,
      Actually , would you prefer to know Fifth thing first ?

      • Bratzo, when I was teaching martial arts, my philosophy was, I would never put my black belt up against an angry mother … or anyone with the potential to be an angry mother!

    • One more thing Claudette. Just for you to know that my Island is larger then Fred’s Island.
      Just in case if Fred attempts to use his English language skills to overwhelm you . Plus , I want you to keep in mind that that part of the world is freezing and he probably has to live there due to court order or something similar. Who else would voluntarily live in such a cold place .

  6. My apologies to everyone that I have managed to offend at this blogg. I am leaving .
    Jimmy I will give you the secret of the third thing – 沃素

  7. Due to unprecedented demand ( 2 bloggers) I am back .
    Just to inform you that all day I was helping my son to move furniture up and down the stairs ( on medication) . See are talking about three seater and queen bed . Only two of us . Last year I was not able to carry myself to the toilet. Promising!,

    • I’ve told you . Copy that Japanese writing and paste it in a google search . Tell me how you went . Otherwise I can tell you directly but then we have to get rid of people on this blog ( which is probably 3 or 4 ) because money is in question. Imagine all those books that we can write about the “Third Secret “. We will have our island, same as Fred.

    • That’s because it’s Howard’s Qi Gong! You need to find Jimmy’s Qi Gong!!

      I love Howard’s philosophy, spirit, and writing but I feel each of us needs to discover what awakens the healing Chi in us. It varies from person to person. Bianca Molle healed from Parkinson’s practicing Qi Gong three hours a day and Howard’s healing included practicing Qi Gong, but Janice Walton-Hadlock says the practice of Qi Gong did not help most of her patients. And she thinks we each need our own personalized meditations to generate healing.

      From reading the healing stories of people who recovered from Parkinson’s and my own intuition from my ongoing healing process is that different things awaken the healing Chi in different people. For instance you say Jimmy that playing soccer makes you feel much better so there’s something in soccer that awakens the healing uniquely in you. Maybe you should invent a personalized form of Qi Gong that mimics soccer movements! Do it while listening to your favorite music! Then have your favorite healthy meal while sitting in the sun. Something like that. We need to find our own personal healing formula. I’m working on it too!!!

    • Ok Jimmy . It is IODINE .

      Iodine affects thyroid hormone which affects testosterone and most testosterone you have in a heart and then in the brain . Iodine is also essential I stomach ( same as B1 vitamin ) . If stomach acid is functioning properly then you can digest food properly and get you amino acids ( like tyrosine – essential to make dopamine ). Iodine is also disinfectant and is used in many countries as such . Iodine positively affects prostate , women’s breasts against fibroids and I can go on an on .
      Now , if thyroid gland is under active they recommend iodine . People usually get fat and overweight because metabolism is slow . If thyroid is overactive people have fast metabolism, they get thinner, waste of muscles, shakes , hormonal imbalance etc. – sounds familiar? I think there is a disease called – Grave’s ( or something like that ) see how people look with that disease . People lose muscles if they don’t have enough vit B1 , Graves’ disease or hormones ( but probably everything is connected as usually is in a body ) .
      I’ve checked my thyroid many times and it was always ok but in my opinion was close to overactive. Then I purchased Nascent Iodine and from chemist fresh Lugols iodine 5%.
      I was very careful and started only with one or two drops per week , later on one drop every second day. One day I would use Nascent and other day Lugols .
      Iodine takes longer time to work ( if it works ) sometimes few months but you should not overdo it . I think it took a month or so to feel a difference and then it was faster and faster . My biggest problem was balance ( I don’t shake much ) and now I can say that balance is not my problem any more (80%-90% improvement). When you have better balance you are having stronger muscles because they are better coordinated.

      I must say that I’ve got the idea from David Thompson. He was using deep sea kelp tablets ( because of iodine ) in a large amount. That is probably more secure way but it didn’t produce results with me plus I was reading that it could have some heavy metals in it . In any case it didn’t work . Then I was experimenting with painting the iodine on a skin – also did not work . I was trying to be careful because if they recommend iodine for under active thyroid then logically it cannot be good for overactive thyroid. But obviously it works differently. In any case I would be careful.
      I was also using Boron supplements and Selenium ( both of them occasionally). Boron gets rid of fluoride in thyroid and fluoride bonds on same receptors as iodine and we know how “ useful “ is fluoride . Boron also increases testosterone ( here we go again ) maybe it does it by dislodgement of fluoride and then iodine can to its job . Women also need testosterone ( in smaller amount) for muscles ; heart ( if they have it ) and brain ( I don’t want to say – too dangerous).

      I was also recently using Maca Root supplements- good for hormonal balance , lower body strength but for me it calmed me down a lot .
      As I mentioned before , I also use Magnesium Malate – for muscle strength and malate ( malic acid ) to clear aluminium from the body .

      I don’t want to boast again about my improvements but I am happy not have to think about balance and movement initiation .


  8. Dearest Bratzo Thank you for your query re my financial status. At this stage I would prefer not to reveal it. I like to be mysterious and elusive especially with sun bronzed,muscular, testosterone charged young Australian men such as yourself.

    • I like that Claudette. Sounds very mysterious and romantic. Thank you for describing me so well and don’t trust Rebecca if she describes me differently. She is probably just jealous.

    • I just want to be clear regarding my query re your financial status. It is very important for me to know that you are not suffering. I can sense now that you are ok and my heart is at peace . Thank you for clearing that out .
      Now when all important details have been sorted out we can start with trivial information like, are you married ? Don’t worry too much if you are . You just have to cook a bit more fatty food and be patient. If someone gets suspicious you can always say “ Fred told me that ketogenic diet is healthy “.
      Good luck

    • I just said that I don’t shake much but had two large coffees in a row and shake as crazy.. No fear . It is funny. Balance is good, that’s important.

      Claudette , Rebecca, help . Women are never around when you need them 😏

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