Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #107 … Bowen Update and Other Tidbits!

hummingbirdI haven’t been blogging much lately as I have been preoccupied with a few things. Namely, Bowen therapy, writing, preparing firewood and kindling and enjoying the summer!

As per my last update, I am still very much puzzled with Bowen therapy. I go every two weeks and in between, I feel good for three to five days, then I experience progressively more intense symptoms for the rest of the time, during which I am particularly messed up, mentally. The intention of Bowen therapy is to release stress and emotional memory from the muscle facia [which it sure seems to be doing]. During the period when I’m experiencing intense symptoms I find it extremely difficult to do anything, as it feels like I’m in an intense state of fight or flight. My body is in an extreme state of tension, particularly my arms and hands. I shake more than usual and have more difficulties with balance, movement and walking. I haven’t been able to find any experiential research so I’m flying in the dark, pioneering. On the plus side, I have retained my sense of taste and smell, which is awesome!

Otherwise, we have been enjoying an awesome summer here on Manitoulin Island [we could actually use more rain]. I’ve been doing a lot of writing, having recently submitted the manuscript for my third History Teacher book. I also started writing my next book, called, The Kid. The Kid, is a story of an altered state journey of redemption and spiritual awakening. It could be described as, the Wizard of Oz meets the Sons of Anarchy. I am really excited about writing it.

I have also been walking and riding my bike every day, and going for daily dips in the lake. Now that the bugs are pretty much gone, I’m also spending more time in the forest. It makes a noticeable difference as I feel less tension, particularly when I’m touching the trees. There is nothing more healing than hugging a tree!

Overall, I’m feeling very optimistic. Despite the ups and downs resulting from Bowen purging, I am still able to live a relatively normal life and I am waiting for the day that I wake up with no symptoms, because it’s coming!

By the way, this morning, while enjoying some quiet time down at the lake, a Hummingbird came along and stuck his beak in all of the wildflower orange blossoms growing along the shore. That was a thing of beauty!

Wishing you an awesome day!


184 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #107 … Bowen Update and Other Tidbits!

  1. After going to my local shopping centre and seeing so many people with PD , I can only conclude that we have been poisoned. One name comes into my mind MONSANTO- I don’t know why .
    I don’t think that in Australia I miss any sunlight.
    If we add increasing numbers of MS , AD , ADHD , Autism, Diabetes etc . Every decent investigator would ask first one question- who is benefiting? Answer is obvious – PHARMA

    • Hello Bratzo, I’m doing well, stil Boxing and just started weekly Line dancing classes, Lots of fun and very enjoyable. Havent been looking at the blog lately, just busy with other stuff. Just discovered EARTHING walking barefoot outside for half an hour each day, resulting in less tremors and better sleep at night. Visiited my Neurologist last week, first visit in 18months, she said I’m doing surprisingly well, on very minimal meds after 7 yrs since dx. So felt good about that. Greetings to all my fellow Parkies.

    • Thank you Jimmy. Sounds very interesting and it needs my full attention. I am on my way to basketball and when I come back I will enjoy listening. Sounds spot on and explains my symptoms ( morning/ day/ night).
      I love how you tube feeds us with a spoon- just a little bit of selected info
      at the time .


    • Jimmy, thank you again . I was enjoying graphics- amazing, they know everything. I didn’t believe a thing . Now we have to buy patches?!
      What destroys pineal gland? Fluoride!!!
      Few weeks ago I went to dentist for a clean up and had nice argument regarding fluoride . I clearly remember my professor at dentistry talking about fluoride -” it is a poison which accumulates in the body , like radiation. In a small amounts possibly could have beneficial role on second generation ( my kids ) but what is the small amount when is everywhere? In a toothpaste, in a water , in a salt, mouthwash etc . “. I’ve told the dentist – ” you will win the argument with me that fluoride is healthy if you eat tea spoon of fluoride in front of me “. Then we went into discussion about the amount and when I was asking her how to control the amount , discussion has finished.
      I remember as a kid getting the fluoride pills at school too and because they were sweet we were trading them between us . I was a good business kid . Lucky me 😭


  2. Hi Fred – if you have time and because you wouldn’t mind to organise webinars , please go to i pad application ” Go to Webinar ” and see if that could be a solution.


    • Change is coming. Dopamine is not the main hero any more .
      Is it going to be just another smoke screen or real deal?
      Until then detox !!!

    • Sleep is something that I was missing all my life .
      Now I have time to sleep but it is not so deep and relaxing as it used to be .
      One strange thing is happening in my sleep now ( I am using tablets ENDEP ) I bite cushion or bed linen . The other day I bit of part of bed linen 2″x4″inches. Now there is a nice hole there . Those tablets are also antidepressants and they made me dream a lot . I was also yelling and talking in my sleep.
      Maybe that is the next surprise from my friend Parkinson but until now good night sleep only gave me a positive results ( except that I have to buy a new bed linen) .
      All my life I was proud how I can function with minimal sleep. I would study or work till 2 or 3am . How stupid!!!
      One more thing popped on in my mind this morning- I constantly think what I did different in China and caused me to feel much better- my mobile phone was switched off and I slept a lot . Also every day I was on infusion ( sugar and salt- electrolytes). Since I was switching off my mobile at home I don’t have a problem with initiation of movement and balance . Causation or correlation???
      Few years before PD I used to fall asleep with radio programs playing in a beck ground- another stupid habit.

      Yes , sleep has lot to answer for .

      Like always , I talk about all of this in a hope that someone will find it helpful and conect the dots.


    • “These findings highlight how little we actually know about the most basic features of cell identity in the brain,” said Sabatini.

  3. I had enough. Seratonin is not neurotransmitter, melatonin does not put you to sleep, happy pills make you unhappy, earth is flat, Monsanto is good – what else ???
    We are getting poisoned and manipulated wherever we turn .

    I probably need more pills.

    One new observation- sinemet all morning is not working and I go to toilet for number 2 , immediately after that I am fine .
    I am getting totally confused. Dead Myron theory and theory how l dopa functions doesn’t agree with my observations.
    I’ve red somewhere that new scientific discovery is that dopamine is not neurotransmitter but cleaner between axons and dendrites.
    Well , I don’t know about that but if serotonin is not neurotransmitter then nothing doesn’t surprise me any more . Think about this – if space between neurones is polluted we take L Dopa and it cleans it up . We function for a short while until space gets polluted again . We take more L Dopa and body decides to produce less ( same as other hormones- testosterone etc ) , we end up taking more and more L Dopa until body completely stops production ( same as with insulin).
    If I don’t watch what I eat L Dopa does not function well ( sometimes immediately and sometimes day or two after eating junk ). If I empty my gut with “pico prep” ( mostly magnesium citrate ) and fast for a day or two , L Dopa kicks in much faster and lasts longer – there is no so much pollution in the brain . It is impossible that dead neurones become alive again .
    Year ago I was not able to move , walk , serve myself and now I play basketball. Dead neurones???
    David Thompson- detoxify
    Howard Shifke – vegetarian diet and ” I don’t believe that someone can recover from PD while on medication but that doesn’t mean to suddenly stop the medication. Practice Qigong and eventually your body will tell you . Medication will last longer and longer ” – from his blogg.

    Detoxification is the only and natural way .


    • Large thank you Jimmy. I’ve got confused enough for one day . I’ll see it tonight or tomorrow. However, I am excited to see it and to learn more.

      Winter has finished in Australia and summer is here ( we really have only winter and summer ) . I’ve spent complete winter in T shirt and short trousers- so much for winter . Average temperature was app around 20 C . Definitely I don’t miss sunlight in Australia. Plenty of all type of rays .


    • Title said-“Ditch carbs ” and then they talk about DOPAL . They don’t mention carbs ?
      What about theory that Alfa sinuclei arrives from perifery ( gut ) ?
      That news is from January- how come that is not on all TV programs ?


    • I agree with that observation.
      There is one more thing that happened to me a few times I took
      2-3 drops of Iodine before going to sleep and my shaking stopped ( Lugol 5%) . I will test that again . David Thompson was talking deep sea kelp. I only take 2-3 drops per week.

  5. [5] Valentonine is an activator of dopaminergic neurons. In case of low secretion, it is at the origin of Parkinson’s disease. In contrast, 6-methoxy-harmatan is an antagonist of the dopamine receptor. It causes a muscle contraction.

  6. Many spiritual traditions give this gland the ability to perceive beyond ordinary vision. The French philosopher René Descartes associated it with the seat of conscience and soul. Supposed to connect the physical and the spiritual, this pea-sized gland is very sensitive to stress and toxins [7], including those derived from fluoride, as well as bad lifestyle habits. Calcification is the biggest hazard that lurks because this gland forms at the base of apatite crystals that vibrate according to captured electromagnetic waves. Its operation is affected by many factors, such as tap water containing fluorine derivatives [8], fluoride-based toothpastes, calcium-based artificial supplements and all industrial foods (rich in calcium phosphates). ) or waves of mobile phone networks and Wi Fi. The list is very long. Many sites offer techniques to decalcify the pineal gland. The simplest thing is to follow for a limited time a diet composed mainly of fruits and vegetables without pesticides … After that, the functioning of the pineal gland can be stimulated on a regular basis. This activation is possible with certain wavelengths of light located beyond the visible spectrum or simple exposure to the sun for ten minutes. They metabolize the light of the retina and activate the pineal gland. Other factors include consumption of lemon, black garlic, cider vinegar, iodine and iodine products, omega 3 and vitamins B3 and B12. When it works properly, the pineal gland improves sleep and prolongs life from 10 to 25%.

    • Jimmy, did you find out where to get them?
      Do you get tingling in a calf muscles?Almost like if something is alive there.
      I had that from the. beginning of PD ( 2009 ). It was first in a left leg and later on in a right one too . It is annoying.


    • Jimmy, you are not worsening, trust me . I didn’t believe that when you fell worse that you are improving. I thought it was a load of rubbish but little by little…..,., some things are getting better. The most important is to keep positive mind ( sounds familiar?)
      and detox . Try to stop eating meat and animal products ( at least as long as you can ) , eat raw vegetables as much as you can and rest eat cooked. Drink water . Fast often for a day or two . Constipation disappears . While medication is working practice some sport or fast walking. Rest and get deep sleep if possible. I only get deep sleep with tablets ENDEP . They also allow you to sleep without going to toilet every few hours .
      Try all that and you will improve. You will see but it will be ups and downs . Practice qigong that is on internet that David Thompson and Howard were doing- as much as you can .

    • I am a great teacher- just had a stake for dinner.
      I forgot the most important detail . Many times in hospital, in China or at home when I felt bad and thinking that I am getting worse or that nothing works for me , I would talk to God and ask him to do whatever he thinks it is good for me . Funny thing, soon after or next day or within a few days I would feel better.
      I must add that I was never religious or that I don’t know how to pray but through my life I would often talk to God ( especially before exams 🤓). I think everyone did that .
      Funny but that is one thing that always helped. All other theories that I had sometimes worked but usually only for a short time . For example, I had so many theories to stop constipation but nothing really worked for longer period. Now , suddenly, without doing anything special, I don’t have that problem any longer .
      I would just add that talking to God became pleasurable experience and I am looking forward to that before falling asleep.
      My brother is teasing me and sending me all these debates from the internet where they ridicule believers but somehow it does not interest or bother me . I have that feeling in me that makes me happy and if Pope tells me that God doesn’t exist I would not care .
      I must say that that is the most important point .
      My friends father was dying from stomach cancer and I remember saying to us few days before his death-” I don’t care , whatever is from God I accept “.
      Howard Shifke talks about time when he made decision to say “ok” to everything. There is something in that acceptance. He also mentioned in his recipe that he gave to God to deal with shaking and worries and negative thoughts.
      Recently I red somewhere that it’s not the prayer or reading it hundreds of times that brings you close to God but feeling those words and accepting them with your heart and soul.

      Bless you Jimmy . Accept whatever God is preparing for you and change will come.

  8. Hi Fred, how are you?

    I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that I will be treated by Noel Batten, a natural health care practitioner, from Australia.

    He will coming to Timmins on September 20th – October 3rd, 2018 for my treatment and also conducting a FREE 2 Hour Workshop On Friday The 21st, to learn more about his treatment, at the Hampton Inn.

    Noel has traveled around the world helping many people alleviate their symptoms, regain their lives and even achieve remission.

    Watch this video, to learn more. https://youtu.be/0ikE0lWIXqk

    Please share this with your contacts as it may benefit someone who may be interested in Noel’s treatment.

    For more information, please email me or Noel at noelbatten@rocket.com or you can call him on his US number below. He is currently in Florida.

    Thank you!

    Tina Kapel

    Noel N Batten

    Qualified Natural Therapist

    Specializing In Autoimmune Disorder

    Seminars, Training Workshops & Treatment.

    Skype: – “youngnoel”AU Phone: – 0413317789 — USA Phone: – 469 536 7511.


    • Well Jimmy, you are doing better then me . I am not so strict with myself ( I wish I could) .
      I drink coffee with coconut oil every morning ( helping ) , I empty my gut once a month with “pico prep” or ones every two months , I drink 1L of water per day , I use magnesium malate to detoxify ( malic acid is great detoxifier plus with magnesium strengthens the muscles), I think that aluminium has lot to answer . I am planing to use MSM because Sulfur but taste is disgusting and I rather eat more anion and garlic.
      Try if you can , short burst exercises, they are grate for fitness- 7 seconds fast running and 14 seconds walking – repeat that 4 times . Do that every day , you will be surprised after 2-3 weeks . I was extremely weak before ending up in hospital. My daughter was feeding me .
      I think that you are right , sleep helped me a lot , medication a little and people a little. I think I hit the bottom and after days of being scared and feeling sorry for myself, I’ve made decision to leave it to God whenever is too much for me .
      Go to you tube and watch hypnotists . People are not able to use stomach muscles or hands or legs even if you put a million dollars in front of them . We are poisoned and self hypnotised. People get hypnotised when they are relaxed or when they are in a shock. For majority of us we were in a shock. Some of us are slightly poisoned but that could be cleaned out with fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget protein and B12 .
      Every time when I fast I run out of energy but after my eyes get white and clear , strength slightly improves each time and constipation is gone . Don’t forget supplementing with electrolytes. I found that my grandmother was fasting every Wednesday and Friday. People used to do that as something normal. They were eating meat once a week.
      Plan things to do during the day . Do some small tasks and rest and than again . Dopamine will love that .
      I was thinking about ending everything but then I thought – ok , I cannot walk , I will buy little electric chair and go around. I am still better off then many people with stroke etc . Then I went to shopping centre and saw man without legs going shopping and driving the sports car . You can imagine what he had to go through to get out and in the car . He was very positive and talking to friends on the phone to organise some event .
      Once when you leave everything to God to take care ( hard things ) your fear will disappear. I cannot promise that you will be enlightened but life will slowly get better ( and symptoms). I can only tell you that grass is growing hundred times faster then symptoms disappearing but some people experience sudden change .
      You are doing excellent. Continue searching and know that you are not alone. Soon Pfizer or some other pharmaceutical company will give up and give us the answer. I am sure that they already know .
      ENDEP helped me a lot with sleep and sleep with everything else and look , we are now discussing sleeping hormones. We are very close .


    • There is so much to learn from that last video . Sooooo many important points .
      1 New personality ( same happened to Howard , Bianca , David – self care )
      2. Oxitocine – is probably easiest hormone to produce – love everything about yourself and around yourself
      3. Divorce your wife – I don’t know why is that important but I don’t want to argue with a Guru .
      3a Find another one ( possibly younger)
      4. B12 and magnesium

      Now I am going to get interesting replies 😘

      • Rebecca, you are alive 😀. Good to hear that you are doing well.
        I had a few difficult months and suddenly few symptoms changed. No problem to initiate movement, toilet completely normal and balance improved 80-90%. Can’t complain. Problem is that I don’t know why I improved. That means I can’t write a book but maybe that is a good thing for a humanity .
        Just came back from a basketball. My shooting has improved. The only funny thing is that medication doesn’t last more than two hours and then suddenly stops making me to drag my left leg but doesn’t happen in the morning after 18 hours without medication. Strange ! Planning to ditch medication altogether but I would like to fix my twisted foot first . Another plan is to visit hypnotist but it is hard to find a good one . So much about my plans .
        Line dancing- I didn’t know that they have that in NZ . That sounds fun . I guess better than Hakka 💪😤

        Nice to hear from you. It is good that you have a positive neurologist. According to mine and he is a Professor I should already be on my way to meet a Big Boss. In 2015 he told me – 3 years – ” visit your family within the next three years “. He should work as undertaker.


    • We all are Jimmy, we all are . We just have to give enough love and support to each other . That is what every psychological disease is about . Luck of love and support and then we turn to God as the only source of unjudgemental love and support. That guy in the video thinks that he needs Oxytocin but he doesn’t. He only needs love . He is burning himself with work – is that a replacement for love .

      I’ve told you that I was witnessing a miracle in my family- I definitely know that what I am talking about above is true. As that song goes ” Love is all you need ”

      Ok . Forgive me , it is a spring time .


    • But what we are not sure about is whether the vaccines are ‘working’ with regards to slowing down the progression of Parkinson’s.

      We currently do not know if the vaccines are actually halting the condition.

      …more on this below though.

    • I was following them before but then I red somewhere that MJFox stopped funding them.
      Beautiful graphics. I am allergic on beautiful graphics.

    • As long as there are so many PD medication to sell there is no chance that pharma will reveal real solution .
      I bet that solution will be something stupid simple like , eat more carrots.

  10. My symptoms are worse after long sleep, I wake tense, tight and tremoring, I would love to wake, relaxed, mellow and sleepy, like before PD.

    • Yes , I wake up like that too . It doesn’t worry me any more as it used to . Now I think about things what to do , like a small jobs , basketball, which beach to visit ( Sydney has million of them ). I am giving myself a little chores .

      Yesterday was funny day . Morning medication didn’t work and around 1pm I went to rest . One hour later I was full of energy and washed half the windows on a house and many other things . Suddenly at 5pm I was stuck but didn’t take any medication. Basically all day and night just on morning medication and I am still alive . It is so much psychological or better, psychosomatic.


    • There is a girl from Tasmania she has her yoga channel. She is excellent teacher . It is enough just to look at her exercises and your tightness and stiffness will disappear. Highly recommended.

    • Here are some things that might help, Rebecca: meditate before going to bed, watch something funny, take magnesium citrate and an adrenal supplement [Natural Factors Stress Relax Serenity Formula].

  11. Yes I can see the attraction from a male perspective of watching this chick writhing provocatively against the wall, , but not a very practical example.

  12. Defintely not into ‘transgender crap’, having a healthy libido is a sign of recovery, and should be celebrated. Although mine seems to have got up and left a while ago, I would welcome it back…given the right opportunity . ..

    • You are actually correct. One of the people who successfully recovered after the stem cells was talking about that as the first sign of recovery. Pineal gland .

    • Interesting thing Rebecca. You have joined to practice line dancing and last month I was mostly watching dancing on YouTube ( I don’t practice yoga all day ). I have never watched dancing before because I have two left legs but suddenly found that enjoyable. Probably missing my natural movements and walk . I was always very relaxed person with a very light walk and now stumping and dragging my foot drives me mad .
      I am sending you three my favourite dancing videos. I don’t know why they are favourite but I just love them . Hopefully everyone will enjoy .

  13. Hi Jimmy, I used the red light therapy for a week or so, but it began to give me severe head aches and made me feel nauseous, so stopped using it. I loaned it to a friend with PD recently, who tried it for a few days, but he said it gave him headaches also, so it was a disappointing result really..

    • Next time please tell me about ” cold turkey ” day . I love it and it’s more fun to have a company .
      I had my morning one but I’ll start now.

  14. I’m sure the eating human flesh part is not included in the cure tips.
    Well its almost 5pm and I’m fed up with ‘cold turkey’ day, so I’ll swallow a pill, so I can cook something for dinner, I went for a walk, basically just schlepped myself around the block, but at least it was exercise and fresh air. Bratzo, I’ll let you know next time, about CT day and we can support each other, easier if we exchange email addresses maybe, what do you think. ? Tchuss.

    • Nobel Prize winner for literature from my country of origin ( they’re not all like me ) wrote something like this – ” no animal screams more then a wounded tiger . Someone who spent all his life killing and hurting others “.

      You can apply this sentence on counties, people or animals.

      I don’t like doctors who start thinking once when they get affected ( or family members). However, I am asking God to bless them and forgive them, same as other people who’s anger caused suffering to other people ( I am definitely guilty of that too ).

      On a positive side . If people can reverse some symptoms, they can reverse everything. We just have to cooperate more and faster . If we are waiting for others to help we are doomed.

      Good work Jimmy ( as always). If we cannot find something new , things that are giving hope are welcome.

      I don’t know what I did today different but as soon as I thought about going to the drug dealer, medication stopped working, I am shaking and all twisted. However, THERE IS NO MORE FEAR . I Don’t give a sh.. any more .Howard wrote that nicely ” Ok “.


      • It just proves to me that dopamine is not in a centre of this symptoms. There is something else there that we have to re learn.

      • My basic theory is that PD is the result of the body being in a constant state of fight or flight because the mind is in a constant state of fear. In this state, the body is constantly producing adrenaline and cortisol and it stops producing dopamine and serotonin. In this state long enough, we begin experiencing the symptoms of PD.

    • Second medication at 4pm ( after basketball 🏀) and it didn’t work. I don’t know why I am taking them .

      Something interesting- my left fist is not clenched so tight. Muscles are more relaxed. I didn’t believe that but my daughter noticed that ( she occasionally massages my fist and arm ) but my neck and foot are not giving up yet .
      As Jeff said / ever changing symptoms/.


    • Wow Jimmy , you are on fire . This is a great find.
      David Thompson was drinking 3 cups of green tea a day and eating plenty of fruit ( and beans?) plus MSM for detoxification.

    • Last few days I was enjoying meals with plenty of meat ( beef ). One thing that I have noticed was excessive drooling during the night each time when I had meat . Meat is out for me .
      One thing that definitely improved a lot is constipation – normal movements 2-3 times per day . I didn’t have such a movements even when I was on antibiotics. It didn’t matter what I was eating , movements were regular. I also enjoy one or occasionally two coffees per day ( and it’s fine = it actually helps me mentally and physically)


  15. An interview with Dr. Michael Zasloff, Founder and CEO of Enterin Inc about the company’s vision and goals for treating Parkinson’s disease, autism, and other neurological conditions by repairing a dysfunctional gut-brain axis. Dr. Zasloff gives us deeper insight into Enterin’s lead drug and how it might help patients suffering from these neurodegenerative conditions.

    Enterin is the first company in the world to develop a novel drug that repairs the dysfunctional gut-brain axis in patients with neurodegenerative disease. Enterin is pioneering the medical community’s understanding of the link between infections, dysfunction of the enteric nervous system (ENS) of the gut, and the early onset and chronic progression of neurodegenerative disease.

    The company’s lead compound, ENT-01, displaces membrane-bound alpha-synuclein (αS) aggregates from nerve cells in the ENS and improves neural signaling between the gut and the brain in preclinical models of Parkinson’s disease. In the gut, this results in improved motility. Enterin is now progressing this drug through clinical trials in an attempt to reverse the constipation of Parkinson’s disease.

    • Jimmy , you can buy squalamin, I have it but after trying few tablets I gave up . It was a strong fishy smel / taste and manufacturer was questionable. I was not able to find reputable manufacturer but squalamin is well known in research .
      One that I have is SQUALAMAX and manufacturer NU GEN NUTRITION it is made from sharks liver .
      I think that guy in the video just made synthetic compound ( not sure ) .
      In any case , hope it helps .


  16. Researchers recognize that the compound they currently have has to be perfected to reach the brain, so imagine what there may be in the market.

  17. It’s going through the barrier that protects our brain, the blood-brain barrier. Researchers have recognized that this is one of the points that they have to perfect.

    • Where did you find this ? It is excellent. Conclusion confirms possible cause – virus or / and bacteria which causes inflammation/ immune reaction in gut . That is why Rifaximin antibiotics helps in a cases of PD symptoms where the cause was damaged liver by alcohol which caused inflammation of the brain . Rifaximin affects bacteria in a small intestine. I don’t know why they don’t use it on every PD patient just to deduct that possibility. Doctors approaches are so stupid. Their mind is set on PD medication and that is where everything stops .

  18. This videos are part of the training program “DOKUNO – Brain Reading” by Mr. Seikou Ito.
    70-year-old Seikou Ito therapist who lives in Japan will be in Mexico to continue the training course of “DOKUNO READING CÉREBRAL”. I
    is a technic…All the answers we seek are in our brain.
    We call DOKUNO the method by which we read the answers in our brain.
    If what we are looking for is to solve the root problems, let’s read our brain.
    DOKUNO is the most supreme method and philosophy for anyone who is in a search….
    The DOKUNO has its origin in Japan. DOKU, means in Japanese “reading”, it is NOT “brain”. Therefore DOKUNO refers to a brain reading method.


    Our brain is a network where a lot of information is stored.


    Not only is information stored about our own experiences; but also information inherited from our parents and ancestors, information on the evolution of humanity and even more information of yesteryear … In the brain is stored the memory of the same evolution of life.
    Moreover, a person’s brain is molded in the relationships established with society and with other people. First during childhood in relationships with parents and siblings awakens individuality; and then, all human relationships that are established shape their social development
    All that information in our brain is what generates our physical and spiritual activity
    How much of all that information stored, will we be able to raise awareness?

    There are theories that indicate only a negligible percentage. This means that, even when it comes to our own brain, we are almost not aware of all the information that it contains.
    However, although we are not aware, in our brain there is a constant brain activity in which information is interwoven in an active and passive way. Our body and emotions are controlled by our brain.
    How much better would our lives be if we could read all that information in our brain? Indeed, the people who learned the DOKUNO method are able to find wonderful solutions in different areas of life. Whether faced with a physical problem or a serious illness, depression, family problems or parenting.
    A method that rediscovers the functioning of the brain, and gets aware of the information that is stored in it. That’s what DOKUNO is about.
    We are aware of only a negligible percentage of the information in our brain

    • You are not giving up easily Jimmy . I like that .

      Great finding. He should join up with dr Farias . I was trying some of this techniques and didn’t work . Probably didn’t do it properly.

    • Can you tell me what was about that part about meditation. I should study Japanese. I had good pronunciation when I was working for Japanese company.

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