Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #106 … Magical moments on Manitoulin!

loon1As a follow-up to my last post about the wonders of living on Manitoulin and its contribution to my recovery effort, there is another reason why I love living on the island … magical moments! Like a few days ago when I picked up the crocs I had left on the deck overnight and a tree toad jumped out of them! Reebet!

Yes, living on the island provides one with surprises and magical moments aplenty. Like last week, when we watched two Blue Jays chase a hawk into a tree in our yard … and then chase it out of the yard again! Or the day before that, when we watched, likely the same two Blue Jays, chase a fox out of our yard! Blue Jays! Sentinels of the forest!

Then there was the time a couple of months back when I stepped out on the deck first thing in the morning and watched a bald eagle takeoff from a tree at our lakefront. There are also the frequent brilliant orange sunsets we get treated to over the west side of the lake and the spectacular vistas of Lake Huron from high atop the Niagara escarpment that can take your breath away!

And the best moments of all … the nightly call of the loon!Β That beautifully haunting sound simply never gets old!

Yes, living on the island is a wonderful elixir … and it’s all natural!


36 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #106 … Magical moments on Manitoulin!

    • THANK YOU VERY MUCH BRATZO ….one…of the greatest technology I have ever seen… this is just awesome …
      whatt about big pharma

      • You remember talking about red light and influence on brain ? I didn’t believe that it can go through the head but now …… I will try again .
        When I switch it on it looks like a red light district ( not that I know how it looks ).

      • I wouldn’t be so optimistic but it will definitely help many sufferers by reverse engineering of illnesses ( unless big pharma gets involved πŸ’ͺ).

  1. Fred , you are very lucky guy . If you live in Australia that toad would be replaced by possibly deadly, fast and large spider . That experience would instantly teach you how to live in the moment ( now ) πŸ•·

  2. Here we go , we just have to ” lighten up a little “.

    I’ve purchased my LED from LED MAN on internet . It is a small portable one and cost me around $200 .

    Great job Jimmy ( as always ).
    I was talking to Howard Shifke – great man . Very positive, generous and encouraging.
    My difficulties to initiate walk completely disappeared , issue with balance almost completely gone . Number of pills minimised from 4 per day to two per day . He does not encourage to minimise medication but only to concentrate on exercise and body will feel when is the right time .
    I must mention that I am using vitamin D and sleeping pils . Maybe that helped to but I was using them before and didn’t get better.
    That makes me think about influence of light on making vitamin D and sleeping hormone melatonin. Today I was listening about vitamin D and important nutrient Sulfur . David Thompson was using Sulfur ( MSM , garlic pills) .
    For the last few months I don’t have any issues with constipation. Everything normal . Fear has dissolved once when I’ve noticed that any excitement ( positive or negative) produces shaking.
    It is so much about the way how we think , self talk , learned behaviour etc .)
    My next experiment will be hypnotist.
    I am also experimenting with testosterone and DHEA ( again ) but don’t feel comfortable about that ( increased rage , prostate problems etc ) . I will probably stop that one again. Playing basketball everyday. Sometimes 15 min sometimes 1 hour – depending how my body feels. Every session is finished by 3 min fast running ( 7 seconds running, 14 seconds walking ) – I find that that increases my fitness dramatically.
    Deep down I feel that everything is connected to my twisted left foot but I cannot find open minded practitioner. Everyone just repeats that is neurological and everything stops there . I don’t remember that I have injured my foot but it is slightly twisted inside . When foot feels alright my whole body feels good too . I was experimenting with foot mobilisation with tape and felt improvements but my skills in that technique are not so good and tape affects my skin.
    Sorry again for writing a book but I am using this blog to exchange positive experiences with other members and slowly move forward. Please forgive me if I bore you to death with my writing.


    • Hey Bratzo – Do you attribute your improvement with balance and initiating your walking to the LED lights or working with Howard Shifke?

      Also, do you know of a woman named Gilly Davy? She specializes in online neurophysiological therapy for people with parkinsons and other neurological issues. She lives in Australia.

      • Hi Jeff . Definitely not LED lights because I haven’t used them. Howard, vitamin D, sleeping better or testosterone plus DHEA .
        Improvement was dramatic ( after week or two). Unfortunately I am bad scientist and always mixing/ using different things at the same time . When I recover I possibly will never no how it happened. Balance was my greatest issue and now is gone .

        I haven’t heard about that woman. Do you have any links ?


      • Or foot taping . Somehow I am worried it will be testosterone plus DHEA ( be warned – it makes you ….., )

      • After good night sleep and thinking about your question I’ve remembered few more details.

        Chinese were very good in keeping in contact. They don’t talk much but go straight to the point .
        Regarding my problem to initiate walk and balance there answer was – take sleeping pills ( I didn’t take those that they recommended) and increase tablet dyopill ( or something like that ) to 10 mg every second day . That tablet I cannot buy anywhere, only from them and they are not in original packaging. I was trying to research meaning and the only thing that made sense to me was some antioxidant made from brown rice . Many people who recovered were eating brown rice , brow bread and brown pasta ( David Thompson and Howard).
        It is interesting how Chinese use antioxidants. Almost same as medication- too much is not good and too little is not good . Some pills I have to cut into 1/4 peaces which with shaky hand is a full time job .

        There is so many many things that I miss out because if I write about that it would be a book but it could be important.
        I am very thankful for Fred’s kindness and letting me to abuse this blogg but more and more I feel that this time of communication is too slow and too restrictive. Something like a regular Skype conference would be more appropriate. For example – if you want me to explain in details how I’ve felt after shit transplant, before hospital, in China , with hormonal therapy etc it would take me a year to write it down and each part has some interesting details. I am sure that many people have such details too and joining together and helping each other would speed up process.
        I would like to know what Rebecca is doing with her therapy etc .
        Unfortunately I am not the person to start something like that . I think that you and Fred should think about something like that . How about crowd funding people who are willing to try different things ? Just an Idea .
        Think about that


      • Thanks for your replies Bratzo. I have nothing against crowdfunding for people willing to try different treatments for Parkinson’s, but I feel like it’s difficult to generalize from one person’s experience to another. I realize traditional medical research is structured this way with double-blind studies etc. but based on my experience listening to and reading lots of interviews with people treating Parkinson’s symptoms successfully I’ve learned that certain remedies work for some people but not for others. Some things like physical exercise are good for everyone but the vast majority of treatments from conventional meds, CBD oils, LED lights, a range of therapies, and many other treatments seem to vary in effectiveness from person to person.

        I sense that Parkinson’s is not very well understood scientifically, but feel intuitively that we each found a unique way in to this neurological disorder, and we each need to find a unique way out… This is a tough assignment because most of us are grounded in the industrial age in which we were taught one-size-fits-all. As a result it’s hard to think intuitively and independently!

        Personally I have faith in our bodies’ ability to heal anything, and like Fred I pursue a course of natural healing which includes exercise, diet, supplements, Chi gong, bodywork, visualization, prayer, meditation, music, writing, love, practicing states of holistic bliss, being in nature, and the like. I’ve also visited a functional M.D. for his input which included some nutritional IVs of glutathione and phosphatidylcholine which had a marginal impact.

        In any case my main point is different healing elements work for different people to varying degrees. Like you I surround my condition with a variety of treatments that feel right to m all e.

    • I saw Gilly Davy on YouTube. I’ll give it a miss. Don’t think that regular practice can help much . Maybe someone else can find it useful.

      • I understand what you’re saying Bratzo about physical therapists. It’s also the case that the vast majority of them work within the conventional paradigm that Parkinson’s cannot be reversed. If I were to work with a physical therapist, I’d want them to: join me in the belief that Parkinson’s can be healed — and understand very well the difference between neurological and muscular rehabilitation. I sense that neurological rehabilitation is much more subtle and complex.

        There are not many PTs which fit that description. Joaquin Farias is one of the few who does. He plans to build an online healing community in 2019 and I hope to work with him at that time.

        Your observations about your twisted foot are interesting. Janice Walton-Hadlock has a theory that for some people Parkinson’s is rooted in an unresolved foot injury, and if so you can help alleviate symptoms by treating the injury with certain healing techniques rooted in Asian medicine. Check out her book which I think is called Recovery from Parkinson’s in which he writes about this in detail.

        By the way, she also believes fear is at the root of Parkinson’s for most people who evolve symptoms of PD.

      • Hi Jeff , I’ve red her books and totally agree about her views. Unfortunately, I find her advice very technical when it comes to acupuncture and acupressure. To find someone who will hold my foot for an hour a day for a year sounds simple but there are no many volunteers. Howard’s instructions are also about acupressure for liver and kidneys. I don’t know how to find those points . I don’t feel them . Also , I’ve never injured my foot but it was always slightly twisted but it didn’t make me any trouble until when PD started .
        Dr Fariah is genius and you are blessed to work with him . Good luck . I have all his books and often refer to them when I need some moral support.
        Maybe you should know- I had one interesting question for Howard – ” How come that all those people who recovered practiced different qigong?”- His answer was amazing but to me made a sense ( did they recover ? Did they duplicate their success?- maybe Janice did ).

        If I was listening mainstream doctor by now I would have DBS . That was the advice when I was stuck in hospital last year ( at least 10 neurologists saw me and I have it in writing). Today I don’t have constipation, problems with frequent urination , I can drive my car , cook and clean , play basketball, run , go shopping, few days ago I was even writing with a pen ( accidentally). Somehow my body fighting all these symptoms and every day I more and more convinced that everything was psychosomatic.
        My medication is down from 4 per day to 2 per day ( 200/50sinemet ) . My main problem at the moment is sudden loss of ability to walk properly. It is like if medication knows what time it is and that is the time for new medication- which is ridiculous but good at the same time because it is just another proof that everything is psychosomatic.
        I’ll give you example- I took my medication at 2 pm ( it was hard to walk ) lay down to rest and fell a sleep. Woke up at 3:30 when usually medication starts to work ( one and a half hour ) but nothing happened. It didn’t work. I was upset and didn’t want to take another medication. Suddenly around 7pm when usually is time for medication to stop working everything was fine and I could walk and move around without any problem. To me that is the real proof of psychological or psychosomatic origin .



      • When I take medication and wait to kick in the first place where I feel better is tightness in the uncle and foot becomes normal again . Then I can walk normally, no balance issues, normal steps , normal arms swing etc . If foot doesn’t “unlock ” nothing works.

  3. Thank you Fred . It took me almost sixty years to find out why they call that cartoon with rabbit and duck ” looney tunes “. As a kid I was always wandering what that means 😳
    Sounds magical.

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