Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #104 … Focus on gratitude, rather than wanting!

sunlightDuring a recent conversation with a friend, I was reminded of the importance of focusing on gratitude, rather than wanting.

When you are living with a chronic health condition it is easy to find yourself wanting to be healthy, wanting to recover your health. But in the world of the law of attraction, when the universe hears, “I want,” it gives us more to want. It keeps us perpetually in this state. Whereas, when we live in a state of gratitude, regardless of what we are grateful for, the universe gives us more to be grateful for.

The truth is, we don’t need to think about wanting to be healthy because the universal-energetic-intelligence [and our higher self] knows what we want. We just need to make sure our actions are in alignment with our objective.

Wanting puts us in a state of unease, whereas gratitude puts us in a state of happiness! When we are happy, our bodies are producing feel-good neurotransmitters, like dopamine and serotonin, so it’s easy to see why it is so advantageous to be in this state!

And I have so much to be grateful for: Mari, my children, my brothers, my friends, where I live, the people who read my books, and so much more! It’s easy for me to have an attitude of gratitude! I can even find plenty of reasons to be grateful for this health condition I’m experiencing because it’s taught me so much, while helping me connect with so many wonderful people all over the world!

I am grateful for the reminder!


21 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #104 … Focus on gratitude, rather than wanting!

  1. Awesome and what I needed to hear too!!

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  2. Even after quadruple dose of oil , I didn’t feel a thing . Not even sleepy . Did they sell me a dud or some engine oil or I don’t have any happy receptors?
    There are plenty of volunteers to try and test – we will see .
    One interesting thing – at night when I wake up and unable to make one step I go on all four move one leg forward like to start the sprint and suddenly I am getting up and walking but mostly strait line only . When I have to make a turn to the toilet I usually spend a few minutes thinking about it . Crazy!!! If I walk around , movements improve slightly.

    Gratitude- dear God , thank you for teaching me all these silly things but now I think it should be enough . It isn’t funny any more .

  3. This is a powerful reminder for any of us. We all go through our moments and challenges. The gift that Parkinson’s has given you is that of a compassionate teacher. I believe we can heal through the right frame of mind, holistic practices, etc. Thank you for the reminder to be grateful and to live with positive attitudes. Sometimes we need input to stay on the path. Ram Dass says we are all just walking each other home. That strengthens and puts joy in our journeys.

  4. I know it’s crazy but I will say it anyway .
    I think that we have too much dopamine. What we have developed is dopamine resistance due to years of neglect ( anger , frustration, too much work etc ). Many people who developed PD were very active and switched on people. Think about Muhammad Ali ( my idol ) , J Fox , Hitler etc – they are all last people on earth to be slow .
    It is same with diabetes – insulin resistance Not luck of insulin.

    We have to find the way to increase sensitivity to dopamine , not to force more and more dopamine until we burn all brain cells.
    My father was diabetic and he ended up blind and finally stroke . He was on insulin. After getting the stroke he refused to eat and after few weeks doctors find out that he is no longer diabetic and they cannot give him insulin/ diabetic medication. Few weeks later he died but free from diabetes.

    We all know what dopamine medication does after prolonged use .

    Does anyone else see similarities?

    Fasting and low carb, no grain diet , plenty of vegetables, no animal fat, can reverse insulin resistance.
    David Thompson was fasting and vegetarian, Howard was vegetarian , Bianca was vegetarian ( not sure ).
    Many scientists call AD and PD type 3 diabetes.

    I’ve stopped eating meat and took some sleeping tablets- after a week there is no more freezing and difficulties to get up at night and go to the toilet. Just disappeared and I have also stopped taking my 9pm medication of Sinemet- you would expect that I would feel worse but opposite was true.

    Ok. Now you can call me crazy but before you do that try it for yourself.

    Anger and frustration is stopping me .
    We have to find the way to sensitise our brane to dopamine . Is it prayer , meditation, prolonged periods of happiness, finding solutions to our frustration? I don’t know.


    • I’m not so sure that we have too much dopamine. I think it is more a case of our dopamine producing cells have become inactive because our body is in a constant state of fight or flight.

      I’m not so sure about the vegetarian diet for everyone. A high-fat diet works better for me.

      You are right about meditation, exercise, relaxation and happiness. This and eliminating fear is the key to returning our bodies to homeostasis and recovery.

      • Thank you Fred. It was my mistake to say “too much dopamine “. It should be “enough dopamine ” or “right amount of dopamine “.
        I cannot say that I am sure about my statement . It is just a theory based upon comparison with insulin and glucose.
        God knows the truth! In any case , cells are not dead .
        Regarding vegetarian diet – my diet prior to PD was meat , eggs, cheese, milk and bread ( sweets too ). Vegetables and fruits only occasionally. It is difficult to change it and I am not 100% sure that I should forget about meat but giving up meat and increasing quality of night sleep made the difference in walking . More and more I think it is about quality night sleep ( no noise and
        longer sleep).
        Very often I ask myself what have improved my situation when I was in hospital and in China ? Was it only medication or was it sleep and quiet surroundings ( not so much in hospital) and feeling of being secure ( no everyday worries and thoughts about worries ).
        I also remember part of Bianca’s book where she is writing how sound therapy dramatically improved her son’s walking . For some unknown reason that stuck in my head .
        Also, I think that you have noticed that many people who recovered went to retreat. When you put two together you get healthy diet , no noise and good rest .
        I can say for myself that all my life I was working in extremely noisy environment , often until 2-3 in the morning. Maybe that was my ” cryptonite “?
        You probably have different reasons- because place where you live is extremely peaceful.
        God knows and hopefully one day will lead the way . Until then I will test and test and test .

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