Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #101 … Bowen Therapy update and I can still ride my bike!

bikeI am now into my sixth month of Bowen therapy and since my last update, I am continuing to experience increasingly intense symptoms for a week to 10 days between sessions. Last week, the symptoms I experience, including loss of balance, trembling, slowness of movement, stiff gate and mental fog were particularly debilitating. I am also continuing to experience intense emotional purging, particularly anger.

The intention of Bowen therapy is to release stress, tension and emotional memory from the muscle facia, and for me, it seems, it has been particularly effective, particularly as it relates to the release of emotional memory. At this point, I can only guess at what is happening, because my therapist has no experience in working with someone with a neurological condition, so we are both learning as we go.

I feel very strongly that I’m on the right track, however, I suggested to my therapist that rather than continue to go deeper into this, it is time to start coming out of it, gently. Again, neither one of us has any experience with this, so we’re doing what we think is right and seeing what the outcome is.

On a positive note, my sense of taste and smell, which returned after I started doing Bowen therapy after disappearing for 16 years, continues to get stronger!

On another positive note, I rode my bicycle for the first time in three years and with the exception of a less than spectacular dismount at the end, it went quite well, particularly given that I was riding a street bike on a gravel road. I plan to keep it up!

This journey never ceases to amaze me!


20 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #101 … Bowen Therapy update and I can still ride my bike!

  1. This sounds very encouraging Fred, I have been working with an online NeuroCoach, in Denmark recently, doing Time Line Healing, accessing deeply buried traumas and memories and changing the outcome in my mind, Immediately my chronic constipation issues resolved, I beleive the body holds all the painful memories until it reaches a tipping point and can no longer function.normally. The body is stuck in producing too much insulin. I’m going to keep going down this track and see where it leads anyway.

  2. Great to hear you’re riding your bike again, Fred! Congratulations!

    One of the amazing and challenging aspects of this journey is the mix of symptoms seems to always be in a state of shape shifting. In other words some symptoms seem like they’re improving while others may feel a bit more intense. Or one may fade in the background while another becomes apparent. The best strategy for me is to be focused on what’s getting better! And always believe that although there are aberrations the long arc of recovery is always moving us toward perfect health.

    I’ve been reading a book called Quantum Doctor by Amit Goswami. It’s a book on Bianca Molle”s reading list. Goswami makes the point that the brain maps the mind and then this map impacts our immune system and thus our general health. That’s because as a professor at the University of Rochester discovered the organs of our immune system are covered with nerves that apparently communicate with the brain. So if our minds are full of fear or other dysfunctional emotions this eventually gets hardwired into our bodies via an immune system governed by detrimental information. A corrupt map!

    That’s one of the reasons it’s so challenging to heal: the malfunctioning immune system has been hardwired into our bodies. It’s tempting to swallow some pills/medication to alleviate the symptom but the cleanest long-term care seems to me to be to revise our mind maps so our brain interacts with our immune system in a healthy and healing way. This is particularly challenging because much of the bad input comes from our subconscious which takes a long time to change…

    … But I think this gets at the spiritual nature of our journey that you often talk about. At least it does for me. Cleaning up my mind map in my brain is a top priority of my healing journey. I sense that is what you and Rebecca are doing too and that is what’s at the root of your positive results. May we all achieve perfect health! Stay inspired and courageous… Even when trembling or losing your balance. I’m right there with you!

    • Thank you so much for this Jeff! I do enjoy reading your messages and this one makes perfect sense particularly in light of the question I have been asking myself: why is it that I am continuing to hold on to fear, emotional pain and detrimental beliefs that are at the root of this neurological condition I’m experiencing. I’m asking this question, because there are no external stressors that are contributing to the symptoms I’m experiencing. It’s all internal and theoretically, there is no reason for it. A corrupt immune system could be part of the answer to this question.

      • Thanks for the kind words Fred. I enjoy reading your blog!

        I have similar challenges to you in regard to holding onto fear and detrimental beliefs, in other words unhealthy conditioning. Like you I’ve removed external stressors from my life but the conditioning is deep-rooted and difficult to reverse. I wish I had a simple answer I can pass along but I don’t. I remember reading in Bruce Lipton’s book the Biology of Belief that our cells adapt to the body experiencing stress and adrenaline by growing more receptors to receive and process stress related hormones. So our bodies actually configure themselves to become a stress processing machine. I sense that’s what’s happened to me and I’m in the process of reversing that conditioning which took place over decades and much of it in years when my brain was very young and pliant. Reversing those patterns now is quite a challenge but I know it can be done! Great to have you along on the journey!!

      • Reversing those patterns is the only thing [I believe] standing between me and good health. I believe it is possible to do so in one big bang. I just haven’t figured out how to do it.

      • Hallelujah! I believe the same thing. If you figure out the Big Bang before I do, let me know. I’ll do the same for you. I like using the term Big Bang for the breakthrough we seek. It implies the birth of a new universe.

  3. After a almost exactly a year since I came back from China I can say that all my initial success was due to PD medication. I am exactly where I was a year ago when I ended up in a hospital. For me until now China didn’t work.
    Back to square one .
    Somehow I am not very disappointed. I have learned a lot within the last two months . I have learned that by emptying my gut and fasting for two days gives me much more energy on a third day . Maybe there is something in that or maybe just medication works better .
    Didn’t see much benefit from injecting B1 vitamin – except improved gut movements .
    Most interesting thing is that I hardly shake any more. During the last month I was waking up on a regular bases twice every night. Usually in panic because unable to walk to the toilet or thinking that I am unable to do it . I had an interesting situation where toilet an I were “looking at each other” and thinking why did I come there and am I going to be in a position to do it or not . For me that was a breaking point . Feet were stuck to the tiles like glued. The more I was trying to get them off the worse was . Then somehow in my mind I remembered words of some hypnotist ” the more you try to separate your hands the stronger they will stick “. My next move was to do it gently without panic. Success! Walking didn’t improve but my panic level has dropped dramatically to the point that now I am not taking my night medication and looking forward to wake up in the middle of the night and practice my movements/ walking / relaxation / talking to God and talking to dopamine producing neurones and adrenalin ( as advised by Howard ) . Usually after 1/2 hour I can walk without flying all around . It is also important to mention that I have experienced two nights that my walk was fine from the start , being completely relaxed in a bed and able to move around . No muscle / ligament strains in my foot . Many times I have experienced complete calm first few minutes when I wake up and then like if body remember wave of panic and shakes pass through. Waking up in the morning is always with fear / shakes / loss of balance etc but somehow now I recognise it as something that I have learned to do . I stand straight as possible, smile and thank to God for teaching me a lesson. Soon after shaking disappears.
    I hardly shake any more at all but still
    getting very tight . Hopefully that lesson is next šŸ˜œ
    I have also noticed change in my character- don’t get stressed out about things and accept that God knows better then me .

    Bless you all

    • Sounds to me like you’re doing better Bratzo, even though it appears the stem cell treatment didn’t work like you hoped. You sound calmer and more at ease with yourself and your condition which is an essential part of healing. At least I think so. Keep nurturing those healing instincts.

      We each have 37 trillion cells in our bodies. Each cell has 1 trillion molecules. Those molecules are made of atoms which are 99.99% empty space. Electrons in those atoms are orbiting their nuclei at a pace that would take them around the earth in 18 seconds. Something like 100,000 chemical reactions per second are happening in every cell. We could never manage this consciously, not to mention the functionality of each of our organs. There must be some higher intelligence we’ve evolved out of, whether we call it God or spirit or consciousness or Goddess or name it as you like. Trusting this higher energy like you do when you talk to your neurons or God seems like a good approach to me since tuning into this higher intelligence is likely what will heal us. Timothy Leary used to say “turn on, tune in, drop out.” Maybe we could sing “tune in, turn on, heal up!” Leary was talking about LSD. We’re singing about the higher consciousness we came from, whatever you choose to call it. I’m fine with using the word God. May he walk with you and may you walk perfectly!

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