Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #99 … Divine guidance!

recovery2Yesterday I witnessed firsthand how the universe magically expresses itself through us!

I am presently writing the third instalment of The History Teacher trilogy, and yesterday, I was adding a section to a chapter I had already written. I finished writing the piece but needed something to tie it in with the theme of the book. Nothing was coming to me, so I went out on the deck to enjoy some sunshine. I was thinking about something else, when an idea suddenly popped into my head, so I went back inside to finish the piece. As I was writing, another idea popped into my head which made it even better [at least from my humble perspective].

I have no doubt that these ideas were expressions of divine guidance!

I have heard many musicians talk about how the songs they write come through them, not from them. The most recent, was Carole King, whose album, Tapestry, topped the record charts for 15 weeks! She said that she recognized early on in her career that the songs she was writing were coming through her from a higher source of wisdom.

It came to me recently, that we are all vessels for the expression and expansion of divine love and what better way to do this than through creativity … and through the acceptance and perseverance required to contend with a challenging neurological condition!

The universe works in mysterious and magical ways! That I believe! It was divine inspiration [intervention] that led me to write the books I am writing and the same divine guidance that has given me the techniques I use to manage the symptoms I experience on a day-to-day basis. And it’s the same Divine guidance that comes to me in moments of creative need!

What an adventure!


5 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #99 … Divine guidance!

  1. Hi Fred – I think creative work is the work of the divine. I sense that creative insights arrive in a similar way that divine intervention takes place. It usually doesn’t pop up in front of you in an obvious way. After much hard work and often struggle the insight arrives as a spark or revelation just like you described that’s very exciting to experience and feel. Sometimes it comes tethered to a series of other conscious thoughts that weren’t so exciting or came to a dead end. Then in a moment like the one you experienced during your break on your deck the spark arrives. Gladness spreads through your body and a smile across your face. It makes all the struggle of the creative process feel worthwhile.

    Maybe this is how God or spirit works too. The creation of the universe was a result of creative sparks that occurred over a long period of time in a succession of evolutionary processes that built one upon another over 15 or so billion years of this universe’s lifecycle.

    It’s much like the healing process you and I and others are undertaking to reverse this neurological condition we’re experiencing: building on insights, spirit, intuition and knowledge and feeling we move forward not by relying on the temporary symptom alleviation offered by conventional medicine but instead relying on personal instinct, honest individualized response, and creative spontaneous sparks of revelation onward towards healing. Toward life!

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