Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #98 … Life is Awesome!

hummingbirdWe may be living with this challenging health condition but that doesn’t mean life can’t be awesome!

Last night, just after sunset [which was spectacular!] a deer passed through our yard! Last week, while eating breakfast on the deck, a bald eagle flew overhead! Twice in the last few days, a hummingbird has hovered inches from my face!

My life is filled with the spectacular moments and I get to experience them every day!

I am blessed for many reasons! I live on a lake on Manitoulin Island! I have three amazing children! I have a wonderful partner! I get to play golf, chop firewood, spend time in nature and write!

It doesn’t mean I don’t have moments of frustration, because I do. It also doesn’t mean I don’t get angry, because I do. But these are just moments and they pass. And then I am blessed with the next spectacular moment!

And I am particularly blessed with the awareness of spiritual consciousness, my divine nature and my oneness with the universal-energetic-intelligence! I am blessed with love!

Yes, my life is awesome!


10 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #98 … Life is Awesome!

  1. Smiling for you Fred. I too am grateful for my life, friends, and the nature around. It’s winter in NZ and where I live in the Hawkes Bay it’s sleeting rain at the moment and there is snow on the hills but I have a gorgeous gas fire on and I’m snug and have a day to write. Lucky lucky me.

  2. Hi Fred! I think this blog entry largely answers the question I left you at the end of your previous entry. In other words, this blog entry explains what neurogenesis feels like! This may not be the only way to stimulate healthy neurogenesis, but feeling ecstasy or bllss or awe certainly contributes to getting the job done.

  3. Can’t help but smile when reading this. There is joy in the journey and that joy coupled with gratitude helps us see the light in our darkness. It helps us breathe and heal. Thank you.

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