Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #97 … Stilling the body!

sunlightTrembling isn’t the most troublesome symptom I experience. That distinction goes to loss of balance and freezing, with an honourable mention to constipation. I attribute the minimal trembling I experience to the bodywork I am doing, namely, four chiropractic treatments a month. [A few years ago when I started doing Body Stress Relief therapy, the trembling I was experiencing was reduced by about 75%]

Generally, I only experience trembling in my hands and it’s mostly not an issue unless I am feeling anxious. I typically only feel anxious in social situations, when I’m out shopping, when I am riding in a car or when I feel pressed for time. On these occasions, it can sometimes be quite pronounced and quite challenging, particularly when I’m trying to eat.

But I’ve learned to minimize and even temporarily stop trembling by stilling my body. I do this by focusing on my breath while consciously relaxing every muscle in my body.

The technique I use is quite simple and I can do it with my eyes open or closed. Sitting in a chair, I either cup my hands in my lap or place them on my thighs, palms down. Sometimes, I hang them over the sides of the chair. I will also do this lying down.

I begin by placing my attention on my breath. Then on each exhale, I count from 1 up to 10, and then 10 back to 1. At the same time, I consciously relax every muscle in my body.

It can take a few minutes for my hands and body to become completely still. Usually, my right hand stops trembling well before my left. Sometimes the trembling will subside momentarily and then begin again.

I find it even easier to still my body when I’m sitting in the grass, sitting in the forest or sitting by the lake. The natural calming energies of the earth and water seem to heighten the effect.

Stilling the body simply means taking it out of the fight-flight-freeze state which is one of the key elements of a full recovery!

Wishing you many blessings on your day!


12 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #97 … Stilling the body!

  1. Thank you so much for your posts. Seeing one in my mailbox always puts a smile on my face. Thank you for providing the encouragement and hope so needed to live my best life. Thanks again from a fellow Parkinson’s patient.

    Sue JeschEducation DirectorCarson City Symphony Assoc.775- 450- 5584          :||:          ||      (   ||   )       )  ||  (      (   ||   )          ~

  2. Hi Fred! I have a similar experience with my tremoring. The tremors will still if I get into a relaxed state of mind and body, particularly in nature or when lying down or reclining.

    Like you I’m bothered perhaps most of all by issues related to my mobility, like rigidity and balance challenges. Every time I read accounts from other people with Parkinson’s I realize how each of us experiences symptoms differently. Yet it’s apparent that all of us need to spark some form of neurogenesis to heal.

    My impression is that the symptoms vary among us because the neurological degradation at the core of our issues happens within our brain and neural networks that comprise our central control system. When you mess with our central controls the symptoms can manifest in a wide variety of ways.

    The fact that we each need to spark neurogenesis to leads me to often think of the question: What does neurogenesis feel like? Is it happening when we feel joy? When our hearts are filled with love? When we enjoy our favorite music? When we dance? When we laugh? All of the above and more? I wonder if there are some physical sensations accompanying neurogenesis that we can look for? That would be ideal because then we could look to re-create that feeling in our bodies through whatever route works for us. There’s something to think about or meditate on!

    Wishing you all the neurogenesis you need to heal!!

    • Thank you so much Jeff! You’ve raised a lot of very good points! I think the main reason the symptoms we experience are so varied is because the solution is not to be found in the physical realm [through pills], but rather in the spiritual realm through the realization and actualization of spiritual consciousness and divine love! This is the key to living in peace, love and joy … the basis of good health! It is also the key to being inspired to eat healthy foods, exercise daily and live joyfully!

  3. You are definitely doing something right. All these years without medication and having same/ similar symptoms as most of us . It does not sound like a great achievement but it is .
    What I went through ( hospital , fecal transplant, stem cells and medication) and having the same symptoms as you .
    You are definitely doing something right .
    The only thing that helps me is the positive frame of mind ( and young nurse ).
    Blessings to everyone

  4. I just got the idea 😂. How about if we organise competition for the best Parkinson’s smile?
    My one is like number 9.

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