Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #93 … A wonderful winged chorus!

wild turkeyYesterday afternoon, I stepped out on the front deck to be greeted by the sound of a wild turkey! It took me by surprise because I thought there were none in our area. I have lived on Manitoulin Island for two years and have yet to see a wild turkey.

I sat on the deck for half an hour hoping he would come close enough for me to get a glimpse, but he didn’t! They are very wary!

As I sat quietly listening to the turkey, my attention was drawn to the wonderful variety of bird sounds happening all around me: Canada geese, sandhill cranes, seagulls, crows, robins, Blue Jays, a pilated woodpecker, a mourning dove, a cardinal and a loon.

It felt as if Mother Nature was reaching out to place a gentle healing hand on my shoulder! It was an amazing moment … a winged transference of divine love … and I felt wonderfully blessed!


7 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #93 … A wonderful winged chorus!

  1. Did you know that schizophrenia ( hearing voices and hallucinating) is “cured ” by medication that lowers dopamine and prolonged use can cause PD . Similar, too much of PD medication can cause schizophrenia. That is according to the lecture from one of the US universities. Obviously there is a fine balance within the brain. It is also important to know that medication that goes through the stomach ends up in the whole brain and body ( not just in the part of the brain that we need it ) . Does too much dopamine in other parts of the body is producing negative effects?

    Now . Many people who recovered from PD spend much time talking to God / high energy . Non believers would describe that as schizophrenic behaviour. Maybe that type of thinking has produced chemical reactions in the brain and naturally increased dopamine production?
    Whatever the truth is ( existence or none existence of higher power ) , as far as I can logically think , that is the way to go .
    Fred , even that I like to joke around , I think that you are on the right path and you are blessed by establishing that connection.
    Personally, I am believer and from my life experience ( witnessing one health miracle in my family) I can say that only higher power can properly control that fine balance of brain chemistry.
    Our job is to open our hearts and enjoy the ride . As my art teacher centuries ago used to say ” now when you know the rules and logic, forget them “.
    My logical part of the brain is now fed and content. It is time to rest .
    Yes Fred , you are on the right path !

      • Close family member recovering from disease that people don’t recover from ( in my opinion by changing social surroundings and going back to the original diet – including plenty of fats , organ meat – liver , hearts , kidney, other meat , seasonal fruit and vegetables, plenty of rest , avoiding annoying people and stress and accepting disease without being scared .)

        Very hard to achieve all of that but not impossible.
        Sounds like something that we on this blog are trying to achieve. Recipe for recovery???

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