Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #91 … 3 Spiritual Observations!

reliefI would like to share with you, three spiritual observations that I recently posted on Facebook that have helped me immensely in living peacefully and optimistically with this challenging neurological condition … because it certainly has been challenging!

We are all wondrously connected by an unseen energy, so powerful, so full of love, it is to defy the human imagination! It is in every atom in our bodies and every atom in the universe! It is what we call God and it is pure divine love!

We cannot change the past! We can only accept it! We can however influence the future by what we do in the present moment! In filling the now with love, we create a beautiful tomorrow!

True empowerment comes from the awareness that as divine spiritual beings living in oneness with all that is, we are the architects of all the experiences that make up our life journey. We are only victims in belief, never in actuality!


42 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #91 … 3 Spiritual Observations!

  1. Read the book – Cure diabetes ; Parkinson’s and Chronic Diseases. – Robert C Palmer ($13)

    Book is a joke but when you check references you get shocked – it confirms everything above ;
    Same as – Shaking Palsy Essay – James Parkinson ($3) Did anyone bother to read the first book about PD and how they used to heal it ?

  2. I am on my seventh week of B1 injections ( twice weekly by myself) – $120 for five weeks. Just more energy until now :

    I had three visits to special chiropractor- slight improvement
    After third visit I had bad fall and injured few ribs / kidney. Had to stop with chiropractor.

    I have purchased red led lights ( Led man )- good fun and nothing else .

    Basketball is still on but every second day . Constipation greatly improved by having glass of water with half lemon first thing in the morning ( more water in general)
    Last few weeks no more grains ( no milk from before) feels worse but better against constipation .

  3. Don’t give up Jimmy . It is not much better on the other side . The other day my mother told me “ you must die from something “. Lol 😂
    She is 80 and in a good health . God bless her .

  4. Hey great to hear from you again Bratzo, have missed you. You are quite a character, and you sound like you have a quirky, unique personality as well. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you Rebecca. I’ve missed you too and I’ve missed Jimmy.
      I appreciate people who are trying to find a solution even that sometimes it is obviously silly. But hay , until recently people thought that earth is round 😜😱.
      When I used to fish , occasionally some fish that landed up on a dry land would find its way back to the water if it was eager enough. We know what happens to the rest .
      To be honest , I wanted to be like Fred and be able to communicate with the higher power . I have a few things on my mind what to tell but it is not for writing. I was jealous, how Fred and many others on this blogg can do it and I cannot. I was trying to fit in but now I think that Fred didn’t give us full instruction how to do it or maybe I am missing something?! For the last three months I was fallowing his instructions, every morning I would walk in my backyard raising my arms to the heaven yelling hallelujah and then carefully listen but the only thing that I could hear was my neighbor telling me to shut the f..k up. I don’t know what I am doing wrong ?!
      I will find out one day . Until then love to everyone.

      • Sorry Fred . Just a bit of fun on your account . You are doing a great job and service to all of us . Keep it up .

      • I just got criticised by my kids – ” dad , that was not funny “.
        My apologies to everyone but don’t forget not to take life or PD to serious because serious attitude and stress brought us to this place ( my opinion ).
        Lighten up everyone ( at least a little bit ). We are not dead yet .

      • Bratzo, I connect with a higher power by being kind, compassionate, generous, accepting, forgiving and grateful. My prayers are gratitude prayers. Also, when I’m by myself, I talk to the universal-energetic-intelligence [God] just like I would be talking to you!

  5. I love the heart of what you share and the truth within the words you share. I believe wie have to recognize that universal power, God, with our whole hearts and allow the pure Christ love that flows through us to heal us. I always wondered how Christ healed the woman who touched his robe. It was the love. Agape. I have a Fred Phillips library that houses all three of your books. The last chapter of The History Teacher is powerful. You the writer have that love inside of you. It is a beacon of light. Through that you will be healed and will be a healer on all levels for others. May that universal power, God, continue to wrap you in healing love and light.

    • Thank you so much! I truly believe I’m being guided by divine love in dealing with this health condition and writing the books I am writing! It has been a fascinating journey and I’m so thankful to be making it with so many wonderful people!

  6. That is not a such a bad deal Jimmy . I remember when I was unable to move in the hospital, some young nurse was giving me a shower and I thought – this is not such a bad thing . Unfortunately next time they had different nurse from New Zealand – they come in a extra large sizes and tuff as a mountain ( Rebecca can confirm that ). I thought , it is better if I start walking as soon as possible. They call it placebo ( I was walking again ) but I call it necessity to save its own life .
    Hopefully you have better luck .

  7. I hope dear Bratzo you are not implying that I am an extra large size because I come from NZ, nothing could be further from the truth, me = slim build and 55 kilos.
    Perhaps your nurse was a Maori or Pacific Islander..
    Hi Jimmy so sorry to hear about your walking woes.
    I see a chiropractor every two weeks which wards off these sorts of sciatic problems and keeps me moving.,
    I’m enjoying the banter, keep it coming.. xx

  8. Before I go into a deep hiding ( New Zealand is just to close to Sydney) I hope that you will go through some of the links that I’ve provided.
    There are more and more connections between PD and virus ( maybe bacteria too ) . Some explanation why marijuana is not helping and nicotine does . Treatment by Methilene Blue – which is also researched by scientists. Check what is lysine and what is used for .
    Hopefully you find all of that interesting and useful in connecting some dots .



  9. Yes,Bratzo, big Pharma and many MDs are too busy making money! The business model for practicing “modern medicine” does not work too well for treating the poorly understood condition known as Parkinson’s disease. It seems to challenge each of us differently and understanding each of us as individuals takes a lot of time and effort. The business model of modern medicine works best when you can see lots of patience for short periods of time and treat them all the same, mainly by prescribing drugs.

    Whatever the technical correlates of Parkinson’s are: virus, bacteria, environmental toxins, or other, I’ve chosen to focus my energy on understanding why the vast majority of people do NOT get PD in the first place. What is it that they have that I lacked? Some of it is genetics but I’m convinced a great deal of it is how we interact with life, being controlled by fear, negative emotions, etc.

    We get a second chance at life by turning around these negative responses and replacing them with positive ones like love, compassion, living without or beyond fear, being in touch with the divine goodness in the universe, really believing that all is well. Whether or not we restore perfect health remains to be seen for most of us, though some indeed have recovered from PD symptoms.

    In the meantime, Bratzo, if you find a cure let us know!!!

  10. Hi Fred. I think I have been missing in action. I always feel empowered when I read your blog. I share it with my friend and her husband. He is 83 and has Parkinsons. He a logger by trade. In the spring he drives a fertilizer for a farm supply company. Two days this week he got up three thirty and didn’t get home until almost eight. Totally worn out. It is a sheer wonder. Your words speak a healing truth for all of us. They feel divinely inspired and of grace.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! You’re very inspiring!

      Actually, though, I am concerned about your friend’s husband, because I believe it is this intense need or desire to overwork that contributes to our developing Parkinson’s. Part of me would love to tell him to slow down, take a rest, but part of me thinks, you’re 83 years old, good on you!

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