My first book is now republished!

the history teacherI am excited to announce the rerelease of my first book, The History Teacher! I first published it in 2010 and decided to give it a makeover after the release of my second book, The History Teacher 2.0, which I published through a new self-assisted publisher, FriesenPress. Quite frankly, I wanted to clean it up a bit. It was my first effort, and grammatically, it needed some work. So it’s the same story, but a much smoother read! If you would like to check out the storyline, go to the Fred’s Books page.

All three of the books I’ve written [The History Teacher, The History Teacher 2.0 and The Christmas Choice], are available on FriesenPress and Amazon.

Thank you so much for your support and for taking the time to read my books! Please know that I appreciate it enormously!

I am presently writing the third instalment of The History Teacher trilogy and hope to have it published by the end of this year. After that, I plan to begin writing, The Kid!


33 comments on “My first book is now republished!

      • Really incredible book Fred! Loved the characters and the message. So aligned with my own journey as well.

        I thought you might be interested in the school that my son went to for middle and high school – it is a school based on kindness, integrity and following your passion with the idea that if you stick kids in an environment with these qualities learning comes naturally (there are no required classes)

        It reminds me a lot of what John was trying to achieve 🙂

  1. Hi Fred! I just ordered your first book. Thank you for bringing so much heart centered spirit to the world! It’s healing.

    • Hi Jimmy – I am taking the glutathione in supplement form. It comes in gel packs that you add to water and drink. I also did glutathione IVs, about 10 of them. I noticed some impact from the IVs. My energy level was better but not in a big way. The gel packs feel right but again the impact isn’t huge. Lena is taking glutathione and I believe has experienced better results.

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