Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #88 … Bowen Therapy – Update!

faciaI am now in my third month of Bowen therapy and as I reported in a recent post, it has been an interesting experience.

On the encouraging side, I have retained my sense of smell and taste. On the challenging side, I continue to experience considerable emotional turmoil, diarrhea [which indicates purging] and extremely intense symptoms, particularly, loss of balance, freezing, slowness of movement and tension and trembling in my hands. I can moderate the tension and trembling by focusing on my breath and consciously relaxing, but it is a challenge.

The pattern has been consistent following each Bowen session. I go for my appointment on Friday. Saturday and Sunday I feel okay. Monday I feel great. Tuesday it hits me like a Muhammad Ali left jab. Wednesday through Sunday or Monday it gets increasingly more intense [as Ali continues to pound away]. Then Monday or Tuesday, I start to feel better again.

The symptoms have been getting progressively more intense with each session.

The intention of Bowen therapy is to release tension and emotional memories from the muscle facia, resulting from the facia tightening due to poor posture, lack of stretching, repetitive strain and physical and emotional trauma. Facia is the connective tissue that encases and connects muscle fibers and internal organs. It stores emotional memories.

Given my life experience, I’m confident that I am on the right track with Bowen and I am prepared for things getting worse before they get better. It’s sort of like going through withdrawal. It’s not pleasant, but it’s part of the healing process.

I will post another update in a month or so.


8 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #88 … Bowen Therapy – Update!

  1. It always is interesting to me Fred how you can still have a sense of moving in the right direction even with symptoms intensifying. I do believe it is often when they are coming to the surface to be released. I have not tried Bowen but often times I have a detox day or two or week after acupuncture or other energy work. I’m just coming off a rough week after a particularly intense acupuncture session.

    Sometimes I think, am I just putting a positive spin on everything ?

    But then my detox is followed by a decrease in my symptoms and I think, nope, I’m really getting better.

    One thing that helps me is when my symptoms intensify is to do Janice’s safety exercises with the head bobble. Often my du gets stuck when I’m detoxing or releasing a lot – probably because of fear. Once it opens again my symptoms decrease. And usually a lot of emotion comes out when I do them.

    I love coming to your blog because you also are someone who doesn’t give up and keeps exploring and growing!

    BTW have you read “The Brain’s Way of Healing”? It is an amazing book -highly recommend it if you haven’t. All about neuroplasicity. They mention this PONs device that sounds like will get FDA approval by the end of this year -induces neuroplascity through the tongue and has shown some incredible results when used for 40 minutes a day for PD and other brain disorders. And the improvement is permanent – you don’t have to use it ever day forever – it actually heals your brain even in advanced cases..

    I’ll definitely be seeing if I can get one when they market!

    • I firmly trust that we are on the right track Lena! Yes, I have read the book, and I agree, it is very good! I found it very helpful!

      Thank you so much for the link! I will be following that with much interest!

    • Lena – I second what you write about Fred. Both of you are shining examples of healing!

      I’ve read the book you recommend and remember the PONS device. Thanks for the link with an update. I wonder if the device will be available for “consumers” or only via health professionals? Please post any updates you come across.

  2. Hey Fred, so not sure if you have heard of this tool the facia blaster… but… it is a thing, The inventor Ashley Black, created it for pain and smoothing out facia, but it also diminishes cellulite which is why women are flocking to this tool… I bought one for pain… Ashley uses this on sports people etc… but anyway, it helps me with what I call my jimmy legs… I have restless leg syndrome and it totally helps along with other muscle issues… but it is for facia and it really works… she just created a new one called the master blaster and it has smaller claws and the smaller claws work better… just passing it on, she has a face one with the smaller claws that is a small version of the master blaster… just wanted to pass it on, it really helps and when you research her and her story you will see she is the real deal.

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