Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #87 … My body is talking to me!

tranquilityI am reading, Focusing, written by Eugene Gendlin. It’s about understanding a health condition by understanding how the body is feeling. When I asked my body how it is feeling, I got an immediate response … weary!

Weary! I can believe it! Tired says, I need some rest and a good nights sleep. Weary says, I need to change my life! And for me, this makes a great deal of sense. I couldn’t tell you last time I woke up feeling good. I wake up sleepy and tired and feel that way all day. For my entire life, I have been living at a frenetic pace! Going to school, working, playing hockey, running, doing yard work, partying and raising children. Rarely a moment’s rest!

Even now, living here on Manitoulin Island, my own private ashram, I am always doing something. Between shoveling snow, tending to the woodstove, stacking firewood, doing yard work, looking after the house, writing, blogging and completing my daily regimen, I find myself in the never-ending cycle of completing one activity to get to the next.

This need to stay busy, to be a workaholic, is shared by Michael J Fox and Knowlton Nash, former Canadian television anchorman, both with PD. It makes me wonder how many people diagnosed with Parkinson’s could be described as workaholics, or obsessive-aholics?

I suspect this workaholism is driven by fear and not feeling good about myself; of feeling inadequate and needing to please. These I know I need to work on.

Whatever the cause, it is time to change!

Sitting in silent solitude and placing my attention in the present moment, are two activities in my daily regimen, and for the last two days, I have done a lot more of both. I’m not going to obsess over completing my daily regimen anymore. I’m going to do my best to not do anything that puts my mind and body in a state of stress. Time to end this frenzy!

It is time to rest these weary bones!


12 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #87 … My body is talking to me!

  1. Sorry to read you are feeling weary, Fred. Know that I am thinking of you.
    Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you. Love Karate Gran xo

  2. I remember when first reading your regimen Fred that I was impressed with how many positive things you had come up with to get done in a day. But I did have the feeling that pushing through that list in a comprehensive way every day might lead to the perception of “working” through it all. Seems to me you’re taking a good corrective action recognizing what makes you feel good and then doing it!

    I relate to your feeling of weariness. I get that feeling quite a bit too. From what I’ve read PD symptoms can include mitochondrial dysfunction. It can be puzzling to know what to do about it. It seems natural to want to rest but I typically feel better if I exercise or move about so there’s a blend of satisfying what feels like an immediate need and knowing what’s best for you. Sounds like you’re on the right track Fred striking the delicate balance. Your protocol is basically solid . . . Stimulate and relax in the right balance and you’ll heal!

    • Thank you so much Jeff! It is definitely a matter of finding the right balance, because like you, I feel better when I’m moving, with periodic rests! Testing and tweaking!

      • Thanks, Fred. Maybe you could look at your regimen worksheet as the menu of healing tools you have available at your option at any in time? Then you could select from the menu what you need that day based on a deep knowing of your body and soul and needs. Like you say I too find this healing journey to be an ongoing process of testing and tweaking!

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