Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #85 … Car travel intensifies symptoms!

highwayA few years ago [I don’t recall exactly when], I noticed that driving intensified my symptoms. Not long after that, I noticed that my symptoms got worse even when I was a passenger in the car.

Last week, I took a rather long driving trip to visit family and friends, including my mentally handicapped brother who is in declining health. Every day involved a significant amount of time in the car, including nine hours on day one and six hours on the last day.

I didn’t do any of the driving because I simply can’t drive long distances at this time. I can drive to town and back [15 minutes each way] but long-distance driving is out of the question.

Even though the driving, for the most part, was quite pleasant, and my driving companion[s] a pleasure to be with, each day, the stress of spending two or more hours in the car left me experiencing significant tension and trembling in my arms and hands, back discomfort, increased loss of balance and freezing and more pronounced loss of mobility.

I dealt with it as best I could by focusing on deep breathing and consciously relaxing my body, stretching, practising Qigong and going for short walks. I also used Rescue Remedy [a Bach flower essence] quite frequently.

When I asked for guidance on this matter, that is to say, when I asked why being a passenger in a car is so stressful for me, what came to me, is that ‘when I’m not behind the wheel, I’m not in control.’ This loss of control is triggering something in my subconscious, putting me in a state of fight or flight, and in turn, triggering a continual release of adrenaline and cortisol, while suppressing dopamine and serotonin.

This issue of control makes sense when you consider what Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life and founder of Hay House Publishing, says about the root cause of Parkinson’s, which is, ‘fear and the need to control all aspects of one’s life.’

In order to change [heal] this experience, I am going to turn it over to the universal-energetic-intelligence [God] by reciting the following: God, you know better than me, the unconscious fear that is putting my body in the fight or flight state when I’m a passenger in a car. I ask you to dissolve this fear so that I can focus my energy and thoughts on putting myself in a joyful state of love, so that my body will begin producing dopamine and serotonin. Thank you!

I’m also going to recite my healing mantra: Thank you Spirit and thank you higher self, for severing and dissolving the synapses and neural pathways, neutralizing the energetic frequency, healing and releasing from my body and my being, all of the fear, anger and detrimental thoughts and beliefs, and all of the shame, grief, guilt, resentment, bitterness and unresolved emotional energy, at the root of the fight or flight state I enter while a passenger in a car. And I thank you for this healing and I thank you for increasing the effectiveness of this healing by 100 times or more! Namaste!

I am steadfast in my belief that the “progression” of Parkinson’s is actually an intensification of the release of adrenaline and cortisol [and a coincidental suppression of dopamine and serotonin] due to the body spending more and more time in the fight or flight state, because our present thoughts and experiences are triggering unresolved fear in the subconscious mind.


15 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #85 … Car travel intensifies symptoms!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Fred!

    For the past 10 years my ability to be in any moving vehicle that I am not driving has been near impossible because I get so nauseous (this is also long before PD). After getting PD a few years ago I also realized it was from lack of control when I wasn’t driving and noticed my anxiety spike when I was a passenger. My nervous system didn’t trust anyone else. This became an issue as my PD symptoms made me feel unsafe to drive long distances or at night especially in the rain on the freeway yet I could only drive about 10-15 minutes with someone else driving. Recently my symptoms have improved enough that I can drive safely again (yay!) but long distances are still hard. I’ve done a lot of work on my nervous system and am now able to be a passenger if someone I trust a lot is driving (generally my boyfriend or father). Visiting my boyfriend in Calgary recently I was actually able to have him drive us to Banff and back without me getting sick. So slow progress!

    I’m slowly learning to give up control and trust instead!

    • Thank you so much as well for sharing Lena! I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one having a certain experience! It is comforting to know that you are doing better! This journey never ceases to amaze me! Wishing you an awesome day!

  2. I also get stressed by driving but do fine for distances that require less than 30 minutes or so. At the same time, I get invigorated by driving. I roll windows down no matter how chilly it is (by Northern California standards!), turn the heater on, listen to music, and let the wind blow back my hair just like in a Bruce Springsteen song. I don’t get out as much as I used to so these drives have taken on a new significance.

    Long drives with someone else driving don’t bother me because I am not in control but simply because sitting still for so long makes it more challenging for me to get out and walk when we do stop. My mobility is better when I’m moving about, even if I am just doing gentle movements unlimited by the constraints of a car seat.

    As you say Fred and Lena this journey never ceases to amaze me. I was so athletic for so long in my life that every day I feel like if I just focus hard enough I’ll be able to move normally again without physical inhibition, but the challenges keep popping up. When I recline my symptoms disappear so it’s easy to convince myself I’ll be fine when I stand up. Hasn’t happened yet but it’s something I strongly imagine all the time.

    My experience fits with how Joe Dispenza describes the healing journey. I have to blend total acceptance of where I am now with a clear vision of perfect health in the future…and somehow to usher in healing without trying “too hard”! Now there is an unusual challenge! Success without trying too hard!

    • It’s funny Thunder Road i.e. Run to Born is the permanent CD in my car most of the time – such good driving music!

      I can so relate to getting up and being surprised that my body doesn’t move as normally as I think it should. I think it’s good that we still can be in a state where we think it can however. I can’t claim to have ever been an athlete although maybe I’m becoming one now 🙂 And theses days if I recline for a short time (often even five minutes) and run energy often times I’m near normal when I get up – I like that!

      I still feel like my body has not internalized the PD and is doing it’s best to expel it.

      The weirdest thing of late is that I am getting some slight disfunction and tremor in my right hand which has been almost normal as my left hand is becoming much more functional again and everything else is working better.. I swear my left brain is sharing it’s dopamine with the right! (My datscan showed 50% function of cells in my right vs 75% in my left.)

      It’s such a bizarre dis-ease! Highly amusing although frustrating at times.

      • Bizarre indeed: both frustrating and fascinating! Some days I just want to kick it between the legs, but then something amazing happens and I think, that was a cool insight!

    • You have described my experience to a T Jeff! But I like what Howard Shifke said, “my body may not be responding right now but as long as I keep doing the right things, eating the right foods, thinking the right thoughts, reacting with positive emotions, eventually my body will respond and return to good health.”

      • I also appreciate how Shifke likens PD symptoms to being the tip of an iceberg. By doing the right healing regimen, we’re slowly melting the iceberg from underneath. We’re healing but the visible symptoms will be the last thing to disappear.

        Keep imagining perfect health! Close your eyes and dream it so that you feel it in your body. This seems to be the best medicine for me.

      • It becomes a cool balance of learning to live in the moment and not take any moment and skill for granted yet also dream of when “i’m recovered”. Just imagine how much more grounded and joyful we will be from all we have learned when we have recovered someday 🙂 You know not one of us will take a second of normal function for granted every again!

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