Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #70 … A magical start to the day!

sunrise1Hopping out of bed this morning, I was instantly captivated by the brilliant orange skyline winding its way through the still air and motionless trees to our bedroom window. Sparking a sudden and deep love for the universe, I gazed like a wide-eyed kid in anticipation of the appearance of the sun itself. The universal-energetic-intelligence provides us with a unending parade of heart-enriching, body healing moments and I felt a deep appreciation for the wonderful opportunity to experience this one. Such a magical start to the day!


27 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #70 … A magical start to the day!

  1. Just to mention that my intermittent fasting has lowered my glucose levels from 6.5 to 5.5 within a month ( normal in Australia is 3.4-5.4 ) .
    My liver blood results are finally perfect but unfortunately I don’t feel much better yet except slightly less shaking and no much need for the medication during two days water fast . Usually I fast 16/8 but occasionally two days .
    However , I didn’t dismiss psychological cause / influence.

    Hopefully it helps someone.

  2. Hi Fred I hope things are going well for you. I want
    to tell you about something I have discovered called
    Carbon sixty or c60. I think you will find it very interesting.
    Below are some YouTube videos you can check out.
    Sarah Westall does a few interviews on c60 One with
    Clif High Pt 3 about 5 minutes into it they discuss c60.
    Check out Her other interviews on c60 as well
    Arcane Bear does his latest interview with Clif High
    about 40 minutes into interview they discuss c60.

    You can buy c60 at Canadac60.com
    I bought mine from c60antiaging.com
    I have not started experimenting yet
    as I’m just recovering from an operation.
    Hope you find this interesting. take care.

      • Hi Fred. c60 is able to cross the Blood-Brain Barrier.
        c60 is 172 times more effective against Oxidative
        Radicals than Vitamin C. C60 is rapidly absorbed by
        Tissue.C60 is able to give up as well as accept multiple
        Electrons. I’m just starting on c60 today Fred, my
        intended benefits? I will be happy to take what ever
        benefits c60 can deliver if any? A lot of people
        experimenting with c60 have had amazing results
        One common occurrence is people don’t need
        to wear glasses anymore.. Pets do well on c60 as well.
        A French lab feed c60 to Rats to determine a Toxicity
        level. The Rats ending up living almost 3 times a Rats
        lifespan before they killed them and opened up to
        discover the Organs and Brain were in pristine
        condition. It was the Rat studies in 2012 that got
        peoples interest in c60.Some people taking c60 with
        expectations of living well over100 who knows?
        I will let you know Fred if I receive any benefits from
        the c60 as I progress. take care .

      • Thank you for this explanation Larry! I’ve tried so many different supplements and supposed cures without any benefit, that I’m reluctant to try anything new without some direct evidence of its benefits. I would love to hear your feedback after you’ve tried it for a while! Cheers!

    • So much talk and advanced editing but no before and after recording???
      They are mentioning how that type of treatment was used in Rusia and China- I can assure you that they have PD too .
      However, I believe that light therapy does have possible application in medicine. IR light is used in physiotherapy for ages and light does influence our bodies ( vitamin D ).

  3. Hide quoted text
    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: “Winnifred Spencer”
    Date: 29/11/2017 4:16 am
    Subject: Re: SCAM
    To: “Rebecca”

    What am We scamming people of since, We Do NOT charge people for anything.either NOW or later, and We are NOT asking for nor charging any monies, directly, nor indirectly.
    We DO NOT ask nor solicit for public Funding nor donations. We are a Privately FUNDED Research Organization, just like every once in a while we see a “Low budget Film” being position in the Film Industry, and it turns out that it makes a lot of $$$$. Our research findings for Parkinson’s disease…. Is strictly …. To Apply for AND obtain a patent …. From … The USA Patent Office… the Canadian Patent office, and the European patent office. My research Organization Group stands to make mega, mega, mega , $$$$, AFTER we apply for and receive a patent. P L U S we are HOPING that we will be NOMINATED to be considered for THE NOBEL PRIZE for MEDICINE, on account of our Research the actually creates a new drug to treat Parkinson’s disease, that reverses ALL, the symptoms and effects. And there is also even a prize $ of about close to a million $. So why would we spoil our chances of getting this proverbial “brass ring” Further ALL the research organizations around the world, … Have THIS SAME intentions …. TO BE THE FIRST RESEARCH GROUP TO FILE FOR APATENT FOR PARKINSONS disease … THAT ACTUALLY WORKjS, to address ALL the symptoms of PD. So we ARE on course to make $$$$, but strictly from the LARGE Pharmaceutical Drug manufacturing Company, to whom AFTER we get/receive A Patent, our Patent Lawyer/Agent will “Licence/” … Make a deal with the one of them, that Offers us the MOST $$$$$$$$$$$, and then we take it, then allow them to use our formula, to make the drug for the public, etc. So IF you understand the PROCESS and the SYSTEM of HOW a Research Co makes money, … It is strictly for developing a new Drug, and THEN file for a Patent protection for the various Patent offices in 4 groups … Including the USA, which is the BIGEST. We will consider making this reply public, since this is the 2nd time, we have had to “explain” our position and “defend” ourself from negative criticism, since we take our good name and reputation, very seriously. We have been doing this Research since 2004, and in 2010 and again in 2013, we made significant PROGRESS, so we could have wrapped it up, at that time and do then what we are doing ,now, (test it randomly in the public) but we waited for another 4 more years. And with that decision, we are sorry we were not able to help (Mohammed Ali), but we can still try to help Michael J Fox, to whom, we are HIGHLY motivated to help..and actually REVERSE ALL the symptoms and effect of the PD, that afflicts him. So the first person that WE treat/Cure/reverse their symptoms pfvOarkinsons Disease… That person will actually BECOME FAMOUyS, since THEY will actually become FAMOUS. Too bad, it may not be YOU. Regards.
    On Monday, November 27, 2017, Rebecca wrote:
    I think you are bogus company, trying to scam people.

    Hi everyone, this was in my inbox this morning, the whole thing sounds fishy to me, what do others think ?

  4. Regarding the Light Therapy treatment, I definitely think there is something in it, my son is in the process of constructing a home made version of the Vielight device for me to use, I’ll report back once I begin using it.

  5. I just got the idea for the new invention – toilet bowl with laser lights shining into my back side and improving my constipation. $$$$$$$ , possibly Nobel Prize 😂 .

  6. Yes she is Jimmy, she sounds somewhat deranged, and likes to use the capslock key a lot. Keeps raving about all the millions of dollars she is going to make. Very unprofessional . . . .

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