Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #69 … A walk around the harbour!

gore bayYesterday while waiting for snow tires to be installed on my truck, I went for a walk along the boardwalk that surrounds the harbour in our town! Looking northward, I was captivated by the spectacular view of the magnificent bluffs rising up over 100 feet above the eastern and western banks of the entrance to the harbour. Further out, the North Channel beckons the imagination as it gives way to the horizon and beyond to the north shores of Lake Huron, the southern border of northern Ontario! In that moment I felt a profound love and appreciation for the simple pleasures and opportunities for healing one experiences when consciously connected to the universal-energetic-intelligence! Inspiration emerges anywhere and everywhere in this divine universe, eagerly awaiting us!


25 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #69 … A walk around the harbour!

  1. Very nice, Fred! A perfect message for the American holiday of Thanksgiving, which is today (Thursday).

    As you say, the universal-energetic-intelligence awaits our conscious awareness of it everywhere! Though I feel it more in waterfront scenes like where you took a walk. The open horizon of the ocean or lake or the eternal flow of a river beckons the imagination and opens my heart.

    Nikola Tesla said infinite energy is available at every point in the universe…if we only knew how to access it! Taking a walk and opening your heart and mind is a good start.

  2. RESUME..We (BioOrganic Research International (Canada) Toronto, have developed a Serum-Smart-Drug, that is effective in crossing the blood-brain-barrier and it gets into the brain cells., that is effective against Parkinson’s Disease. (No Bulls). Our next step is to get our Patent Lawyer/Agent to file for a Patent. (2004 to March, 2017). It took us 14 years to perfect our Serum!

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  3. Yesterday this woman offered to pay my airfare from NZ to Toronto and 30 days accommodation and claims to cure me of tremors. Too good to be true ? I’m thinking SCAM, but I’d like to be wrong.

  4. I googled the supposed organisation, then looked up the address on google maps, it looks like an ordinary house in the suburbs, so I’m deeply suspicious now.

  5. Jimmy you have strange friends 😀.
    Why stop with cancer and PD ? At least she should know which day is 7th , 8th or 9th.
    Good luck 😂.

  6. There’s much to sort through when we’re trying to heal from illness. It was that way with my own recovery from anorexia. It didn’t come from one place but I gathered many pieces. One of my mentors said What needs to happen is a different for everyone. That’s what makes it so Interesting she said. She was a mind-body coach and one who helped me a lot. But there were other pieces too. I honor this journey very much. Much love — Laurie

    • Laurie – Your observation that what needs to happen on our healing journeys is different for each of us resonates with me. This makes it so fascinating and challenging at the same time. Our education system grounds us so deeply in the Industrial Age of learning and healing where one size fits all. So to think of what’s needed on our journey of recovery as unique to us as individuals goes against the grain. Yet I feel in my heart that is where the deep healing is found. That’s where transformation occurs. Like you, I respect and honor this unique journey for each of us. It takes courage, sensitivity, wisdom and insight! Love and healing light to all!!

    • It’s like filling your plate at the buffet table, figuring out through trial and error what works best, what resonates the most. At the heart of it, though, is returning the body to homeostasis… Healing the gut, strengthening the immune system, unclogging the lymphatic system, eliminating inflammation and alkalining the body… Mainly through the elimination of mental, emotional, chemical and dietary stress. And remembering that this is a spiritual journey with a purpose.

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