Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #64 … A phenomenal moment!

forest1A couple of days ago, I was in the forest that surrounds our home, collecting kindling for a fire. I was dressed only in shorts and a T-shirt, enjoying the warm sunshine, when it occurred to me how truly special was the moment! This was rare! Shorts and a T-shirt so deep into autumn in our part of the world! Then the thought came to me that the key to eliminating fear and stress [which is the key to good health] is spending time in nature, completely free of thought! It was illuminating indeed!ย The universal-energetic-intelligence will communicate with us and guide us on this road less travelled! Being in nature, without thought, opens us to this potential! It was a phenomenal moment and I felt awesome!


29 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #64 … A phenomenal moment!

  1. Indeed Fred! I sometimes walk in nature with a friend who has a rule: no talking unless the conversation describes something we’re observing along the way. Very settling. It’s so easy to get lost inside the foggy abstract noise in our minds. It’s best to stick with the birds, bees, ocean waves and trees!

  2. Trees and nature are amazing! My dog is my perfect companion in the words, silent but present. Have either of you read The Hidden Life of Trees? It brings to life that trees and plants communicate, have families and are much more in tune and intelligent than we ever imagined. Incredible book!

    • Lena – your dog is a perfect companion in the woods. Not only silent but present but also more alert to her surroundings than humans! I haven’t read The Hidden Life of Trees. I have read a fascinating book by Stephen Buhner called The Lost Language of Plants. It too portrays the sentience of plants being far richer than I could dream up. Feels similar to Hidden Life of Trees, which I will check out.

      • I would love to read another book on the nature of plants. They have the one you just read at our local library – just put a hold on it! Yes animals are much more in tune with the moment. My sweet dog was a starving mommy to 6 puppies in Taiwan. She got a green card for her whole family and they flew to Seattle. I met her at the airport. Smartest dog I have ever met in a street smart way. She loves and appreciates her new life – great food, walks, love, the couch and humans who love her! And I appreciate her – she is my rock through everything!

    • Lena – I’ve been reading Limitless by Farias and finding it immensely valuable. Do you know if Farias has written another book or articles in which he more directly focuses on Parkinson’s? If so, can you tell me how to find that material?

  3. You guys make me feel guilty. I just cut the grass in my backyard and can’t go over the feeling of guilt how many lives I have destroyed. ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  4. I love forest and rivers / lakes . Fred you took me back to my childhood when we ( father , brother and I ) used to collect mushrooms and spent hours roaming through the forest . My father had stressful job ( police inspector) and forest was his favourite place to relax . Occasionally we used to get separated and used to call each other by specific sounds that gave us feeling of direction . It was like a game of hide and seek .
    Time without worries, time of health and happiness.

      • Yes , I remember you mentioning that before. Sometimes I am thinking if his overprotective nature and my strict upbringing ( with plenty of physical punishments ) has something to do with development of PD ( no one ever had it in family) – fear of making the wrong move / decisions . Not that I know that I have it but have noticed that Qi Gong makes me move too slow because I experience it as exercise with strictly controlled movements ( as karate) , completely opposite to dance where movements are free , relaxed and flowing ( Dr Farias ).
        Ok , complete theory is this – after my wife’s sudden death ( she was my rock and person that I could rely on in regards to family/ home matters) I’ve experienced initial shock ( Dr Farias ) and developed fear ( all fears are basically fears of death) which made me overthink due to subconscious fear of losing the support and that caused increased fear of making the wrong move in life ( wrong decision) . PD perfectly fits in that scenario as disease which brings problems with movements and management decisions . Disease where person prevents itself from further movements ( but occasionally can run or perform normally- when thinking is switched off ) .

        Now I am expecting Nobel’s prize for psychology there is only one problem- if I know all that how come that I don’t feel better ? What should I do?
        Hopefully we will find out soon because I have organised a meeting with Dr Greg Neville ( the writer of that book that I have recommended earlier ).

        Many blessings

      • Your experience is very similar to mine Bratzo. Strict upbringing, lots of harsh punishment and criticism. A powerful need to please. Lots of fear, shame and anger. Like you, it has been an enormous learning experience. I have learned so much about spirituality, our purpose, the human body and the effects of emotional wounding. I also wonder why, with everything I learned, everything I know, am I not getting better. Perhaps the answer lies in a line from a movie I saw recently, when a wife said to her husband, “the adult you understands, but there is a little boy inside you who is very scared!” Thict Nat Hann [sp] spoke about this in an article i recently read… The need to heal the inner child.

      • I think that you are spot on . Inner child . That explains my almost childlike excitement and enthusiasm that on occasion I find hard to control.
        Adding to that my inner feeling that I am around 20 years old .

        Everything that you have described as your experience completely fits as mine . Everything!!!!
        That can only lead to conclusion that PD is psychological reaction or caused by psychological causes . In that case that is the key for reversal . David Thompson confirms that and probably many others who recovered but attribute that to Qi Gong or to other techniques . All these techniques dancing/ shaking / head wobble/ Qi Gong etc. are just a vehicle to access your inner self .

      • I agree with you Bratzo and Fred that the key to reversal is psychological, mental, spiritual. Janice Walton-Hadlock says she’s never seen somebody heal via supplements, diet, meds, etc. but has seen people including herself reverse with the practice of her psychogical/spiritual methods. She points out the words Qi Gong mean energy flow. And she says that it helps some people with PD but not others (like so many “remedies”!) . My guess is that it works for people for whom Qi Gong is the right tool for redirecting their energy flow.

        I too have a strong inner child with ebullient enthusiasm for the awesomeness of life but like Fred feels deeply frightened at the same time –overwhelmed by life you might say. Maybe that’s why PD’ers seek to control things in some way. Control becomes an obsession because it creates a shield to keep out the fear.

        And maybe you’re right Bratzo that all these healing techniques are attempts to free our inner child, regain that pure ebullience for life, and shed the fear!

        The trick is that different tools work for each of us. That’s why Farias’s methods are so effective. He sees a different way in to healing each person based on his observations of YOU – he doesn’t reduce your condition to something whose treatment can be found in a reference manual sitting on his bookshelf!

        Farias also points out that the brain doesn’t naturally default to a healthy state but instead works to maintain the order or disorder to which it has been conditioned. Thus the importance of recognizing unhealthy patterns and changing them. Ahhhh . . . the Joy (and challenge) of Healing!!!

      • Super interesting article Bratzo. Thank you for sharing. I definitely agree with you that fear is the root of this disease and cure is through deep emotional/spiritual work. My supplements give my brain a boost so it works better and has the potential to heal but they alone will not heal me. My mutations cause PD but they alone are not why I have PD. My pesticide exposure did not cause PD but it helped it develop. I think talking to God/spirit and complete faith and trust in being safe in this world, breaking out of all rigidity and into flow, and releasing all trapped and suppressed emotion in the body are the key. Janice and Joaquin’s work. Emotional, physical to release the emotion, faith.

        I believe living with someone with severe PTSD and mental illness similar to schizophrenia triggered my disease. I am not a controlling person by nature but to keep me and my son safe I had to be in constant hypervigilance and control my environment. I would make sure nothing in the house that was at all triggering was present and watched every word and move I made. Even so my partner’s mental illness progressed to him dissociating and lashing out, towards the end physically at both me and my son. I believe my PD/dystonia was triggered by an incident where I was shoved off the sidewalk by my partner. He didn’t remember doing it and a second before we had been holding hands and having a pleasant conversation. Talk about shock – fear – frozen -pause. My shoulder where I was shoved has always been the area of my body most effected and I believe my disease started in my nervous system there and traveled to my brain over the next few months. This has been confirmed by a couple healers I’ve worked with.

        So how do I heal this? Trust and faith in God. Staying away from this person that I still love but absolutely can not be in relationship with. I can’t live in fear. Connecting into the beautiful energy that flows through all of us. And knowing without a doubt that I can heal from this.

        I’m here sitting in my new home that I moved into a week ago with beautiful healing gardens and trees and my nervous system is already calmer. Can my dopaminergic neurons function normally again some day? – you bet!

        I think all of us have the potential to heal from this – one step at a time.

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