Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #63 … Autumn Leaves!

autumn leavesI sat outside this morning, basking in the warm sunshine, surrounded by a kalidescope of color, when a poem came to me!

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves

Spectacular autumn leaves

Brilliant red and orange maples

Soft yellow poplar and birch

Rusted oak

Fluttering gently with the whispering wind

Descending purposely


Anxious spring buds

Rich summer greens

Dazzling fall colors

The neverending cycle of life



Divine expression

Autumn leaves


15 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #63 … Autumn Leaves!

  1. Good news . After 30 min of worming up at the basketball I was playing a short game one on one against young French student ( 21y).
    I won 11/8 and now I am dead. One hour of basketball is too much but it feels awesome.

  2. Dr. Alberto Mart√≠ Bosch is a doctor and child oncologist. He has also trained with some of the world’s most notable researchers in different fields.
    It focuses on cancer (remember it’s an oncologist), but it spreads to many other diseases, including Parkinson’s.
      I find the overall picture of health and illness very interesting. In his vision there is nothing of unknown or idiopathic cause, that terrible word so habitual in the Medicine that we live day by day. also explains the cause of all disease is common at the biollogical level, which can be reversed

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