Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #61 … An encouraging moment!

dragonflyI sat quietly on the front lawn this afternoon, basking in the warm Thanksgiving sunshine, contemplating the intense healing I’ve been doing lately, when a beautiful red dragonfly landed on my foot. It stayed there for almost five minutes, flying away and returning three times. As an animal totem, the dragonfly represents change and the need to see the positive in all situations. It’s appearance on my foot made perfect sense to me because the healing I’ve been doing is mostly around purging anger and it has been very challenging! I haven’t always been handling it with grace. The dragonfly was telling me to change my perspective on this purging and see it as an unavoidable part of the healing process. See it as a good thing! It’s appearance uplifted me! It brought a sense of relief and a sudden warmth to my heart! It was an encouraging moment and I felt awesome!


22 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #61 … An encouraging moment!

  1. Dear Lena , thank you for recommending Dr Farias and his techniques . I am reading one of his books and am amazed. He is incorporating all these teachings ( Qi Gong , Janice W. and psychological causes ) but on completely different way and on top of everything he has thousands witnesses to confirm his teaching . Genius – nothing else . You are lucky to know him . Cannot wait to read all his books . Everyone should . I was already experimenting with some techniques ( walking while blindfolded). It was fun and I felt awesome 😜.
    Flies were good looking too .

    • I agree Bratzo! Joaquin. Farias is a self-made genius. Very observant, astute and deeply healing. Not only that but he deeply trusts and builds upon our bodies’ deep natural instincts for healing. I wish he was my neighbor! Or my doctor!

      • So nicely said. You really have way with words.
        I hope that he is spreading out his knowledge .
        I was surprised to find out that he is discussing and using circadian rhythm of the body . Something that 3 scientists just received Nobels prize for.. Genius and real scientist . Twenty years of hard work .

    • I’m super glad it was so helpful Bratzo! I get to go back to work with him again in a month. I’m really excited! He is a genius and also I spend the four days of hard work with him laughing, that alone is healing. He’s a very genuine, kind and funny man. I’ll be curious to see if I get the same period of not needing meds again.

      My stress is finally on the verge of reducing – the last few months have been incredibly hard but divorce papers were signed today and I’m moving to a new home in a week. The fact that I am better than I was six months ago after going through the most stressful period of my life ever is testimony that what I’m doing is working. I’m excited to get back to focusing more on my health and less on survival and seeing where that takes me!

      I don’t know if it is filled or not but Joaquin has a PD workshop in January in Toronto. I hope he starts teaching others to do what he does to help others. I want to learn if he ever does!

      • Lena , I am also glad to hear that your stress is over and I am sure that changing the surrounding will produce positive results . The more I experience PD the more I think that is all psychological issue . Even when I froze and ended up in hospital for two weeks, I think that I was in some kind of hysterical fear attack . Today I was playing basketball with my brother ( sport that I love to play ) and didn’t have any problems whatsoever but as soon as we finished and start walking and have to pass near some people I’ve became concerned if they are looking at me and how I walk etc and I got stuck . My back , arms and neck tensed up and my legs got that hard to move feeling. I remembered that I could run much better then walk and I was running to pass them . As soon as we passed them and in a secluded area I was testing myself if I could walk and yes , for sure I can ( still harder then usually but that was because fear did not pass yet ). For me that is all so stupid – I used to work with and organise large crowds of people on everyday basis .
        That is where Dr Farias genius shows his uniqueness. Reading his first book about dystonia I’ve learned that almost anything can trigger symptoms, that all symptoms were caused by original shock ( conscious or unconscious) and to unblock different parts of the brain our pfysical movements in synergy with emotion are the key . It takes a genius to incorporate all that .
        If anyone is close to finding the solution for PD it is Dr Farias .
        I personally don’t see difference between symptoms of dystonia and PD .
        Lena, pick his brain for all of us on this blog and if anyone has a chance to go to seminar in Toronto that would be awesome.
        Lena if you have chance , please go .
        Fred , sorry for lengthy response.

        Many blessings

      • Lena – I’m glad your stress is subsiding. It’s so critical to rid oneself of stress! I agree with Fred, Bratzo, Janice W., and many others that PD is a fear-based disorder. And I think Bratzo is onto something too in his observation there may be little or no difference in the origin of PD and dystonia.

        A key aspect of Dr. Farias’ genius is he not only recognizes the origin of dystonia as what he calls a cortical shock that impacts our ability to move, but this shock occurs differently for each person . . . and that his ‘prescription’ (based in movement not drugs!) is unique for each person based on his observation of your body and patterns. The many personal case histories he describes in his e-book ‘Limitless’ attest to the brilliance of his insights and effectivess of his methods. True healing, not symptom management – something all of us gathered here on Fred’s blog seek.

        Thanks again Lena for leading us to Dr. Farias. Thanks Fred for your healing inspiration! And thanks to all of you for the constructive dialogue on this healing journey.

        Bratzo – I too love to play basketball but haven’t done so recently because of my symptoms. I also find it mechanically easier to run than walk, though I don’t have the energy to run long distances. Lena, I’d love to work with Farias in Toronto in January but am at the moment hesitant to take on that kind of trip from Cal. Also don’t know if there’s room in his workshop.

      • Jeff , I have the good news and the bad news for you. The good news is that we will play the basketball again one day and the bad news is that you will lose .
        Beautiful reply . As always .
        It would be unreal if you can make it to Toronto. Maybe Lena can help with some information ?
        In regards to Dr Farias , being genius and artist in his field, it would be impossible for him to transfer his geniality. To be so observant and to come up with so many different solutions for so many different problems is just impossible to teach . It is like asking Mozart to teach someone to compoze as him .
        Thanks God that he is writing his books . Hopefully more and more people affected with neurological conditions will start questioning neurologists and their methods ( Botox , DBS etc ) and not accept practice which belongs to dark ages.
        I would go so far and say that whoever didn’t read ” Limitless ” is not serious in his attempt to understand his condition.

      • I’m going to argue with you there Bratzo. While genius itself is not teachable his work is more science than art and is IMHO 100% teachable. He is a scientist at heart and all good scientists know the best way to prove something is to repeat it. So to prove his science, teaching others to do it is necessary. It will not be quick to learn but it is learnable if someone has a good level of observation and intuition skills. Joaquin Farias believes the same and is writing a manual on how to do what he does – he said it will be ready in a couple years.

        The magic of what he does is purely tuning into the universal energies out there. That is also something any of us with enough faith can learn to do. Let’s just call it what it is – faith healing (which has gotten such a bad name for itself) 🙂

      • Dear Lena , I honestly pray that you are correct and that Dr Farias will be able to teach other people. I didn’t question his scientific credentials for one moment. He is much more than that .
        Tuning into universal energy and faith is the part that I struggle with ( I guess , most of us do ).
        When you mentioned few years as the timeframe to complete the manual, my heart dropped . For me , being inpatient and controlling person ( that is why I have PD ) that sounds as death sentence. I was not always like that but universal energy gave me too much energy until I reached the point of bursting and instead of doing that I got stuck . Dr Faris would probably say that my circadian rhythm is outh of whack ( balance ). Years of sleeping neglect and tons of coffee.

        Do you have the link regarding Toronto meeting ?

        Many blessings

      • Sorry Lena , one more question. What is his opinion regarding the use of PD medication? He stated that he does not use the biochemistry to regulate the function but function to regulate the biochemistry.

      • I don’t believe there is a link but it’s on his calendar on his website. I’m not sure if it is full or not yet.

        Joaquin took me off PD meds for my second day with him and declared he couldn’t tell the difference. When I told him I could feel a difference he said take them if they help you. But exercise and laughing may do as much for me as meds as I had a long stretch of not needing them or needing very little after seeing him and when I was exercising 3 hours a day. Although I was using nicotine daily. I do feel a difference with meds but I by no means have extreme ons and offs like many people and if I take too much my dystonia gets worse. And I am still on 1/2 the meds I was before seeing Joaquin.

      • Thank you Lena . Your information and experience is very helpful for all of us . Why I was asking about medication? Because I am on a large amount of Sinemet ( 200/50 three times daily plus some Chinese medication 50 mg ) and that worries me because of possible side effects. I was already experimenting and I would miss my lunch time medication. No difference. If I was thinking about it , yes there was a slight difference but if I was occupied by other activities no difference whatsoeve and we are talking about large amount ( 200/50 plus 50 ). However , my kind neurologist from hospital has scared me by telling me ” if you stop taking your medication I am not sure that if you get stuck next time medication will work ” and then they were talking like a car salesman ( no offence ) advertising DBS .
        Now I am totally confused and don’t know what helped me ( medication, China or exercises) but also frightened to experiment too much . Since Cina ( and taking medication ? ) my sleep is excellent, I don’t wake up at night for the frequent toilet visits , urgency to urinet completely disappeared, balance improved a lot ( I can stand on one foot for is 30s to 1 min ) , I also feel mental improvement. However , I feel that my walking was much better immediately after the return from China but I contribute that to the amount of exercises and type of exercises that I was doing there plus psychological and physical support that I had there from physiotherapists. At home is not the same – often I walk alone and normally question every step which eventually scares me . When I walk with my son or brother it is a hit and miss , depending of the topic of our discussion. Very often ends up stressful ( with son ) .
        Book from Dr Faris has arrived at the right time and thought me how much movement is important. Some movements/ exercises that I was doing in China I’ve stopped doing thinking that only walking is important and now realising that I was skipping important developmental steps . Everything is so connected that is mind boggling .

        Interesting that Dr Farias never mentioned any diet ( as far as I can remember). I must add that psyllium husk ( one spoon in the morning and one at afternoon) helped me with constipation more then magnesium or shit that I was going through. Plus I am using more fat in my diet ( which pushes me to drink more water ) and definitely cut down sugar ( and rice ? ).

        Once again , thank you for your help and big sorry to everyone regarding such number and length of replies but my purpose was to initiate conversation, exchange experiences and learn . I hope that other members learning too . I would hate to think that I am clogging up this blog .

        Blessings to everyone

  2. I like animals and nature . I don’t like insects . What I like the most are people, people’s minds and dialogue. Through dialogue I learn .
    I miss dialogue.

  3. Richard, if you have red the previous book that I’ve recommended you should definitely read “Limitless ” from Dr Farias . It is hundred times better. Everything is there . Genius .
    Lena , thank you , thank you , thank you !!!
    It’s s pity that is only e book . I would love to buy it as a gift for the number of doctors/ neurologists .

  4. Hey Fred – Isn’t it amazing how when we’re quiet and observant in nature the world speaks to us and through us in a universal non-verbal language? I love the way you’re tapping into the universe’s treasure trove for metaphors of healing. Keep revealing those treasures you discern!

    I’ve been experiencing another kind of Nature’s lessons recently. I live in Sonoma County, California — in the heart of the wildfires still raging. My family and home has been spared a direct hit thus far but we know many people who have lost their homes. The air is often very smoky or showering ash. Many areas near us have been evacuated. Thousands are in shelters. My wife Cathryn has been helping coordinate the food response for those in shelters in our area of the county, managing a process to get folks fresh organic meals and pasture-fed proteins. The local news has been tragic but compelling and we must stay tuned for the latest updates, including an evolving set of evacuation orders. All of this poses unique challenges for me to hold on the graceful state that is best for healing. I stay reverent and thankful in every moment, despite the scene happy to be alive. Your blog is helpful with all the positive energy! Pray for safety of folks around here!

      • We’re doing fine, Fred. Thanks for checking in. The fires are just about done. The air has been significantly cleaned by our first rain of the wet season. The sky is blue! The birds have resumed their sweet fluttering song. But it will be a long process of rebuilding for those who lost their homes. Dramatic escape stories abound! In Sonoma County alone 2,835 homes burned to the ground in the fire. Beyond belief! Over 40 people lost their lives . . . But the community is rallying beautifully. We’re a resilient species. That’s why we will heal!!!

      • I am glad to hear that you are well Jeff, but so sorry to hear about the loss of life. There is much catastrophe and turmoil on the planet, a sign of the rising fear which will precede awakening!

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