Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #59 … Why I sleep well!

sleepTouchwood, but I feel very fortunate that I sleep well! Most nights I sleep straight through, 7 to 8 hours!

There are several reasons for my good fortune and sound sleeping:

  • I believe I’m going to recover my health – This keeps me in a positive frame of mind and minimizes anxiety
  • I don’t take medication – I believe, although I have no direct proof or experience, PD medications interfere with sleep
  • I exercise every day – It is well known that exercise helps to stimulate the production of melatonin prior to bedtime. Melatonin promotes sound sleep.
  • I watch something funny on YouTube before going to bed – Simply put, this puts me in a good frame of mind so that I am more relaxed
  • I take a magnesium supplement [magnesium citrate] and an adrenal supplement [natural factors stress relax serenity formula] about an hour before bedtime – Both supplements help me relax and promote sound sleep
  • After the lights are out and I’m laying in bed, I say a prayer [See below] – My prayer helps give me peace of mind

On those occasions when I do wake up during the night, it is usually to go to the bathroom, and most times I go right back to sleep. If I don’t go back to sleep right away, I repeat my prayer or I repeat my spiritual version of the 23rd Psalm until I fall asleep.

Bedtime Prayer:

Thank you Spirit and thank you higher self for immersing me in love and light! Thank you for the light that shines on me filling me up with divine goodness and compassion, forgiveness and gratitude, understanding and abundance, patience and trust, acceptance and faith, and physical, mental and emotional tranquility. Thank you so much for helping me to surrender to this neurological experience I am having and for inspiring me to take positive action in order to recover my health. Thank you for the light that shines on me filling me up with happiness, kindness, courage, confidence and self love. And thank you so much for bringing me a good night’s sleep! Namaste!

23rd Psalm [spiritual version]:

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Spirit makes me lie down in green pastures and leads me beside still waters. Spirit restores my soul and leads me down the path of spiritual awakening for my highest good. Spirit helps me to feel good about myself. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of impermanence I shall fear no darkness, for thou art with me. Thy love and compassion, they comfort me. You help me to be forgiving of those who trigger me! You help me to live in the present moment! My life is filled with abundance! Surely peace, love, joy, abundance and bliss will follow me all the rest of my days! And I will dwell in spiritual consciousness forever! Amen!


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