Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #50 … Stress due to conflict!

calmnessConflict arises when one party tries to impose its will on another party and the second party resists, or worse still, counters by trying to impose its will on the first party.

We are presently having such an experience on the road we live on!

We live on a private, for the most part, one lane, dirt road. It’s a cottage road with a posted speed limit of 30 km/h, a very reasonable speed limit. Unfortunately, some individuals, according to others, like to travel at a much higher rate of speed, posing both a safety risk and a dust problem. In order to solve the perceived problem and slow traffic, a group of residents decided to install four speed bumps and indicator signs at various locations.

Most of the residents, it seems, are satisfied with this solution. At least one, unfortunately, has reacted very negatively, by taking down signs and tossing them in the bush and driving across one neighbour’s lawn. This is all being done covertly. The situation is escalating with warning signs, including profanity, being posted.

To date, I have avoided any direct involvement in this matter, mostly because I loathe confrontation and I loathe conflict. However, I am being affected by it, mainly because the person whose lawn is being driven on is a very close friend.

Conflict causes stress which works against the recovery efforts of those experiencing a neurological condition. It puts us in a state of fight or flight, causing our body to produce adrenaline and cortisol, rather than the feel-good neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin.

However, conflict induced stress can be avoided in two ways. First, by approaching life and all situations with kindness, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and generosity. Second, by staying in spiritual consciousness. When we know that we are divine spiritual beings of pure love, living in oneness with the universal-energetic-intelligence [God], and all that is, we know that there is no reason for conflict. We know that all conflict arises from ego and unresolved emotional pain. We respect the other person’s point of view and we search for an amicable solution!

I suspect this experience came to me in order for me to better understand conflict, why it affects me so deeply and how I can overcome it; all part of the recovery process!

I believe that when we live in spiritual consciousness, we view all experiences as just that, experience, without judgment or emotional involvement. We know that we are not a victim, but rather, a participant in the flow of life, here to experience!

Wishing you a tranquil day!


41 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #50 … Stress due to conflict!

  1. Thank you Fred! It blows my mind how much stress effects PD symptoms. I hope your road issue is resolved peacefully. I agree with your stress solutions, just challenging to always stay in that place.

    I am just coming out of going through the process of a divorce settlement where I feared for awhile I was going to lose not just my home but the business that I had built over the last few years in a way that could support me if I became too debilitated to do acupuncture anymore. Of course the stress then caused my symptoms to progress to a point of barely being able to do acupuncture because my tremor got so bad and missing many days of work, more fear. I finally reached a point where I gave up and decided I had absolutely no control over the situation and while I was down in a place of despair I let go. And when I did my community of clients and friends and family rushed in and supported me in ways I didn’t even know I needed. I felt a bit like George Bailey at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life. Now I know that it’s going to be ok no matter what happens and the fear is leaving. And I have finally made it back health wise to the really good place I was at before. And hopeful divorce papers will be signed this week and I can get back to more focus on healing again. I’m finding while many around me want to led with anger over what I went through I want to return to joy and light and connection with those who I love.

    I’ve been still following you and everyone here just feeling kind of out of touch on what to say and not wanting to bring in any negativity from what I was going through. I’ve always been the one who can help others, I felt lost being in the other position. I truly appreciate this community!

    • We are here for you Lena… always! It is important for everyone to remember, we chose this journey! We chose the challenge! While we may not know the outcome, it will be our chosen outcome! This helps dissolve fear!

  2. According to the book , conflict arises when people wrongly think that they can control life . We all act according to our beliefs/ reasoning structure. Purpose of life is to develop wisdom and teach wisdom.
    Stress is not causing the damage but our beliefs do ( interpretation or prediction of situation).

    PD has lot to do with control issues- be in control, control others , control situation , control yourself – control life .
    Fact that I cannot control myself and stop recommending that book could be the sign of healing 🙄.

    These days I tell my kids that my brain is not working as before and they have to come with a solution that everyone is happy with. That involves them in communication and brings me few hours of peace.
    Most people are reasonable when approached properly , situation explained and asked for their solution.

    Lena – even the ” negative ” situation can have some hidden wisdom lessons.

    Enlightenment is the process, not a destination. – I just came up with this one 👏

    • Yes , I agree about John . His technique helped me to walk again. Very important to hit with heels first and after few days / weeks hit with heels and move the foot like if you are kicking the ball in front of you . Move your arms ( I am carrying water bottles ) and look straight . Exaggerate movements with arms as much as you can . Something happens after few days / weeks . Signal from heels changes your walk and arms movement releases pressure in the shoulders ( stiffness ) .
      However , if your state of mind is negative then it is very hard to achieve any benefits ( as I’ve experienced today ).

  3. Hi all,
    Here’s an article about my naturopath’s work. She is a researcher at Baster, only treats PD and has dedicated her life to studying it. I highly recommend the 48 minute video in it. You will get a whole conference full of material in 48 minutes but in an easy to understand and utilize way. I was 800 by her scale when I was diagnosed a year ago. I now am usually under 100, occasionally under 50.

  4. My prayers to all suffering people in the world . Surviving number of earthquakes myself, I know how scary and devastating they could be .
    I remember one that occurred while I was on a toilet- not a place to be during the earthquake ( first thing – I am sure it was an earthquake and nothing else and second thing- no , it did not help with my constipation).
    Sorry for this story but humour always helped me to go through hard times in life .

  5. thank you Richard ….Brazo thank you very much fortunately I do not need help ,, but sadly there are 60,000 collapsed buildings and many of them with people still in the interior, but what causes me more pain is a school that collapsed with 100 children in the interior … it is a scenario similar to a war
    people help each other, I’m fine, it’s up to me to help

  6. Fred – Janice Walton-Hadlock asserts that recovering from Parkinson’s requires not hiding or staying protected but feeling “the roar of life” while staying in homeostasis. The conflict you describe is a good test of your healing skills. Feel the roar Fred and heal!

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