Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #47 … An amazing chiropractic moment!

activatorAs you probably are aware, I believe that bodywork is an important part of the recovery process. On Sunday I got to experience it firsthand! My right hand was trembling, so the chiropractor, using her activator, released tension in a specific spot near my elbow and the trembling stopped immediately! It was the first time I had experienced such a direct response! It was an amazing moment and I felt awesome!


15 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #47 … An amazing chiropractic moment!

  1. Thank you for this post . I also throughly believe that body alignment has lot to answer ( TMJ , atlas , foot etc ). Many times I just slightly change position of the arm or leg and tremor stops ( for the short period ). That brings many questions.

  2. I am embarrassed by the fact that I am not able to control my excitement in regards to the book that I have recommended in the previous post . It is just unbelievable.
    One example : ” homeostasis is not example of balance, but rather…. ”

    Finally someone has discovered logical explanation to many esoteric statements ( are we all one , are you doing your truth , collective consciousness etc ).

    Sorry Fred . I will restrain myself .

      • It is about movement of resources to the area where they’re most needed. Constant movement.
        Same as Qi Gong- it is about movement of energy .
        Same as breathing- constant in / out . There is no moment of balance where you can stay happy forever.
        I wish you buy the book . You will get more out of it than what I can explain. It is written for someone like you ( in a positive sense).

  3. Hi Bratzo, after 6 infusions I am feeling disallusioned with the treatment. At $150 each infusion, I have racked up quite an expense which I now have to pay for. I can’t detect any long term benefit really, sense of smell improved briefly, but hasn’t lasted. I was on B1, Thiamine and Magnesium.

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