Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #46 … Multitasking in repetitive movements!

One of the more perplexing aspects of this health condition we call Parkinson’s, is the challenge I have with multitasking and repetitive motion. I have written about it in previous posts on kayaking, skipping, walking and playing golf.

Things I used to take for granted and not give a second thought to while I was doing them, I now find quite challenging! Getting out of a chair, carrying something while I’m walking, opening the fridge door while I’m holding something, talking while I am walking, performing any task while I am talking and carrying something in both hands, are just a few examples. They create a great deal of stress!

The old saying, he can’t walk and chew bubblegum at the same time, has become a reality! Thankfully, I don’t chew bubblegum anymore!

Getting out of a chair is particularly challenging unless I remember to do everything: lean forward, push upwards with my arms and legs, and drop my head down.

I have done some research to see if there is a medical-physiological explanation for this, without success.

This condition has forced me to make changes to the way I do things. I carry one thing at a time. I will open the fridge door, then grab something from the counter and put it in the fridge. I sit down while I’m talking to someone.

Two other things I do are, count my steps and give myself verbal commands … head up, back straight, extend my stride, now open the fridge door, etc. When getting out of a chair, I will tell myself to lean forward, push with my arms and straighten my legs.

Living successfully with this neurological condition involves a constant series of adjustments. But I consider them only temporary until I recover my health!

Wishing you a blissful day!


18 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #46 … Multitasking in repetitive movements!

  1. Before you destroy yourself with compulsive behaviour or go too deep into it , please do me a favour and read a fallowing book .
    The Psychology of Health
    Natural Psychotherapy
    ( Gegory Neville ) – from Australia
    I guarantee that you did not read better book within last five years ( big statement) . I am sure that Richard will love it too . Many topics related to PD ( changing beliefs, anger , guilt , choice in life , constipation, sore neck/ muscles , depression , PD , wisdom , stress , etc . etc ). Completely new viewpoints on everything. You will enjoy it beyond belief or I promise- I’ll give you money back . Psychological cause of many diseases and what to do .

  2. Thank you Bratzo. I do value your opinion and will try to find it right now.
    Hope you are doing well. You deserve it.

    Take care, Fred.

  3. so it is Brazo. Fascinating new research 2017
    any of them,dear friend , even paleo diet besides the article also suggests Mediterranean diet

    • Unfortunately it just slows the rate of progression. For some of us it is already gone to far .
      Good news – since my return from China I don’t have the urgency to go to toilet ( during the day ) and sleep through the night without waking up for toilet . Must say that I am on 10 different medication for stem cell support ( apparently ) but some are antidepressants, prostate , vitamin b7 two probiotics, blood thinner, Q10 , and some unknown 3 ).

    • This is good to know, but what I think they are missing is what is at the root of impaired energy metabolism, impaired mitochondrial function and oxidative stress, which is fear. I believe that once you eliminate fear, maintain a healthy diet and detoxify, these metabolic functions will return to homeostasis and good health will be restored.

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