Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #41 … Skipping and Kayaking!

kayakThis summer, at the behest of Mari, I took up skipping and kayaking! She thought it would be good for my fitness regimen! She was right of course, but I can’t get over how challenging it has been!

Let’s start with skipping. I haven’t been able to get past eleven skips in a row! Not that I do it every day, but c’mon! Eleven! Get with it man! I am amazed at how difficult it is, coordinating my arms and legs, trying to remember to swing the skipping rope while jumping at the same time! Challenging indeed for the neurologically … challenged!

Any type of repetitive motion presents a great level of difficulty! Case in point, kayaking!

I watch the kayakers out on our lake and it looks smooth and graceful. They appear to paddle with ease! Not so for me! Not only do I fatigue very quickly, but the repetitive motion is almost impossible to maintain. I have to remember to reach forward with the paddle hand while raising the opposite hand so as to keep the motion smooth and not make contact with the side of the kayak. It actually stresses me out. I know I need to develop my stamina and technique, but again, I am amazed at how difficult it is!

I need to shape up! [Kidding of course!]

It seems to me that this is another experience meant to remind me about the importance of acceptance and surrender. Go with the flow. Enjoy the moment! Just do my best and have fun!

Hey, I can do that!


6 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #41 … Skipping and Kayaking!

  1. I was accepting and surrendering to everything except to decision to use PD medication until I’ve completely got stuck .
    After experiencing what I’ve experienced within last month or so , I cannot say any longer that not taking medication was my best decision. Energy and balance completely disappeared. My daughter was feeding me and nurse was wiping my ….. I think that was selfish towards my family and thank God that I’ve recovered up to the point that I can take care about myself and go for a walk . Price that I’ve paid was two years of hell and constant fight with myself plus large amount of PD medication.
    What I think now is that Lena’s approach is the right one – use the medication to keep the connections working but at the same time fight to minimise the amount . Chinese doctors have similar opinion .
    I could be wrong as I was wrong very often ( like with FMT and six months of antibiotics- constipation is back).
    My two cents.

    Many blessings

    • I understand your decision Bratzo. This is not an easy experience. I urge you to continue on the spiritual aspect of this journey; dissolve fear and awaken your true divine spiritual essence! Wishing you many blessings brother!

  2. I agree with Lena’s approach also, I’m using meds sparingly, just enough to function, take care of myself, cook, clean and drive. I’ve now had 5 infusions of my treatment and am sleeping better, lots more motivation, and just generally more positive and happy. No change in balance or motor symptoms yet, but still hopeful. Spring has finally arrived Yay!

    • Happy to hear that you are doing well . Hopefully you will experience some improvements with motor symptoms too . Really looking forward to receive a good news from you. I believe in B1 .
      Planing to go to Melbourne to visit one good chiropractor and discuss further improvement of my spine and posture. The most visible change within the last few weeks was in my posture . Suddenly I am straight again and I think that that brought me improvements in walking and balance. Walking is almost completely normal . I cannot get enough of walking . However, energy is not replenishing fast enough and I rest a lot too ( sleep/ meditate ) plus I am eating more fatty foods ( but my heart is giving me some confusing signals). I am driving car again and the other day I was entertaining myself with thoughts of getting back to work ( not really). Positive thoughts- must be spring .

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