Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #36 … Minimizing Trembling!

calmnessI have had a number of inquiries lately on how to minimize trembling. Let me begin by saying, trembling is not the most challenging symptom for me. Loss of balance, freezing, loss of dexterity in my hands, shuffle walking and constipation are far more challenging.

What little trembling I do experience, is mostly in my hands. I also experience a little trembling in my chin first thing in the morning. When I’m driving, I sometimes experience a little trembling in my left foot.

Two things trigger and intensify any trembling I experience: stress [anxiety] and when my body gets cold. So minimizing stress and staying warm is critically important for me.

There are two reasons why I believe trembling is not as significant for me. First, bodywork! In 2011, I started seeing a Body Stress Relief therapist and within six months, the trembling I was experiencing had been reduced by about 75%. BSR is a therapy that was developed by two South African chiropractors. It essentially uses pressure points to relieve tension along the spine and correct structural damage so that nerve impulses can flow more freely. Since moving to Manitoulin Island, where there is no BSR practitioner, I have switched to chiropractic treatments and I’m having the same positive results.

The second reason I experience minimal trembling is because I believe that I will recover my health, so I experience a lot less anxiety. Anxiety contributes greatly to trembling.

There are times when I experience no trembling. When I’m walking, when I’m lying in bed first thing in the morning and last thing at night, when I’m sleeping, when I sit on the dock with my legs dangling in the water, when I sit or lay in the grass [when I’m grounding], I experience no trembling.

During those moments when I am experiencing trembling, I have found five things to be very helpful and give me momentary relief:

  1. I take a deep breath and as I exhale, I consciously relax every muscle in my body
  2. I put my hands on a tree [I literally hug a tree … It works … Believe me!]
  3. I take Rescue Remedy [it’s a Bach Flower Essence]
  4. I repeat my healing mantra [see below]
  5. I listen to meditation music

In my experience, any symptom can be managed and minimized. Sometimes, it just takes a while to figure it out, but there is always, always solution!

Healing mantra:

Thank you Spirit and thank you higher self for severing and dissolving the synapses and neural pathways, neutralizing the energetic frequency, healing and releasing from my body and my being, all of the fear, anger and detrimental thoughts and beliefs, and all of the shame, grief, guilt, bitterness, resentment and unresolved emotional energy that are at the root of the trembling I am experiencing right now, and I thank you for this healing and I thank you for increasing the effectiveness of this healing by 100 times or more.


17 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #36 … Minimizing Trembling!

  1. I also have a tremor but except when I’m trying to apply makeup or hold a hot drink, its not that bothersome. Turning over in bed and getting in and out of bed, are far more of a problem for me. Recently bought satin sheets, which have helped a bit.

  2. Thank you Fred! There is no doubt for me that your practice is amazingly therapeuti, and I look forward to your posts. I do qigong, meditation, study A Course in Miracles and similar sources of wisdom, exercise daily in a variety of ways, take about six supplements a day, and for the most part cut out refined sugar, alcohol, red meat and processed foods. Yes, I also take medication. I treat it as as I once treated the chemotherapy that put my cancer into remission 32 years ago. It’s just one tool in my healing journey, that is giving me the energy to do all the aforementioned practices. Ultimately, we are not about our bodies, so I don’t take any new pain or physical challenge too seriously. At 70, three years post diagnosis, I am independent and incredibly grateful.

  3. Thank you Fred! Tremor is my worst symptoms so I appreciate your tips. I also have found the tree hugging to be very helpful. I have a cedar elder out my bedroom window in my side yard who helps me sleep at night and is very huggable!

  4. I like your mantra Fred . Thank you is the key word.
    My shuffle walking suddenly disappeared. Dexterity in the left fist slightly improved. Balance also improved.
    I cannot say what is the cause of the sudden improvement ( medication/ physio / stem cells ?) .
    Many blessings

  5. Thank you Fred, I appreciate the support we give each other on this site. I’ve had two intravenous infusions so far, but had an unpleasant reaction after the second one, so having a week off, before the next round. Onward & upward.

    • Rebecca , I was under the impression that it should be injection into the muscle. Don’t forget that Dr Constantini injects small amount of multi B vitamins at the same time.
      I am expecting that by the end of week four you will apply your makeup in half the time and perfectly accurate.


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