Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #35 … Elevate Vibrational Frequency!

vibrational freqOn our recent trip to Toronto, Mari and I got around to talking about dark energies. She told me she doesn’t believe in them. She believes that dark energies are just energetic beings vibrating at a lower frequency. I realized when she said this, that she was right, and not just how we think about spiritual beings, but also how we approach our health, particularly when we are dealing with a chronic health condition.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how I am going to recover my health. It can be daunting at times! It affects pretty much every aspect of my life; are the things I’m doing good for my health or bad? Sometimes there is a fine line. But when I think of it in terms of vibrational frequency, it simplifies things.

Everything that exists is made up of atoms. Atoms consist of electrons, protons and neutrons. They are little balls of energy, which makes us big balls of energy. Eckhart Tolle likes to say that human beings are 99% energy and 1% matter.

So in order to recover my health, I don’t need to think about recovering my health, I just need to think about raising my energetic vibrational frequency. It’s much like focusing on returning my body to homeostasis, rather than curing a disease. From my perspective, it’s a much simpler approach and more easily attainable.

In order to understand the implications of vibrational frequency, think of a vertical scale with love of the top and fear at the bottom. The more we live in fear [and anger] and the more we harbour shame, grief, guilt, resentment and so on, the more susceptible we are to disease. Whereas, the more we live in love and the more we offer kindness, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and generosity, the more likely we are to vibrate at a higher frequency and thus experience good health.

Raising our vibrational frequency pretty much applies to every aspect of our life, including the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the substances we put on our body, the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel and the lifestyle we live. Consider our thoughts. The more loving and joyful our thoughts [and beliefs], the higher we are likely to vibrate. Whereas, the more time we spend in negative thought, the more likely we are to vibrate at a lower frequency.

Similarly, the more natural, organic foods we eat, the purer the water and air we drink and breathe, the more natural the substances we put on our body, and the more time we spend in joyful activity, the higher our vibration.

And getting back to our original conversation, the more we vibrate at a higher frequency, the more we are likely to attract higher frequency spiritual beings, [which can help us]  rather than lower frequency “dark” beings [which are more likely to keep us mired in fear]. Remember, like attracts like!

So if it helps, think of your recovery strategy in terms of raising your vibrational frequency. For me, this also means living more spiritually and less materialistically. I figure this alone improves my life regardless of what happens to my health!

Hallelujah! [This word really raises my vibrational frequency!]


18 comments on “Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally – Recovery Inspiration #35 … Elevate Vibrational Frequency!

  1. Hallelujah- boarding the aeroplane to China for the stem cell treatment. May light energy and high frequency be with me . Scared and worried as Sh..
    Many blessings

  2. Goodness, this is a sudden turn of direction, from hospital to China ! May God go with you, trust you have a travelling companion to accompany you.on your journey. Let us know your progress. I think you’re very brave.

  3. Just arrived in Beijing. Twelve hours trip from Sydney. Transport from airport was organised very professionally and on arrival they immediately checked heart and pressure . Everyone is extremely friendly. Tomorrow at 7am they are starting with blood tests etc and on Tuesday I will have my first stem cells ( six altogether) within the period of two weeks.
    I am here with my son.
    If you remember some time ago I was supplying link for the lady from Australia who apparently successfully went through all this in 2012 . I was communicating with her while in hospital and in my opinion she was genuine. Well , that was enough for me . Things that I’ve seen about her and what she told me was telling me that is worth to try .
    I would rather try this then deep brain stimulation.
    Treatment does not get rid off PD but reverses some symptoms and results are different from person to person.

  4. Thank you guys . I am sure that I will need all the luck that I could have. Everything is so strange here . Large cultural differences.
    Many blessings

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